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Inspiring stories highlighting innovative and human-centered solutions driven by nurses addressing today's most challenging healthcare problems.

The Healthtech VC

Featuring founders, investors and leaders in healthtech.

Digital Therapeutics Edition with Eugene Borukhovich

A Limited Series produced by Digital Health Today

A Health Podyssey

A Health Podyssey goes beyond the pages of Health Affairs to tell stories behind the research and share policy implications.

The Medical Management Podcast

The Medical Management Podcast is focused on helping medical practice managers level up their practice.

The Healthcare Solutions Project

The Healthcare Solutions Project features interviews with healthcare innovators.

Tight Lipped

Storytelling podcast creating a public conversation about "private" pain.

Fearless Freedom with Dr. G

Are you worried about your wellness? Are you letting fear stop you from crushing your goals? If you answered yes to any or all of these, then this is the podcast for you.

Health Affairs This Week

Health Affairs editors discuss this week's most pressing health policy news.

Until It’s Fixed

A health care innovation podcast, presented by Optum.

The Healthcare QualityCast

An audio podcast spotlighting today's most exciting and inspiring professionals within the healthcare industry.

On the Pulse

On this podcast, we will take a deep dive into the experiences of frontline providers and researchers. We’ll explore their insights and invaluable stories of how health care works in today’s world – both locally and globally.

Nurse Leader Network

with Chris Recinos

What happens when you provide nurse leaders with tools to learn, share and connect?


A weekly news and analysis podcast from the folks behind Healthcare IT News, MobiHealthNews, and Healthcare Finance News.

The Kidney Connection

It's all connected.

The Bone Beat

Conversations on health policy issues affecting musculoskeletal care.

Once Upon A Gene

True stories of raising rare kiddos

People of Pathology Podcast

Interviews with people doing interesting things in pathology and related fields.

Bright Spots in Healthcare

Find a bright spot ... and clone it!

Prognosis Ohio

A podcast about health in Ohio.

FutureProofing Healthcare Podcast

We believe everyone should have equal access to healthcare.

HOT for your Health

HOT for Your Health is a fast paced, high energy, luxury lifestyle brand focusing on relentless health innovations.


Long-time health care reporter Dan Gorenstein hosts an examination of health care, policy, and people; and the weighty decisions we all find ourselves faced with.


The anatomy of digital health.

HealthXL – The Digital Health Podcast

A podcast dedicated to meeting the global movers and shakers of the Digital Health Community.

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

A podcast that calls out all sorts of stupid BS in healthcare through raw conversations about advocacy, heroism, and the audacity of health. It is the voice of patient advocacy.

AMA Moving Medicine

AMA Moving Medicine highlights innovation and the emerging issues that impact physicians and public health today

Confessions of Health Geeks

A health industry podcast focused on technological innovations.

The Happy Nurse

Elaina Mullery promotes self-care strategies to her fellow nurses and healthcare workers.

Med Tech Monday

A podcast series covering Trends, Technologies, Entrepreneurship, and Innovations coming out of the Medical Technologies Space

Chasing Life

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is on a mission to help us approach our new normal mindfully, finding a balance between self-care and productivity, and talking to doctors and researchers about the surprising science behind how we can thrive.

Medvale Radio

...inspiring ideas to make the world healthier

The WoMed

The WoMed! Where host D (@dmmaltby) talks all things Women in Medicine and the bad ass things we’re doing outside of the medical community too!

StartUp Health NOW Podcast

StartUp Health NOW celebrates the innovators, industry leaders and entrepreneurs who are reimagining health and wellness.

FemTech Focus

Femtech experts talk about the innovative technology, services, and products that are improving women's health and wellness.

Remotely Possible

A show about uncertainty, anxiety, and existential despair. Put together by the team at Brooklyn Minds, we take a mental health lens to look at some of the more frustrating uncertainties of the day. And we start with the big one, COVID19.

Powerful and Passionate Healthcare Professionals Podcast

Being a Powerhouse in Your Career and a Passionate Person in Life

The EntreMD Podcast

The EntreMD Podcast helps physicians embrace entrepreneurship so they can have the financial freedom to live life and practice medicine on their own terms.

Amplify Nursing

We showcase the powerful work nurses do each day. Join us in conversations with nurses leading the way in nursing science, policy and innovation.

NEJM This Week – Audio Summaries

New medical research findings, review articles, and editorial opinion on a wide variety of topics of importance to biomedical science and clinical practice.

The Real Chemistry Podcast

The Real Chemistry podcast connects the dots between our guests and the innovative work they do to show up and shape the future of healthcare.

Healthcare’s MissingLogic Podcast

Where healthcare leaders see their problems and challenges through a brand-new lens.

At the Core of Care

Pennsylvania nurses innovating for their communities

Expert Insights on COVID-19 with Elsevier

Experts share their invaluable insights into the mode of transmission and pathophysiology of the COVID-19 virus

The Virtual Clinical Podcast

A weekly podcast supporting the student nurse and soon-to-be Registered Nurse with insights from members of the nursing community.

Oliver Wyman Health Podcast

Conversations with leaders pioneering healthcare market transformation

JAMA Editor’s Summary

Weekly Editors' Audio Summary for JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Femtech Insider

The makers and shakers who push the boundaries for advancements in women’s health every day

Vanderbilt Health DNA: Discoveries in Action

Explore the big ideas and breakthroughs happening at Vanderbilt Health

Uninvisible Pod

An award-winning health podcast about invisible & chronic illness & disability.

SoundPractice Podcast

The business podcast for physicians and health care leaders.

Mayo Clinic Talks

Stay on top of your practice with podcasts from colleagues at Mayo Clinic.

The Think Tank

On a mission to make healthcare easier, more collaborative and more rewarding.

The Handoff

Dive into the most pressing topics in nursing, from burnout and mental health to diversity in nursing to the latest clinical innovations.

The Nurse Keith Show

The Nurse Keith Show is an invaluable audio destination for ambitious, thoughtful, and forward-thinking 21st-century nurses.

Docs Outside The Box

Ordinary Doctors Doing Extraordinary Things

The Podcast by KevinMD

Social media's leading physician voice, Kevin Pho, MD, shares the stories of the many who intersect with our health care system but are rarely heard from. Welcome to The Podcast by KevinMD.

Impossible Healthcare

Two physicians who speak with thought leaders driving healthcare forward.

Funding the Future of Healthcare

Unpacking the relationships of a strategic VC in healthcare.

Outcomes Rocket

Solutions to Healthcare’s Problems

Health Unchained

Health Unchained hosts conversations with blockchain/healthcare professionals who are disrupting the health industry.

Patient Convert Podcast

Patient Convert Podcast delivers healthcare marketing insights and the latest digital strategies to help providers and health systems reach new patients.

Talking HealthTech

Discussions with doctors, developers and decision-makers in Australian HealthTech

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

The Innovation Engine at Atrium Health

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

Bridging the worlds of digital health and clinical orthopaedics to catalyze the adoption of technology in musculoskeletal care

Frontiers Health Podcast

Discover and enjoy some of the key sessions from the Frontiers Health Conference.

CNS Summit Podcast

Collaborating for Novel Solutions, Shaping the Future

Creating a New Healthcare

A podcast series for Primary Care Physician leaders who are looking for fresh perspectives, new solutions and inspiration in their journey to advance value-based care.

HIT Like a Girl

Amplifying the voices and achievements of women in Health IT

The #HCBiz Show!

The podcast dedicated to unraveling the business of healthcare.

This Week In Health IT

For the Next Generation of Health IT Leaders

Faces of Digital Health

A podcast about digital health and how healthcare systems adopt technologies.

Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

Conversations with the innovators, game changers, and PIONEERS who are deeply passionate and relentless in solving the problems that our world is facing!

The Redox Podcast

Explore some of the biggest problems in healthcare, and hear from industry leaders about how technology is being deployed to solve them.

Doctor Me First Podcast

Authentic conversations between female physicians that encourage, inspire and go beyond just medicine.

Digital Health Today with Jen Lannon

Join host Jen Lannon to get the best insights into femtech and what everyone in health innovation should know about it.

Digital Health Today – Asia Pacific Edition with Tony Estrella

Join host Tony Estrella in Singapore as he speaks to leaders and organizations driving health innovation and transformation in Asia Pacific.

Shot of Digital Health Therapy

Meticulously Unproduced - by Eugene Borukhovich and Jim Joyce

Digital Health Today 360° with Dan Kendall

Digital Health Today features the innovators, leaders and pioneers transforming health and wellness.

Latest Episodes

How Data Can Improve Patient Outcomes with Allyson Jacobsen, Global Marketing Director of Artificial Intelligence and Analytic Solutions at GE HealthCare

In this podcast, Allyson Jacobsen, Global Marketing Director of Artificial Intelligence and Analytic solutions at GE HealthCare discusses how her company is leveraging AI and technology to improve the quality of care while also reducing cost. GE HealthCare holds to very strict AI principles to ensure that the models will be trusted and won’t be biased. Allyson shares examples of how GE healthcare products are well integrated into the system, thoughts on cross-functional alignment challenges, and more.  This is one great conversation you don’t want to miss! Please tune in for my full interview with Allyson Jacobsen. Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
June 24, 2021
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Living with Persistent Uncertainty without a Rare Disease Diagnosis with Meghan Halley

ONCE UPON A GENE - EPISODE 088 Living with Persistent Uncertainty Without a Rare Disease Diagnosis - Meghan Halley I met Meghan Halley on the NORD Living Rare Living Stronger planning committee. She co-chairs the patient and family support group for the Undiagnosed Diseases Network. She's a Stanford research scholar and a mom to her undiagnosed son Philip.  EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Can you share about yourself? I'm the mom of three kids and my middle son Philip, who is six years old, is undiagnosed with a rare condition. I've become more involved in advocacy as it relates to access to diagnosis for individuals with rare disease, particularly ultra rare. Because Philip is a patient in the Undiagnosed Diseases Network, I became involved in advocating UDN as a resource for the rare disease community. I am a medical anthropologist and a research scholar at the Center for Biomedical Ethics (SCBE) at Stanford University. I do research on the experiences of patients and families with ultra rare and undiagnosed diseases, with a particular focus on how stakeholders involved in providing sequencing have different values and how that determines who has access. Philip is at the core of everything because after three years, he still doesn't have a diagnosis.  Why are you advocating for the UDN as a resource? Philip had several complex medical issues which didn't fit together and we were introduced to the UDN. It was developed and expanded as the tools of exome and genome sequencing for diagnosis of rare disease was better understood. With the expansion they identified clinical sites and scientists interested in advancing the science of rare disease diagnosis through a case study approach where they worked with patients and families who had clinical indicators, but no genetic diagnosis. I became more involved to support patients and families, but I've learned the program will eventually be de-funded and the operation and support of families and patients from the UDN for will be at risk.  How do you embrace the uncertainty of having an undiagnosed child? I definitely live with uncertainty having a child with complex medical needs with no data to guide us. Managing decision making is the hardest aspect, as well as not knowing what the future holds. Without a diagnosis, we can't even begin to think about therapies and we don't have the benefit of connecting with others on research and advancement that others can take advantage of. Being a mom, it's difficult to maintain normalcy for my other children, find balance and take care of myself through daily life. What advocacy outcomes are you most proud of? My husband and I are still a team, my children are happy and thriving. I began by advocating for Philip, but as I've forged, pathways have stayed open for other families. I'm proud of what I've been able to achieve in getting services for Philip and he's thriving above and beyond what would probably be expected. I'm still learning from others how to navigate advocacy and I'm excited to keep learning from others who do this work so effectively in the rare disease community. I'm proud to be a part of this community and I'm grateful for the relationships I've formed. TUNE INTO THE ONCE UPON A GENE PODCAST Once Upon Gene TV - Disorder Channel Undiagnosed Diseases Network Undiagnosed Diseases Network - Facebook UDN Families - Facebook When All You Have Is Quality of Life — Making Medical Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty CONNECT WITH EFFIE PARKS Website Twitter Instagram Built Ford Tough Facebook Group
June 24, 2021
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DOCSF 21 – Episode 3 – Dr. Gretchen Purcell Jackson & Emilio Galan

Have you ever wondered how many positive effects Applied AI has had on healthcare? Dr. Jackson walks us through the common myths and fears regarding AI and health. Augmented intelligence is a combination of human and machine strengths. There are AI tools for everyone in the industry - providers, clinicians, and patients - that can improve their experience. This means evaluating the capacity to understand, reason, and interact in human-like ways and improve their performance over time. She also reflects how the pandemic has impacted the evolution of these technologies.  Emilio Galan, Co-Founder & President, Robin Healthcare, shares with us what natural language processing is and how it impacts the industry. He shares with us how artificial the intelligence is in these technologies, the problems they try to solve, and how they perform in the real world. Automatic speech recognition and computer vision are examples Emilio uses to go through these three topics. The tools today are assistive, and they will never replace human beings totally. The main mantra with AI is “if it’s not documented, it didn’t happen”; this idea is important when we track the quality of the physician and the patient’s progress.  Join this conversation and learn about the technological revolution that will come to us soon!
June 24, 2021
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Regenerative Medicine Edition Ep.9: Cardiac Regenerative Therapies

To claim credit for this episode, visit: Guest: Atta Behfar, M.D., Ph.D. (@AttaBehfar) Host: Darryl S. Chutka, M.D. (@ChutkaMD) Traditional treatment of cardiac disease, especially advanced congestive heart failure has been limited. Transplantation has potential for benefit; however, organ shortage remains a barrier. It’s anticipated that regenerative medicine will help solve this unmet need with new treatment options to repair damaged heart tissue. This podcast will discuss regenerative medicine for cardiovascular disease with Dr. Atta Behfar, a Mayo Clinic cardiologist with expertise in advanced heart failure and transplantation. We’ll review the progress made in regenerative medicine in management of cardiovascular disease, what treatment options are currently available and the potential treatment options which will become available in the future. Specific topics discussed: Regenerative potential of the cardiovascular system Current challenges in management of patients with cardiovascular disease Progress in regenerative medicine for the cardiovascular system Limitations in regenerative cardiac therapy using regenerative medicine Future potential for regenerative medicine treatment of cardiovascular disease Patients who are candidates for cardiac regenerative therapies  Additional resources: Clinical Trials available at Mayo Clinic through the Center for Regenerative Medicine: U.S. National Library of Medicine: Center Watch:  Additional educational opportunities from Mayo Clinic: Connect with the Mayo Clinic’s School of Continuous Professional Development online at or on Twitter @MayoMedEd.
June 24, 2021
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The Aspiring Leaders Guide to Snagging that Promotion and Rocking Your First 30 days with Tiffany Gibson

Have you ever applied for that dream job-only to find out you didn't get it? Have you ever wondered why you aren't being mentored or groomed for that leadership position? Tiffany Gibson, CEO of New Nurse Academy joins us to share her journey of not getting the job and the amazing things that happened as a result of it. She also shares her learnings around how to ensure you get that promotion, and then what the first thing is you should do once you are in the position.This is an episode aspiring or new nurse leaders won't want to miss!Never miss an episode by hitting subscribe.Want more? Check out 
June 24, 2021
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Unmasking the faces of COVID: pages from a neurologist’s diary

"COVID was ominously not only drowning people in their own spit but struck in different shades to alter human personality that kept helplessly getting lost in the maze of their own minds. It made the young maniacal, hearing voices and talking to walls in a schizophrenic frenzy. It made the elderly become muted in silence. The face of helpless madness. Every now and then, the balm of soothing whispers would lull them to slowly break free from this trance. This strange malady kept fogging up brains behind the faces. Faces of disintegrating seizures. Faces staring into oblivion. My penlight shining down dark pupillary tunnels, in vain, felt futile. And then there were other faces. Of hospital caregivers, faithfully grooming seemingly lifeless bodies. I would feel enriched when they shared on my rounds, updates from up close, and personal patient care moments." Ayushi Chugh is a neurologist. She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, "Unmasking the faces of COVID: pages from a neurologist’s diary" ( and "The science of compassion." (
June 24, 2021
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The Aducanumab Aftermath: The Payer

A controversial new $56,000 Alzheimer’s drug could wreak financial havoc on insurers, seniors and taxpayers.This episode is part of a special weeklong series examining the potentially sweeping consequences this drug, known as aducanumab, could have on millions of patients’ lives and billions of dollars in health care spending.Guest:Mark Miller, PhD, Executive Vice President for Health Care, Arnold VenturesExplore the full series and additional resources: a transcript of this episode: up for our weekly newsletter to see what research health policy experts are reading right now, plus recommendations from our staff: this type of journalism today, with a gift: us on Twitter:  See for privacy and opt-out information.
June 24, 2021
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How My Private Practice Survived The Pandemic With Dr. Noha Polack

Dr. Noha Polack is a pediatrician out of New Jersey, a student in EntreMD business school, and a rockstar CEO. She has been in practice since 1996 and went from employee to employer. She loves her practice and loves what she does, but there are moments things get a little rocky. Despite the adversity, her practice stands strong!Whether you are in private practice or out of private practice, Today Dr. Noha Polack will give us tips on how to weather the storm during a pandemic.If you need help either discovering your zone of genius or figuring out how to present it to the world, you need to join the EntreMD Business School. Enrolment is open now for a very limited time and won’t be open again until 2022 to allow me to concentrate on what I love: serving the EntreMD Business School Students. If you loved this episode of The EntreMD Podcast, I invite you to join my signature subscription program EntreMD On Demand, giving you access to a library of business courses designed to help you thrive as a physician entrepreneur!  What you will learn from this episode: ·        How to leverage your business during a pandemic.·        How EntreMD played a big part in her process.·        How to create your own job security. Featured on the Show:If you're ready to build a business that lets you live life and practice medicine on your own terms, check out the EntreMD Business School!Email meProgressive PediatricsFacebook HealthyKidsDocYoutube Progressive Pediatrics
June 24, 2021
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VAX ON: New Delta, New Jobs, the Olympics, and a Luca Review

In this episode of VAX ON, Matthew Zachary, Elura Nanos, and Andrew MacDowell discuss the new Delta variant, the U.S. economy post-pandemic, and the 2021 Japan Olympics. They also evaluate the risks of children and COVID-19 with a surprise tangent into a film review of Luca.Privacy Policy and California Privacy Notice.
June 24, 2021
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Value-Based Insurance Design & the Digital Front Door

  A Professor in Medicine and Public Health at the University of Michigan, A. Mark Fendwick M.D. conceptualized and coined the term Value-Based Insurance Design (V-BID) and currently directs the U-M V-BID Center. During the podcast, Mark discusses the premise of Value-Based Insurance Design, which is to improve health outcomes by reducing financial barriers to essential, high-value clinical services. Other topics discussed include: Evolution of V-BID Difference between V-BID and Value-Based Care How to incorporate digital into V-Bid Challenges of V-BID and how to overcome them   This episode of Bright Spots in Healthcare is sponsored by is the global leader in turning the smartphone camera into a clinical-grade medical device for an at-home urinalysis and digital wound management. Their home urinalysis kit aids in the diagnosis of chronic kidney disease, urinary tract infections, and prenatal testing and is used by leading healthcare systems worldwide.
June 24, 2021
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Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy – Glen Stettin, MD

Wednesday is #funday - aka #TheShot of #DigitalHealth Therapy. and today Jim Joyce and I had the pleasure of reconnecting with Glen Stettin, MD, Chief Innovation Officer at Evernorth where we discussed: 💊 Teachable moments 💊 Role of an innovation officer 💊 Disparities in care 💊 "You are not your disease" 💊 Digital Formulary 💊 oh and.... advice: "Be in the flow" Fun mentions as always: Tim Wentworth Pear Therapeutics Voluntis Pierre Leurent Corey McCann Frank Neumann Dawn Sherman Kenny Klepper David Snow Mark Bini Jeff Berkowitz
June 23, 2021
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150 – What have we missed? The pre-conditions for successful digital health; Tim Blake, Semantic Consulting

Tim Blake is the Managing Director of Semantic Consulting.  He was previously CIO of the Tasmanian Department of Health and Director of Rural eHealth Strategy at New South Wales Health. Tim also served as Strategic Advisor at NeHtA, now ADHA, and the Department of Health. Semantic Consulting is a consulting firm focused on leading digital change in healthcare.  In this episode, Pete and Tim discuss digital literacy of health providers, digital health maturity, medication education and lots more. Tune into this episode to find out what we’ve missed in digital healthcare. Learn about the digital literacy of health providers and we can enable them to be more proficient in digital health.  Check out the episode and full show notes here. To see the latest information, news, events and jobs on offer at Semantic Consulting, visit their Talking HealthTech Directory here.  Loving the show?  Leave us a review, and share it with some friends, become a THT+ Member for early release, ad free and bonus episodes of the podcast, access to our online community forum, and free tickets to our quarterly summits.  For more information visit here.
June 23, 2021
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Addressing the Need for New Drugs to Treat of Pediatric Cancers with Charles Keller, Scientific Director at the Children's Cancer Therapy Development Institute

In this episode, we have the privilege of hosting the amazing Dr. Charles Keller, Scientific Director at the Children's Cancer Therapy Development Institute. The CCTDI is a 501C3 non-profit biotech that tries to both understand how cancers work, but also test and evaluate thoroughly the drugs that might hit a particular target to stop cancer from working. Dr. Charles shares how his team is helping facilitate the development of medication that works while also de-risking investment in the pharma space. He talks about the preclinical gap and shares anecdotal, challenges, setbacks, and more. Dr. Charles and his team are doing a wonderful job helping children with cancer. Learn more about CCTDI and how you can help in this episode. Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
June 23, 2021
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NEJM This Week — June 24, 2021

We discuss the latest in medical research and ideas.
June 23, 2021
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129: ADHD Advocate Dani Donovan, Illustrator & Creator of #NeuroDiverseSquad

Dani Donovan is a purpose-driven designer who creates cathartic ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) illustrations and a community of validation and solidarity for adults living with ADHD. Her first infographic, “ADHD Storytelling,” went viral within hours and amassed over 100 million views. Her work has been reposted by celebrities like Mindy Kaling and featured in publications like the BBC. In a few short months, Dani’s relatable comics and her #NeurodiverseSquad hashtag helped her quickly become a prominent voice in the online mental health community. Her comics, jokes, Twitter threads, and TikTok videos aim to help those with ADHD understand themselves, feel a sense of belonging, and better explain their invisible struggle to loved ones. Dani’s influence has helped hundreds of people seek diagnosis and treatment for ADHD. She recently left her full-time job to create ADHD content full-time; you can support her work at or view comics (and her online shop!) at Tune in as Dani shares: that she also lives with bipolar II and undiagnosed EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) why “annoying” is a trigger word for her that she was initially diagnosed with depression; then subsequently dysthymia (persistent depressive disorder), anxiety, and panic disorders how her ADHD presented very differently from the way it did among boys her age, which made her fall under the radar of diagnosis until she was in college how ADHD affects her daily executive functions and impulsivity how her behavior doesn’t always align with her expectations, and leads to a cycle of guilt and shame how avoidance plays into ADHD symptom manifestation, and can become debilitating how ADHD and OCD can occur concurrently how her ADHD impacts continuity of care within the medical system “ADHD tax” — when those living with ADHD end up paying more than others because the system is stacked against their success why forming new habits is tremendously difficult for those living with ADHD how her art allows her to communicate her experience with purpose how her work has changed lives — and why that gives her ongoing purpose why social media has been such a rich resource for her her advice for living with ADHD and neurodiversity
June 23, 2021
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