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Inspiring stories highlighting innovative and human-centered solutions driven by nurses addressing today's most challenging healthcare problems.

Your Doctor Friends

Approachable Health Information. None of the Garbage. Let us be Your Doctor Friends!

Distrust & Disparities: Dismantling Black Health Disparities

Examining current and historical cases of medical injustices within the American healthcare system.

Rapid Response RN

A show for Nurses who want the knowledge, skills, and confidence to respond to any emergency.

Know Stroke Podcast

Empowering stroke survivors and their care teams to take control of life after stroke.

Healthcare for Humans

This show is dedicated to educating clinicians on how to care for culturally diverse communities so we can be better healers.

The Most Important Medicine: Responding to Trauma and Creating Resilience in Primary Care

Where physicians and healthcare professionals meet to discuss what trauma is and how it presents in primary care.

AWS Health Innovation Podcast

Amazon Web Services showcases startups that are advancing healthcare & life science by leveraging cloud computing technology.

Aging Fast & Slow

Conversations on Structural Racism and Resilience across the Lifecourse

Alzheimer’s Disease Podcast

A podcast for people diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and those who care about them


Nurses Who Don't Just Do What They're Told

The Huddle: Conversations with the Diabetes Care Team

Conversations with the Diabetes Care Team

Hopeful Hints: An Infertility Podcast

Empowering information to help you find peace during infertility, take back control, and fulfill your family vision.

Women Physicians Lead

Building and supporting women physician leaders that transform healthcare

DTx Podcast with Eugene Borukhovich

Part of Digital Health Today

Up Next for Patient Safety

Untangling the Paths to Safer Health Care

Untangling Alzheimer’s & Dementia, an AlzAuthors Podcast

Sharing Our Stories Makes Us Strong

Health Equity Podcast Channel

Curated Episodes from Health Podcast Network Shows

Nurse Podcast Channel – Curated by Health Podcast Network

Features leaders, topics, and conversations from the expansive library of podcasts on Health Podcast Network.

Impulse – Meeting Healthcare Pioneers

The podcast that democratizes medical technology and meets the people who are transforming this field.

The Private Medical Practice Academy

How to start, run, grow and leverage your private medical practice.

Navigating the Pandemic

Stay informed about COVID-19 in our ever-changing world.

Inspiring Women with Laurie McGraw

Professional. Polished. Accomplished. Thoughtful. Made It. Ready to Make It.

Hello Healthcare

Let's create a better future within healthcare.

Business Fights AIDS

A behind the scenes look at building the business response to AIDS.

A Shot in the Arm Podcast with Ben Plumley

A podcast about exploring innovation and equity in global health

Fempower Health

Empowering women to be the CEO of their Health

High Performance Nursing

A safe space for clinicians to achieve their highest potential.

Her Story

Envisioning the Leadership Possibilities in Healthcare

Sports Medicine Weekly with Dr. Brian Cole

The Sports Enthusiast's Official Resource for Fitness, Nutrition, Injury Prevention and Treatment

Day Zero

Exploring the Entrepreneurial Journey of Healthcare Founders.

The Healthcare Provider Happy Hour

A safe space, supporting healthcare providers' well-being so that they may better empower patient experiences.

COPD Podcast

A podcast miniseries about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Part of Health Unmuted.

CareTalk Podcast

Incisive debate on healthcare policy and politics - a no B.S. insider’s view of what works and what doesn’t in American healthcare.

Rural Health Rising

Rural Health Rising is a weekly podcast exploring the healthcare triumphs, challenges and opportunities facing rural America.

ACNL In Action: Lessons in Nursing Leadership

Nursing, leadership, and everything in between.

Digital Health 101

This podcast dives into the organizational and structural requirements for successful transformation to a new health paradigm.

AAOS Career Podcast

The Bone Beat, an orthopaedic podcast channel from AAOS

The Gary Bisbee Show

The Gary Bisbee Show is a weekly podcast discussing how leading health system CEOs and healthcare leaders are navigating the evolving healthcare landscape while leading high-performing teams and driving innovation across the industry.

On the Pulse

On this podcast, we will take a deep dive into the experiences of frontline providers and researchers. We’ll explore their insights and invaluable stories of how health care works in today’s world – both locally and globally.


Long-time health care reporter Dan Gorenstein hosts an examination of health care, policy, and people; and the weighty decisions we all find ourselves faced with.

AAOS Advocacy Podcast

Conversations on health policy issues affecting musculoskeletal care.

Once Upon A Gene

True stories of raising rare kiddos

The Medical Management Podcast

The Medical Management Podcast is focused on helping medical practice managers level up their practice.

Nurse Leader Network

with Chris Recinos

What happens when you provide nurse leaders with tools to learn, share and connect?


A weekly news and analysis podcast from the folks behind Healthcare IT News, MobiHealthNews, and Healthcare Finance News.

FutureProofing Healthcare Podcast

We believe everyone should have equal access to healthcare.

Bright Spots in Healthcare

Find a bright spot ... and clone it!

Parkinson’s Disease Podcast

A podcast for people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and those who care about them

The Healthcare Solutions Project

The Healthcare Solutions Project features interviews with healthcare innovators.

HOT for your Health

HOT for Your Health is a fast paced, high energy, luxury lifestyle brand focusing on relentless health innovations.

Fearless Freedom with Dr. G

Are you worried about your wellness? Are you letting fear stop you from crushing your goals? If you answered yes to any or all of these, then this is the podcast for you.

Prognosis Ohio

A podcast about health in Ohio.

People of Pathology Podcast

Interviews with people doing interesting things in pathology and related fields.

HealthXL – The Digital Health Podcast

A podcast dedicated to meeting the global movers and shakers of the Digital Health Community.

AMA Moving Medicine

AMA Moving Medicine highlights innovation and the emerging issues that impact physicians and public health today

Confessions of Health Geeks

A health industry podcast focused on technological innovations.

The Happy Nurse

Elaina Mullery promotes self-care strategies to her fellow nurses and healthcare workers.

Chasing Life

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is on a mission to help us approach our new normal mindfully, finding a balance between self-care and productivity, and talking to doctors and researchers about the surprising science behind how we can thrive.

StartUp Health NOW Podcast

StartUp Health NOW celebrates the innovators, industry leaders and entrepreneurs who are reimagining health and wellness.

The Provider’s Edge

Peak Performance Guide for Healthcare Practitioners

Amplify Nursing

We showcase the powerful work nurses do each day. Join us in conversations with nurses leading the way in nursing science, policy and innovation.

NEJM This Week – Audio Summaries

New medical research findings, review articles, and editorial opinion on a wide variety of topics of importance to biomedical science and clinical practice.

The Real Chemistry Podcast

The Real Chemistry podcast connects the dots between our guests and the innovative work they do to show up and shape the future of healthcare.

Healthcare’s MissingLogic Podcast

Where healthcare leaders see their problems and challenges through a brand-new lens.

At the Core of Care

Pennsylvania nurses innovating for their communities

Elsevier Clinical Insights

Explore a range of the biggest and most impactful topics in health and medicine that affect us today

The Virtual Clinical Podcast

A weekly podcast supporting the student nurse and soon-to-be Registered Nurse with insights from members of the nursing community.

JAMA Editor’s Summary

Weekly Editors' Audio Summary for JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association.

SoundPractice Podcast

The business podcast for physicians and health care leaders.

Mayo Clinic Talks

Stay on top of your practice with podcasts from colleagues at Mayo Clinic.

The Handoff

Dive into the most pressing topics in nursing, from burnout and mental health to diversity in nursing to the latest clinical innovations.

The Nurse Keith Show

The Nurse Keith Show is an invaluable audio destination for ambitious, thoughtful, and forward-thinking 21st-century nurses.

The Podcast by KevinMD

Social media's leading physician voice, Kevin Pho, MD, shares the stories of the many who intersect with our health care system but are rarely heard from. Welcome to The Podcast by KevinMD.

Impossible Healthcare

Two physicians who speak with thought leaders driving healthcare forward.

Outcomes Rocket

Solutions to Healthcare’s Problems

Patient Convert Podcast

Patient Convert Podcast delivers healthcare marketing insights and the latest digital strategies to help providers and health systems reach new patients.

Talking HealthTech

Discussions with doctors, developers and decision-makers in Australian HealthTech

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

Bridging the worlds of digital health and clinical orthopaedics to catalyze the adoption of technology in musculoskeletal care

CNS Summit Podcast

Collaborating for Novel Solutions, Shaping the Future

HIT Like a Girl

Amplifying the voices and achievements of women in Health IT

This Week Health: Conference

This Week Health: Conference aims to propel healthcare forward by amplifying the voices of advancement and innovation in health technology.

Faces of Digital Health

A podcast about digital health and how healthcare systems adopt technologies.

Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

Conversations with the innovators, game changers, and PIONEERS who are deeply passionate and relentless in solving the problems that our world is facing!

Doctor Me First Podcast

Authentic conversations between female physicians that encourage, inspire and go beyond just medicine.

Digital Health Today – Asia Pacific Edition with Tony Estrella

Join host Tony Estrella in Singapore as he speaks to leaders and organizations driving health innovation and transformation in Asia Pacific.

Shot of Digital Health Therapy

Meticulously Unproduced - by Eugene Borukhovich and Jim Joyce

Digital Health Today 360° with Dan Kendall

Digital Health Today features the innovators, leaders and pioneers transforming health and wellness.

Health Unchained

Health Unchained hosts conversations with blockchain/healthcare professionals who are disrupting the health industry.

Vanderbilt Health DNA: Discoveries in Action

Explore the big ideas and breakthroughs happening at Vanderbilt Health

Latest Episodes

Applying for graduate nurse speciality programs – Grad Nursing Success Series

Looking to stand out from the crowd in specialty program pathways? In this new episode, I shared valuable insights on the importance of tailoring your application to the job you are applying for and implementing the tips and tricks outlined in the Graduate Career Launch Program.  Join me as I discuss how to erase negative thoughts and prove that you are the perfect fit for the specialty program, regardless of whether or not you have experience in the field. Don't miss out on this must-listen episode, where you'll learn how to create a successful nursing career that's perfect for you. Key takeaways: 01:30 - The importance of standing out in the application process. 02:26 - Successful applicant from Graduate Career Launch Program. 03:26 - The panel's criteria for selecting candidates for specialty programs 04:11 - Emphasis on creating one's nursing career on their own terms  WAYS IN WHICH I CAN HELP YOU LAND YOUR FIRST GRADUATE ROLE: Get your FREE Graduate Nurse Application Guide here! Click here to Join my private Facebook Community for Australian Students and Graduate Nurses (You must answer all questions to be admitted). Join the 2023 GCLP intake and guarantee your graduate role!
March 22, 2023
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The Logic of the Heart: How Dr. Scott Roth Co-founder, CEO, and CMO at ImaCor Found His Calling in Cardiology

The physician's role is changing, and here’s a cardiologist’s perspective on what’s coming down the road. In this episode, Scott Roth, co-founder, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer at ImaCor, questions the current medical education system with a full-circle conversation based on his experience in cardiology, the transition to team-based care with a value-based model, and the evolution of noninvasive imagery technologies. Healthcare industry incentives have changed in the past decades, and so Dr. Roth discusses how motivation is a challenge that should be addressed by the educational system and supported with a value-based model. Tune in to learn more about the evolution of echocardiology and the role of physicians in healthcare! Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
March 22, 2023
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Episode 35: 3 Myth Busters About Loving Yourself Before Loving Others

Have you ever been told, "You have to love yourself before you can love someone else?" Well, Dr. Amy knows that's nonsense! Join Dr. Amy as she debunks the myth of loving yourself before you can love others. She gives 3 straightforward, scientific reasons why this is the case. You'll leave understanding the science of love and attachment just a little bit more! RESOURCES Dr. Amy's Provider Newsletter Provider Lounge Membership Dr. Amy Youtube FREE DOWNLOADS Provider Lounge Virtual Meeting Freebie Start Creating Boundaries Handout & Script Guide To Creating Cultures of Trust At Work Finding Calm to Prevent Overwhelm Don’t Forget! Follow Dr. Amy on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram For more information visit 
March 22, 2023
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Moving Beyond Linear Approaches to Nursing Staffing

Gladys and Dani discuss the nursing workforce and the impact of an overemphasis on symptom management. Gladys explains the importance of nurses looking upstream to find the root cause of problems in the workforce. She argues that nursing is reducing itself to a series of tasks and ignoring other important factors like job growth, autonomy, recognition, and pride in work. Gladys also discusses the impact of contract labor on nursing, and how nurses could follow the lead of physicians and set up their own practice groups to increase flexibility and specialization.  
March 22, 2023
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Prostate Cancer & Men’s Health Edition | Screening for Prostate Cancer

Host: Darryl S. Chutka, M.D. [@chutkaMD] Guest: Daniel M. Frendl, M.D., Ph.D. Prostate cancer is one of the most common malignancies in men, second only to skin cancer. It’s estimated that 1 in 8 men will develop prostate cancer during their lifetime. The predominant screening test for prostate cancer has been the prostate specific antigen or PSA.  However, there has been some controversy surrounding the use of PSA. It’s an easily administered test, it’s relatively inexpensive and it’s capable of identifying men with possible prostate cancer. So, what’s the controversy? Is the PSA an effective screening test? Who should be tested and how have urologists modified their practice to manage patients with an elevated PSA? We’ll discuss these questions in today’s podcast on “Screening for Prostate Cancer” with our guest, Daniel M. Frendl, M.D., Ph.D., a urologist at the Mayo Clinic. This episode is brought to you by: Astellas Oncology | Connect with the Mayo Clinic’s School of Continuous Professional Development online at or on Twitter @MayoMedEd.   
March 22, 2023
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Revolutionizing Healthcare: Discovering the Power of Personalized, Holistic Care with Dr. Monisha Bhanote Ep 43

Are you a healthcare leader or entrepreneur looking to provide more personalized and holistic care to your patients or clients? In this episode of the Provider’s Edge podcast, we sit down with Dr. Monisha Bhanote, MD, a board-certified physician and self-care advocate who shares her insights on optimizing patient care through a personalized, multi-hyphenate approach. During our conversation, Dr. Bhanote touches on several key topics, including: The limitations of traditional medical practices and the potential of incorporating lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and botanicals to improve patient outcomes The importance of honing in on your passions and building a unique, personalized practice as a healthcare professional The power of self-care in optimizing cellular health and preventing/reversing disease How to make habit-changing a positive experience by incorporating personalized rituals into your life The benefits of immersive, transformational retreats for healthcare professionals and patients alike Don't miss this insightful conversation with Dr. Bhanote, and learn how to provide more personalized, effective care to your patients or clients.   To connect with Dr Bhanote and find out more about her platform, please visit: __ Book:  The Anatomy of Wellbeing (amazon link: Subscribe 🔔 and listen 🔊to this episode now❗ 🎧  🎧 Stay Tuned, Stay Successful! We love to hear your feedback. Send me your stories or questions here: We are here to support you, so let us know how we can further uplevel your success!
March 22, 2023
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OCME: Life in America’s Top Forensic Medical Center, New Book by Bruce Goldfarb

Bruce Goldfarb is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, USA Today, Baltimore magazine, American Archaeology, American Health, and many other publications. For ten years, Bruce has served as executive assistant to the Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Maryland and the public information office for the Office of Chief Medical Examiner (OCME). Bruce’s newest book, OCME: Life in America’s Top Forensic Medical Center published February 2023. Host Mike Sacopulos discusses the new OCME book with Goldfarb, a behind-the-scenes portrait of one of the largest and busiest forensic medical centers in the United States. Once celebrated as the gold standard of death investigation, the OCME of Maryland was hammered between an epidemic of violence and opioid deaths and strangling budgetary restraints imposed by indifferent state officials, ultimately plunging the institution into crisis. The author highlights the dedicated professionals who work against increasingly daunting odds. In the U.S., forensic death investigation is in a precarious state.  The shortage of forensic pathologists, shrinking government support, a decade-long opioid epidemic causing a rising tide of drug related deaths, delays in autopsies leading to delayed burial and survivor benefits being paid, delays in criminal investigations and civil litigations, all contribute to a system failing to provide essential public health services in many parts of the country. Learn more about the American Association for Physician Leadership at  
March 22, 2023
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The Pursuit of Executive Leadership

Meet Our Guest: Janice E. Nevin, M.D., MPH, has served as president and CEO of ChristianaCare since 2014, leading a transformation from a health care system to a system that truly impacts health. She is nationally recognized as a pioneer and thought leader in value-based care and population health, and for her assertion that truly great health care is built on the values of love and excellence. These values are exemplified in her commitment to health equity and anti-racism, and to improving health, making high-quality care more accessible and lowering health care costs for everyone in the communities that ChristianaCare has the privilege to serve. Her leadership has also vaulted ChristianaCare to national recognition for its advancement of caregiver wellbeing through the work of the Center for WorkLife Wellbeing.Key Insights: Janice Nevin, M.D. discusses what it is like being the first woman to be the head of Delaware's largest hospital system.● Share Your Values. As CEO of ChristianaCare, Janice believes that organizations that clearly share their values and connect people to those values will thrive.● From Clinical to Administrative. Janice transitioned from clinical frontline leadership to administrative leadership in the healthcare system. She explains that she chose to grow and develop as a physician executive, which led her to the Chief Medical Officer role and her introduction to the C-suite.● Lead With Love. Leading with love means walking towards problems and doing hard things. Janice engaged the entire organization to define its values and emerged with a value statement of serving together guided by the values of excellence and love.This episode is hosted by Sanjula Jain, Ph.D. She is a member of the Advisory Council for Her Story, co-founder of Think Medium, and the SVP, Market Strategy and Chief Research Officer at Trilliant Health.Relevant Links: Read more about Janice NevinFollow Janice Nevin on Twitter
March 22, 2023
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Reinventing Healthcare Marketing with Data-Driven Strategies, ft. Andrew Chang, Summit Health

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and so are the marketing strategies that drive it. Gone are the days of relying solely on billboards and other traditional marketing methods. With the rise of technology and data analytics, healthcare marketers have access to a wealth of information that can help them create targeted, personalized marketing campaigns. Join Andrew Chang, VP of Marketing at Summit Health and host Alan Tam as they discuss leveraging data to understand their target audience better, measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
March 22, 2023
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Unlock the power of physician compensation data in contract negotiations

In this episode, we're joined by Kyle Claussen, a physician contract attorney. Are you a physician who's unsure of what your salary and benefits should be? You're not alone. In a society where compensation information is often kept private, it can be difficult to know what you're worth. But having access to accurate and up-to-date compensation data is crucial when negotiating your employment contract. We will discuss the importance of knowing your market value and the best sources to access physician compensation data. MGMA is widely regarded as the gold standard in physician compensation reports, but it's not the only option available. Kyle will also talk about other data sources that offer additional levels of separation and verification and how having access to high-quality data can give you the leverage you need in negotiations. So, join us as we dive into the world of physician compensation and contract negotiations. Learn how to make a strong case for a raise and negotiate a fair compensation package for your specialty and location. It's time to take control of your career and get what you deserve. Kyle Claussen is a physician contract attorney. He shares his story and discusses his KevinMD article, "Negotiating a raise with the right compensation data." The Podcast by KevinMD is brought to you by the Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience. With a growing physician shortage, increasing burnout, and declining patient satisfaction, a dramatic change is needed to make health care more efficient and effective and bring back the joy of practicing medicine. AI-driven ambient clinical intelligence promises to help by revolutionizing patient and provider experiences with clinical documentation that writes itself. The Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience, or DAX for short, is a voice-enabled, ambient clinical intelligence solution that automatically captures patient encounters securely and accurately at the point of care. Physicians who use DAX have reported a 50 percent decrease in documentation time and a 70 percent reduction in feelings of burnout, and 83 percent of patients say their physician is more personable and conversational. Rediscover the joy of medicine with clinical documentation that writes itself, all within the EHR. VISIT SPONSOR → SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST → RATE AND REVIEW → FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM → FOLLOW ON TIKTOK → GET CME FOR THIS EPISODE → Powered by CMEfy.
March 22, 2023
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Conference Campaign: How Can SureTest’s Automation Solution Save You Time and Provide ROI?

22 March 2023: With the rise of staffing challenges, CEO of SureTest, Laura O’Toole shares their fully managed solution that completely alleviates the burden for their clients. With their library of 2,500 EHR workflows, SureTest was built to help manage the 20-40,000 hours a year health systems were spending on EHR testing and the surrounding and integrated third party applications. Saving you time with their quick implementations, money with their speedy ROI delivery, and FtE positions, their solution is a phenomenal way to maintain testing and minimize risk. Check out their booth, number 812, to see a full demo of the solution as well as hear from active clients on how they’ve utilized this solution.Key Points:Many SureTest employees golf Epic certificationsBuilt EHR library on Eggplant that can implement new workflows 4-5 times faster, delivering ROI within the yearSureTest is branching into enterprise solutions, saving the equivalent of 8-12 FtE positions with their solution80-85% of testing becomes automatedWe understand that staying ahead of the curve regarding Security Priorities can be challenging. Join us, April 6, 1:00pm, for this webinar to learn how CISOs in healthcare address Security Priorities for 2023 – insights that can help keep your healthcare organization safe and secure. Week Health SubscribeThis Week Health TwitterThis Week Health LinkedinAlex’s Lemonade Stand: Foundation for Childhood Cancer Donate
March 22, 2023
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#193: Leadership Experiences That Made Us the Leaders We Are Today

In this episode, we share some of the experiences that have shaped us and made us into the leaders we are today. We've been leaders for a long time and we've had a lot of experiences, so it's always helpful to step back and reflect on those experiences that have shaped us or made us who we are today. In fact, this is something we did when we started MissingLogic® and it's something we do periodically as we are called to grow and evolve as leaders. In this podcast, we share some key takeaways from our leadership experiences and what you can learn from them as healthcare leaders. We also talk about the importance of reflection and how it allows us to step back and gain a new perspective on what matters most as leaders. For full show notes and links, visit: If you found value in this episode, please subscribe and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts! SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS:
March 22, 2023
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Higher-Dose Ivermectin for Outpatients With COVID-19, Trends in Cardiovascular Risk Factor Prevalence and Control in US Adults, Review of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, and more

Editor's Summary by Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, PhD, MD, MAS, Editor in Chief of JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, for the March 21, 2023 issue.
March 21, 2023
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Endometriosis Surgery, Should You Have It?

In today’s episode, Dr. Tara discusses key things to keep in mind before deciding if you should have surgery for your endometriosis. She also explains the different kinds of procedures performed. If you feel you have endometriosis but have been overlooked, reach out and talk with Dr. Tara to learn how you can advocate for a further workup!   DOWNLOAD your freebies created by Dr. Tara  LEARN for FREE from Dr. Tara JOIN Dr. Tara on TikTok Come say hi over on Tara's Instagram  *Information provided on this podcast provides general health information for educational purposes only. The information provided by me as a fertility coach is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, cannot diagnose or treat any health condition and does not substitute for care from your healthcare provider. 
March 21, 2023
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Going All In

Meet the Guests: Chris Severn is the CEO and Co-founder of Turquoise Health. Kian Raiszadeh, M.D., is Founder and CEO, SpineZone; Nina Tandon, Ph.D., is CEO and co-founder, EpiBone.This episode is about figuring out when it’s time to fully commit to the entrepreneurial vision. Exploring Opportunity. The pitch to potential investors and partners should involve a clear description of the unique market opportunity. Timing is everything. Should you Focus on Outcome? Dr. Raiszadeh advises against it. Instead, make the choice to commit, and then try to enjoy the ride – every aspect of it, including ups and downs.Academic Grants. Nina Tandon suggests that for some, an SBIR grant, or similar sources of funding, can be the perfect foundation for kicking off an entrepreneurial project.This episode is a mash-up of previous Day Zero guests. Relevant Links:Watch Chris Severn’s full episodeWatch Kian Raiszadeh’s full episodeWatch Nina Tandon’s full episode
March 21, 2023
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Lessons Learned: My Journey Through a Difficult Experience and Key Takeaways

Welcome to the first episode of 2023! In this episode of the Healthcare Provider Happy Hour Podcast, I'm excited to be back and will be sharing some personal updates with you all. Unfortunately, towards the end of 2022, I experienced a moderate concussion that had a significant impact on my life. However, through this challenging experience, I've learned some valuable lessons that I want to share with you all. Throughout this episode, I'll be discussing: My personal experience with a moderate concussion and how it impacted my life Insights and tips on how to handle any difficult circumstance that you may encounter The importance of speaking your truth and building a strong support system What you can expect from the Healthcare Provider Happy Hour Podcast moving forward I hope that my personal experience and the lessons I've learned can provide some valuable insight for those who may have gone through something similar. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and join me for this personal episode of the Healthcare Provider Happy Hour Podcast. Grab your drink of choice and join the conversation! Resources 'Top 29 Self-Care Podcasts to Listen Right Now' Blog Post:  Connect with Jennifer George: @bestobsessed_with_jenn | Instagram Jennifer George | Website @jenngeorge08) | Twitter Jennifer George | Facebook Click here to check out my award-winning book about connecting and communicating with patients to create empowering experiences!
March 21, 2023
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