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Health Unchained hosts conversations with blockchain/healthcare professionals who are disrupting the health industry.

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Ep. 90: First Hospital Chain in the Metaverse – Drs. Michael Kaldasch and Ben El Idrissi (Aimedis)

Dr. Michael Kaldasch (CEO Aimedis)and Dr. Ben El Idrissi (COO) of Aimedis join me to update us about some of the strategies they are taking to create a medical NFT marketplace and the first hospital chain in the metaverse. It’s important to note that Aimedis already has an app made for patients, doctors, researchers, and pharmacists that is available for download in the Play and App stores. Show Notes •Updates on Aimedis company •First hospital chain in the metaverse •Virtual Reality and augmented reality applications •NFT marketplace •Migration from Ethereum to Binance smart chain •Healthcare ecosystem interactions on the platform Related episode: News Corner Sanofi, recently announced a $270 million deal with French AI/precision medicine company, Owkin. This two part deal includes a $180 million equity investment in the company as well as a $90 million discovery and development partnership that spans the next three years. The collaboration will focus on leveraging its digital clinical research platform with federated AI in four different cancers- non-small cell lung cancer, triple-negative breast cancer, mesothelioma and multiple myeloma. Listen to my episode with Owkin's Chief Product Officer on episode 81 Health Unchained Links Website: Telegram: Twitter:
December 9, 2021

Ep. 89: Decentralization Opportunities in Pharmacy Operations – Tyler Colvard, PharmD (UNC)

Tyler Colvard, PharmD. Clinical Pediatric Pharmacist, UNC Health. BS Psych. Pharmaceutical Advisor at ConsenSys Health. Sports lover. Big UNC fan. •Introduction to Tyler's background and career trajectory •What drove you to the healthcare world and specifically why pharmacy? •How does your academic research experience influence your perspectives in healthcare tech industry? •How did you first hear about blockchain technology? •Change is not easy •How important are incentives and economics psychology for healthcare? •Managing pharma inventory in hospitals •What are the biggest pharma-based and/or pharmacogenetics applications you can envision that would require blockchain or decentralized ledger technology? •Patient safety and trust •How can blockchain help address the opioids crisis? •Identifying certain genes that can illuminate risks to pharmacists and doctors (i.e. 2D6, CYP2C19) •The role of EMR interoperability for getting the right info at the right time for patients •From your perspective, what are the biggest barriers to blockchain adoption in healthcare? TRUST. •In pediatric patients, often times they can't speak to you and are dependent on their parents - does blockchain have a solution for this? •Are there issue with health data management when young adults turn 18? Do you think there's a need for data change in custody using blockchain? •NFTs and sports innovation •Favorite DLT projects doing important work •Leadership, and motivational speaking, rap career aspirations •Most influential book you've read – What do you do with an idea? Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach •If you had to have micro chip implanted in your body, where would you want it to be implanted? •How do you like to stay active and exercise? •Final Takeaways News Corner On October 22, 2021 – 23andMe announced plans to acquire Lemonaid Health, an on-demand telehealth platform, for $400M (25% in cash and 75% in 23andMe shares). 23andMe, a leading consumer genetics and research company will be adding Lemonaid Health’s telemedicine and prescription drug delivery services to it’s consumer solutions offerings. Health Unchained Links Website: Telegram: Twitter:
October 28, 2021

Ep. 88: Community-owned Swiss Healthcare Ecosystem – Eberhard Scheuer (President dHealth Network)

Dr. Eberhard Scheuer is the founder and the President of the Board of Directors at dHealth foundation and has been a pioneer in using blockchain in the healthcare field. Eberhard holds a Ph.D. in psychology and views healthcare always from the patient’s point of view. He has been a researcher, lecturer, therapist, digital health entrepreneur, and networker for two decades. Eberhard is a psychologist by training and was trained as a clinical psychologist, but mainly worked in the research environment studying at UMass Amherst and University of Tübingen. CONNECT WITH EBERHARD LinkedIn: Twitter: Website: Related episode - Show Notes ●Introduction to Eberhard's background ●What is the use case and vision of dHealth Foundation which was previously called the HIT foundation? ●Tokenizing Health data and how patients should ideally be reimbursed for usage of their health data ●Tracing detection system for Covid and other Illnesses and how those use cases are the best for blockchain ●What is Data privacy and how usage of Blockchain transforms the way to store that data off chain and use blockchain for identity management? ●Partnership with Roche on using patients’ data for one of their Hemophilia drug launches and using blockchain for that launch. ●Alpha and beta testing on the dHealth platform ●What is DHP or Digital Health Point tokens and what kind services can be acquired using these tokens? ●Due to the rules and laws of Switzerland, how is operating a Blockchain company there? What are the Pros and Cons? ●European Society of Organ Transplantation (ESOT) exchange and how blockchain can play an important role in the matching process ●What are the financial and technical challenges which are being worked on to be launched in the coming months? ●What influential book can you recommend? “100 years of solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez ”The Ascent of Money” by Nial Furguson ●What are some of the preferred exercises that you like to do to stay active? Running and Sailing. News Corner As most of us know, demand for elderly care services continues to climb higher as each new generation lives longer than the previous one. Norada Corporation has teamed up with Helium, also known as the People’s Network, to enhance communications between at-home elderly care managers, seniors, and care givers. Norada solves this challenge by irradicating the need for a smartphone. Instead, as each caregiver completes their service, they tap a button on their ID badge to automatically log location details to the central cloud database using asset tracking technology from Abeeway. To make all of this possible, Norada needed a long-range IoT wireless network, and Helium fit the bill perfectly. As the fastest-growing wireless network, The People’s Network enables cost efficiencies of only $1 per badge per year. Health Unchained Links Website: Telegram: Twitter:
October 10, 2021

Ep. 87: Decentralized IoT Everywhere – Larry Pang (IoTeX)

Larry Pang is the head of business development and marketing at IoTeX. IoTeX’s mission is to enable a borderless ecosystem where humans and machines can interact with guaranteed trust, free will, and privacy. IoTeX built the first consumer grade indoor security camera that uses blockchain to secure its users data. It’s called Ucam and anyone can buy one from Amazon for about $50. Before IoTeX, Larry worked as a consultant at Oliver Wyman. IoTeX website: Larry's LinkedIn: Show Notes •Larry's background and BizDev role at IoTeX •What is the vision for IoTeX and who founded it? •UCam description and functionalities •Which industry verticals are you focusing on? Why? oSecurity, Healthcare, Supply chain •Data Privacy •Smart Homes, medical devices •Computer vision evolution •Autonomous driving • IoTeX technical specifications (architecture) o Blockchain Protocol and network o IoTeX tokenomics o Data storage and Cloud o Intel SGX o Private key generation o Privacy preserving computation capabilities o Any integration with other Home devices like Alexa, Google, etc. ? •Important applications - Healthnet and Health blocks •IoTeX Growth and scale •IoT Competitive landscape - what other companies are working on similar products/services? •Roadmap for 2021 and beyond •Final Takeaways Health Unchained Links Website: Telegram: Twitter:
September 21, 2021

Ep. 86: Decentralized Computer Vision – Kordel France (CEO Seekar Technologies)

Kordel France is the co-founder and CEO of Seekar Technologies, which is a AI and blockchain startup seeking to advanced computer vision technology for medical imaging, among other use cases. He is a machine learning engineer with experience in computer vision, augmented reality, GPS, autonomous systems, and optics. Published multiple products in automatic target recognition, signal processing, robotics, and medical imaging. Kordel also spent part of his career at Raytheon as an airframe engineer and studied machine learning at MIT and John Hopkins University. Website: LinkedIn: Show Notes •Introduction to Kordel's background •Experience in machine learning, computer vision, AI •Goal to replicate consciousness through AI •What is your vision for Seekar technologies and why did you start it? •How did you first hear about blockchain technology? •Which industry verticals are you focusing on? Why? oHealthcare, defense, sports, AgTech •Medical Imaging use case and neural networks for edge intelligence •COVID AI app on App Store •Clarity on the AI process, how it thinks •What is SeekarCoin and why do you need it? •Ethics and engineer’s AI bias •Coded Bias (Netflix movie) •Tokenizing equity and community building •What are the biggest challenges you are facing? •Gaining people’s trust in AI •Federated learning and edge ML •General technical specifications (architecture) of network oBlockchain Protocol oData storage and Cloud oInteroperability with existing database systems •What stage of development is your product today? •Roadmap for 2021 and beyond •If it’s not too personal, what would you consider to be your biggest mistake? •What are your thoughts about the singularity that is supposed to happen in 2045? •If you had to have micro chip implanted in your body, where would you want it to be implanted? •Neuro-security •Favorite book that has influenced you - Frankenstein by Mary Shelley News Corner Two major mental health platforms have agreed to merge their efforts to reach over 100 million consumers. Ginger, a teletherapy startup, and Headspace, a meditation journey app are planning to close the deal in the last quarter of 2021 to create Headspace Health. According the executives, the combined company will have the world’s largest mental health data set, which will be used to provide highly personalized care to individuals.
September 6, 2021

Ep. 85: Value of Digital Therapeutics – Jhonatan Dimitriades, MD (CEO Lapsi Health)

Jhonatan Bringas Dimitriades, MD is an executive who works with technologists, developers, medical professionals and patients to deliver the right digital and technical solutions to enhance the diagnosis, treatment, recovery and quality of life of patients around the globe. Personal Website: Company Website: Twitter: Dr. Bringas has worked in the implementation of medical technologies in some of the top medical centers worldwide, such as the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, the Panama Clinic, the Hong Kong University Hospital, the AMC UMC Amsterdam and many others. His work is related to medical implementation of technologies, digital health, and innovation in the medical devices area. Jhonatan is a certified Occupational Physician, with postgraduate education in Public Health, Business Strategy and Digital Healthcare solutions. Jhonatan holds a Medical Degree, re-certified in 3 continents and has held the positions of Medical Director, Chief Medical Officer and is currently the Chief Communications Officer of Finnish MedTech NUKUTE, a respiratory / sleep medicine wearable company and the Chief Medical Officer of American DTX startup DiaM Life, in the Diabetes Mellitus space. He is co-founder and CEO of Lapsi Health, an early stage startup developing digital therapeutics starting with solutions for chronic asthma pediatric patients. We talked about the evolution of digital therapeutics and wearables from a medical doctor’s perspective. Although this episode is light on blockchain talk, it was a great conversation about the future of digital health and how we can get there. Show topics •Jhonatan's background •Lapsi Health •Wearables •Digital Therapeutics •Clinical Trials •Doctor's perspective News Corner On August 10, 2021, ConsenSys Health agreed to acquire FHIRBlocks, an innovative developer of solutions to support self-sovereign patient-directed fine-grained sharing of protected personal health information. The acquisition includes the transfer of FHIRBlocks’ Intellectual Property, as well as key executives and staff, business activities and relationships, to ConsenSys Health. Currently, slow and error-prone manual processes have largely been used to administer patient data consents, but the introduction of digital communications using Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) for data-interoperability has shown clear benefits and is now mandated by regulations, such as the U.S. 21st Century Cures Act. In addition, patient and consumer privacy regulations, such as HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA are also mandating new processes. Health Unchained Links Website: Telegram: Twitter:
August 21, 2021

Health Unchained

Health Unchained features insights from the top healthcare innovators, entrepreneurs, and executives who are applying blockchain technology solutions to disrupt the health industry. We discuss their strategies, challenges, and unique experiences in this exciting new field.

Blockchain technology has the potential to create a new layer of trust, reducing the friction to participate in a healthcare network. Combined with other emerging technologies, blockchain can dramatically improve population health management, medical supply chain, health-monitoring devices, genetics research, and other health-related sectors. A diverse mix of healthcare leaders and blockchain experts is needed to accelerate the adoption of blockchain-based solutions that our healthcare system so desperately needs. The field includes economists, technologists, healthcare providers, policymakers, and financial institutions.

Listen to Health Unchained to learn about the impact that blockchain technology is having, and will continue to have, on the healthcare industry.
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Ray Dogum

Ray Dogum

Ray Dogum is the producer and host of the Health Unchained podcast. On his show, he interviews leaders in the blockchain/healthcare industry where he covers topics such as health data integrity management, efficiency improvement opportunities in healthcare administration, and the future of decentralization. He also manages the deployment of enterprise-scale telehealth solutions for Health Systems at American Well, a telemedicine company based in Boston.

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