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Health Unchained hosts conversations with blockchain/healthcare professionals who are disrupting the health industry.

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Ep. 107: Digital Trust Ecosystem – PharmaLedger (Dan Fritz & Marco Cuomo)

In today's episode, host Ray Dogum sits down with guests Dan Fritz and Marco Cuomo. Marco is an Applied Technology Innovation Manager with a passion for exploring and implementing new technologies such as blockchain and API Management. Dan is a Supply Chain Domain Architect at Novartis, where he is responsible for the architecture vision and selection of emerging technologies that will transform the business. Tune in to hear the trio discuss how blockchain will transform healthcare by driving patient safety, reliable product traceability, and aiding the fight against counterfeiting. In the News Corner, Ray shares why crypto companies sponsoring major sporting events is not a good enough reason for investors to trust them.  Topics Covered Include: 01:00 Introduction 03:16 PharmaLedger Leaders Discuss The Transition From PharmaLedger Consortium to PharmaLedger Association 08:21 Partners Unite To Accelerate Medical Innovation In Health Care 10:07 Industry Consortium Kicks Off Project After Two Years Of Planning 11:34 Creating a Digital Trust Ecosystem In the Healthcare Industry 13:35 Blockchain Technology Enables Win-win Solutions For Partners In Digital Trust Ecosystems 14:55 Building An Infrastructure For The Healthcare Industry: A Step Towards A Unified Blockchain Network 17:56 Testing The Flexibility Of Electronic Product Information: Switching From Ethereum To Hyperledger 22:05 Pandemic Accelerates Digital Transformation With Self Sovereign Identity Solutions 25:25 Clinical Trial Investigators Streamline Supply Chain Process For Business Benefits 27:39 Blockchain Revolutionizes Pharmaceutical Supply Chain To Combat Counterfeiting 29:59 Creating Value For Members And Users: Experiences From Test Pilots And User Research through electronic product information 34:34 Technology Ready For Implementation In Healthcare, But Regulatory Checks Remain 38:10 Ensuring Privacy: Is Your Medical Data Safe? 39:33 Four Nodes Required For Go Quorum Consensus Protocol 40:56 Pharma Companies Establish Trust Through Hybrid Blockchain Network 42:20 Blockchain Technology To Increase Transparency In Pharmaceutical Companies 43:39 PharmaLedger Association In Switzerland Adopts Traditional Structure, Forgoes Cryptocurrency and Tokens 47:44 Health Unchained News Corner 51:09 What to expect from the future of AI 53:20 Parting thoughts Links and Resources Pharmaledger Association Dan's LinkedIn Marco's LinkedIn News Corner, Algorand, Budverse, and other crypto companies are sponsoring the World Cup 2022. Be weary of crypto companies sponsoring popular sporting events and stadiums. As an example, FTX’s sponsorship with the Miami arena (among many other sponsorships) initially brought credibility to the now-fallen exchange. Let’s not take these other crypto sponsorships as validation that they are trustworthy, safe, or sustainable. Maybe they are, but as many in the industry will tell you, not your keys, not your coins. If you have any crypto on centralized exchanges, just be careful and consider moving to a hardware wallet. Health Unchained Links Website: Telegram: Twitter: Supercast: Ledger Hardware Wallet:
December 5, 2022

Ep. 106: Web3 Innovation in Japan – Shinya Yamamoto, PhD (DICT Cube)

IT advancement and data analytics have long been a struggle in healthcare – many have tried to drive technological advancement in the space, but very little has changed. So are NFTs, DAOs, and Web3 the answer we’ve all been waiting for?  In today's episode, Ray Dogum talks to Shina Yamamoto, PhD, a serial entrepreneur, clinical research innovation professor, and founder of Link and Innovation, Inc. which focuses on helping entrepreneurs reach their potential. We discuss DAOs for business incubation, the future of decentralized clinical trials, and the state of Japan's Web3 ecosystem. Topics Covered Include: 00:00 Introduction 00:40 Getting to know Shinya Yamamoto 02:50 Shinya's journey to becoming a leader in the innovation space 04:02 What Shinya's company Link & Innovation, Inc is all about 05:51 The idea behind the DICT business incubator 07:46 Difference between Japanese and global entrepreneurs 08:18 Shinya's business leadership experience 09:25 DAO and Web3 in healthcare 12:25 Why identity is a huge thing in Web3 13:45 Why are DAOs so important for the future of business? 15:30 DAO management best practices 16:35 The biggest barriers to blockchain adoption in healthcare 17:37 Why more people need to be educated on NFTs and Blockchain 19:30 Why Shinya believes tokenomics is the future  20:23 The Singularity is near: Will we achieve mind uploading by 2045? 22:18 Parting thoughts  News Corner On November 8, FTX halted it’s non-fiat customer withdrawals, which obviously sent its customers into a panic. After the $8B shortfall in it’s accounting, FTX was forced to file for bankruptcy.  Links and Resources Shinya's LinkedIn DICT CUBE YouTube Channel Health Unchained Links Website: Telegram: Twitter: Supercast: Ledger Hardware Wallet:
November 22, 2022

Ep. 105: Community Empowered Health and Reputation – Mike Sinn (CureDAO) & Mike Elias (

Ray Dogum is joined by Mike Sinn and Mike Elias. Mike Sinn is a Software Engineer at CureDAO, a collaborative framework for precision health of the future. CureDAO is creating an open-source platform to determine the effects of millions of factors on human health. Mike Elias, on the other hand, is the founder of Ideamarket, a platform that builds credibility infrastructure without relying on legacy media or academia. The Mikes come together to talk about decentralized science, credibility on the internet, and how we can ensure the future of science is led by people who actually know what they’re doing.   Topics Covered Include: 00:00 Introduction 00:45 Getting to know Mike Sinn 03:48 Who is Mike Elias? 06:42 How Ideamarket works 08:36 The future of healthcare data  10:47 Getting the most out of medical data 12:08 Reasons healthcare data is unique and difficult to capture  14:27 Data ownership and privacy in a Web3 world 17:33 Advancing medical research by aggregating pieces of information 19:24 CureDAO’s source of data and information 20:36 Differentiating medical facts from opinions on CureDAO 23:31 Trust and credibility in web-based health information 25:30 Why people have a genuine interest in uncovering truths 29:42 The Wisdom of Crowds 34:10 Tokenomics and monetization on Ideamarket’s platform  38:57 Understanding CureDAO’s token economy   43:42 Company cultures at CureDAO and Ideamarket 47:24 How to get in touch with Mike Sinn and Mike Elias 48:50 Fun closing questions  54:10 Parting thoughts  News Corner According to a Wikipedia list, as of October 25, 2022, there have been 582 mass shootings, with 604 individuals killed (including the shooters). A total of 2380 people have been wounded (including the shooters). This year has been a record year for mass shootings in America and it does not seem to be getting any better. Although many attribute shooter motive to serious mental illness, studies have shown personal issues such as a combination of acute life stressors, anger, and nihilism contribute to a shooter’s motive. Gun policies and the criminal justice system, in general, are also factors that play a part in the probability of mass shootings.  Although this news corner doesn’t have anything to do with blockchain technology, it has everything to do with social stability, security, and human nature. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever end all violence in our world, but we should be addressing and studying some of the root causes of violence by educating children about the importance of community safety, gun safety, and human morality. Open Public policy and local education regarding gun control can be tools to help mitigate future tragedies and increase trust in our communities.  Links and Resources Mike Elias on LinkedIn - Mike Sinn on LinkedIn - - - The Story of My Experiments with Truth by M. K. Gandhi The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins The Wisdom of Crowds by Joe Abercrombie Health Unchained Links Website: Telegram: Twitter: Supercast:
November 6, 2022

Ep. 104. Decentralizing Women’s Reproductive Health with Laura Minquini, Co-Founder of AthenaDAO

Laura Minquini is an entrepreneur and creator of AthenaDAO, a collective leveraging blockchain and crypto to fund women’s reproductive health. AthenaDAO’s goal is to reduce the funding gap in research and access to reproductive health by funding research, drug development programs, and innovations. Laura shares with Ray why communities like AthenaDAO are so important and why many women’s reproductive conditions are not well funded.  Topics covered Laura shares her background and why she was so inspired to make a positive impact for women. Why preventative care is vital for treating and curing conditions such as Alzheimers. The impact VitaDAO had on the starting and creation of AthenaDAO WThe impact this lack of funding has on the women diagnosed with these conditions. Laura shares her experience starting AthenaDAO Why women’s reproductive research needs a blockchain solution like AthenaDAO The different Web3 organizations that are supporting medical research Laura shares the story of a near-partnership with VitaDAO Laura’s experience using Gitcoin grants to raise funds. How AthenaDAO is creating a community for other women to gain support. AthenaDao’s roadmap and the future for the community. Connect with Laura and AthenaDAO AthenaDAO Discord Telegram Resources Mentioned VitaDAO Gitcoin A Confederacy of Dunces Marie Curie
October 7, 2022

Ep. 103: Tokenizing Smart Kickboxing Bags – Mauro Frota (CEO BHOUT)

Mauro Frota is a master martial arts coach in Lisbon, Portugal, who has taken on a new venture as CEO of the world’s first boxing bag with a brain. With over 22 years experience in the fitness industry, Mauro is finally here to revolutionize the fitness industry in the best way possible. In this episode, Mauro shares with us the concept of BHOUT–a new product that takes fitness and gaming all in one.  Topics Covered  Where Mauro sees the fitness industry with the incorporation of blockchain technology.  The mission and vision of BHOUT  Who the customers of BHOUT will be and the process of searching the product market fits.  The specifics of the design of BHOUT’s product and its functionality.  The adoption challenges Mauro faced when working with customers.  Mauro shares their business model & the culture behind their community.  BHOUT tokenomics and gaming reward mechanisms Connect with Mauro  Linkedin Resources Mentioned  BHOUT - The first boxing bag with a brain Sweatcoin Actionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges and Leaderboards Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness  Build The Mom Test  The Lean Startup. News Corner The Mayo Clinic, which was just listed as the #1 best smart hospital in the world, according to Newsweek journal, has recently announced that it will onboard a blockchain-integrated platform called Triall for a two-year multicenter pulmonary arterial hypertension trial that includes 10 research sites and more than 500 patients. The goal is to ensure end-to-end clinical data integrity for clinical trials – from the initial startup to post-study evaluations by using Triall’s Veritable Proof API. Health Unchained Links Supercast: Website: Telegram: Twitter:
September 23, 2022

Ep. 102: Decentralized Med Device Management – John Hatchell | Co-Founder & CEO of TYDEi

John Hatchell is the CEO and founder of TYDEi Health, a cost-effective platform that aims to provide vendor partners for participation, opportunities for advanced methods, and overall growth to healthcare facilities through the use of blockchain technology. In this episode, John shares the history of his deep inclination for blockchain, how TYDEi health came to be, and its visions for the future. Discussing the challenges of the healthcare industry, John also shares the realm of possibilities TYDEi platforms and concepts alike can do to make healthcare easy, convenient, and efficient.   Topics Covered  Background of John before he became a CEO  How John fell curious about the possible association of blockchain in healthcare.  John shares the volume of cash exchanged in the market. The vision of TYDEi health.  The challenges & issues of medical manufacturing companies that they’re trying to resolve.  The light and conservative approach they take to their customers and prospects.  Where Tie Dye Health mostly focuses on in terms of platform and product.  John shares the features and interface of TYDEi health.  Connect with John  LinkedIn Resources Mentioned  TYDEi Health - Healthcare Together  Stryker  Daml - open source Smart Contract and DLT Programming  Aurora  News Corner Health Unchained Links  Super excited to be introducing another way for you to support the show. Follow the link and stay up to date with Health Unchained Website: Telegram: Twitter:
September 14, 2022

Health Unchained

Health Unchained features insights from the top healthcare innovators, entrepreneurs, and executives who are applying blockchain technology solutions to disrupt the health industry. We discuss their strategies, challenges, and unique experiences in this exciting new field.

Blockchain technology has the potential to create a new layer of trust, reducing the friction to participate in a healthcare network. Combined with other emerging technologies, blockchain can dramatically improve population health management, medical supply chain, health-monitoring devices, genetics research, and other health-related sectors. A diverse mix of healthcare leaders and blockchain experts is needed to accelerate the adoption of blockchain-based solutions that our healthcare system so desperately needs. The field includes economists, technologists, healthcare providers, policymakers, and financial institutions.

Listen to Health Unchained to learn about the impact that blockchain technology is having, and will continue to have, on the healthcare industry.
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Ray Dogum

Ray Dogum

Ray Dogum is the producer and host of the Health Unchained podcast. On his show, he interviews leaders in the blockchain/healthcare industry where he covers topics such as health data integrity management, efficiency improvement opportunities in healthcare administration, and the future of decentralization. He also manages the deployment of enterprise-scale telehealth solutions for Health Systems at American Well, a telemedicine company based in Boston.

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