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Health Unchained

Health Unchained hosts conversations with blockchain/healthcare professionals who are disrupting the health industry.

Ep. 117: Patient Centric Care by Harnessing Blockchain Tech – Mike Ruggio, JD (Managing Partner at Taylor English)

Meet attorney Michael Ruggio, a linchpin in the healthcare law industry with over 40 years of extensive experience. From igniting the first False Claims Act cases that shook up healthcare providers, to now guiding them through the digital transformation tide, his role is both pioneering and pivotal. Michael's understanding of the potential of technologies like blockchain and AI to revolutionize healthcare far surpasses the familiar territory. Besides donning the hats of a managing partner at Taylor English and an adjunct professor of Law at the University of Pittsburgh, he also serves as a consultant to Congress on the utilization of high technology in federal health programs. His deep-rooted wisdom in healthcare law, paired with his knack for innovation, positions him as a seasoned trailblazer in this fast-evolving landscape. Discover the potential of blockchain technology in healthcare as Michael Ruggio, JD, uncovers the regulatory challenges it faces. Find out how vested interests and resistance to change hinder progress, leaving the industry at a crossroads.  Timestamps 00:00 Welcome to Health Unchained: Navigating Web 3.0 in Healthcare 02:56 Introducing Mike Ruggio: A Veteran in Healthcare Law 04:08 The Evolution of Healthcare Through Technology 07:13 Blockchain's Role in Transforming Healthcare Post-COVID 10:31 The Intersection of Blockchain, AI, and Healthcare Education 13:45 Smart Contracts and the Future of Legal Frameworks 16:45 The Impact of Blockchain and AI on Patient Care and Data Privacy 36:07 Exploring the VA Blockchain Pilot, Tricare Challenges 38:20 Final Thoughts Guest Links LinkedIn Taylor English Website Health Unchained Links Supercast - Sign up to access premium content Website Telegram LinkedIn Twitter Health Podcast Network Highway to Health Podcast Health Podcast Network Site
May 17, 2024

Ep. 116: HealthTech Podcasters Unravel Web3’s Impact on Healthcare – Don Lee (HC Biz Show)

We dive into the intricate world of health IT, examining the elusive goal of global interoperability and the dynamic role of blockchain technology. Don Lee sheds light on the innovative strides in biotech, particularly in expediting drug development for rare diseases, while also touching on the critical funding hurdles faced by startups. With a candid reflection on the evolution of healthcare data sharing, exemplified by New York's notable achievements, the conversation pivots to the personal—how a boundless curiosity not only makes for an engaging podcast host but also drives a deeper understanding of technology's impact on healthcare. Links and Resources: LinkedIn Gitsmol Ready Layer 2 Podcast The #HCBiz Show Topics Covered Include: 00:00:00 - Introduction to A Conversation with Don Lee 00:03:32 - From Software Development to Healthcare: The Journey of "The Healthcare Guy" 00:05:40 - Navigating Investment Challenges in Healthcare 00:12:53 - Embracing the Future: Blockchain and Telehealth in Healthcare 00:14:43 - Addressing Privacy Concerns and Advancing Health Information Exchange 00:19:04 - Standardizing Data in Hl7v2: Cleaning and Aggregating Multiple Sources 00:20:09 - AI's Emerging Role in Healthcare Data Analysis 00:25:20 - Complexity of Healthcare Provider Information and Coverage 00:26:59 - Zenprn: A Collaborative Resource Management Platform 00:31:11 - The Frustration of Choosing a Health Plan 00:32:49 - Balancing Compliance and Technological Innovation in Healthcare 00:36:22 - Transitioning from Healthcare Marketing to Podcasting in the Web 3 Space 00:39:24 - Building Relationships through Collaborative Projects 00:41:21 - Arvertron: Exploring a Promising Layer Two Blockchain for Web3 Gaming 00:43:09 - Trust in Technology Adoption in Healthcare 00:47:02 - Perceptions of Crisis and Excitement in Current Technological Developments 00:49:47 - Investing in Research and AI for a Better Healthcare Future 00:51:12 - Embracing Curiosity and Overcoming Fears 00:57:28 - Balancing a Busy Life: Insights from a Parent's Perspective Health Unchained Links Website Telegram Twitter Supercast - Sign up to access premium content Buy Ledger Hardware Wallet
November 18, 2023

Ep 115: Unlocking the Power of Data Donation in Healthcare Research with Wojciech Sierocki

Wojciech Sierocki, sheds light on the innovative approaches to data consent and the ethical considerations that shape global data policies. We dug into the intricate balance between patient privacy and the accessibility of medical data. We explore the mission of Data Lake in revolutionizing patient care through data donations, and the potential of such data to enhance diagnosis, treatment, and policy making. This conversation is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of healthcare, technology, and ethics. Links and Resources: Data Lake Website Wojciech Sierocki on LinkedIn Topics Covered Include: 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:02:06 - Exploring Data Lake's Ethical Data Access Initiative and More with OJEC 00:04:23 - Medical Experience Shaping Data Collection Challenges in Healthcare: From International Affairs to Blockchain 00:06:19 - The Entrepreneurial Journey: Co-founding a Company and Navigating Privilege, Value, and Stress 00:09:08 - Building a New Health Donation System: The Journey from Medical Careers to Data Revolution 00:11:52 - Putting Patients in Control: Revolutionary Healthcare Decision-Making and Data Sharing 00:17:57 - Unlocking Medical Data for Better Healthcare Outcomes: Balancing the Benefits 00:20:22 - Convincing Patients to Share Sensitive Healthcare Data: Unlocking the Dilemma 00:24:54 - Streamlining Patient Data Entry for an Efficient User Experience 00:26:53 - Poland Leading the Way: Majority of Users Acquired Through Hospitals 00:28:57 - Future Potential: Growing Number Of Medical Data Donors and Data Sharing 00:33:45 - Tokenomics in Healthcare: Revolutionizing Funding and Incentives 00:37:05 - A Minimalistic Approach to Ecosystem Design in Healthcare 00:39:46 - Blockchain as a Ledger: Navigating Data Storage Restrictions and Building a Healthcare Ecosystem 00:41:36 - Building a Patient Community: Sharing Experiences and Empowering Engagement 00:43:57 - Unlocking Patient Records: Access and Opportunities in Healthcare 00:46:20 - Longevity Research: Humanism and Intellectual Property Sharing 00:49:51 - Data Analysis's Role in Developing Treatment Guidelines and Challenging Healthcare Culture Health Unchained Links Website Telegram Twitter Supercast - Sign up to access premium content Buy Ledger Hardware Wallet
November 4, 2023

Ep. 114: Evolution of Data-Driven Health – Michael Geer (co-founder of

In this episode of the Health Unchained Podcast, Ray Dogum interviews Michael Geer, CEO of Humanity, discussing various topics in healthcare and technology. They explore the balance between privacy and data utilization, emphasizing collaborative AI and the social aspect in Web 3.0. They delve into synthetic data, genetic testing, and advancements in wearable technology, as well as the potential of DAOs and data pods in the future. Geer highlights the importance of empowering individuals, inspiring others, and fostering excitement for new ideas to drive technological advancements in healthcare. Links and Resources: Humanity Website Michael Geer on LinkedIn, Twitter Topics Covered Include: 00:00:00 - Health Unchain Updates and Announcements 00:02:44 - Health Unchained Podcast: Blockchain Revolutionizing Healthcare 00:05:23 - Anchor Free: Internet Freedom Against Censorship Bills 00:06:58 - Scaling Web Three in Healthcare 00:09:49 - Adapting to New Medical Technologies 00:12:40 - Predicting Future Health Events with Health Data 00:14:36 - Balancing Privacy and Learning from Data 00:20:31 - Collaborative AI in Healthcare 00:23:19 - Ownership and Control of Personal Health Data 00:24:50 - Federated Learning: Privacy-Preserving Data Learning 00:29:41 - Data Use and Privacy in Society 00:32:41 - Data Privacy and Data Pods in Web 3.0 00:34:54 - Tim Berners Lee's Explanation of the Internet to Nancy Pelosi 00:38:38 - Advancements in Wearable Technology: Future Predictions 00:40:24 - Creating More Googles and Apples in the Investment Community 00:43:56 - Collaborative Goals for Personalized Health Guidance 00:47:20 - Benefits of DAOs with Specific Missions 00:49:31 - Limits and Possibilities in Technology and Expertise 00:50:40 - Health Unchained News Corner 00:55:33 - Excitement as the Key to Advancement in Technology News Corner: May 2023 saw hardware wallet manufacturer, Ledger, unveiling its novel service, Ledger Recover, a platform designed for secure seed phrase storage—a necessary component for cryptocurrency recovery. Despite Ledger's assurances of fragmenting and encrypting seed phrases across multiple entities, critics within the crypto community voice concerns over potential security risks, including data theft and privacy breaches linked to the requisite provision of email addresses and phone numbers. Amidst debates on self-custody versus third-party storage and the ever-evolving digital security landscape, Ledger emphasizes its service's optional nature, allowing users to continue managing their recovery phrase independently. This narrative underlines the importance of understanding and navigating digital security in our data-intensive world, where private key loss and third-party key theft are distinct possibilities. Find a link to Ledger’s Recover FAQ page.  Don’t forget to subscribe and share this episode to someone who would enjoy listening. Health Unchained Links Website Telegram Twitter Supercast - Sign up to access premium content Buy Ledger Hardware Wallet Vibe Bio Links Part of Ray's new role includes hosting a new series called VibeCast focused on Vibe Bio's community. To stay up-to-date with VibeCast and other Vibe Bio updates, you can follow us on: YouTube Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram TikTok
May 31, 2023

Ep. 113: Evidence-Based Blockchain – Dr. Naseem Naqvi (President of British Blockchain Association)

Join Ray Dogum and Dr. Naseem Naqvi, President of the British Blockchain Association, on this thought-provoking episode of Health Unchained, as they delve into the world of evidence-based Blockchain and the challenges faced by the industry. Dr. Naqvi highlights the importance of defining the problem that Blockchain is trying to solve and providing evidence to back up claims and build products. The concept of peer review is also explored, and its role in evaluating research and providing constructive feedback. In addition, Dr. Naqvi talks about National Blockchain Road Maps and why it's crucial for Blockchain companies to demonstrate evidence of impact in various societal components such as business, government, healthcare, education, and enterprise industries. Tune in to gain valuable insights that will help you navigate the complex world of Blockchain and its potential impact on healthcare. The News Corner touches on the declining life expectancy in the US and its impact on healthcare costs. Links and Resources: Prof. Dr Naseem Naqvi MBE on LinkedIn Topics Covered Include: 00:00:00 - Health Unchained: Exclusive Content & Blockchain-Healthcare Symposium Partner 00:03:03 - Intro President of British Blockchain Association on Blockchain Journals & Literature 00:07:00 - Importance of Evidence-based Approach & Comparison in Blockchain Implementation 00:11:02 - Prioritizing Outcomes & Impact in Projects 00:14:34 - Vital Role of Peer Review in Evaluating Work 00:17:37 - Double Blind Peer Review: Anonymizing Papers for Unbiased Assessment 00:19:25 - Using Blockchain for Quality Control in Peer Review Process 00:22:17 - Health Unchained News Corner - Shorter US Life Expectancy Costs $100B Annually in Healthcare 00:30:26 - Recommendations for Evidence-based Blockchain: Standardized Terms & Taxonomy 00:33:34 - Interest in Quadruple Helix Ecosystems News Corner: PubMed Live free and die? All-Cause Mortality The US faces a serious health disadvantage as life expectancy drops for the second consecutive year and maternal mortality rates reach an all-time high. While the US has higher survival rates for cancer, better control of blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and lower stroke mortality, these achievements aren't enough to offset other problems. Higher child poverty, gun violence, racial segregation, social isolation, and poor city design are some of the factors contributing to this health disparity. The US's shorter life expectancy is estimated to cost the country $100 billion annually in extra healthcare costs. The reasons for the decline in life expectancy can't be ascribed only to the COVID-19 outbreak, as the US faces significant challenges that need to be addressed by policymakers. Health Unchained Links Website Telegram Twitter Supercast - Sign up to access premium content Buy Ledger Hardware Wallet Vibe Bio Links In February 2023, Ray Dogum joined the Vibe Bio team to help activate patient and drug development communities and accelerate research funding. Part of Ray's new role includes hosting a new series called VibeCast focused on Vibe Bio's community. To stay up-to-date with VibeCast and other Vibe Bio updates, you can follow us on: YouTube Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram TikTok
March 31, 2023

Ep. 112: AI-Assisted Ambient Medical Documentation with Ian Kazi Shakil (co-founder Augmedix)

In this episode of Health Unchained, host Ray Dogum speaks with Ian Kazi Shakil, co-founder of Augmedix, about the company's mission to reduce the documentation burden for healthcare providers through the use of AI technology. They also discuss the potential uses of blockchain and augmented reality in healthcare, as well as how Augmedix is helping to improve patient care and reduce provider burnout. Links and Resources: Ian Kazi Shakil on LinkedIn Augmedix Website Topics Covered Include: 00:00:00 - Get ready for the Blockchain in Healthcare Symposium in New Orleans on September 21st, 2023! 00:02:02 - Step into the future of healthcare with Google Glass and explore augmented reality and artificial intelligence 00:03:58 - Join Ian on his journey building Augedix and discover his unique perspectives on AI, AR, blockchain, and Web Three 00:08:20 - Say goodbye to manual note-taking and hello to streamlined processes for healthcare providers 00:10:56 - Discover the high acceptance rate of automation solutions across all demographics in the healthcare industry 00:14:29 - Learn how AI is successfully used in behavioral health visits to enhance patient care 00:18:23 - Stay up-to-date on the evolution of enterprise-grade devices in the healthcare sector 00:20:48 - Gain insight into the perception of blockchain technology in healthcare and its potential benefits 00:25:07 - Explore how automation solutions are approaching zero human interaction in healthcare 00:29:10 - Discover the need for standard machine-readable notes to improve provider feedback loops and patient outcomes 00:32:43 - Understand the impact of Covid-19 on well-being measurement in the healthcare industry 00:34:40 - Find out how telehealth companies are integrating into health systems to improve patient care 00:36:26 - Learn about the benefits of patient portals for health systems, including EMR setup and My Chart 00:39:08 - Ensure rigorous security standards for healthcare system customers with the latest technology 00:43:10 - Gain permission to use automation in large healthcare systems and revolutionize the industry 00:44:20 - Follow the complex process of setting up the first trench in healthcare automation 00:48:44 - Stay informed with the News Corner and learn about the impact of earthquakes on families 00:51:54 - Hear Ian Shakil's closing thoughts and take away valuable insights for the future of healthcare News Corner: In recent news, Southern Türkiye and bordering Northern Syria were hit by devastating earthquakes on February 6, 2023. The death toll is currently over 46,000 people with many still missing under the rubble. The disaster has caused destruction to 264,000 apartments, leaving many survivors to rebuild their lives elsewhere. As a result, many humanitarian-related issues have come to light during this tragic event. As someone with close family ties to the region, this disaster hits particularly close to home. The loss of so many loved ones in a single week is a tragedy that words cannot adequately describe. The survivors are faced with the daunting task of rebuilding their lives and homes from the ground up. The Health Unchained Podcast sends their condolences to those affected by this disaster and thanks all supporters who have come together to help those in need. Health Unchained Links Website Telegram Twitter Supercast - Sign up to access premium content Buy Ledger Hardware Wallet Vibe Bio Links Discord Community Channel -
February 28, 2023

Ep. 111: Functional Wellness Community (Michelle Martin | CEO Maka Health)

In this episode of Health Unchained, Ray explores functional wellness and the journey to achieving it with Michelle Martin, founder and CEO of Maka Health. Michelle shares how to use of web3 technologies in the health industry and how her company, Maka, is making a positive impact. The conversation covers Michelle's involvement with the Creative Destruction Lab in Toronto, the benefits of decentralized protocols, and the application of game theory and peer-to-peer engagement in the field of health. Listen in as Michelle shares her insights and thoughts on the current state and future of functional wellness. Links and Resources: Michelle Martin on LinkedIn Maka Health Website Topics Covered Include: 00:00:00 - Intro 00:01:43 - Michelle Martin background 00:03:59 - Art marketplaces and web3 00:06:40 - Creative Destruction Lab in Toronto 00:08:07 - Blockchain/Healthcare Niche 00:10:16 - Genetics and labs, and how they can help you achieve optimal health and a longer life. 00:13:51 - Health tokenization and the potential of this untapped market. 00:15:18 - Explore the creation of a robust platform for functional medicine, similar to the success of Uber in the transportation industry. 00:18:16 - Health Unchained News Corner 00:21:20 - Michelle Martin shares her thoughts on the evolution of wellness culture and its impact on healthcare. 00:25:23 - Dive into the complicated world of legalizing psychedelics in the US and understand the implications it has on society. 00:28:14 - Navigate the gray scale of chronic illness and understand the importance of consent and control in healthcare. 00:30:31 - Discover the challenge of achieving dignity in a transparent world and the role technology plays in healthcare. 00:32:55 - Learn about the year of community and how patients and peers are driving market health through engagement and technology. 00:35:03 - Technology is bringing together crowds to reach consensus on healthcare governance and user feedback. 00:37:18 - Healthcare governance and user feedback, and learn how they are shaping the future of healthcare. 00:41:19 - Importance of supporting clients with functional medicine practitioners and how it can improve health outcomes. 00:44:16 - Democratizing real estate ownership and the potential it holds for the future News Corner This news corner is about decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and their legal status. Currently, DAOs have no legal status in most jurisdictions, but some lawyers are optimistic about the concept as a movement for the modernization of the corporate world. The Howey Test is not used by the Cayman and British Virgin Islands legal system, which is seen as a favorable jurisdiction for DAOs to operate. However, if a DAO is not wrapped into a corporate shell, it could be viewed as a general partnership and individuals involved could be held liable for the actions of the DAO. Despite the challenges, many lawyers are optimistic about the future of DAOs as a new way of organizing businesses. Health Unchained Links Website Telegram Twitter Supercast - Sign up to access premium content Buy Ledger Hardware Wallet
February 7, 2023

Ep. 110: Engaging Patient Relationships with Machine Learning – Alexandre Lebrun – Nabla (Co-Founder & CEO)

In this episode of Health Unchained, we welcome Alexandre Lebrun, co-founder and CEO of Nabla, a French health tech startup. Alexandre discusses his professional journey and how he became enamored with the idea of training machines to communicate with humans. He also delves into how Nabla utilizes AI-powered patient engagement tools to assist healthcare providers. Additionally, Alexandre offers his insights on telehealth, AI, and blockchain, as well as the regulatory compliance challenges related to machine learning in healthcare. He also shares information about the investors supporting Nabila and their dedication to open-source development. Lastly, he encourages all to consider joining the healthcare industry and making a positive impact. Announcements Health Unchained is a media partner for the Blockchain in Healthcare Today Conference in New Orleans in September 2023 Blockchain in healthcare Today in New Orleans, LA September 2023 - Attending Desci London event Jan 15-16 - - in-person hackathon on Jan 13 and 14 Links and Resources Alexandre Lebrun's LinkedIn Alexandre Lebrun's Twitter Nabla's Website Topics Covered Include: 00:00:00 Exploring Blockchain in Healthcare: An Interview with Alexandre Lebrun of Nabila 00:02:28 Introducing Alexandre Lebrun, Co-Founder and CEO of Nabila Health Tech Startup 00:04:48 GPT-3 and its Impact on Natural Language Processing 00:06:04 Examining Healthcare Solutions through Telehealth and Chat 00:11:47 AI-Based Medical Assistance to Reduce Documentation Burden for Physicians 00:15:09 Blockchain Technology: Not Quite Ready, but Progressing 00:16:33 Open-Sourcing for Healthcare Transparency: Preparing for the Future 00:19:40 Regulatory Challenges for Startups in Europe 00:21:21 Deciding Between French and International Markets for Healthcare Startups 00:22:29 Challenges in Obtaining Machine Learning Certification 00:24:43 Engineers Striving for "Good Enough" Solutions 00:26:13 Balancing Regulatory Compliance and Technological Innovation 00:31:07 Medical Assistance API to be Deployed on a Larger Scale 00:32:19 Health Unchained News Corner 00:35:51 The Rewards of Healthcare: A Call to Action Book mentioned: Memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar News Corner The FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency have issued a warning to healthcare IT leaders about the growing threat of Cuba ransomware. The number of U.S. entities targeted by this ransomware has doubled since December 2021 and the tactics used by attackers have become more sophisticated. The advisory notes that Cuba ransomware actors are gaining access to healthcare and other critical infrastructure systems through known software vulnerabilities, phishing campaigns, compromised credentials, and remote desktop protocol tools. Furthermore, these actors are using "double extortion" techniques in which they encrypt victim data, demand a ransom payment to decrypt it, and threaten to publicly release the data if the ransom is not paid. Health Unchained Links Website Telegram Twitter Supercast - sign up to access premium content Buy Ledger Hardware Wallet
January 18, 2023
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Health Unchained

Health Unchained features insights from the top healthcare innovators, entrepreneurs, and executives who are applying blockchain technology solutions to disrupt the health industry. We discuss their strategies, challenges, and unique experiences in this exciting new field.

Blockchain technology has the potential to create a new layer of trust, reducing the friction to participate in a healthcare network. Combined with other emerging technologies, blockchain can dramatically improve population health management, medical supply chain, health-monitoring devices, genetics research, and other health-related sectors. A diverse mix of healthcare leaders and blockchain experts is needed to accelerate the adoption of blockchain-based solutions that our healthcare system so desperately needs. The field includes economists, technologists, healthcare providers, policymakers, and financial institutions.

Listen to Health Unchained to learn about the impact that blockchain technology is having, and will continue to have, on the healthcare industry.


Ray Dogum

Ray Dogum

Ray Dogum is the producer and host of the Health Unchained podcast. On his show, he interviews leaders in the blockchain/healthcare industry where he covers topics such as health data integrity management, efficiency improvement opportunities in healthcare administration, and the future of decentralization. He also manages the deployment of enterprise-scale telehealth solutions for Health Systems at American Well, a telemedicine company based in Boston.

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