Bright Spots in Healthcare

Bright Spots in Healthcare

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Value-Based Insurance Design & the Digital Front Door

  A Professor in Medicine and Public Health at the University of Michigan, A. Mark Fendwick M.D. conceptualized and coined the term Value-Based Insurance Design (V-BID) and currently directs the U-M V-BID Center. During the podcast, Mark discusses the premise of Value-Based Insurance Design, which is to improve health outcomes by reducing financial barriers to essential, high-value clinical services. Other topics discussed include: Evolution of V-BID Difference between V-BID and Value-Based Care How to incorporate digital into V-Bid Challenges of V-BID and how to overcome them   This episode of Bright Spots in Healthcare is sponsored by is the global leader in turning the smartphone camera into a clinical-grade medical device for an at-home urinalysis and digital wound management. Their home urinalysis kit aids in the diagnosis of chronic kidney disease, urinary tract infections, and prenatal testing and is used by leading healthcare systems worldwide.
June 24, 2021

Discover the Secret to Building a Successful Medicaid Rewards Program

When intrinsic motivation isn't enough, a different approach to close gaps and increase satisfaction is needed. We know that rewards are effective, particularly with Medicaid members, but what's the magic number, reward, or incentive that sparks action? Our panel of experts - MaryAnn Faralli, Highmark Health Options - Deleware, Marty Janssen, Colorado Access, Daniel Weaver, Gateway Health and Cory Busse, Icario - offer real-life examples of leveraging rewards and incentives to drive Medicaid beneficiaries to take action to improve their health. Learn everything you need to start an effective rewards program for your Medicaid beneficiaries   This Bright Spots in Healthcare episode is sponsored by Icario Icario is a health action platform that unites pioneering technology, data science, and behavioral insights to connect everyone to better health. Icario develops personalized healthcare experiences that move people to better health with every action while reducing member abrasion through the use of extrinsic and intrinsic motivations. Learn more at  
June 11, 2021

How Rosen Hotels & Resorts Reinvented Healthcare and Saved $460M

With healthcare costs skyrocketing, one employer found a solution to the high cost of providing healthcare to associates and their dependents. In 1991, Harris Rosen, President & COO, Rosen Hotels & Resorts actively took control of the hotel chain’s healthcare spending with extremely successful results: healthier employees –  and a savings of $460 million in healthcare costs.    Rosen and two members of his executive team - Ashley Bacot, President of Provinsure, and Kenneth Aldridge Jr, RN, BSN, MS-HSA, the Director of Health Services at the Rosen Medical Center - discuss the hotel chain’s cutting-edge healthcare system, which enables associates to achieve quality care, improved outcomes and lower costs.   Hear how the program is structured and the critical factors contributing to its success. Find out if this novel approach is right for your organization.
June 4, 2021

Healthcare Design & Experience: A Live Interview with Dr. Erika Pabo, Chief Health Officer, Author by Humana

To be successful in a rapidly evolving and crowded healthcare marketplace, health plans must find innovative ways to connect with consumers where they are and on their terms. While rethinking how to engage consumers, Humana created a fundamentally new service experience to deliver better outcomes and meet the whole-health needs of seniors. During the conversation, Dr. Pabo shares details on the insurer’s journey to create the new service experience — from conception to the marketplace. Hear the trials and tribulations the insurer faced as it implemented Author by Humana and find out how consumers are responding to the new experience. Learn the steps your organization can take a similar approach to elevate the consumer experience.   This episode is sponsored by Insignia Health Insignia Health empowers healthcare organizations and health professionals around the world to assess patient activation and develop strategies for the efficient application of healthcare resources. As activation increases and individuals become better managers of their health, utilization costs decline and patient satisfaction improves. The Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) and over 15 years of health activation research form the cornerstone of a complementary suite of solutions that help clinicians, coaches and population health providers improve health outcomes and lower costs. Today, Insignia Health supports the health activation efforts of more than 250 organizations touching the lives of millions of patients in dozens of countries.
May 7, 2021

Stop the Hardship: Why Providers Should Abolish Patients’ Debt

Every day 79,000,000 Americans choose between paying their medical bills and basic needs like food and shelter. Medical debt destroys the financial stability of large segments of America’s most vulnerable communities and also targets the middle class, driving many families who are barely getting along into poverty. Craig Antico, Co-Founder, RIP Medical Debt and Tammie Jackson, Vice President, Go-to-Market Strategy and Sales, Trans Union discuss why they believe it is a smart business decision for healthcare providers to abolish medical debt. Hear why they believe forgiving medical debt can help improve an individual’s health and wellness, and how providers can benefit from debt forgiveness.
April 29, 2021

GYANT vs. Decoded Health: What is the Best Approach to Create an Exceptional Consumer and Provider Experience

Decoded Health CEO Mark Hanson and GYANT CEO & Co-Founder Stefan Behrens, MBA, PhD, joined us for our first-ever innovation debate to discuss their separate approaches to creating a virtual front door for hospitals and health systems, and how their strategies and tools dramatically change both the consumer and provider experience. This Bright Spots in Healthcare Podcast is Sponsored by Inflect Health   Silicon Valley healthcare innovation hub Inflect Health was spun off from parent company Vituity to form a new nationwide, multispecialty investment partnership, owned and led by physicians and healthcare business experts. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices across America, Inflect Health provides guidance and financial support to early-stage healthcare and health-tech companies building promising solutions that offer to meet the needs of today’s evolving healthcare landscape. With its robust access to frontline providers, health systems, and industry players, Inflect Health connects the capital to innovators to physicians, catalyzing real-time, real-world innovation and disruption unlike anyone else.  
April 16, 2021

Bright Spots in Healthcare

Each week, we feature innovators in the healthcare industry to extract the strategies, tactics, and tools they utilize to generate extraordinary, positive outcomes. We highlight and breakdown these positive deviants, or "bright spots", so you can implement them in your organization.
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Eric Glazer

Eric Glazer

Executive Producer & Host

Eric Glazer is the founder and CEO of Shared Purpose Connect, the company that hosts and produces the Bright Spots in Healthcare podcast. He has over two decades of experience producing leading healthcare events and collaborative projects, launching new telehealth services, and running executive councils for the industry (i.e. Chief Medical Officer Council). Eric also leads Product Innovation and Client Experience for Teladoc Health (SPC is not affiliated or funded by Teladoc Health). Eric holds a BS and MBA in Health Care from Union College in Schenectady, New York.

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