The Smart Care Team Spotlight

The Smart Care Team Spotlight

In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the challenges faced by clinicians are mounting.

Episode #26. Streamlining the Burden: Leveraging Technology for Nursing Efficiency, with Becky Fox, Chief Clinical Information Officer at Intermountain Health

Learning and advocating for patients is essential for nurses to succeed in the changing healthcare landscape.  In this episode, Becky Fox, Chief Clinical Information Officer at Intermountain Health, discusses how nurses can use AI to improve patient care, streamline tasks, and make better decisions. Becky shares her experiences from various roles, highlighting the importance of learning and innovation in healthcare. She underscores the need for collaboration between healthcare systems and tech companies to drive transformation. Intermountain Health, Becky explains, encourages frontline caregivers to share ideas for improvement, fostering a culture of innovation.  Tune in and learn how AI is reshaping the future of nursing and how nurses can leverage technology to enhance patient care!
May 7, 2024

Episode #25. Innovating for Our Little Ones: A Spotlight on Pediatric Healthcare, with Dr. Jane Mericle, Executive Vice President at Nemours Children’s Health

Family-centered care plays a pivotal role in ensuring positive outcomes for pediatric patients. In this episode, Dr. Jane Mericle, Executive Vice President at Nemours Children's Health, shares insights into pediatric care's unique challenges and innovations. Jane emphasizes the importance of understanding children's needs at various developmental stages, family-centered care, and prevention strategies. She discusses the significance of technology in pediatric healthcare, highlighting Nemours' pioneering initiatives like virtual nursing care and interactive monitoring systems. Jane also delves into the evolution of nursing practices, from manual procedures to smart technologies like virtual nursing, which alleviate caregiver burden and enhance patient safety.  Tune in and learn how innovative technologies and collaborative approaches are revolutionizing pediatric healthcare to ensure better outcomes for children and families!
April 23, 2024

Episode #24. Nurturing Excellence: Celebrating the Role of Nursing in High-Performing Hospitals, with Leah Binder, president and CEO of The Leapfrog Group

Nurses play a critical role in patient care, and respecting nursing protocols improves patient safety. In this episode, Leah Binder discusses the crucial role of transparency and quality in healthcare and explores the potential of AI in healthcare while cautioning against overreliance and emphasizing the importance of human oversight. Tune in and learn how transparency, quality improvement, and patient engagement are shaping the future of healthcare!
April 9, 2024

Episode #23. Beyond the Bedside: Exploring the Evolution of Nursing in the Digital Age, with Amy McCarthy, Director of Nursing, Women, Infants & Oncology at Texas Health Resources

The advent of virtual nursing can revolutionize patient care by easing nurses' workloads, facilitating administrative tasks, and managing complex patient cases with high acuity levels. In this episode, Amy McCarthy, Director of Nursing, Women, Infants & Oncology at Texas Health Resources, explores the evolving role of nurses beyond the bedside and into diverse sectors such as technology and government. Amy and Molly delve into the transformative potential of technology in nursing and patient care, discussing the concept of virtual nursing and its ability to reduce administrative burdens and support complex cases.  Don't miss this compelling dialogue that promises to inspire and empower our listeners. Stay tuned!
March 26, 2024

Episode #22. Redefining Nursing: Building a Future of Empowerment and Growth, with Dan Weberg, National Executive Director of Nursing Workforce Development and Innovation at Kaiser Permanente

Nurses' active involvement in identifying issues and implementing solutions is crucial for developing technology that genuinely improves patient care. In this episode, Dan Weberg delves into the role of virtual nurses in healthcare and why it's crucial to involve healthcare professionals in the design and implementation of new technologies. Dan and Molly discuss the vital contribution of nurses in problem discovery, solution design, and ensuring a smooth deployment of new systems. Dan emphasizes using machine-generated insights and technology integration to support clinical care teams, particularly in rural settings. Join and delve into these transformative topics with Dan Weberg. Sit back, and let’s reimagine the future of nursing together!
March 12, 2024

Episode #21. Quality, Safety, and Patient Experience: The Core Business of Healthcare, with Barbara Pelletreau, former Patient Safety Officer at CommonSpirit Health

Collaborative leadership and patient-centric solutions are reshaping the landscape of patient safety! In this episode of the Smart Care Team Spotlight, Barbara Pelletreau discusses the implementation of patient safety initiatives, emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and evidence-based practices. She highlights the direct correlation between a hospital's financial outcomes and high-quality care, underscoring the transformative potential of technology in healthcare. Tune in to uncover the secrets to transforming patient safety, leadership, and innovation in the healthcare landscape!
February 27, 2024

Episode #20. The Rise of Virtual Nursing: AI, Information, and Evidence, with Betty Jo Rocchio and Tracy Breece, Senior Vice President & System Chief Nursing Officer & Executive Director Nursing Informatics at Mercy

There is a dynamic synergy between nursing expertise and cutting-edge technology that today’s healthcare industry could embrace. In this episode of the Smart Care Team Spotlight, Tracy Breece and Betty Jo Rocchio discuss the seamless integration of nursing and technology at Mercy, emphasizing the role of analytics in optimizing patient care outcomes. They also outline their future vision, highlighting the integration of generative AI and mobile solutions to redefine nursing roles for continual improvement in healthcare processes.  Listen to this episode and learn how technology is reshaping the frontline experience for healthcare professionals and patients alike!
February 13, 2024

From Concept to Reality: Vanderbilt’s Virtual Nursing Success Story

Collaboration is critical to identifying and prioritizing problems and solutions in healthcare. In this episode, Wendy Kiepek and Jennifer Glenn share insights into the transformative success of Vanderbilt University Hospital's virtual nursing program. Wendy, a healthcare informatics professional, highlights the collaboration between nursing teams and information technology, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in problem-solving. Jennifer, a nurse leader, discusses the challenges faced by Vanderbilt, leading to innovative solutions like adjusting staffing matrices and implementing a virtual nursing initiative in July 2023. Wendy and Jennifer also emphasize the significance of feedback from frontline staff and the expansion of virtual nursing to various disciplines.  Learn how Vanderbilt's virtual nursing program revolutionizes healthcare by putting patients at the center, fostering teamwork, and leveraging technology for better outcomes!
January 30, 2024
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Smart Care Team Spotlight

In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the challenges faced by clinicians are mounting. Join host Molly McCarthy MBA RN-BC, former US Microsoft CNO, as she leads captivating conversations with today’s health leaders about the game-changing potential of AI and Ambient Intelligence for care teams. Visit, your go-to resource for accelerating the transition to smart care teams. Presented by ®.


Molly McCarthy

Molly McCarthy

Molly K. McCarthy MBA, BSN, RN-BC is the National Director, US Provider Market and the Chief Nursing Officer for Microsoft’s US Health and Life Sciences sector. Molly’s primary focus is business development and strategy for the US Health Industry team that includes supporting and developing solutions such as virtual health, patient engagement, care coordination and analytics. With almost twenty-five years of experience in the healthcare industry, Molly is passionate about uniting technology and clinicians to ensure improved patient safety and outcomes. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Georgetown University, and began her career as a nurse in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Units. Upon receiving her Master of Business Administration from the University of San Francisco, she combined her clinical and business backgrounds within the medical device and clinical informatics industry. Molly started in a product and market development role at Natus Medical, Inc, in Silicon Valley. She furthered her career in business development roles for the Association for Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), where she was responsible for piloting a benchmark database that extracted data from hospital EHRs in order to provide business intelligence to hospital leadership. Prior to Microsoft, she worked with Philips Healthcare’s Patient Care and Clinical Informatics Divisions, where she orchestrated large enterprise system integrations of patient monitoring networks into hospital EMRs. Molly is an active member of HIMSS and sits on the HIMSS’ CNO/CNIO Nurse Executive Leadership Task Force, and is a member of two Dean’s Advisory Boards for Schools of Nursing in the US. Molly was recently appointed to the National Institute of Nursing Research Board of Directors. Find her on Twitter @MSFTMollyRN and Nurses for Microsoft in Health.

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