Emerging Medtech Today

Emerging Medtech Today

Hear from the innovators and investors building breakthrough businesses that are moving medtech forward, presented by the team at the epicenter of the industry.

Ep9: Using AI to Transform Cardiac Arrhythmia Care, With Vektor Medical

Have you ever wondered how cutting-edge medical technology is revolutionizing cardiac arrhythmia care? Join us in this episode as Henry sits down with Lana Caron, Head of Business Development, and Rob Krummen, CEO, of Vektor Medical. They delve into the challenges facing cardiac arrhythmia care today and explore the exciting innovations in AI and digital technologies that are poised to transform the field. The episode shines a spotlight on Vektor Medical's groundbreaking product, vMap, and its potential to enhance patient outcomes, streamline procedures, and reduce costs. Additionally, you'll hear about the impressive clinical data supporting the efficacy of vMap and gain insights into the company's plans for expansion, including their interest in the European market. This engaging conversation promises to offer valuable insights into the future of cardiac care technology and its impact on patient health.Topics include:Lana’s extensive background in venture capital, and her passion for leveraging digital and AI technologies to improve patient outcomesRob's transition to CEO at Vektor Medical, and his unique legal and business backgroundCurrent challenges in cardiac arrhythmia care, including the rising incidence and prevalence of arrhythmias, low treatment rates, and lack of public awarenessHow vMap helps physicians understand and treat arrhythmias more effectively, improves patient outcomes, and reduces costsClinical data demonstrating the effectiveness of vMap Vektor Medical's future plans, including expansion in the European marketAnd more!Key moments:00:14 - Lana discusses her role at Vektor Medical and background in venture capital and digital health.03:47 - Rob talks about his transition to the CEO role at Vektor Medical and his background in law and business.10:00 - Lana explores how AI and digital technologies can optimize cardiac care pathways and improve patient outcomes.16:00 - Rob presents vMap clinical data outcomes.25:38 - Lana and Rob express their excitement about participating in LSI Europe and expanding Vektor Medical's presence in the European market.Transcript of episodeGuest links and resources:Connect with Lana Caron: LinkedInConnect with Rob Krummen: LinkedInVektor MedicalConnect with Henry: Twitter | LinkedInLearn more about LSISign up for LSI Europe '23Connect with LSI:Browse Episodes | Twitter | LinkedIn |
September 14, 2023

Ep8: Pioneering a Paradigm Shift in Surgery, with Proprio and DCVC

Have you ever wondered how surgery might change in the future? In this episode, we delve into the captivating world of surgical innovation as we uncover the transformative technology developed by Proprio, a company at the forefront of surgical advancement.Join Henry as he speaks with CEO and co-founder of Proprio, Gabriel Jones, who provides valuable insights into how the company is reshaping the landscape of surgery, promising enhanced patient outcomes and surgical precision like never before. You'll also hear from Alan Cohen, general partner at DCVC and the lead investor in Proprio who highlights what sets Proprio apart in the realm of medical technology and why it's poised for remarkable success.Get a sneak peek into the future of surgery, where data, intelligence, and cutting-edge technology intersect. If you're curious about the next frontiers in surgical innovation, this episode is a must-listen.Topics include:Challenges securing funding in the current health tech environmentThe importance of enterprise technology and deep tech in the health tech sectorProprio's strategy in the spine industry, aiming to become the dominant navigation platform for all surgeriesAlan's insights on investing in companies capturing significant value in large marketsThe importance of attracting investors with a long-term vision and diverse backgroundsInsights on companies that thrive during tough economic timesAnd more!Key moments:00:39 - Alan introduces himself and DCVC as a deep tech venture capital firm.02:35 - Gabriel introduces himself and Proprio, emphasizing the paradigm shift Proprio aims to achieve in the field of surgery.14:16 - Alan shares insights on identifying visionary startups and the importance of having a diverse team and data strategy.20:00 - Gabriel emphasizes the importance of designing products with a user-centric approach, similar to Steve Jobs' attention to user experience.30:45 - Gabriel announces the successful closure of a 43 million Series B financing round.34:00 - Alan reflects on the challenging fundraising environment in the Medtech and health tech space over the last 18 months and how it has impacted various companies.Transcript of episodeGuest links and resources:Connect with Gabriel Jones: LinkedInProprioConnect with Alan Cohen: LinkedIn | TwitterDCVCConnect with Henry: Twitter | LinkedInLearn more about LSISign up for LSI Europe '23Connect with LSI:Browse Episodes | Twitter |
September 13, 2023

Ep7: Radiology’s AI Revolution and the Future of Digital Medicine, with Sofinnova Partners and deepc

Ever wondered how AI is transforming the landscape of radiology and patient care? In this engaging discussion, Henry Peck brings together two industry experts, Simon Turner, one of the partners at Sofinnova Partners, and Dr. Franz Pfister, CEO of deepc, to dive into the exciting world of digital medicine and the future of healthcare technology.Sofinnova Partners, with a 50-year legacy in life science investing, has recently launched its innovative digital medicine strategy. Simon explains their unique approach to digital medicine, emphasizing clinical efficacy and patient outcomes as critical factors in their investment strategy.Franz shares his insights into the development of an AI operating system designed to support radiologists. As a medical doctor with a background in technology, Franz highlights the challenges and opportunities in the healthcare AI landscape, focusing on the need for rigorous scientific principles, collaboration, and AI safety.Join Henry, Simon, and Franz as they explore the evolving landscape of digital medicine, the impact of AI in radiology, and the importance of setting new standards in this dynamic field. Topics include:Sofinnova's role as a life science investor and their new digital medicine strategyWhat differentiates digital medicine from digital health and health techThe transformative potential of AI in the field of radiology and beyondThe unique challenges and safety considerations in healthcare AIdeepc AI's role in accelerating the adoption of new AI technologies in healthcareAnd more!Key moments:00:28 - Simon introduces himself and provides an overview of Sofinnova Partners and their new digital medicine strategy.01:40 - Franz explains deepc's focus on infrastructure and platform development in the healthcare AI space, particularly in radiology.11:29 - Simon elaborates on why Sofinnova launched a digital medicine strategy separate from existing strategies.25:00 - Franz discusses the value of ROI (Return on Investment) for customers through AI solutions.32:09 - Simon previews the LSI Europe 23 panel on AI-enabled medical devices.Transcript of episodeGuest links and resources:Connect with Dr. Franz Pfister: LinkedIndeepcConnect with Simon Turner: LinkedInSofinnova PartnersConnect with Henry: Twitter | LinkedInLearn more about LSISign up for LSI Europe '23Connect with LSI:Browse Episodes | Twitter |
September 6, 2023

Ep6: Incubating Medtech Companies and Improving Stroke Outcomes, with Trendlines Investments and Ceretrieve

Curious about the journey from idea to life-saving medical device? Tune in to hear Henry Peck speak with Barak Singer, CEO of Trendlines Investments, and Maysa Mustafa, CEO of Ceretrieve, about their partnership and ongoing journey to revolutionize ischemic stroke treatment.The discussion delves into the dynamic landscape of medical device innovation, with a particular focus on Trendlines' funding strategy and its transformative partnership with Ceretrieve. Barak outlines Trendlines' investment philosophy, which entails identifying unmet needs, supporting early-stage companies, and nurturing them from ideation to expansion. Maysa narrates her journey from academia to entrepreneurship, unveiling the remarkable story of Ceretrieve's development. The conversation sheds light on Ceretrieve's groundbreaking aspiration catheter technology, as well as the invaluable role of the Israeli Medtech ecosystem, renowned for its innovation, collaboration, and rapid progress. Topics include:Trendline's funding strategy and partnership with CeretrieveThe human impact of ischemic strokes, and Ceretrieve's role in improving outcomesTrendlines' lifecycle funding strategy, focusing on early stage investments and supporting companies from ideation to expansionThe Israeli Medtech ecosystem's strength and innovationBarak and Maysa’s upcoming participation at the LSI Europe ‘23 conference in September, where they will discuss these topics in greater detailAnd more!Key moments:00:28 - Barak introduces Trendlines Investments, its focus on medical device investments, and its support for portfolio companies.01:48 - Maysa Mustafa introduces herself, her background, and her journey to founding Ceretrieve.07:00 - Barak discusses Trendlines' involvement with Ceretrieve's creation and its ongoing support as a partner.12:42 - Maysa shares her experience partnering with Trendlines, mentioning the psychological safety net and support they provide.15:15 - Barak and Maysa discuss the Israeli Medtech ecosystem's strengths, including innovation, academia, and a culture of risk-taking.Transcript of episodeGuest links and resources:Connect with Barak Singer: LinkedInTrendlines InvestmentsConnect with Maysa Mustafa: LinkedInCeretrieveConnect with Henry: Twitter | LinkedInLearn more about LSISign up for LSI Europe '23Connect with LSI:Browse Episodes | Twitter |
August 30, 2023

Ep5: Early-Commercial Investing and Revolutionizing Wound Care, with TVM Capital and Kent Imaging

How can investors bridge the gap between early commercialization and growth equity investment? Find out in this episode where Henry is joined by TVM Capital Life Science’s Managing Partner, Luc Marengere, and General Partner, Sascha Berger, as well as Pierre Lemire, the CEO of Kent Imaging. A venture fund with a strategic focus on the medtech industry, Luc and Sascha provide insights into TVM Capital's investment strategy and philosophy, which centers on identifying and supporting companies with transformative products in the later stages of development. Pierre shares the story of Kent Imaging, a company in TVM Capital's portfolio, highlighting their groundbreaking technology poised to revolutionize wound care and vascular disease diagnosis. Throughout the episode, the conversation emphasizes TVM Capital's commitment to building partnerships and investing in truly transformative solutions that can make a significant impact on patient care and outcomes.Topics include:TVM Capital’s investment philosophy, aiming to scale commercialization efforts and position companies for potential exitsTVM Capital’s approach to selecting companies with a focus on risk assessment and mitigationExamples portfolio companies with transformative products, including Egg Medical, Access Vascular, and Kent ImagingThe inception story of Kent Imaging and how it is revolutionizing the wound care space with near-infrared lightThe value of partnership-driven approaches in building successful medtech companiesSascha, Luc, and Pierre’s upcoming participation at the LSI Europe ‘23 conference in September, where they will discuss these topics in greater detailAnd more!Key moments:01:00 - Sascha and Luc introduce themselves and the core aspects of TVM Capital's investment strategy.12:00 - Pierre introduces himself and Kent Imaging's technology using near-infrared light for imaging oxygenation levels in tissues.19:00 - Luc discusses TVM Capital's investment process, including due diligence, risk assessment, and partnership evaluation.24:49 - Pierre explains how Kent Imaging quantifies and articulates the economic benefits of their technology.30:21 - Sascha highlights some challenges in the early commercial stage, including customer interactions, refining product portfolios, and attracting exit partners.Transcript of episodeGuest links and resources:Connect with Luc Marengere: LinkedInConnect with Sascha Berger: LinkedInTVM Capital Life ScienceConnect with Pierre Lemire: LinkedInKent ImagingConnect with Henry: Twitter | LinkedInLearn more about LSI
August 23, 2023

Ep4: Demonstrating ROI to LPs and the Convergence of Medtech, Biotech, and Digital, with Asabys Partners

Can a venture capital firm bridge the gap between health tech and biotech to reshape the landscape of healthcare innovation? In this captivating episode, Henry Peck engages in an illuminating conversation with Clara Campàs and Josep Sanfeliu, the founders and managing partners of Asabys Partners, a venture capital firm active in the health tech and biopharma industries with an aim to invest in highly innovative and transformative technologies.Clara and Josep share their insights into building a thriving ecosystem that combines health tech, biotech, and medtech startups. From discussing their unique hybrid approach to investment to the strength of the Barcelona ecosystem, Clara and Josep explore how Asabys is contributing to the growth and global impact of healthcare innovation.Topics include:Clara and Josep’s journey founding Asabys Partners in 2018, with a vision of combining health tech and biotech to revolutionize healthcare investmentTheir recent success raising a $100 million fund Building a portfolio across a diverse range of technologies, clinical indications, and company stagesThe importance of demonstrating ROI beyond the traditional metricsInsights on the evolving IPO landscape, and how it has been affected by market trends and the pandemicClara and Josep’s actionable advice for entrepreneurs and investors navigating these dynamic industriesHow Barcelona's unique healthcare innovation ecosystem is rapidly evolvingClara and Josep’s upcoming participation at the LSI Europe ‘23 conference in September, where they will discuss these topics in greater detailAnd more!Key moments02:00 - Clara and Josep provide an overview of Asabys Partners, their investment focus, and the areas they specialize in07:55 - How Asabys demonstrates ROI beyond some of the traditional metrics.13:20 - The convergence of digital technologies with traditional biotech and medtech.19:21 - The exit landscape for digitally enabled medtech companies.28:20 - The evolution of the IPO market, the impact of COVID-19 on valuations, and the need for sustainable business strategies. 32:00 - The evolution and strengths of the healthcare ecosystem in Barcelona.Transcript of episodeGuest links and resources:Connect with Clara Campàs: LinkedIn | TwitterConnect with Josep Sanfeliu: LinkedIn | TwitterAsabys PartnersConnect with Henry: Twitter | LinkedInLearn more about LSISign up for LSI Europe '23Connect with LSI:
August 16, 2023
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Henry Peck

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After developing and marketing medtech from the research lab to venture-backed startups and global strategics, and building thriving medtech communities in Web2 and Web3, I went from LSI's biggest fan to Vice President of Growth & Strategy in late 2022.

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