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HOT for your Health

HOT for Your Health is a fast paced, high energy, luxury lifestyle brand focusing on relentless health innovations.

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Women of a Certain Age

Dr Vonda Wright is joined by journalist, story- teller and podcaster Katie Fogarty for a lively conversation about the limitless, unstoppable and deeply relevant time of life commonly referred to as “A Certain Age.” Katie Fogarty run The Reboot Group, a communications consultancy that works with clients and companies to tell better career and brand stories- on LInkedIn and beyond.  She created the podcast, “A Certain Age,” in August of 2020 to highlight life after 50 and the women who are unafraid to age outloud.  
February 25, 2021

Strong Women Lift Each Other Up with Molly Galbraith

In this episode of HOT for your Health, Dr Vonda Wright is joined by the incomparable Molly Galbraith, author of “Strong Women Lift Each Other Up” for an epic conversation about building a strong mindset to build our own lives and lifting others in the process. Molly Galbraith, CSCS, is the cofounder of Girls Gone Strong (GGS), the world’s largest platform providing evidence-based, interdisciplinary health, fitness, nutrition, and pregnancy education for women and the health and fitness professionals who work with them—including industry-leading certification programs and coaching. The “Strong Women Lift Each Other Up” philosophy is woven through the fabric of GGS, as Molly leads a team of women from the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, India, and Australia. From employing and educating, to featuring, collaborating with, and investing in women, GGS is dedicated to serving their community of women from 80+ countries around the world. Molly has spoken all over the world at top conferences and prestigious universities like Yale, and she has been featured in publications like Time, People, Today, ABC, Women’s Health, and more   Where to find the book: IG: Girls Gone Strong Instagram: Girls Gone Strong website (articles, free courses, other resources):
February 18, 2021

Aging with David Stewart, Founder of Ageist

When you think of aging does it terrify you or do you look ahead with great anticipation?  Dr Vonda Wright is joined this week by David Stewart, the founder and the face of multi-media platform AGEIST.   He is a passionate champion of the modern 50+ lifestyle, and a leading authority on the mindset and aspirations that drive this influential demographic. He frequently shares his expertise and insights, and recent speaking engagements Worldwide.   Before he launched AGEIST, Stewart was an award-winning photographer, specializing in portraits of people that combined his engineer’s precision with a refined design and visual aesthetic.   A life-long wellness and fitness enthusiast, he loves dead-lifts and makes a legendary green smoothie. Keep up with Dr Vonda Wright and everything that is HOT for your Health!
February 11, 2021

Active Aging with Colin Milner, CEO ICAA

Welcome to season 5 of HOT for your Health where Dr Vonda Wright returns to her roots of Active Aging by updating conversations with leading innovators in this relevant and exploding space.   In Episode 1 Dr Wright is joined by International Council on Active Aging CEO and founder Mr Colin Milner.     Colin Milner is CEO of the International Council on Active Aging and founder of the active-aging industry in North America. Milner is also a leading authority on the health and well-being of the older adult, and has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as one of "the most innovative and influential minds" in the world on aging-related topics. An award-winning writer, Milner has authored more than 300 articles and his speeches have stimulated thousands of business and government leaders, industry professionals and older adults worldwide.
February 4, 2021

YOU are NOT Broken! Breaking down social & medical barriers for living our best intimate lives

Join us as Dr Vonda Wright and Sexpert /Urologist Dr Kelly Casperson, MD dive deep into optimizing our intimate lives as they openly speak about the often unspoken questions about sex, intimacy and the myths we need to unravel about our bodies.    Dr Kelly Casperson is a practicing urologist and female sexpert whose mission is to empower women to live their best lives by combining the power of mind-body, body-science and relationships to break down the societal barriers keeping us from awaking our best intimate lives.  Dr. Casperson believes it is never too early or too late to realize…YOU ARE NOT BROKEN.
January 28, 2021

Hot and Cold solutions for the pain no woman talks about with Suzanne Sinatra, CEO of Private Packs

In Episode 3, Dr Wright is joined by Suzanne Sinatra, CEO and founder of Private Packs, a warm and cold, ergonomically designed products series created to address the private pain women seldom speak about. This episode introduces listeners to SexTech and what the public needs to know. Private Packs was born out of a traumatic Brazilian waxing incident that prompted Suzanne to design a product that is currently an unmet need in the marketplace. “I’m just a woman that hurt her vagina. From that experience and those of the women around me inspired me to start Private Packs.” Launched in 2019, Private Packs was initially scheduled to launch in 2017.  However, two weeks before her crowdfunding campaign Suzanne was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer that quickly progressed to Stage 3. While in treatment Suzanne continued to work on Private Packs.  Happy and healthy today, Suzanne is an advocate for female health. She is a member of the Women in SexTech, a community of entrepreneurs united by a desire to meet the needs of others and remove the stigma from innovations within the sexual technology industry. The future of FEMTECH, SEX TECH and what does the public need to know.
January 21, 2021

HOT for your Health

HOT for Your Health is a fast paced, high energy, luxury lifestyle brand focusing on relentless health innovations. Dr. Vonda Wright interviews leaders in women’s health and fitness, changing the conversation around active aging.

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Dr. Vonda Wright, MD, MS

Dr. Vonda Wright, MD, MS

Orthopedic Surgeon, Author, Speaker, Biotech Consultant, Non-profit Founder, Health Innovator, and "The Mobility Doc," Dr. Vonda Wright is an internationally recognized authority on active aging and sports medicine.

She currently serves as the inaugural Chief of Sports Medicine and Orthopedics for Northside Health System in Atlanta and her pioneering research in mobility and musculoskeletal aging is changing the way we view and treat the aging process.

In addition to her surgical practice, Dr. Wright is a media content expert and regularly appears on national TV shows including “Dr. Oz,” and “The Doctors.” She is frequently quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today and U.S. News & World Report, as well as in magazines such as Maxim, Prevention, Fitness, MORE, Runner’s World, Best Life, and Arthritis Today and numerous online publications. She proudly serves on the Sharecare Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Wright speaks worldwide and has authored five books.

She currently lives in Atlanta with her husband, 2x Stanley Cup champion, Peter Taglianetti, and their blended family of 6 kids.

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