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129. Dr. Ean Bett on the Quest for Universal Health Care

On episode 129, Dan talks with Dr. Ean Bett, a family medicine physician in Columbus, about Medicare for All, single-payer healthcare, and national healthcare insurance.  Dan mentions a Youtube video of Dr. Bett in conversation with Greg Moody, “Is Medicare for All the Answer.” USA Healthcare, an organization Dr. Bett is a founding member of, has a different approach from Medicare for All by educating around social values and has a slogan of “Universal. Simple. Affordable.”  Dr. Bett references a 2018 Ohio Medicaid study that showed employment rates of people on Medicaid increased. Dr. Bett also shares information about Direct Primary Care, an innovative option to get around private insurance.  Learn more about Dr. Ean Bett. Hosted and produced by Dan Skinner. Copywriting and production support by Angela Lin. Engineering support by Mike Foley. Prognosis Ohio is a member of the WCBE Podcast Experience and the Health Podcast Network. Prognosis Ohio is a production of Prognosis Ohio, LLC.
May 23, 2023

128. What Appalachian Ohio Kids Need

On episode 128, Dan talks with Randy Leite and Patrick Caniglia from the Appalachian Children Coalition about the behavioral health workforce and mental health needs of children in Appalachian Ohio. Show notes and streams at Hosted and produced by Dan Skinner. Editorial and production support by Angela Lin and Mike Foley. TIMESTAMPS 2:30: Stereotypes and misconceptions about Appalachia 10:00 Behavioral health outcomes in Appalachia 16:45 Workforce issues, continued 23:00 Politics undermining LGBTQ behavioral health and beyond 26:54 Politics and Ohio’s healthcare workforce
May 5, 2023

127. Imagining the Worst: COTS Ohio on Emergency Preparedness in Ohio

On episode 127, Dan talks with Sherri Kovach and Jodi Keller with COTS Ohio about mass casualty preparedness in Ohio. Timestamps: 1:26 Assessment of Ohio’s state of preparation and scenario planning  7:30 Learning from the response to the East Palestine train derailment 15:08 The challenges of operating in the background  19:36 Fostering collaborating in cultures of competition 21:30 - COTS and national emergency preparedness 23:30 - The 2024 Eclipse  Jodi and Sherri talk about planning for the worst case scenarios, coordinating the EMS response, and training with hospitals for such events. The thing that really keeps COTS up at night are “no-notice” incidents during a time when hospitals may already be overwhelmed and understaffed. They mention the shootings in Dayton, Columbine, Florida, and Las Vegas, as examples. COTS coordinates two healthcare coalitions, the Central Region Coalition with 15 counties and Southeast/Southeast Central Coalition. The coalitions are made up of hundreds of members that may be part of the healthcare response: hospitals, EMS, EMA, public health, long term care, dialysis centers, etc. Funding for COTS comes from the federal government’s Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) through the Ohio Department of Health. Sherri gives a special shoutout to Red, White, and Boom and the security and emergency response preparation for that event. They mention the stabbing at the Ohio State University in 2016 and how they learned some processes that they now have in place, including a notification process and communicating to get blood in. In response to the blood shortage at trauma centers during the COVID pandemic, COTS helped develop a shared plan among hospitals to conserve blood. COTS is already preparing for the eclipse on April 8, 2024.  Learn more about COTS on their website. NAME CHECKS/RELATED EPISODES Dan mentions the current budget season, which he talks about with Tara Britton and Kelsey Bergfeld on episode 121. Dan brings up the train derailment in East Palestine. Listen to the Prognosis Ohio episode with River Valley Organizing and the Ohio Environmental Council discussing this disaster. One of Dan’s public health heroes, Franklin County Health Commissioner Joe Mazzola, praised COTS and the work they do. Hosted and produced by Dan Skinner. Copywriting and production support by Angela Lin. Engineering support by Mike Foley, curator of the WCBE Podcast Experience. Prognosis Ohio is a member of the WCBE Podcast Experience and the Health Podcast Network. Prognosis Ohio is a production of Prognosis Ohio, LLC.
April 24, 2023

126. OJPH Research Spotlight: Dr. Rosie Bauder on Suicide in Ohio

On episode 126, Dan talks with OSU professor and clinician Dr. Rosie Bauder about suicide and suicide prevention, as well as the findings of her latest paper, published with OSU’s Dr. Austin Starkey, Examining Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors Among Ohio Youth with Oppressed Identities Using the 2019 Ohio Youth Risk Behavior Survey, published in the Ohio Journal of Public Health. Timestamps: 3:22: Rosie’s paper and intersectionality 6:32: On being a clinician 8:21: Firearms as a method of suicide 13:50: What’s unique about Ohio when it comes to our approach to suicide 17:05: What is Rosie most excited about with her position In her study, Bauder and Starkey confirm that there are real disparities in suicidal thoughts and behaviors among youth with oppressed sexual, racial, and ethnic identities. Rosie and Dan define intersectionality and explore the important dynamics in suicidal thoughts and behaviors at the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality. When discussing firearms as a method of suicide, Rosie notes that, 9 times out of 10, when people attempt suicide with a firearm, it proves to be lethal compared to other means. But, she praises Ohio’s strategic plan from the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation that addresses unique considerations around firearm suicide prevention. In the conversation Dr. Bauder expresses a sentiment that we don’t often hear in Ohio: hope! Read more about Rosie Bauder in her bio. Please check out ADAMH of Franklin County’s suicide prevention resources.  If you or a loved one needs help, please call the North Central 24-Hour Suicide Prevention Hotline at 614-221-5445 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by dialing 988. NAME CHECKS/RELATED EPISODES Rosie conducted the research with Austin Starkey at OSU’s College of Medicine.  Rosie mentions The Suicide and Trauma Reduction Initiative for Veterans (STRIVE). Hosted and produced by Dan Skinner. Copywriting and production support by Angela Lin. Prognosis Ohio is a member of the WCBE Podcast Experience and the Health Podcast Network. Prognosis Ohio is a production of Prognosis Ohio, LLC.
April 9, 2023

125. Rep. Somani on Reproductive Freedom, Gender Affirmation, and Hypocrisy in Statehouse Health Policy

On episode 125, Dan talks with obstetrician-gynecologist and State Rep. Anita Somani about abortion and reproductive rights, the impact anti-transgender legislation is poised to have on Ohio patients; and balancing life as a physician-legislator. SEGMENT TIMESTAMPS 2:00: On being a physician and legislator  5:30: The state budget and the stakes for social and economic policy 8:45: Abortion and reproductive health care  14:50: The hypocrisy of bills that hurt children and children’s mental health while trumpeting support for child health 17:59: “What’s behind these bills?”  19:56: The relationship between democratic responsiveness and health  25:40: The wave of anti-transgender bills moving through the Statehouse: what Rep. Somani’s experience can teach us. In the interview, Rep. Somani talks about the Heartbeat Bill and current penalties for physicians who don’t report abortions. Rep. Somani maintains, among other things, that Ohio’s infant and maternal mortality rates have gone up in direct correlation with abortion restrictions.  In his 2023 State of the State address Gov. DeWine identified mental health and children’s needs as a major priority. However, Rep. Somani talks about the inherent hypocrisy of the bills the Ohio General Assembly has introduced — specifically HB 6, the anti-trans sports bill, and HB 51, which loosens gun restrictions — and the impact these bills will have on students’ mental health.  Dan asks Rep. Somani about democratic responsiveness and the current assault on voting rights, including House Joint Resolution 1, which would raise the threshold needed to pass constitutional amendments on the ballot to 60%. In response, Rep. Somani reflects on the in-state support for reproductive rights and abortion rights, as demonstrated by groups collecting 7,000 signatures when they only needed 1,000 signatures to get the language certified to be on the ballot. Read more about Rep. Anita Somani in her bio. Check out a podcast produced by the Columbus Medical Association, in which Rep. Somani talks about her first few weeks at the Statehouse. NAME CHECKS / RELATED EPISODES Rep. Somani gives a shoutout to podcasts, from which she gets her news despite her busy schedule, whether that’s Apple News, The Daily, or local podcasts like Prognosis Ohio! Dan mentions previous episodes on the COVID-19 public health emergency unwind and the current budget process, both of which are high stakes for health policy in Ohio In talking about gerrymandering, Rep. Somani gives a special shoutout to Voters Not Politicians, Michigan’s redistricting independent commission.  Dan mentions David Pepper, who was previously on the podcast to discuss democratic accountability, gerrymandering, and autocracy. SUPPORT WCBE and Prognosis Ohio! WCBE is currently in the midst of a fund drive. Please donate if you can! You can also support Prognosis Ohio through Patreon. Hosted and produced by Dan Skinner. Engineering support provided by Mike Foley at WCBE. Copywriting and production support by Angela Lin. Prognosis Ohio is a member of the WCBE Podcast Experience and the Health Podcast Network. Prognosis Ohio is a production of Prognosis Ohio, LLC.
March 24, 2023

124. Preying on Patients: Dispatch Reporters Max Filby and Jennifer Smola Shaffer

On episode 124, Dan talks with Columbus Dispatch reporters Max Filby and Jennifer Smola Shaffer about their investigative series, Preying on Patients. They discuss their findings, possible reforms for the medical board, and the role journalism plays in bringing these stories about sexual misconduct to light.
March 13, 2023
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Prognosis Ohio

Hosted by Columbus, Ohio local and health policy professor Dan Skinner, Prognosis Ohio is a podcast addressing all facets of health care, health policy, and health politics in the great American state of Ohio. The podcast shines a light on a wide range of health and health care issues, from changing legislative developments affecting Ohioans’ access to health care services; to stories of Ohioans interacting with our state’s healthcare system; to ongoing challenges in housing, food, transportation, and other systems that relate to health outcomes, and are often shaped by inequalities and barriers; to addiction, mental health, and challenges with meeting Ohioans’ healthcare needs. Every other week Prognosis Ohio brings listeners an in-depth interview on pressing issues.


Daniel Skinner

Daniel Skinner

Dan Skinner (Host, Co-Producer) is a political scientist and health policy researcher and educator. He is currently Associate Professor of Health Policy in the Department of Social Medicine at Ohio University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, on the Dublin, Ohio campus.

He is co-editor Not Far from Me: Stories of Opioids and Ohio (Ohio State University Press, 2019), author of Medical Necessity: Health Care Access and the Politics of Decision Making (University of Minnesota Press, 2019), and has published widely in health policy and politics, medical education, and political theory. Skinner lives in Grandview Heights, Ohio, where he also serves on the city’s Board of Health. He is a fan, in equal parts, of cats, hockey, public radio, and a wide range of music, from punk to rap to brass band marches.

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