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Inspiring stories highlighting innovative and human-centered solutions driven by nurses addressing today's most challenging healthcare problems.

Listen Again | 27: Campaign for Health

The link between nursing, voting, and health equity and outcomes might not seem obvious, but for the health professionals who have campaigned, served and ushered in meaningful legislation, the relationship is a natural one. When individuals and communities vote, they influence policy decisions that have a big effect on their health.  Celebrated every September since 2012, National Voter Registration Day has quickly gained momentum with more than 5 million Americans registered to vote through the coordinated volunteer efforts of media, civic groups, and yes, health care providers and organizations.   In recognition of the vital link between health and voting and a reminder to verify your voter registration and help others to do the same, we’re having another listen to an earlier episode with public health nurse and Delaware Lt Governor Bethany Hall-Long, where we discover how clinical practice, nursing expertise and research, and voting are critical drivers of influencing, passing, and enacting legislation to keep citizens, our environment, and our economy healthy. Find this episode’s resources at and earn free CNE credits by listening to curated podcast bundles via the American Nurses Association website. Have questions for the SEE YOU NOW team? Feedback? Future episode ideas? Contact us at [email protected].
September 18, 2023

Radio Advisory: Addressing the workforce crisis: Insights from University Hospitals’ leaders

We’re swapping episodes with our friends at Radio Advisory to hear what they’re learning that can help address pressing workforce issues in healthcare, while Radio Advisory listeners are checking out an episode of SEE YOU NOW. Recent research shows that health workforce vacancies – particularly among registered nurses – is the top issue for healthcare CEOs. While nursing vacancies are challenging for nursing departments, there are a host of systemwide problems that will impact quality and safety alongside an organization's ability to grow. In this Radio Advisory episode, host Rachel (Rae) Woods speaks with Advisory Board's Chief Nursing Officer, Carol Boston, and two leaders from University Hospitals – Chief Quality & Clinical Transformation Officer, Peter Pronovost, and Chief Nursing Executive, Michelle Hereford – about recent data and their experiences navigating the complexity of the workforce vacancies. They share key insights and explore how reduced staffing is impacting health organizations at large, why organizations can't seem to find a solution, and how addressing tactical issues alone will not solve the crisis. We're delighted to introduce you to the Radio Advisory podcast and why it’s a vital part of the healthcare podcasting listening-scape. Find this episode’s resources at and earn free CNE credits by listening to curated podcast bundles via the American Nurses Association.  Have questions for the SEE YOU NOW team? Feedback? Future episode ideas? Contact us at [email protected].
September 6, 2023

96: Addressing Moral Distress Across the Healthcare Workforce

High vacancy and turnover rates in our healthcare workforce are today's well-documented reality putting safe, affordable, quality healthcare at risk for everyone. In this episode, recorded live at Aspen Ideas: Health, an expert panel led by nurse economist Shawna Butler, RN, MBA, vividly describes how many of our health workplaces and practices are exhausting, overly burdensome, and causing moral distress and early career departures of our talented, dedicated, and overworked healthcare professionals. Kathy Howell, MBA, BSN, RN, NEA-BC, Chief Nurse Executive, UCHealth; Corey Feist, President and Co-Founder, Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes' Foundation; and Iman Abuzeid, CEO and Co-Founder, Incredible Health, provide insight into what healthcare talent is seeking from their careers, how forward-leaning health executives are responding to market conditions and workforces that have dramatically shifted, and the readily available system level policy changes urgently needed to support and sustain a thriving health workforce. To learn more, visit our website at or contact us at [email protected].
August 23, 2023

95: Nursing is Political

It’s broadly accepted that only 20% of health outcomes are determined by medical care. The other 80% are determined by the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, learn, work and age; circumstances shaped by the distribution of money, power and resources at global, national and local levels -- what is better understood as the political determinants of health -- voting, government, and policy. And the more people who vote in your community, the healthier your community is.   As nurses and midwives witness health access and outcomes increasingly being determined by ballot measures or wrapped in policy decisions, they are turning their next steps of advocacy and activism into running for elected public office. In this episode, we explore with Kimberly Gordon, DNP, CRNA, co-founder of the nonpartisan non-profit Healing Politics, why nurses and midwives need to get politically engaged, run for elected office up and down the ballot, what campaign training sounds like, and how to build a culture of civic engagement within the nursing professions.   Find this episode’s resources at and earn free CNE credits by listening to curated podcast bundles via the American Nurses Association. Have questions for the SEE YOU NOW team? Feedback? Future episode ideas? Contact us at [email protected].
August 9, 2023

94: Summer 2023 Playlist

As the temperatures rise and vacations are afoot, there's no better time to indulge in uninterrupted hours of podcast listening. And to make your listening easy, enjoyable, and thoughtful we’ve created a Summer SEE YOU NOW Playlist! Given that the US and much of the world are experiencing scorching temperatures with roughly one in three Americans living under an extreme heat advisory -- we’ve included See You Now episodes that shed light on heat-related health matters. We’re also thinking about how summer is a time when graduations and moves take place -- and the perfect moment to check your voter registration status and consider the surprising impact voting has on your personal and community’s health as we gear up for Civic Health Month in August and all its upcoming activities.  During the past year, so many conversations have centered on our relationship with work and very specifically the healthcare workforce -- exploring in depth and detail “what’s working for work” and what thriving, engaged, productive work environments and workforces look like, how you build them, and how you sustain them.  Summer also signals a more relaxed pace affording time to ponder, synthesize, and discuss weightier complex topics that require deeper reflection, consideration, and commitment to progress. For just that type of listening, we’ve included See You Now episodes that go deeper into the rich, beautiful, incomplete, and complicated history of nursing and its power to change people, careers, and our world. So whatever comes your way this summer, See You Now has you covered with great listening, learning, and inspiration to enjoy and share with your friends and family. Summer SEE YOU NOW Playlist! 51: The Patient is our Planet 55: Ready to Vote? 90: Mobile Medical and Mental Health Team 75: The Point of Care 86: Representation Matters 64: Reporting Powers: Leading with Love 87: Tackling Black Men’s Health Listen Again 67: Nurses You Should Know 91: Reckoning with Racism (Part I) 92: Reckoning with Racism (Part II) 89: Nursing’s Power to Change Our World
July 26, 2023

93: Moment of Awareness: Double Disparities in Cancer

Around the world, cancer is on the rise in people under the age of 50 – an upward march that has been underway for decades. Even with stunning new advances in research, early detection, and treatment, many clinicians are worried about the prevalence of certain cancers, including breast, colon, kidney, liver, esophageal, and pancreatic cancers, in younger people. What’s more, practitioners and public health experts are deeply concerned about missed screenings and delayed preventive care as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact that will have on persistent racially driven health disparities in cancer care, treatment, and survivorship for minority communities.  In this Moment of Awareness, Nurse Practitioner and researcher Timiya Nolan, PhD, APRN-CNP, ANP-BC describes her research as a “work of love” to young Black women, how representation allows research to move from academia to practice, and the power clinicians have in addressing disparities in care through partnership and collaboration with communities. To learn more, visit our website at or contact us at [email protected].
June 30, 2023
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See You Now

On a daily basis, we trust nurses with billions of dollars of equipment, critical procedures, and our most important assets: the people we love. But they’re doing so much more behind the scenes.

SEE YOU NOW is a podcast that shines a light on the real people changing the status quo in health: from nurses working in labor & delivery, with infectious diseases, and in hospice; to nurse allies in politics, business and tech.

Hosted by nurse economist and health technology specialist Shawna Butler, RN, MBA, SEE YOU NOW gives listeners access to meaningful conversations with the nurses at the forefront of healthcare and innovation; those developing new devices, processes, protocols, and ways to treat for infection prevention, infant health, maternal mortality, palliative care, and so much more. '

This podcast is created in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson and the American Nurses Association.


Shawna Butler

Shawna Butler

Shawna Butler is a nurse economist and tech enthusiast. As the creator of the EntrepreNURSE-in-Residence role at Radboud University Medical Center (Netherlands) and part of the Exponential Medicine team at Singularity University (US).

Shawna works with the pioneers in the thick of integrating robotics, 3D printing, drones, AI, blended reality, voice recognition, digital humans, big data and sensors into our health solutions and lifestyles.

Her clinical experience includes emergency, cardiac, and critical care in large university and small community hospitals, international medical flight transport, and workplace health promotion services.
Rebecca McInroy

Rebecca McInroy

Rebecca McInroy is an award-winning public media show creator, host, and executive producer. The shows she creates, produces and hosts are all in line with what she thinks is audio’s greatest asset; to link the general public to ideas, innovations, conversations, and intellectual and artistic communities around the globe.

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