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COVID-19 The Nurse Response: Safe Homes

With shelter-in-place orders in effect across the country, people are spending prolonged periods of time inside their homes but what happens when home isn’t safe? In this episode of SEE YOU NOW, we speak with nurse scientist Camille Burnett about how nurses are in a unique position in their communities to screen, access, intervene, and meet people where they are—particularly responding to intimate partner violence. Even in the middle of a pandemic nurses and neighbors are looking out for one another and finding ways to make sure people are physically and emotionally protected.

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May 22, 2020

COVID-19 The Nurse Response: The Volume of Silence

During this pandemic, communities across the globe have experienced extraordinary social solidarity with the prevailing sentiment of ‘we are in this together’. While we’ve come together for mutual support and understanding in small and extraordinary ways, there are a few who believe the necessary public health measures are too lengthy and too broad. And in some parts of the US, they’ve taken to the streets to protest mandatory shelter-in-place orders that have closed non-essential parts of our economies. The loudest voices in the midst of these debates and protests were the nurses who stood silently in solidarity for their patients who could not join the conversation. In Arizona, nurses Jade Juriansz, Jasmine Bhatti, and Brittany Schilling participated in a counter protest to provide facts about what is happening with COVID-19 on the frontlines. Although silent, these nurses’ presence and motivation resounded around the world. In this episode we get to hear the motivations of this courageous group who made a commitment to educate the public and share the facts, and the health risks—a true example of 'meeting people where they are'.

May 15, 2020

COVID-19 The Nurse Response: On Life Support

Nurses are exposed to death, suffering, and sickness throughout their careers and COVID-19 has only increased their exposure to traumatic environments. Because of their environment, nurses experience adverse effects on their mental health and well-being. Why is it then that nurses are often not screened or provided with mental health support in their workspaces? Nurse scientist Judy Davidson DNP, RN, FCCM, FAAN works to reinforce the mental health needs of nurses while bringing awareness to nurse suicides. She creates programs that provide simple and accessible tools for health systems to adopt throughout their networks to ensure that nurses can stay strong, be supported, and get help when needed.

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May 8, 2020

COVID-19 The Nurse Response: Rapidly Mobile

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the globe, citizens everywhere are becoming aware of just how strained our healthcare systems are and their vulnerabilities when extraordinary, unscheduled demands are placed on them. COVID-19 brought into sharp focus the critical need to swiftly mobilize our healthcare workforce-- in particular, highly trained and skilled nurses needed to screen, test, and care for patients, families, and communities. In this episode, nurses Sarah Gray and Dan Weberg explain how they and the nurses at Trusted Health are modernizing, personalizing, and rapidly mobilizing our healthcare talent and workforce. 

May 1, 2020

COVID-19 The Nurse Response: School Recess

Across the world, students of all ages along with educators and families are part of an unanticipated global homeschooling abruptly introduced by COVID-19. While necessary to ensure public safety during a pandemic, closing schools is a difficult and complex decision that has far-reaching implications for students’ health, their learning, and their safety. No one is more attuned to those needs than school nurses who, on any given school day, are helping medically fragile and special needs students, and students struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, food, housing, and economic insecurity. In this episode, we virtually visit Camden, NJ, to meet veteran school nurse, Robin Cogan MEd, RN, NCSN and learn why school nurses should be at the center of re-entry decision making and how school nurses are supporting students and families while uncertainty looms.

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April 24, 2020

COVID-19 The Nurse Response: The Future is Now

From health bots to artificial intelligence and everything in between- COVID-19 is shining a new light on nurses and the expanding role and reliance on technology to meet our collective healthcare needs. As the novel coronavirus is changing our daily lives and the ways we work and interact, it is also accelerating the pace of transforming our healthcare systems and how we use and share data, work as teams, and communicate with patients and communities. In our latest episode of The Nurse Response, we talk with Molly McCarthy, US Health and Chief Nursing Officer at Microsoft, about how this global pandemic is fast-forwarding the Future of Healthcare to the Now of Healthcare and the lead roles nurses are playing in this rapid transition. 

April 17, 2020

See You Now

On a daily basis, we trust nurses with billions of dollars of equipment, critical procedures, and our most important assets: the people we love. But they’re doing so much more behind the scenes.

SEE YOU NOW is a podcast that shines a light on the real people changing the status quo in health: from nurses working in labor & delivery, with infectious diseases, and in hospice; to nurse allies in politics, business and tech.

Hosted by nurse economist and health technology specialist Shawna Butler, RN, MBA, SEE YOU NOW gives listeners access to meaningful conversations with the nurses at the forefront of healthcare and innovation; those developing new devices, processes, protocols, and ways to treat for infection prevention, infant health, maternal mortality, palliative care, and so much more. '

This podcast is created in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson and the American Nurses Association.
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Shawna Butler

Shawna Butler

Shawna Butler is a nurse economist and tech enthusiast. As the creator of the EntrepreNURSE-in-Residence role at Radboud University Medical Center (Netherlands) and part of the Exponential Medicine team at Singularity University (US).

Shawna works with the pioneers in the thick of integrating robotics, 3D printing, drones, AI, blended reality, voice recognition, digital humans, big data and sensors into our health solutions and lifestyles.

Her clinical experience includes emergency, cardiac, and critical care in large university and small community hospitals, international medical flight transport, and workplace health promotion services.
Rebecca McInroy

Rebecca McInroy

Rebecca McInroy is an award-winning public media show creator, host, and executive producer. The shows she creates, produces and hosts are all in line with what she thinks is audio’s greatest asset; to link the general public to ideas, innovations, conversations, and intellectual and artistic communities around the globe.

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