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Eva Minkoff – Five Minutes to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System

Host Jeremy Quinby has a conversation with Eva Minkoff about her Ted Talk: Five Minutes to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System. Having worked in a number of different sectors of health from Nutrition, to Researcher to Health Technology, and even as a podcast host - she sees that the key to improving care relationships is finding ways to improve human relationships, and that is is something everyone involved has a role. In our rush to solutions, we often forget that the person we're interacting with is someone else’s son or mother or sibling with a life full of experiences we know nothing about. What matters is that we find some way connect and Eva believes there are specific questions and ways to streamline this process so we allow more time for building rapport into the limitations of appointment times, with the understanding that this is the start of what could be a long relationship for all parties involved. Five Minutes to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System TEDx:
April 22, 2024

Dr. Raymond Perrin – Treating Chronic Fatigue

Host Jeremy Quinby has a conversation with Dr. Raymond Perrin, an osteopath from Manchester England who has spent the better part of his career since the late 1980’s trying to understand ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and has written about it extensively. He has detailed this in his recent book, The Perrin Technique where he explains how to use various manual therapy approaches to address the systems being challenged in those with this condition.  Together they discuss how they see this condition affecting people, courses of treatment and how long Covid resembles CFS and what we might be learning from it. Tad Wanveer H2H episode Tad Wanveer book on glia, Brain Stars:
April 5, 2024

Dr. Jeff Crippen – Is There A One-Size-Fits-All Diet?

Dr. Jeff Crippen is back on the show to discuss nutrition! With so many diet options, how to you know which diet is best for you? Host Jeremy Quinby has a lot of questions for Jeff as they explore mono food diets and why they initially seems to help with a number of health challenges. Together they sort through how certain food affect inflammatory responses, autoimmune diseases, gut processing challenges and age-related disorders. They also delve into allergies, blood tests, cholesterol numbers, triglysirides, the role of fiber, the proper amount of sodium, and the best oils to switch to for optimizing our health. 
February 28, 2024

Jeff Bailey – Avita Yoga: A Moving Meditation

In our fast-paced existence most of us do not allow ourselves to just be present in our bodies, to tune in, listen listen deeply and give it the space it needs to loosen, let go, and heal. Modern yoga methods in the U.S. tend towards achievement, and because of this, limit participation based on physical ability. Jeff Bailey, the founder of Avita yoga has in many ways taken yoga back to the basics blending a more restorative approach to yoga with meditative practice that can be enjoyed by all.
February 1, 2024

Denise McDonald IBCLC – Nursing and Feeding Newborns

Host Jeremy Quinby has a conversation with colleague Denise McDonald, an internationally board-certified lactation consultant about the kinds of support she's able to provide new families in the early weeks with newborns. Together they discuss the kinds of common challenges new parents face when it comes to breastfeeding and nursing newborns and share their experience with how their unique skillsets are used to address problems that often arise. An episode full of resource for new or expecting parents.
December 28, 2023

Dr. Krista Geisler – Pediatric dentistry: tongue ties and airway restriction

Host Jeremy Quinby has a conversation with Dr. Krista Geisler about treating infants with tongue ties that are interfering with their ability to suck, swallow and feed properly. Having worked in coordination with lactation support as a craniosacral therapist for the past 17 years, Jeremy also share his experiences with newborn care and support. Krista also shares why her practice is shifting into care for airway restriction, what she's learn from being in the mouths of so many kids and young adults and the health challenges she sees being related to breathing challenges.
December 21, 2023

Frank Davis – What’s In Your Supplements?

Host Jeremy Quinby has a conversation with Franks Davis, founder and CEO of Optivida. As a child, Frank had every conceivable childhood disease (mumps, measles, pneumonia) and struggled throughout childhood and adolescence with a compromised immune system –leading to a constant battle to stay healthy and enjoy all the sports he loved. In his early 40’s after dealing with hepatitis (twice), mononucleosis (twice), and pneumonia (twice), Frank ended up with chronic fatigue syndrome which incapacitated him. He became obsessed with finding a way to rebuild his depleted system and developed a line of whole food supplements that packed more nutrients without the additive synthetic fillers. He shares his process of this development and how he was able to rebuild his health and thrive into his late 70's.
December 15, 2023

Minnesota Breast Milk Bank for Babies

Host Jeremy Quinby has conversations with Director of Minnesota Breastmilk Bank, Linda Dech, Bereavement Donor Coordinator Alexis Nicklow, and donors McKenzie and Adam. Together they discuss how the breast milk donor organization was started and continues to be funded to serve the community. Linda takes Jeremy on a tour of the facility (see link to video in show notes) to show where milk is stored when it's collected, the pasteurization process undergoes and the testing of milk. She also explains the importance of volunteer support to get milk to area hospitals for babies in need.
October 31, 2023
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Highway To Health Podcast

Highway to Health is an exploration of what a truly integrative system of care could be from self-care to health care to communities more engaged in mutual aid and support.


Jeremy Quinby

Jeremy Quinby

Jeremy Quinby has been improving the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities for the past 25 years.

At the intersection of manual therapies, mental health support, orthopedics, pain management, and newborn and pediatric care, he has become known as a bridge-builder between many fields of care.

A graduate of St. John’s University in MN, building community has been the most essential part of every project he’s become involved with. Having had private practices in New York and Minneapolis, his ability develop health networks to support the populations he has served has become his trademark. And now, as host of Highway to Health Podcast, he is furthering this outreach across the U.S. and beyond, promoting a more fully realized approach to integrated care.

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