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Delivering on the Promise of Safer, Smarter Surgery with Timothy Lantz, President & Chief Operating Officer at caresyntax

Today's special guest is an experienced healthcare and technology leader. Timothy Lantz is the President and Chief Operating Officer at Caresyntax. Tim is an exceptional conversationalist, and in this podcast, he discusses how his company is enabling caregivers to save lives and mitigating potential risks through the use of technology. He shares his insights on the safety and efficiency in surgical management, the impact of COVID on the company's platform, the need for convergence among the different stakeholders, and collaborating in the spirit of partnership to bring patient-centered solutions to the market. There's plenty of nuggets in this conversation so don't miss it!
July 8, 2020

The Power of Music for Health with Jamie Pabst, Founder at Spiritune, Inc.

Various researches have shown the benefits of music to improve mental health. In this episode, we interview Jamie Pabst, founder, and CEO of Spiritune, Jamie shares the special genesis of her interest in music and how it can effectively reduce stress and regulate emotion and help manage mental health. Spiritune is a music-based app that utilizes principles of neuroscience and music therapy to reimagine music for health outcomes. We really enjoy this conversation with Jamie, and we hope you do, too.
July 7, 2020

Getting Patient Engagement Right with John Deutsch, CEO & Product Owner at Bridge Patient Portal

In this episode, we interview John Deutsch, CEO & Product Owner at Bridge Patient Portal. He discusses the value of having one streamlined patient engagement space, the need to look at patient engagement holistically, and how his company is providing consolidations to providers, especially those with multiple EHRs. He also shares the company's drive to focus on mobile and telehealth. It's a new world in healthcare, and John's company is delivering an excellent solution for improved patient engagement. Tune in to my exciting conversation with John here:
July 6, 2020

Change Your Life in Four Minutes with Erin Gerwick, Performance Sales & Social Media Coordinator at WAVi

Would you like to see what your brain looks like? Knowing what your brain looks like may give you an idea of things you need to improve to have better health.  In today's episode, we feature the Erin Gerwick, the Performance Sales and Social Media Coordinator at WAVi Health. WAVi is a company focused on the brain and scanning the brain to best understand your baseline and health. Erin discusses how WAVi helps both patients and care providers. She shares her thoughts on the importance of baseline and the many possibilities and fields WAVi can be used for. Find out more about your brain health. Tune it to this link now.
July 3, 2020

Disrupting the Standard of Care for Earlier Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer with John Bellano, Chief Commercial Officer at MDxHealth

Today's podcast features John Bellamo, MDx Health's CCO. John shares how MDx Health  has made prostate cancer detection easier with the help of SelectMDx. He also discusses the importance of proving to the various stakeholders the value of the product through data. Tune in to my interview with John here.
July 2, 2020

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