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Shopping for Health Care: How Consumer Can Use Purchasing Power to Get What They Need with Deb Gordon, Author of The Health Care Consumer’s Manifesto

In this podcast, I am privileged to once again host Miss Deborah Gordon. Deb was a guest two years ago and back then, she has the idea of writing a book on healthcare consumers entitled The Health Care Consumers Manifesto. That book is now complete and is now available on the market. Today, we hear Deb discuss her thoughts on the human side of health care costs, and three ways we can get the most value for our money. She shares insightful anecdotes, thoughts on health care consumer rights, asking questions and advocating for ourselves, and many more! This interview is packed with nuggets on our rights as consumers of health care, so don't miss it!
September 30, 2020

If You Build It, Will They Come? with Julie Kosteas Baker, Vice President of Access Mobile International

In this podcast, Julie Kosteas Baker, Vice President of Access Mobile International, discusses what her company is doing to drive patient engagement through optimized mobile communication. Julie highlights Access Mobile's focus and why the company is driving change through the mobile communication platform. She shares insights on SMS communication and how race, ethnicity, and health literacy all play roles in an effective message. This is a great conversation so please tune in!
September 29, 2020

ENCORE: Why Helping Communities Thrive Helps Health Systems Thrive with Randy Oostra, President and CEO at ProMedica Health System

Driving an integrated healthcare network to take care of community health
September 28, 2020

ENCORE: Direct Primary Care Update with Dr. Robert Pearl, Author, Healthcare Contributor and Podcast Host

Provide higher quality in more convenient ways at a lower cost to patients
September 25, 2020

Community When it Matters Most with Jay Drayer, Founder and CEO at CareFlash

In today's podcast, we are privileged to host Jay Dryer, founder and CEO of CareFlash. CareFlash offers the Careopolis - a private, invitation-only website that engages friends and family members around a loved one regarding any health, wellness, or aging process or event. Listen to Jay as he talks about meeting people who want to help friends and loved ones in difficult times but not knowing how. He shares how recovery and quality of life are better when there's a community involved, how adherence, transitions, and care work together to help quality outcomes, and more. This is a very interesting conversation so please tune in!
September 24, 2020

Using Machine Learning in Your RCM with Eric Nilsson, CTO at The SSI Group, LLC.

In this episode, we are privileged to host Erick Nillson, the new Chief Technology Officer at SSI. SSI is a leading provider of end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions. Erick discusses some of the data interoperability challenges inside and outside healthcare, how his company reduces friction in the entire revenue cycle, ways the company has assisted customers during COVID and using machine learning to improve business operations. He also shares some insights into this role as CTO, and how his company's analytics offer clarity and targets the persona of their target audience. This is a great conversation with plenty of insights on how to optimize business operations, so please tune in and enjoy!
September 23, 2020

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At Outcomes Rocket, we are the shared knowledge hub for healthcare's toughest problems. Our goal is twofold and clear. To help inspire and guide our listeners to 1. Improve patient outcomes and 2. Experience business success in healthcare.
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Saul Marquez

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