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Leveraging Patient Stories for Policy and Advocacy with Larissa D’Andrea, the Global Vice President of Impact at ResMed

You have every right to access and afford good-quality healthcare. In this episode, Larissa D’Andrea, the Global Vice President of Impact at ResMed, emphasizes the importance of engaging diverse communities in the development and deployment of health technology. She highlights the significance of including patients, clinicians, and caregivers in the healthcare journey, advocating for a more inclusive approach to healthcare. Larissa also shares the inspiring story of a patient who, thanks to data-driven technology, became a champion in respiratory care. She calls on individuals and healthcare organizations to seek education, become empowered advocates, and collaborate to enhance healthcare access and outcomes for all. Listen to this episode and discover how to effectively engage with diverse communities and drive positive changes in healthcare. Resources: Connect with and follow Larissa D'Andrea on LinkedIn. Follow ResMed on LinkedIn. Visit the ResMed website here.
February 9, 2024

Leveraging Legal and Regulatory Frameworks in Healthcare Technology with Alya Sulaiman, Partner at McDermott Will & Emery

Interoperability and data access play a critical role in healthcare innovation and digital health solutions. In this episode, Alya Sulaiman, Partner at McDermott Will & Emery, delves into the complex world of healthcare law and technology. Alya shares some insights in developing and deploying innovative technologies such as predictive analytics, decision support algorithms, EHRs, interoperability tools, and digital therapeutics. She explains how her experience is not solely limited to legal frameworks but also includes meaningful interactions with the practical applications of these technologies. In this conversation, she recounts how the intersection of technology and the legal landscape directly impacted her healthcare journey, showcasing the tangible impact of her work. Don't miss out on the valuable insights this episode shares about the intersection of healthcare and technology. Resources:  Connect and Follow Alya Sulaiman on LinkedIn and email her here. Visit McDermott Will & Emery’s LinkedIn and Website for more information.
December 18, 2023

Evolving Security Measures to Meet the Changing Needs of Life Sciences and Health Care with Amit Chhikara, Principal at Deloitte & Touche LLP and Justin Rowe, Managing Director at Deloitte & Touche LLP

One of the most significant cyber risks organizations consistently need to address is human error. In this episode, Amit Chhikara and Justin Rowe, Principal and Managing Director at Deloitte & Touche LLP, respectively, delve into cybersecurity and risk management in the life sciences and healthcare industries. They stress the significance of a robust identity program to bolster security and explore various trends and emerging technologies in cloud security and identity management. Furthermore, Amit and Justin highlight the distinctions in the cybersecurity journey between life sciences and healthcare organizations. They both advocate for a well-thought-out strategy and encourage organizations to prioritize the fundamentals over chasing after the latest trends. Tune in to discover how to enhance your organization's security posture in these critical industries and take your cybersecurity efforts to the next level! Resources: Connect with and follow Amit Chhikara on LinkedIn. Connect with and follow Justin Rowe on LinkedIn. Follow Deloitte on LinkedIn. Check out Deloitte’s website and learn about their latest innovations! Read about ransomware attacks in health care in this article Learn more about cloud cybersecurity in health care in this blog
December 7, 2023

Unlocking the Potential: How Venture Capital Reshapes Healthcare with Tom Kluz, a Managing Partner at Niterra Ventures

Venture capital is an instrument for impactful change across the entire healthcare value chain. In this episode, Tom Kluz, a Managing Partner at Niterra Ventures and a seasoned expert in healthcare venture capital, highlights the cross-pollination between healthcare and other industries, such as clean tech. Tom highlights the growing presence of individuals with deep tech backgrounds entering healthcare to catalyze transformative change, expressing a clear motivation to impact human lives directly. He explores the various challenges in healthcare, from legislative issues to economic perspectives, demonstrating a commitment to addressing its broken aspects. Furthermore, Tom shares insights from his podcast, where discussions center around the intersection of venture, health tech, and innovation. He also encourages entrepreneurs to persevere, assuring them that the right venture capital match will eventually materialize. Tune in and learn how innovation is shaping the future of healthcare and optimizing healthcare delivery! Resources:  Connect and follow Thomas Kluz on LinkedIn here. Learn more about projects at Niterra Group’s Venture Lab here. Follow Niterra Group’s Venture Lab on LinkedIn. Listen to Tom’s first podcast episode here! Buy Bill Reichert’s book, Getting to Wow, here.
December 7, 2023

Technology in Healthcare: Stop Trying To Do it All Right Now with Kevin Stineman, Chief Operating Officer at MedTrainer

The biggest mistake healthcare organizations face is thinking that software is going to solve their organizational and process mess. In this podcast episode, Kevin Stineman, Chief Operating Officer at MedTrainer, discusses the intersection of technology, compliance, and healthcare operations. Kevin, who has over 25 years of experience, shares insights into leveraging technology for efficiency in healthcare, drawing parallels from his background in the financial services industry. The conversation covers the importance of viewing technology partners beyond transactions, emphasizing the role of ongoing support and expertise. He also addresses the challenge of balancing technology for efficiency while maintaining a strong customer-centric focus in healthcare. Kevin provides a plethora of practical tips for leaders on deploying technology, emphasizing starting small and focusing on clear outcomes. Finally, he touches on creating a culture of problem-solving within organizations and mentions the mistakes people make when deploying new technologies. Tune in and learn how technology can be a competitive advantage in healthcare operations, driving efficiency and positive outcomes! Resources: Connect with and follow Kevin Stineman on LinkedIn. Follow MedTrainer on LinkedIn and visit their website.
December 6, 2023

Beyond the Surface: Navigating Challenges in Caregiving with Alexandra Drane, co-founder and CEO of ARCHANGELS

In this episode, join us for a chat with Alexandra Drane, co-founder and CEO of ARCHANGELS, as we shine a light on the often-overlooked role of unpaid caregivers. Explore Alexandra's caregiving journey, marked by a compelling call to redefine health—emphasizing life and providing support for these unsung heroes. Dive into the challenges faced by caregivers and the vital importance of breaking down communication barriers, connecting them to existing resources, and uncovering potential market opportunities. Alexandra not only shares a unique approach to serving humanity but also chats about the growing trend in healthcare to understand and meet the specific needs of individuals, particularly unpaid caregivers. Additionally, we navigate the evolving regulatory landscape, highlighting the increasing recognition and support for caregivers within the healthcare system. Join the movement to recognize, assist, and uplift those who dedicate themselves to caregiving. Connect with ARCHANGELS for caregiver support and additional information. Your support matters—take action today. Resources: Connect with ARCHANGELS for caregiver support and additional information. Follow ARCHANGELS on their social media platforms: Twitter, IG, FB and LinkedIn Connect with Alexandra on Linkedin. Fireside Chat with Kaiser CEO, Greg Adams - Stay tuned for insights into a unique approach to serving humanity. Watch Alexandra talk about “The surprising metrics on unpaid caregivers” at the CNN - LIFEITSELF stage
December 6, 2023

Breaking Barriers: Innovations in Health Equity with Jay Bhatt, Managing Director at Deloitte

In this episode, Dr. Jay Bhatt, Managing Director at Deloitte, explores the critical realm of health equity innovations in healthcare. Dr. Bhatt delves into macroeconomic trends, sustainability, and digital advancements, emphasizing the imperative to address health equity. He highlights the potential to add nearly two decades of healthy life to every American through collaborative efforts across the healthcare ecosystem. Underscoring the impact of racism and bias, Dr. Bhatt urges proactive measures in operations, products, and community engagement. He shares impactful initiatives from the Deloitte Health Equity Institute, collaborating with major organizations like the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society. Dr. Bhatt unveils the far-reaching impact of health inequities on diverse populations—women, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and rural communities. He advocates for addressing social determinants of health, promoting diversity in clinical trials, and envisions life sciences companies playing a pivotal role in fostering accessible and equitable healthcare. Tune in to delve deeper into Deloitte's impactful work in health equity.  Resources:  Follow and Connect with Dr. Jay Bhatt on LinkedIn  Check Deloitte’s Health Equity Institute page here
December 5, 2023

Amplifying Access: Pioneering Healthcare Innovation with Meena Mallipeddi, Co-founder and CEO of Amplify MD.

Welcome to a captivating episode exploring into healthcare innovation, featuring Meena Mallipeddi, Co-founder and CEO of Amplify MD. Join us as Meena shares the inspiring journey behind Amplify MD, a virtual medical group and SaaS platform addressing the critical challenge of specialty access in healthcare. Discover how their impactful solutions have led to a reduction in inpatient transfer rates, lower readmission rates, and an expanded reach for local patient treatment.  As we navigate the complexities of healthcare innovation and the hurdles within health systems, Mallipeddi leaves us with a thought-provoking perspective on the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in reshaping medical practices. Amplify MD stands out not only as a solution but as a pioneer in redefining the healthcare landscape. Join the conversation on reshaping healthcare practices and promoting access for all. Your involvement can be a catalyst for positive change in the industry. Resources:  Connect and Follow Meena Mallipeddi on LinkedIn here Stay in touch with Meena Mallipeddi via email here.   Visit Amplify MD Website here for more information.
December 5, 2023
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