The Virtual Clinical Podcast

The Virtual Clinical Podcast

A weekly podcast supporting the student nurse and soon-to-be Registered Nurse with insights from members of the nursing community.

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Nurse Anesthesia 101 with Ryan Statton, Hilary Martino and Dan Martino- CRNA's.

Today's chat is with Nurse Anesthesia 101 Founders, Ryan Statton, Dan and Hilary Martino. In this episode, we chat about everything Nursing anesthesia has to offer! Starting from each nurses beginnings and their respective first degrees, why the each pursued nursing, their first jobs and how long each stayed within their respective job role before going into nurse anesthesia. They discuss really important hot topics such as their experiences with school selection, the importance of clinical choices, what the nursing school interview is like and how to prepare as well as what is needed to help stand out for nurse anesthesia school. Finally, we discuss where to find Nurse Anesthesia 101 and how to join! Facebook Nurse Anesthesia 101 Page: Facebook Nurse Anesthesia 101 Group: About Ryan Ryan obtained his Master’s in Anesthesiology from Barry University and began practice as a CRNA in 2015. Ryan is one of the most sought-after preceptors in his anesthesia group due to his knowledge base, critical care intuition, communication skills, and passion to educate. On any given shift, Ryan is educating nurse anesthesia students from both AdventHealth University and Florida State University. The opportunity to develop a supportive platform, which caters to nurses and nursing students, fits seamlessly into Ryan’s strengths as an educator and mentor. Ryan regularly offers job shadowing to both ICU nurses and nursing students. Watching ICU nurses that have shadowed him reach their full potential as CRNAs was the defining impetus that led to the development of Nurse Anesthesia 101. The opportunities that exist within the Nurse Anesthesia 101 platform offer tangible benefits to Ryan’s clients. His ability to impart clarity is a vital component of his leadership expertise. Prior to pursuing a degree in nursing, Ryan studied engineering at Virginia Tech, and designed specifications and marketing for a publicly traded IT business. Ryan’s interest in nurse anesthesia was the reason he made the pivotal career move into nursing. Having grown up in a family of nurses and healthcare professionals, Ryan learned of the CRNA profession and made this vital decision before taking his first pre-requisite nursing class. When Ryan is not in the operating room, you might find him boating, fishing, hiking, or camping with his wife Sam and their six children. He also loves traveling with Sam, teaching his children how to DIY, and hosting special events with friends and family. About Dan: Dan is an experienced nurse anesthetist, entrepreneur and integral to the success of Nurse Anesthesia 101. His passions include elevating and transforming the nurse anesthesia profession through a multitude of entrepreneurial endeavors. After a decade in the operating room he feels compelled to support qualified students and nurses in their pursuit of the coveted nurse anesthesia title. Shaped by thousands of hours precepting students in every speciality CRNAs practice within, Dan knows what truly is required for nurses to find success in anesthesia. His previous marketing and public relations career allows him to identify audience desires and apply Nurse Anesthesia 101’s mission to their professional goals. Connecting with nursing students and nurses passionately seeking higher education in the anesthesia arena drives Dan’s pursuit of continuing a family-instilled value of helping others. Dan holds a MSN in Nurse Anesthesia from the Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences and a BS in Public Relations from the University of Florida. Outside of the operating room he can usually be found adventuring with his wife Hilary, coaching their sons' baseball team, relentlessly growing business endeavors with Ryan and exploring the beautiful waterways of Florida on his boat “Rapid Sequence.” --- Support this podcast:
August 27, 2020

OR Nursing with Alexis Johncola, BSN, RN

I join Alexis, who is our first recent BSN graduate on the podcast. In this episode we discuss her experience of starting out in a baccalaureate nursing program and clinical experience. We discuss important tips for the interview process for your first job, preparing questions, choices for interview clothing, and other tips for surviving your day. We move onto what her experience has been like as an OR nurse, learning the specialty from day 1 of hire, the different roles of an OR nurse, how COVID affected this experience by shifting her learning to being a floor nurse as well as the Gift of Life Organ Donation process and how important the role is for the RN. Finally, Alexis discusses her methods of journaling as a way of reducing stress.  Alexis Johncola B.S.N., RN is a 2019 graduate from the Pennsylvania State University, College of Nursing. She started her first nursing job in October of 2019 as an Operating Room nurse at St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, PA. When she is not circulating or scrubbing in the Operating Room, she enjoys day trips to the  beach, spending time with family, and trying new foods! --- Support this podcast:
August 13, 2020

Dialysis Nursing with Alayna Laranjo, ADN, RN

In this episode, I join Alayna Laranjo who is a Dialysis Nurse and in Dialysis clinical care for 9 years. We talk about her upbringing as a fire fighter and upbringing in healthcare as an EMT, Medic and 911 Dispatcher. We talk all things from preparing for a mass casualty, teaching classes, and even receiving a call that lead to the birth of twins! We then move into how she became a Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician, as well as the importance of a longer orientation and continual learning environment. Moving into her career as a nurse became a passion for wanting to do more for the patients she was taking care of. We also detail the daily life of a dialysis nurse, what her 5am-2pm shift is like, and how important wellness is for nurses. Alayna  started out her career in the emergency medical services as an EMT for 6  years, a medic for 10 years and 911 dispatcher for 7 years. She even  taught EMT classes for 2 years. Alayna decided to change careers and  started out in a dialysis clinic that lead her to become a Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician. She eventually decided to attend nursing school and graduated with her Associates Degree in Nursing in 2012. She has been with the same dialysis company for 9 years and has a thorough passion for dialysis patients and dialysis nursing. Alayna is about to graduate with her BSN and will eventually pursue her Master’s in Nursing Leadership in the fall. In her personal time, she is a  softball umpire, triathlete, and raises her children in the town of Troy, NY. --- Support this podcast:
August 3, 2020

Nursing and Surviving Covid with Frank Stickler II, ASN, RN, CNRN, CCRN

I join Frank Stickler in this episode to talk all things nursing since his departure from Hershey, PA to colorful Colorado! We dive into his experiences working while attending school, what working night shift was like, some unique things about working at a Primary Stroke Center as opposed to a Comprehensive Stroke Center and some interesting times treating patients with toxicities! Moving along, is his current role in a Neuroscience Critical Care Unit, what is was like to have and survive Covid-19 and what is next for Frank! Frank started as a CNA in 2008 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Lebanon, PA  while in high school. He worked full-time night shift as CNA at HMC  while going to nursing school. Frank was apart of the last graduating  class of Lancaster General College of Nursing and Health Sciences (now  Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences) and received his ASN in 2013.  He is only 4 weeks away from achieving his BSN from the University of  Texas. Frank has worked in Neuroscience for several years with  experience in Neuro/Stroke/Tox/Medicine and Neurocritical Care. He is  currently a Neuroscience Critical Care RN at the University of Colorado  Hospital where he serves as a charge nurse, preceptor, recourse RN,  educator and nerd for anything neuro. Frank is also a personal colleague  of mine who has survived COVID-19. He currently lives in Centennial,  Colorado with his partner, Mike, dog and 2 cats. --- Support this podcast:
July 13, 2020

Neuroimmunology Nurse Practitioner with Ashley Kundravi, MSN, CRNP

Ashley Kundravi joins me in this episode to discuss her experience on what it was like to become a family nurse practitioner. We detail her beginnings as a Biology major and eventual 2nd degree student at the University of Delaware, to her first job in a community hospital and what challenges those brought, what applying to nurse practitioner school was like for Ashley, the challenges of nurse practitioner school including finding preceptors, a new and exciting gig in a neuroimmunology clinic that primarily treats patients with multiple sclerosis. This very informative episode discusses everything from school to new medications that patients are taking and why multiple sclerosis is a tricky disease. She offers tips for patients on supplements and hits on the importance of decreasing  stress in your life. This is a wonderful episode for the student nurse and the patient alike. Ashley  in a CRNP with Hershey Medical Center’s neuroimmunology division. She  graduated from university of Delaware with her BA in biology in 2010,  and her BSN in 2012. She complete her MSN at Millersville University in  2017. When not at work, Ashley enjoys knitting and spending time with  her pets. --- Support this podcast:
June 26, 2020

Post Stroke with Lauren Landis, ASN, RN

This is a very special episode! I sit down with Lauren Landis to discuss her career and most importantly, how she was a nurse on the same unit that her dad received stroke care. We talk about Lauren's unique background, safe staffing ratios and what her first job was like and spend a majority of time discussing her father, whom suffered a stroke. This case is presented as a case study with knowledge about risk factors, how important an a1c is, what a large vessel stroke means, what neurointerventional care entails and so, so, much more. Lauren describes her experience as a nurse going through tough choices, with appreciation of her prior coworkers and how it is okay to change an environment to better one's own mental health to better care for patients. Lauren's bravery to share this story is not one to pass along-it is a must listen! Lauren is a 2016 graduate of Penn State Mont Alto. She began her career on a Med-Surg Neuro unit before stepping into the world of critical care. Her  current area of work is in surgical/trauma intensive care, though she  will always have a place in her heart for Neurocritical care patients. She received the Daisy Award in 2017 and a token of recognition by Gift of Life Donor Program for the nursing care of an organ donor in 2019. When  Lauren isn’t donning/doffing PPE, doing Q1hr neuro checks, or replacing  electrolytes, you can find her cooking new recipes, napping away the nightshift hangover, or playing video games with her fiancé, Joshua. --- Support this podcast:
June 19, 2020

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A weekly podcast supporting the student nurse and soon-to-be Registered Nurse with insights from members of the nursing community.

The Virtual Clinical podcast is a new podcast to support the #studentnurse. Hosted by Nicole Sunderland a registered nurse, inspired by actual students, this podcast combines Q&A, mentorship and storytelling to support you on your journey.
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Nicole Sunderland

Nicole Sunderland

Nicole Sunderland is a nurse, international speaker, innovator, entrepreneur, essential oil expert and wellness advocate. BA in Philosophy from La Salle, BSN from West Chester, MSN from Gonzaga and two specialty certifications in stroke nursing and critical care nursing. Nicole has been involved in neuroscience since 2006 in various settings including traumatic brain injury rehab, step down neuroscience care and adult critical care.

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