On the Pulse

On the Pulse

On this podcast, we will take a deep dive into the experiences of frontline providers and researchers. We’ll explore their insights and invaluable stories of how health care works in today’s world – both locally and globally.

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Episode 13: Ready.Sim.Go.

Early in Carol Rosenberg’s career in pediatric oncology, she remembers when a mom, asking about her daughter, collapsed in her arms, and said: “What if I do something wrong taking care of her? What if I hurt my baby?” It was in this moment Carol knew that more needed to be done to help parents provide in-home care to their children who have acute, chronic, and complex conditions. Starting with her DNP project as a student at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, Carol eventually turned her idea into her own company called Ready.Sim.Go. She shares her story on this episode of the podcast. Podcast References and Resources Carol Rosenberg Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice Program Nurses Bring Added Value to the Innovation Space Nurse innovators shine
April 21, 2022

Episode 12: The Crisis in Ukraine: Nursing’s Role and How All of Us Can Help

The world is witnessing the largest European invasion since World War II. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia continues to unfold, and many people in both countries and the surrounding nations are caught in an escalating crisis and are seeking refuge. Dr. Nancy Reynolds, Professor and Associate Dean of Global Affairs at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing details the situation on the ground and how people everywhere can be helping. Podcast References and Resources Resources to Support Ukrainian Military Children & Their Families (MCEC) Psychological First Aid | Coursera Doing What Matters In Times of Stress: Available in Ukrainian Psychological first aid: Guide for field workers: Available in Ukrainian Rapid Psychological First Aid Pocket Card Coping With Grief Coping After a Disaster *For Children* Managing the Stress of War and Disaster  
March 16, 2022

Episode 11: New Cardio Research and Seven Steps to a Healthier Heart

In celebration of American Heart Month, two cardiovascular researchers from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing share practical steps to keeping your heart healthy and the details of two new research interventions aimed at improving blood pressure. Guests include: Cheryl Dennison Himmelfarb, Vice Dean for Research, Office for Science and Innovation and Yvonne Commodore-Mensah, Assistant Professor. Podcast References and Resources Life's Simple 7 American Heart Association Warning signs of a heart attack Stroke symptoms The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Receives $4.5 Million to Expand Research and Care in Hypertension and Mental Health
February 18, 2022

Episode 10: Loan Repayment Options and Their Benefit for Nurses and Health Equity

A new $1.5 billion investment in health care is giving nurses the opportunity to improve equity in the communities they serve while also having their nursing school loans repaid. Announced by the Biden Administration at the end of 2021, the funding supports loan repayment and scholarship programs within the National Health Service Corps and Nurse Corps, which are part of the Health Resources and Services Administration. Applications are open now. Show guest CAPT Jacqueline Rodrigue, Acting Director of the Division of Health Careers and Financial Support for the Bureau of Health Workforce, discusses the importance of the funding, and Dr. Andrew Pettit, a Nurse Corps participant, shares how it’s changed his life to be part of a program that is helping him pay off his nursing school loan debt. CAPT Jacqueline Rodrigue has nearly 30 years of experience in workforce diversity, cultural competency, stakeholder engagement, quality improvement, and behavioral health. She provides strategic direction, coordination, and planning in support of Bureau of Health Workforce’s 40 programs that aim to recruit, educate, train, and retain a diverse health professions workforce in rural and underserved communities. Dr. Andrew Pettit, DNP, FNP-BC, is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with combined 10 years of nursing-related experience in long-term memory care, oncology, and ambulatory care. He received his nursing degree in 2014 from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, UT, and his Doctorate of Nursing Practice in 2019 from the University of Washington in Seattle. He currently practices in primary care at a Federally Qualified Health Center in Tulare, CA. Resources: HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) Apply to the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program (deadline January 27, 2022) Apply to the National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program (deadline February 3, 2022) HHS Announces Record Health Care Workforce Awards in Rural and Underserved Communities Continue the Conversation @JHUNursing @HRSAgov @Sarah_Szanton
January 18, 2022

Episode 9: Preparing Providers to Care for Veterans and their Families

It’s not uncommon for health care providers to feel that they lack the knowledge and training to provide adequate and culturally competent care to veterans and their family members. More veterans are also seeking health care in the civilian sector, and it’s critically important for clinicians to have the knowledge, skills, and resources to care for this unique population. In this episode, Drs. Rita D’Aoust and Alicia Gill Rossiter, co-editors of the new book Caring for Veterans and their Families: A Guide for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals, discuss how their book is helping to close the knowledge gap faced by clinicians and how education can continue to improve to meet the needs of those who serve in the Armed Forces. Podcast References and Resources Caring for Veterans and their Families: A Guide for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals Have You Ever Served? A Military Health History Pocket Card for Clinicians Jonas Nursing and Veterans Healthcare VA Nursing Academy Partnerships   Continue the Conversation @RitaDAoust @agr_drltc @JHUNursing @TamarRodney
November 10, 2021

Episode 8: Can Nursing Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic?

According to Cynda Rushton, Anne and George L. Bunting Professor of Clinical Ethics at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, the answer is yes. But the profession and the greater health care system must be ready to take some advised and intentional steps forward. This starts with acknowledging and assessing the wounds of the pandemic, and then developing solutions to better prepare health systems and clinicians with tools to meet the challenges in the future. On this episode, Dr. Rushton discusses the current state of nursing, the new report on preparing nurses to practice with resilience and integrity, and a message of hope for the future.  Podcast References and Resources: R³ – the Renewal, Resilience and Retention of Maryland Nurses Initiative Mind the Gap: Preparing Nurses to Practice with Resilience and Integrity American Association of Colleges of Nursing Essentials Continue the Conversation @CyndaEthx @JHUNursing @TamarRodney
October 21, 2021

On The Pulse

On this podcast, we will take a deep dive into the experiences of frontline providers and researchers. We’ll explore their insights and invaluable stories of how health care works in today’s world – both locally and globally.

Each month, we will host guests who are experts in topics from climate change to pregnancy to palliative care. And we’ll hear some of their personal stories too – why they got into health care and what drives them each day.

Health care is complicated, and it’s always changing. But stories of resilience, helping people across the world, and developing ground breaking research is what nursing is all about. We can’t wait for you to join us!
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