Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Breaking the Cycle of Bullying in Healthcare One Cup at a Time.

EP 28: Strengthening Workplace Relationships Through HR Collaboration

If you want to cultivate and sustain a healthy work culture, you have to involve your HR partners. In this episode, Dr. Renee Thompson emphasizes the importance of fostering a healthy and respectful work culture by addressing disruptive behaviors and strengthening the relationship with human resources (HR). She advocates for unity between leaders and HR in handling problematic employees, suggesting rapport-building coffee chats, early intervention for disruptive behaviors, clear communication, decisive action, and implementing strategies to stop bullying in healthcare organizations. Tune in and learn how to cultivate a healthier and more respectful work environment by tackling an age-old problem in healthcare: bullying and incivility! Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
April 10, 2024

EP 27: Compassion in Action: Creating a Caring Work Environment

It's vital to understand rather than dictate emotions, fostering unity amidst adversity. In this episode, Doug Dascenzo, Regional Chief Nursing Officer of Trinity Health, delves into the crucial aspects of fostering a compassionate and collaborative work culture within healthcare organizations. He addresses the compassion crisis exacerbated by burnout and the pandemic, emphasizing the importance of supporting emotions, fostering open communication and empathy, and recognizing diverse personalities within teams. Tune in and learn how to contribute to building a more compassionate and secure healthcare system for all! Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
April 3, 2024

EP 26: Guide to Nurse-Physician Partnerships for Change

The impact of solid nurse-physician relationships on leadership success and cultural evolution in hospitals is pivotal. In this episode, Dina Dent uncovers the strategies she employed to build robust relationships, including her innovative "donuts with Dina" sessions, mission rounds, and town halls that engage and recognize staff, even as they answer a staggering thousand questions monthly.  Tune in as this episode offers a glimpse into the importance of diversity in thought and the evolving face of healthcare operations. Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
March 27, 2024

EP 25: Effective Strategies To Empower Healthcare Leaders

At its core, effective leadership revolves around nurturing and bolstering the growth of individuals within the team. In this episode, Mandy Tilton, Chief Nursing Officer at BAYADA Home Health, discusses the importance of leadership development in addressing workplace issues like bullying and incivility. She highlights the role of the Clinical Advisory Board in fostering interprofessional collaboration and solving challenges in home healthcare and introduces innovative approaches like the Safety Squad and book clubs for leadership development, stressing the importance of continuous learning for healthcare professionals.  Tune in and learn how small, inexpensive actions can lead to significant improvements in leadership and overall organizational performance! Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
March 20, 2024

EP 24: Nurturing New Nurses: Essential Strategies for Creating a Respectful Work Culture in Healthcare

Creating an environment where continuous feedback thrives, and interprofessional bonds flourish is paramount for nurturing the success and well-being of new nurses. In this episode, host Dr. Renee Thompson dives into the critical topic of protecting newly graduated nurses in the workplace. She showcases evidence-based strategies for protecting and nurturing new nurse talents, emphasizing the importance of addressing disruptive behaviors and fostering a culture of relentless feedback.  Tune in to discover the pivotal importance of prioritizing the well-being of newly graduated nurses and learn how to cultivate a thriving work culture that nurtures their success! Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
March 13, 2024

EP 23: Evidence-Based Solutions for Improved Relationships

Curiosity and input-seeking, not blame, lead to successful collaboration and workplace improvements. In this episode, Phyllis Stark, Chief Nurse Executive and Chief Operating Officer for Kaiser Fresno Medical Center, shares insights on transforming healthcare culture by addressing disruptive behaviors. She explains how establishing common ground and leveraging evidence-based approaches improves patient-centered care and creates successful collaborations. Phyllis stresses the significance of equipping frontline leaders with the skills to manage disruptive behaviors and the need for a deliberate, stepwise change in organizational culture.  Tune in and learn how cultivating a healthier work culture in healthcare is essential for better patient care, and learn the exact strategies to do it! Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
March 6, 2024

EP 22: The Power of Presence

Leaders who prioritize presence and approachability can significantly enhance trust and loyalty within their teams, leading to a transformative impact. Lauren Smith, CNO at Saint Alphonsus Health System, shares her journey of fostering respect and safety amongst her colleagues. She shares how she created the "CNO office hours" to bridge the gap between leadership and staff, ensuring that communication is not just top-down but a shared experience.  So pour yourself a cup of your favorite brew and listen in as we uncover the secrets to a healthier, where the cycle of bullying and incivility is replaced with trust and collaboration. Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
February 28, 2024

EP 21: Creating a Positive Shift: Insights into Healthier Work Environments

Empowering healthcare leaders with essential skills and tools is crucial for addressing disruptive behavior and fostering a positive work culture. In this episode, Amy Visser-Lynch shares her proactive strategy for addressing disruptive behavior and cultivating a healthier work culture in healthcare. She underscores the importance of empowering leaders with essential skills, fostering external partnerships, implementing leadership retreats, and transitioning from manager-led to team-led accountability. Tune in to learn more about the impact of disruptive behavior on staff morale and patient care! Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
February 21, 2024
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Coffee Break

A podcast for healthcare leaders who have had enough of the bullying; the incivility, the he-said-she-said, and other shenanigans in their departments and want to cultivate a high-performing, respectful, and healthy professional team.

In each episode, we provide practical tools and strategies for addressing workplace bullying and incivility, fostering a culture of respect and civility, and building trust and collaboration among the healthcare team.

When leaders are equipped with the skills and tools that they need to address disruptive behaviors, employees are more engaged, happier, and better serve patients and each other. This results in high-performing teams with increased retention and improved patient outcomes.


Dr. Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, FAAN, CSP

Dr. Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, FAAN, CSP

Renee grew up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, the oldest of 5 kids. There was never a dull moment in the Rossi home as her parents provided anyone in need a seat at the dinner table and sometimes a place to stay. Renee’s father had a strong work ethic (still does) and worked hard to provide for his family. Her mom kept everyone fed, watered, clothed, and is extremely kind, generous, and loving. Renee acquired her drive to accomplish everything she could in this one precious life and her passion for helping others from her parents.

Adulting didn’t come easy for Renee at first. She married young and had two kids right away, without the means to provide for them. One day she looked around and decided she wanted a better life for her girls and for herself. So, she got her associate degree in nursing at a local community college, then got her bachelors, masters, and finally, in 2015, received her doctoral degree in nursing. Along the way, she divorced her first husband and married the man of her dreams. Together, Ashley and Renee have built a life that they love.

Ten years ago, Renee took a leap of faith, quit a really great job that she loved, and started her own business. The business started basically as Renee – a speaker. Fast-forward to today, and she’s expanded the business beyond just her and now enjoys watching her company develop into an institute that serves numerous clients around the globe.

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