Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

Conversations with the innovators, game changers, and PIONEERS who are deeply passionate and relentless in solving the problems that our world is facing!

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Expert Coronavirus Updates with Dr. Marcy Willard | Session 22

As we now all experience, COVID-19 has disrupted our daily routines, both for adults and children. This crisis has also reduced access to social and medical services, which has significantly impacted community members with autism and other behavioral concerns. However, I am joined today by a forward-thinking and passionate industry leader who has relentlessly dedicated herself to answering the call and needs during these challenging times.  To ease the burden of parents with autistic children and other behavioral concerns, Dr. Marcy Willard, CEO of CLEAR Child Psychology, is leading a movement to guide one million families toward their best possible lives, during this pandemic and beyond.  Tune in to find out how Dr. Willard and the CLEAR Child Psychology team is empowering parents and supporting autistic individuals today, and tomorrow and how you can support their worthwhile mission! Episode Highlights: Overview CLEAR Child Psychology What you need to know about telehealth assessment for autism during this pandemic The 3 offerings of CLEAR Child Psychology that help guide families What is neurodiversity and how does it help us better understand a child’s profile? Dr. Willard shares what it’s like to close a $1.95M venture funding during a pandemic Parental Tips & Tricks About Our Guest: Dr. Willard is a tech entrepreneur, licensed psychologist, nationally certified school psychologist, and published author. She is passionate about helping children and families navigate their challenges and thrive. Dr. Willard has experience as a Psychologist, conducting diagnostic assessments at local clinics and as a Fellow at JFK Partners in partnership with the Children’s Hospital.  Before founding CLEAR, she worked as a School Psychologist for several years, providing training, assessment, and consultation. She has trained other psychologists in Autism Assessment using both a clinical model and a school identification model. She lives in Colorado with her husband, two boys and her dog that looks remarkably like an ewok.    Links Supporting This Episode: CLEAR Child Psychology website: ( Dr. Marcy Willard LinkedIn page: ( CLEAR Child Psychology LinkedIn page: ( Join our online community: ( Subscribe to newsletter: ( Guest nomination form: (
September 30, 2020

Building Person-Centric Support Communities with Dr. Charu Ramanathan

Connecting with and supporting others who have been through similar experiences as you are at the core of our next guest’s mission in life and the inspiring work happening with her company.  Joining me in this episode is Dr. Charu Ramanathan, the CEO of Vitalxchange, a platform centered around the needs of you and your loved ones! Charu shares why she started her company, how the Vitalxchange app works, and how she and her team are supporting and empowering families caring for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Find out how Vitalxchange is giving a new sense of hope and is shaping a better and brighter future for the wellness of its users and communities!  Episode Highlights: What is Vitalxchange and its mission of empowering healthcare consumers How Charu and her team are supporting and empowering families caring for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities How Vitalxchange is adapting during the pandemic Bringing consumerism to healthcare About Our Guest: Dr. Charu Ramanathan is a repeat entrepreneur, passionate about using technology to positively impact and elevate human life.  She is the co-founder and CEO of vitalxchange, a person focused health network centered around people, patients, caregivers and families.  Vitalxchange ( uses advanced AI technology to match community members with others in similar situations as well as information and resources to thrive.  Dr. Charu is also the co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Lokyata Global, which is developing advanced credit scoring algorithms to foster financial inclusion in emerging economies.   Prior to this, she co-founded CardioInsight, a Company specializing in noninvasive cardiac imaging systems. She led CardioInsight through its growth stages and ultimately its acquisition by Medtronic in 2015.  Dr. Ramanathan has been the recipient of several awards for her contributions to technology and humanity including Crain’s 40 under 40, TiE Immigrant Entrepreneur and American Red Cross Hero. She holds a BS from Cochin University and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, USA.    Links Supporting This Episode: Vitalxchange website: ( Vitalxchange Twitter page: ( Dr. Charu Ramanathan LinkedIn page: ( Join our online community: ( Subscribe to newsletter: ( Guest nomination form: (
September 28, 2020

Expert Coronavirus Updates | Session 21

As we continue our fight against COVID-19, healthcare leaders and innovators are at the forefront of this battle to ensure we are equipped with the right arsenal to overcome one of the biggest public health crises of our lifetimes. Dr. David Asch, Executive Director of the Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation, and his team are among the leaders creating and implementing game-changing innovations during this pandemic.  Join us in today’s episode as Dr. Asch dives deeply into Penn Medicine’s COVID Watch technology and their COBALT program to bring mental health relief to their employees while in the midst of the Coronavirus and beyond.  Dr. Asch exemplifies the passion his team and other innovators have in helping the world as we rally and work together in order to claim victory over this virus and prepare us for a brighter and healthier future. Episode Highlights: What is Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation  Overview of COVID Watch  Patients' experience with COVID Watch Overview of COBALT program  How COBALT is helping frontline employees and first responders About Our Guest: Dr. David Asch is Executive Director of the Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation and the John Morgan Professor at the Perelman School of Medicine and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. His research aims to improve how physicians and patients make health choices, combining economic analysis with psychological theory and consumer marketing in the field now called behavioral economics. From 1998 to 2012 he was Executive Director of the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics. He created and from 2001 to 2012 co-directed the VA Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion—the Department of Veterans Affairs’ national center to support vulnerable populations and reduce disparities in health and health care. Since 2012, he has directed health care innovation at Penn Medicine. Defining projects include streamlining clinical services, re-directing digital information flows for better clinical care and reduced clinician burden, developing and deploying information technology platforms to better engage patients in the management of acute and chronic disease, reducing dependence on tobacco and opioids and increasing the uptake of effective cancer screening and management, moving care safely out of hospitals and emergency rooms, and reshaping health benefit designs for greater value and employee satisfaction. He is a founding partner of the behavioral economics consulting firm, VAL Health. Dr. Asch received his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and his MD from Weill-Cornell Medical College. He was a resident in Internal Medicine and a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania and received his MBA in Health Care Management and Decision Sciences from the Wharton School. Links Supporting This Episode: Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation website: ( Dr. David Asch LinkedIn page: ( NEJM Journal article: ( Join our online community: ( Subscribe to newsletter: ( Guest nomination form: (
September 23, 2020

The Art of Human Care with Dr. Hassan Tetteh

Inspired by his near-death event and experience as a patient long before his training as a physician and transplant surgeon, our next guest shares his inspiring formula of delivering the right treatment, to the right patient, at the right time.  Dr. Hassan Tetteh, a heart and lung transplant surgeon, and the current Health Mission Chief for the Department of Defense, joins us to discuss the three pillars of his book, ‘The Art of Human Care’: purpose, personalization, and partnership. Additionally, Dr. Tetteh sheds light on why his formula is needed now more than ever during COVID-19, as burnout is reaching all-time highs.   While together, Dr. Tetteh also shared his deep passion for artificial intelligence, technology, and why innovation can fundamentally impact and improve the lives of the patients he serves and the industry overall.  It is my honor to share with you Dr. Tetteh’s story and passion for making the world a better place for so many of us working so hard to do the same. Because of leaders like Dr. Tetteh, I remain incredibly confident and inspired that we will positively move the healthcare industry forward for our nation, not only in the midst of the current global pandemic, but beyond. Episode Highlights: Dr. Hassan Tetteh’s book: The Art of Human Care What is human care The three pillars of human care Human care during COVID-19 The impact of artificial intelligence in health care About Our Guest: Dr. Hassan A. Tetteh is a US Navy Captain and Associate Professor of Surgery at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and adjunct faculty at Howard University College of Medicine. He was a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow from 2012-13, assigned to the US Congress, Congressional Budget Office, (CBO), and recently served as the Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO) for the United States Navy. Currently, Tetteh serves as the Health Mission Chief for Warfighter Health at the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) in the Department of Defense (DoD), and he is a Thoracic Surgeon for MedStar Health and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He leads a Specialized Thoracic Adapted Recovery (STAR) Team, in Washington, DC, and his research in thoracic transplantation aims to expand heart and lung recovery and save lives.   A native of Brooklyn, New York, Tetteh received his BS from State University of New York (SUNY) at Plattsburgh, his MD from SUNY Downstate Medical Center, his MPA from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, his MBA from Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School, and his MS in National Security Strategy with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence from the National War College. He completed his thoracic surgery fellowship at the University of Minnesota and advanced cardiac surgery fellowship at Harvard Medical School’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.  Tetteh is a bestselling author of four books including: Gifts of the Heart, Star Patrol, The Art of Human Care, and Seven Pillars of Life. He has finished twenty marathons, and delivered the popular TEDx talk, From Death to Life, based on his work in transplant surgery. Tetteh is board certified in thoracic surgery, general surgery, clinical informatics, and healthcare management, and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. Links Supporting This Episode: Dr. Hassan Tetteh website: ( Dr. Hassan Tetteh LinkedIn page: ( Dr. Hassan Tetteh Twitter page: ( Join our online community: ( Subscribe to newsletter: ( Guest nomination form: (
September 21, 2020

Expert Coronavirus Updates | Session 20

As physicians and healthcare leaders continue to innovate, especially during this pandemic, the needs and use cases for artificial intelligence is becoming more and more prevalent. AI has the potential to transform the industry in so many powerful ways. It can be utilized to lessen the burden on physicians, improve quality care for patients, and decrease costs for the entire system. In order to address this important topic, we are joined by Dr. Uli Chettipally in today’s episode. Dr. Chettipally is an emergency physician, innovator, and the author of Punish The Machine!: The Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care, where he shares his invaluable perspective on the ways that cutting edge technology is revolutionizing healthcare research, treatments, and how it’ll affect the industry in the future. Join us as we learn from Dr. Chettipally how AI can be used to revolutionize the industry and aid all of us during these unprecedented times with COVID-19 and beyond! Episode Highlights: An overview of InnovatorMD How can artificial intelligence help empower physicians and the healthcare system during a crisis like COVID-19? Dr. Uli explains what his book, Punish the Machine! is all about How can we deliver care to patients despite burnout and stress from uncertain times Examples of how the industry is integrating machine learning and AI to battle COVID-19 Tips for physician and healthcare providers who have a solution to a problem within the healthcare industry What to do when you have a solution to a certain healthcare problem but unsure of what measures to take About Our Guest: Dr. Uli K. Chettipally is an emergency physician, researcher, author, and an innovator. He is currently the President of InnovatorMD, a healthcare innovation company.  As a physician-scientist, he is interested in technology-enabled care. He received the Pioneer Award for Innovation from Kaiser Permanente and Morris F. Collen Research Award from The Permanente Medical Group.   His other roles include President, San Mateo County Medical Association; Chairman, Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, San Francisco Bay Area chapter; Advisor, Mentor, and Investor at various healthcare start-ups. His book, "Punish the Machine! The Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare" is available on Amazon. Links Supporting This Episode: InnovatorMD website: ( Dr. Uli Chettipally LinkedIn page: ( Dr. Uli’s Book: ( Join our online community: ( Subscribe to newsletter: ( Guest nomination form: (
September 16, 2020

Democratizing Mental Health Care for Kids with Damayanti Dipayana

Almost 80% of US children who need mental health treatment do not have access to the traditional healthcare system. And, for the kids who do get treatment, only 17.6% of parents are fully satisfied with the care they receive.  For kids to have better access to mental healthcare, our next guest has made it her life’s work to create a platform that will help democratize mental health care for our youth! In this episode, the passionate and energizing health-tech innovation leader, Damayanti Dipayana joins us. She is the CEO of Manatee- a digital platform that empowers mental health providers and families by integrating therapy into daily life.  Find out why Damayanti is so committed to bringing more awareness and solutions to pediatric mental health and how you can help the Manatee team further their incredibly important mission for some of our youngest community members across the nation.  Episode Highlights: The big problem with therapy for kids How do you translate therapy into daily life? How Manatee is impacting the lives of children and their parents How Manatee made therapy fun for kids What’s next for Manatee? About Our Guest: Damayanti Dipayana, Co-Founder & CEO of Manatee, has been at the early beginnings of various successful startups (up to series C and a total of $76M received to date). She used to run Customer Success and Professional Services and built high performing, cross-functional teams in London and across North America (NYC, SF and LA).  She grew up in the Netherlands with a neurodiverse brother and is on a mission to reimagine behavioral health for families. She's lived and worked in 9 different countries across 4 continents in Europe, Asia, North and South America.  Through her exposure to different cultures and beliefs, she loves challenging existing assumptions through honest conversation, which is why she also founded the video production company, Be Frank.  Links Supporting This Episode: Manatee website: ( Manatee Twitter page: ( Damayanti Dipayana LinkedIn page: ( Join our online community: ( Subscribe to newsletter: ( Guest nomination form: (
September 14, 2020

Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

Our world is experiencing daunting problems and at times it can feel overwhelming and downright depressing.

But, Mike Biselli is incredibly optimistic that we can solve these problems, when we work TOGETHER! Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli highlights the innovators, the game changers, and the PIONEERS who are deeply passionate and relentless in solving the problems that our world is facing.

This is your opportunity to connect and learn from these leaders, and to support them on their mission. Perhaps they will soon be hearing your story as well!
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Mike Biselli

Mike Biselli

After being named 1st Team All PAC-10 and playing in the Rose Bowl with the Stanford Cardinal the following year – all while earning his BA and MA – Mike hung up his football cleats and brought his unwavering determination and collaborative spirit to the field of healthcare.

As a Board Member for Medical Group Management Association, Prime Health, Colorado Bioscience Association, and several other organizations, Mike experienced firsthand the tremendous power a determined community of clinicians, executives, technologists, entrepreneurs, academics, and investors could wield when they work together.

Realizing just how much more could be accomplished if that power were harnessed, Mike developed the industry integrator concept, a new feature of the innovation economy that allows the healthcare industry to be integrated at the point of innovation by physically housing an entire ecosystem in a single location.

In partnership with governmental, non-profit, and commercial organizations, Mike and his team built Catalyst, a 180,000 square foot, first-of-its-kind industry integrator, in Denver’s River North District (RiNo) that houses 60+ health-tech startups, academic institutions, healthcare systems, and Fortune 100s alike in the race to fix healthcare. Catalyst opened its doors in July, 2018.

While Mike continues to be a Catalyst Partner/Owner, his efforts are now focused on his role as Chief Community Officer at BurstIQ. BurstIQ is a HIPAA and GDPR compliant platform creating health profiles for people, places and things, and empowers the interactions between them. The blockchain platform enables health applications and services to incorporate complex data ownership, consent, and monetization … at scale.

The BurstIQ team is creating a deeply connected community of health data anchors and innovators to ignite an international revolution by properly securing, controlling, consenting and monetizing health data.

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