AWS Health Innovation Podcast

AWS Health Innovation Podcast

Amazon Web Services showcases startups that are advancing healthcare & life science by leveraging cloud computing technology.

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#33, Michelle Wagner, Mindstrong

Michelle Wagner, CEO of Mindstrong, discusses why integrating data collected between treatment sessions can be a game changer for behavioral health, why selling digital health products via large employers can look a lot like direct-to-consumer sales, and why entrepreneurs in healthcare must learn to embrace iterative change as part of a large and complex system.
November 28, 2022

#32, Andrew Eye, ClosedLoop & Amanda Goltz, AWS Accelerator focused on health equity

Andrew Eye, CEO and co-founder of ClosedLoop, and Amanda Goltz, lead for the AWS Accelerator focused on health equity, join the podcast for the 3rd and final episode of our mini-season featuring startups addressing health equity. Hear how the AWS Accelerator supports healthcare startups, how the aims of health equity are aligned with Value-Based Care, and why Andrew believes local data is so essential to building powerful, unbiased predictive models in healthcare.
November 21, 2022

#31, Baha Zeidan, Azalea Health

Baha Zeidan from Azalea Health discusses the unique operational challenges rural providers face delivering care & managing their practices, health inequities facing 1 in 5 Americans who live in rural environments, and how cloud technology enables Azalea to rapidly iterate and improve its products in a secure & compliant fashion.
November 18, 2022

#30, Kevin Dedner, Hurdle Health

Kevin Dedner, CEO and co-founder of Hurdle Health, joins the podcast as part of our mini-season featuring startups addressing health equity. Kevin shares his insights on why he is optimistic about the future of health equity, how COVID-19 impacted how we think about mental health, and why Hurdle Health focuses on cultural humility, cultural responsiveness, and cultural intentionality, instead of cultural competency.
November 14, 2022

#29, Warren Ratliff, AdaptX

Warren Ratliff, CEO and co-founder of AdaptX, discusses why he doesn’t want to create super users among his provider customers, how he thinks about building momentum with customers during long sales cycles, and when focusing on positive deviants can be a powerful adoption driver.
November 7, 2022

#28, Caitlin Donovan, Uber Health & Jacob Laufer, ShiftMed

Caitlin Donovan, Global Head of Uber Health, and Jacob Laufer, COO of Shiftmed, discuss the implications of more care moving outside the hospital, the role of transportation in driving retention among providers, and the way complementary, tech-enabled solutions can combine forces to solve healthcare’s most pressing challenges.
October 31, 2022

AWS Health Innovation Podcast

The AWS Health Innovation Podcast is the first and only Amazon/AWS podcast featuring healthcare and life science startups and investors. We showcase innovative teams and people, providing a view into how they operate and drive progress. Our goal is to tell the stories behind health innovators, not just talk about technology. The intended audience are health innovators, investors and employees from healthcare & life sciences startups.
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Alex Merwin

Alex Merwin

Alex Merwin is an operations executive with over ten years of experience building and scaling high-performance teams at startups and global tech companies. He is passionate about helping healthcare innovators apply digital technologies to make their solutions more customer-centric, cost-efficient, and effective. He studied at the University of Colorado Boulder, earning a Bachelors in Marketing with an International Business Certificate. He also attended executive development courses at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. He works at Amazon Web Services as Head of Growth for their Healthcare & Life Sciences Startups business.
Joe Shonkwiler

Joe Shonkwiler

Joe Shonkwiler is a physician and former health tech startup founder and operator now working with the best Healthcare & Life Science startups and investors on behalf of Amazon Web Services (AWS). He has served as a senior advisor in the United States Senate, CEO of a bootstrapped healthcare software startup, and, most recently, was an operational leader at Aledade, a tech-enabled healthcare services startup. Joe began his career as a general surgery resident at Columbia University Medical Center. He has an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, a Master of Public Policy (MPP) from Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs, an MD from Columbia University’s College of Physicians & Surgeons, and a BA from the University of Notre Dame.

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