AWS Health Innovation Podcast

AWS Health Innovation Podcast

Amazon Web Services showcases startups that are advancing healthcare & life science by leveraging cloud computing technology.

#39, Seth Sternberg, Honor (re-release)

On this re-release, Seth Sternberg discusses the need to care for care professionals and how they’re developed, how to acquire & integrate a company into a high-growth startup and lessons learned managing a two-sided marketplace in the digital health space.
March 20, 2023

#33, Michelle Wagner, Mindstrong (re-release)

On this re-release, Michelle Wagner, CEO of Mindstrong, discusses why integrating data collected between treatment sessions can be a game changer for behavioral health, why selling digital health products via large employers can look a lot like direct-to-consumer sales, and why entrepreneurs in healthcare must learn to embrace iterative change as part of a large and complex system.
March 13, 2023

#18 Dr. George Church & Barghavi Govindarajan, Digid8 (re-release)

This is re-release of Dr. George Church and Barghavi Govindarajan discussing how technology, innovation, and education can come together in a single product, to what extent users need to understand a complex technology to use it effectively, and how basic science researchers can leverage startups to speed up the time to making a massive impact on the world.
March 6, 2023

Season Two Wrap Up

We want to hear your feedback about the Podcast! Let us know what you think here: --------- This week we're doing something different, as we wrap Season 2 and get ready to launch Season 3 later in the spring. Given we'll be taking several weeks off to cook up our next season of content, this is a great opportunity to showcase a few episodes from our catalog by republishing them on the feed over the coming weeks. Joe and Alex talk about why they selected these episodes, share some other highlights from season 2 and a give listeners a sneak peek for what we have planned for Season 3. --------- We want to hear your feedback about the Podcast! Let us know what you think here: --------- Learn more about how AWS enables healthcare and life science startups to grow & thrive ( and how healthcare & life sciences industry leaders leverage the cloud to accelerate health innovation (
February 28, 2023

#44, Jonathan Bush, Zus Health

Jonathan Bush, CEO and co-founder of Zus Health, shares his thoughts on why he sees duplication as core to what frustrates so many with the US health system, how his experience leading athenahealth has shaped his team’s approach at Zus, and what his advice is for first time founders in health tech.
February 20, 2023

#43, Alessio Signorini, Evidation Health

Alessio Signorini, CTO and co-founder of Evidation Health, shares how the founders’ experience in data-driven advertising led them to Evidation Health, how the rise of wearable technology has dramatically increased available healthcare data, and why transparency, privacy, and trust are essential when working with healthcare data.
February 13, 2023
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AWS Health Innovation Podcast

The AWS Health Innovation Podcast is the first and only Amazon/AWS podcast featuring healthcare and life science startups and investors. We showcase innovative teams and people, providing a view into how they operate and drive progress. Our goal is to tell the stories behind health innovators, not just talk about technology. The intended audience are health innovators, investors and employees from healthcare & life sciences startups.


Alex Merwin

Alex Merwin

Alex Merwin is an operations executive with over ten years of experience building and scaling high-performance teams at startups and global tech companies. He is passionate about helping healthcare innovators apply digital technologies to make their solutions more customer-centric, cost-efficient, and effective. He studied at the University of Colorado Boulder, earning a Bachelors in Marketing with an International Business Certificate. He also attended executive development courses at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. He works at Amazon Web Services as Head of Growth for their Healthcare & Life Sciences Startups business.
Joe Shonkwiler

Joe Shonkwiler

Joe Shonkwiler is a physician and former health tech startup founder and operator now working with the best Healthcare & Life Science startups and investors on behalf of Amazon Web Services (AWS). He has served as a senior advisor in the United States Senate, CEO of a bootstrapped healthcare software startup, and, most recently, was an operational leader at Aledade, a tech-enabled healthcare services startup. Joe began his career as a general surgery resident at Columbia University Medical Center. He has an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, a Master of Public Policy (MPP) from Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs, an MD from Columbia University’s College of Physicians & Surgeons, and a BA from the University of Notre Dame.

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