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Interviews with people doing interesting things in pathology and related fields.

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Episode 44: Dr Amy Rapkiewicz – The Importance of the Autopsy in Understanding COVID-19

Today my guest is Dr Amy Rapkiewicz.What we discuss with Dr Rapkiewicz:Her residency at the National Cancer InstituteWhy she chose two fellowships, cytopathology and forensic pathologyBeing interviewed by the Associated Press and CNNAutopsy finding in COVID patientsThe paper she coauthored about these findingsHow the pandemic has stressed the importance of the autopsyLinks for this episode:Health Podcast NetworkDress A Med scrubsDr Amy Rapkiewicz on TwitterNational Cancer InstituteAssociated Press articleCNN interviewMegakaryocytes and platelet-fibrin thrombi characterize multi-organ thrombosis at autopsy in COVID-19 in EClinical MedicinePeople of Pathology Podcast:WebsiteTwitter
January 18, 2021

Episode 43: Kelsey Dawes – Molecular Medicine, Epigenetics, and Machine Learning

Today my guest is Molecular Medicine PhD student Kelsey Dawes.What we discuss with Kelsey:Her undergraduate program in health studiesHer current PhD program in molecular medicineWhat is epigenetics, and her work in this fieldIdea Storm and her project in diabetes testingHer internship at Behavioral DiagnosticsMachine learning and its implicationsLinks for this episode:Health Podcast NetworkDress A Med ScrubsKelsey Dawes on TwitterMolecular Medicine programClinical Epigenetics articleIdea StormBehavioral DiagnosticsPeople of Pathology PodcastWebsiteTwitter 
January 11, 2021

Episode 42: Dana Baker – Medical Laboratory Science, Healthcare Simulation, and “Labvocating”

Today my guest is Medical Laboratory Scientist Dana Baker.What we discuss with Dana:How she discovered the field of Lab MedicineHer path to earning an MBAHer Masters program in Healthcare SimulationHer current Doctorate program in EducationThe importance of joining professional organizationsTeaching, mentoring, and "labvocating" for the professionLinks for this episode:Health Podcast NetworkDress A Med scrubsDana Baker on TwitterDana on eLABorate Topics PodcastHealthcare SimulationASCLS Voices Under 40People of Pathology PodcastWebsiteTwitter
January 4, 2021

Episode 41: Dr Syeda Qasim – Pathology and Psychiatry Collaboration and International Medical Graduates

My guest today is Dr Syeda Qasim.What we discuss with Dr Qasim:Medical school in Pakistan and working as a pathologist assistantMoving to Canada and becoming an instructor at the Ontario IMG SchoolHelping international medical graduates become licensed in North AmericaHer recent article in The Pathologist, and how pathology and psychiatry can collaborateLinks for this episode:Health Podcast NetworkThe Queen of All Poisons giveaway from GoodreadsCAP Foundation See, Test, & Treat programDress A Med scrubsDr Syeda Qasim:TwitterOntario IMG SchoolStrange Bedfellows: Pathology and Psychiatry in The PathologistPeople of Pathology Podcast:WebsiteTwitter
December 28, 2020

Episode 40: Dr Evi Abada – Pathology and Global Public Health, and 500 Women Scientists

Today my guest is Dr Evi Abada.What we discuss with Dr Abada:Her medical school training in NigeriaHer Masters degree in International Health Policy and Management500 Women ScientistsAvoiding burnout and why that's importantHer article on ASCP's Lablogatory, Pathology and Global Public HealthHow we can speak up more about our fieldLinks for this episode:Health Podcast Network The Queen of All Poisons giveaway from GoodreadsDress A Med scrubsDr Evi Abada:Twitter500 Women ScientistsPathology and Global Public Health on ASCP's LablogatoryPeople of Pathology PodcastWebsiteTwitter
December 21, 2020

Episode 39: Dr Christina Arnold – Coaching and Your Path in Focus

Today my guest is GI Pathologist and Coach Dr Christina Arnold.What we discuss with Dr Arnold:How she chose GI pathology as a specialtyHer story of feeling miserable and what she did about itHow and why she started Your Path in FocusHer training as a coach including Empowering Women Physicians and The Life Coach SchoolByron Katie and her influenceThe 90 Second Mini Mentor Sessions on TwitterLinks for this Episode:Health Podcast NetworkDress A Med ScrubsThe Queen of All Poisons giveaway from GoodreadsDr Christina Arnold:TwitterYour Path in FocusYour Path in Focus PodcastPathPodThe Life Coach SchoolEmpowering Women PhysiciansByron KatiePeople of Pathology PodcastWebsiteTwitter
December 14, 2020

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Dennis Strenk

Dennis Strenk

Pathologists’ Assistant at Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories, CFO of the American Association of Pathologists’ Assistants and Host of People of Pathology Podcast.

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