Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast

Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast

Taking health conversations beyond clinical walls.

Black Doctor: Day in the Life with Dr. Weaver

As a black female physician myself, I've encountered moments that both challenge and affirm my place in the medical field. It's these experiences that make me particularly excited to share the airwaves with Dr. Toyin Weaver, a family medicine physician whose story of resilience and success is not just inspiring but a beacon for change in healthcare. Dr. Weaver brings to the table her wealth of knowledge in hyperbaric oxygen therapy wound care, along with insights from her roles as a hospitalist and urgent care clinician. But perhaps her most profound role is that of a mentor, guiding us through the intricate balance of professional and personal life as a wife and mother of three. This episode isn't just about the hardships; it's a celebration of the strides we're making in medicine, both as providers and as individuals.Representation matters, and Dr. Weaver's presence in healthcare is a testament to that. From the joys of being a role model to young black girls to the sobering realities of vaccine hesitancy and historical mistrust in medical institutions, we examine the layers of being black physicians in today's world. We unravel personal anecdotes of mistaken identity and racial bias, uncovering the ongoing need for frank dialogues to build patient trust. With Dr. Weaver's narrative, we underscore the significance of seeing oneself reflected in their healthcare provider. This enlightening discussion not only acknowledges the generational impact of medical mistrust but also champions the pursuit of health equity and increased representation in the field. Join us as we address these critical issues with the hope of inspiring a future where diversity in medicine is not an exception but a norm.Thank you for Listening to Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast.To find more from Dr. BCW YouTube: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter:
February 20, 2024

Pediatrician’s Passion: Uplifting Youth Through Health and Education – The Aryel Foundation Story

When I met Dr. Ariel, a pediatrician with a heart the size of Reno, Nevada, I knew immediately his story deserved a spotlight. Not only has he run a successful practice that opened its arms to all children, but he's taken it a step further, lighting the path to higher education for those who thought it beyond reach. Join us as Dr. Ariel narrates his inspiring journey from clinician to champion of youth, and the creation of the LB Ariel Foundation which is transforming lives beyond the clinic walls.You'll hear firsthand about the numerous accolades his practice has gained, like the CDC's recognition for exceptional HPV vaccination rates. But the heart of our conversation beats strongest when discussing the Foundation's impact on underprivileged students. Dr. Ariel doesn't just talk about change; he's on the frontlines, assisting with everything from laptops to college tuition. His dedication to nurturing not only the health but also the academic aspirations of his patients, particularly black and Latino students, is a true testament to the power of genuine care and commitment. Prepare to be moved by a story of unwavering dedication and the tangible difference one individual can make in the lives of many.Thank you for Listening to Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast.To find more from Dr. BCW YouTube: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter:
February 1, 2024

Embracing Diversity in Leadership and Healthcare: Insights from Jay Guilford

Join Dr. Curry-Winchell, aka Dr. BCW,  in an enlightening session with Jay Guilford, founder of CO Works Leadership Strategies, as they explore the critical role of diversity, equity, and inclusion in both corporate and healthcare sectors. Guilford, with his extensive experience in leadership development for major companies, shares his personal journey and why he's passionate about DEI training, especially for medical professionals.In this episode, Guilford recounts a powerful personal story about facing life-threatening illness and the biases in medical treatment he encountered. This conversation highlights the importance of understanding and combating bias in healthcare and beyond, emphasizing the impact of representation on health outcomes and the necessity of expanding DEI initiatives to address various forms of discrimination.Listeners will gain valuable insights into effective approaches to DEI, moving beyond blame and shame tactics, and the significance of self-education in understanding our own privileges. This episode is a call to action for embracing diversity and inclusion in all professional environments.Tune in to Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast for an inspiring discussion on the transformative power of diversity, equity, and inclusion in leadership and healthcare.#DR_BCW #BeyondClinicalWalls #DiversityInHealthcare #InclusiveLeadership #DEITraining #HealthcareEquity #MedicalDiversity #LeadershipDevelopment #EquityInMedicine #InclusiveHealthcare #BiasInHealthcareThank you for Listening to Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast.To find more from Dr. BCW YouTube: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter:
January 10, 2024

Bridging Racial Disparity: Black Women in Medicine and the Path to the Next Generation

In this episode of Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast, Dr. Curry-Winchell, also known as Dr. BCW, talks about the challenges facing black female physicians as she discusses with Dr. Ivie Okundaye.Join Dr. BCW in this enlightening episode of Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast. She engages in a deep conversation with Dr. Okundaye. Dr. Okundaye is a nephrologist and assistant professor at the University of Nevada, Reno. In this candid discussion, Dr. Okundaye shares her inspirational journey. From her roots in the Midwest to her remarkable achievements in the medical field.Born to Nigerian immigrant parents, Dr. Okundaye's path led her through prestigious institutions like Wake Forest University and the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine. She shares her experiences, shaped by her identity and the challenges of being a black woman in medicine. Of course Dr. Curry-Winchell relates to many of these challenges. Hear these two physicians provide their unique perspective on health equity and the importance of diversity in healthcare.Dr. Okundaye delves into her experiences in medical school and her fellowship at Stanford University. She highlights the challenges and triumphs of her journey. Of course, both physicians share their dedication to patient care, self-advocacy, and mentoring the next generation of medical professionals.The discussion also explores Dr. Okundaye's venture into health communication through radio shows and podcasts, her passion for enhancing health literacy, and her innovative consulting firm designed to guide aspiring medical professionals.This episode is not just a narrative of personal success. It’s a beacon of hope and guidance for anyone aspiring to make a difference in the world of medicine. Regardless of their background.Join Dr. Curry-Winchell on the Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast for an inspiring tale of resilience, commitment, and the power of diversity in shaping the future of healthcare.Thank you for Listening to Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast.To find more from Dr. BCW YouTube: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter:
November 19, 2023

Life is Worth It: Suicide Prevention, Mental Health and a Groundbreaking School Curriculum

In this episode of Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast, Dr. Curry-Winchell, affectionately known as Dr. BCW, engages, in a deep conversation with Emma White. What if you could help save a life with just a moment of connection? Brace yourself for a deep and insightful conversation with the remarkable Emma White, who brings her personal experience and passion to our discussion about suicide prevention, mental health, and the innovative ways her organization, Life is Worth It, is working to change the narrative. Emma fearlessly shares her own struggles with suicide, depression, and anxiety brought on by bullying, and how these experiences have fueled her commitment to creating a more mentally healthy world. Emma's initiative on implementing a national health curriculum in schools is nothing short of groundbreaking. As we explore the intricacies of this curriculum which covers physical, mental, emotional, and digital health, Emma highlights her plans to pilot the program in Nevada high schools. But she doesn't stop there, Emma's dedication extends to making suicide prevention a communal responsibility - a strong call to action for us all. Let's immerse ourselves in this inspirational journey as Emma underscores the power of community and connectedness in addressing mental health issues and preventing suicide.Thank you for Listening to Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast.To find more from Dr. BCW YouTube: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter:
September 10, 2023

Evoke Warriors and the Power of Exercise for Cancer Patients

In this episode of Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast, Dr. Curry-Winchell, affectionately known as Dr. BCW, engages in a heartfelt conversation with Mena Spodobalski, the remarkable owner of Evoke Fitness. Tune in as they delve into the inspiring journey of Evoke Warriors, a revolutionary program catering to cancer patients undergoing treatment or transitioning into remission.Evoke Fitness, a local gym with a heartwarming mission, offers a lifeline to those affected by cancer. With a deep understanding of the transformative power of exercise and fitness, Evoke donates gym time and personal trainers to empower cancer patients on their path to recovery. Driven by the belief that physical strength fosters emotional and mental resilience, Evoke Warriors serves as a beacon of hope and support.During this captivating conversation, Dr. BCW and Mena Spodobalski explore the profound impact Evoke Warriors has had on the lives of cancer patients. They delve into heartwarming stories of individuals who have embraced the program, discovering newfound strength, determination, and community.To learn more about Evoke check out you for Listening to Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast.To find more from Dr. BCW YouTube: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter:
June 9, 2023

Parkinson’s Disease and the Black Community

In this Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast episode, Dr. BCW hosts a discussion on Parkinson's disease, featuring guests Dr. Shah and Mr. & Mrs. Coley. The guests share their experiences and work raising awareness about Parkinson's disease, emphasizing its impact on various communities, specifically communities of color with which Parkinson's is not commonly associated. Dr. Shah, a neurologist and movement disorder specialist, focuses on addressing healthcare disparities, increasing access to care, and ensuring high-quality treatment for Parkinson's patients.Mrs. Coley, a Parkinson's advocate and patient herself, highlights her efforts to provide education, resources, and research on Parkinson's to underrepresented communities. Mr. Coley, her care partner, emphasizes the ripple effect of the disease on the entire family and discusses the importance of addressing health disparities, particularly in communities of color.Dr. BCW acknowledges the progressive nature of Parkinson's and the challenge of detecting its symptoms, especially in underrepresented groups. The conversation aims to shed light on the intersectionality of Parkinson's and its impact on individuals and communities. The guests discuss invisible symptoms, known as non-motor symptoms, which can affect various organ systems in the body. They stress the significance of early diagnosis and treatment to prevent individuals from suffering without appropriate care.The episode concludes with Dr. Shah discussing the group's work on their book PD Movers, a free book aimed and providing increased health literacy regarding the impact of Parkinson's on the Black community. Check out this great episode in its entirety for more information. Thank you for Listening to Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast.To find more from Dr. BCW YouTube: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter:
May 18, 2023

Ozempic and PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

Bayo Curry-Winchell, MD (Dr. BCW) sits down with her dear friend Jessica to talk about Ozempic.  Jessica, who has suffered from PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, for years, was recently prescribed Ozempic in an effort to get symptoms under control.  Tune in to hear Jessica's journey to her diagnosis, the Ozempic prescription and the positive and negative impacts it has had on her over the first few months.  Thank you for Listening to Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast.To find more from Dr. BCW YouTube: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter:
April 16, 2023
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Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast

Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast is a podcast started by Dr. Bayo Curry-Winchell, M.D., who also goes by Dr. BCW. The Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast is a platform to discuss health-related topics in an open forum to help improve health literacy, call out healthcare inequities and shine a light on race-based medicine and algorithms.


Dr. Bayo Curry-Winchell, M.D.

Dr. Bayo Curry-Winchell, M.D.

Dr. Bayo Curry-Winchell, M.D., who also goes by "Dr. BCW," obtained her medical degree from Ross University in 2012 and completed her residency at the University of Nevada Reno Family Medicine in 2015. Dr. BCW is a board-certified family medicine physician, practicing & licensed in Nevada and California. She is the Medical Director for Saint Mary's Urgent Cares in Reno, Nevada, and is the Medical Director for the Washoe County Sexual Assault Response Team as well. She also volunteers as an Assistant Medical Examiner for Washoe County Child Protective Services and many other community engagements.

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