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Amplify Nursing Season 5: Episode 06: Jonathan Zhu

Today on Amplify Nursing, we talk with Jonathan Zhu, a rising senior BSN student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. As an assistant in the department of innovation at Penn Nursing, Jon has worked on various projects including the Design Thinking for Health platform, Penn Nursing Innovation Accelerator, and Penn Nursing Story Slam. Jon has also participated in numerous healthcare hackathons, including NurseHack4Health, Jefferson Health Hack, MIT Health Equity, and more. Jon talks with us about what drew him to nursing and nursing innovation, the importance of innovation education in nursing curricula, and why nursing students should participate in hackathons. Read his articles here: The Case for Innovation Education in Nursing School Getting Nursing Students Involved in Hackathons
May 12, 2022

Amplify Nursing Season 5: Episode 05: Neil Bardhan and Christina Eskridge

On this episode of the Amplify Nursing podcast, we talk with Dr. Neil Bardhan, Director of Applied Storytelling at First Person Arts, and Christina Eskridge, founder and Executive Director of Elevate Theatre Company. Dr. Bardhan is a science communication expert with a Ph.D. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and he has been very involved in story slams across the country, including the Penn Nursing Story Slam. Dr. Bardhan is an expert on human communication, and his past work includes psycholinguistic research projects in The Netherlands and Germany, where he began combining science with storytelling principles.  Christina received her Master’s Degree in Public Health from UC Berkeley and has worked over the past decade to combine her expertise in performing arts with her public health background to facilitate and amplify health/healthcare topics including the recent Penn Nursing Frontline Health Workers Digital Theater project. Dr. Bardhan and Christina talk with us about how their backgrounds in performing arts brought them to storytelling, the reflective nature of storytelling, and the parallels between clinical practice and the theater arts. 
April 22, 2022

Amplify Nursing Season 5: Episode 4: Dawn Bent

Today on Amplify Nursing, we talk with Dr. Dawn Bent, program administrator of the DNP-Nurse Anesthesia Program at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing.  As a faculty at Penn Nursing, Dr. Bent has mentored numerous nursing students, and she continues to inspire and support them through the many clinical and academic rigors that they face. Dr. Bent talks with us about the significance mentorship plays in nursing education, the parallels between athletics and leadership, and the importance of promoting diversity among nurse anesthesia faculty.
April 7, 2022

Amplify Nursing: Season 5: Episode 03: Julie Fairman

Today on Amplify Nursing, we talk with Dr. Julie Fairman, Professor of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Dr. Fairman is a renowned nurse historian who has made significant contributions in studying how 20th-century healthcare issues have influenced current nursing and health care trends. Her remarkable career has sparked a new paradigm for studying the history of health care and health policy, with her current research focusing on the intersection of the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Fairman talks with us about the nuances involved with studying the history of healthcare, the role of nurses in addressing structural racism and social injustice, and how historical perspectives shape the landscape of healthcare practice and policy today.
March 17, 2022

Amplify Nursing: Season 5: Episode 02: Anthony Scarpone-Lambert

Today on AmplifyNursing, we talk with Anthony Scarpone-Lambert, Co-founder and CEO of LumifyCare.  As an undergrad at Penn Nursing, Anthony was intrigued by the idea of attending a nurse hackathon. He embraced the challenge, pitched an idea to the group, and even met his co-founder. We talk to Anthony about his transformative experience, the benefits of working with a design thinking model of innovation, and his journey from nursing student to CEO.
March 3, 2022

Amplify Nursing: Season 5: Episode 01: Patricia D'Antonio

Today on the Amplify Nursing podcast we talk with internationally recognized historian of nursing Dr. Patricia D’Antonio, Director of the Barbara Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Studying the history of nursing has been the joy of Dr. D'Antonio's career and she believes history is one of the most critical methodologies we have to confront the complexities we face in health and helathcare today and to think about how all things are interconnected. Dr. D'Antonio is one of the authors of a white paper examining the history of racism in nursing that will be released along with the 2022 National Commission to Address Racism in Nursing Foundational Report. The Commission's goal is to look at how racism is still perpetuated in nursing and by nurses and to create strategies to combat it. Dr. D'Antonio talks with us about the history of racism in nursing, how historians look at the past, and how structural racism is embedded in nursing's origin story.
February 3, 2022

Amplify Nursing

Amplify Nursing features nurses who are leading the way in science, policy and innovation. Our guests defy stereotypes, define practice, and disrupt convention. We highlight the breadth and depth of nursing influence on society by amplifying nurses who are pushing boundaries and breaking down barriers to build a new paradigm. Amplify Nursing is a Penn Nursing podcast supported by the Pinola Fund for Innovation in Nursing. Hosted by Marion Leary and Dr. Angelarosa DiDonato.
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Marion Leary, MSN MPH RN

Marion Leary, MSN MPH RN

Angelarosa DiDonato, DNP, CRNA

Angelarosa DiDonato, DNP, CRNA

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