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Digital Health Today features the innovators, leaders and pioneers transforming health and wellness.

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S11: #107: To Bot or Not to Bot? The Rise of AI Chatbots in Healthcare in the Wake of COVID-19

Dr. John Reeves of Conversation Health shares insights on how chatbots can connect when humans can't
May 26, 2020

S11: #106: What Individuals and Organizations Can Do To Survive And Thrive In Times Of Crisis

Dr. William Kassler of IBM Watson Health explains the roles of Fear, Resilience and Self-care
May 19, 2020

S11: #105: Digital Health for Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health

Daniela Tudor is a CEO with a deep understanding of how to sustain long term recovery
May 5, 2020

S11: #104: Building a Company Culture with Virtual Reality and Remote Teams

Justin Barad, MD, shares insights on how to build a company and team culture with distributed teams
April 28, 2020

Coffee Talk: Training Professionals to Lead Healthcare’s Evolution with Biomedical Informatics

Organizing, analyzing, and utilizing information for translational research that bridges discovery and clinical care
April 22, 2020

S11: #103: Some Good News for Digital Health in the Midst of COVID-19

Dr. Zayna Khayat shares how organizations are adapting to the new normal, and what leading companies can do to make up ground after COVID-19
April 21, 2020

From patients and clinicians, to inventors and investors, Digital Health Today features guests from around the world to explore their insights, experience and knowledge from the front lines of health tech innovation. Tune in, subscribe and become a part of the digital health community!
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Dan Kendall

Dan Kendall

As an engineer and business leader, Dan has worked to develop, launch and scale innovative products and solutions that impact health and wellness. As an entrepreneur, he knows firsthand what it takes to start a business, build a team, and compete in the global marketplace. On Digital Health Today, Dan leverages his experiences to help great leaders and innovators tell their stories and connect to users, investors and other stakeholders.


"If you’re interested in health, tech or both this podcast is for you! Dan does an amazing job of cultivating amazing guests and discussing the latest innovative ideas in advancing our healthcare system. Highly recommend this podcast. "
Tyler Pugsley
Tyler Pugsley iTunes Review, USA App Store
"Fantastic podcast. The guests are leading experts who talk about innovation in real terms. The lightning round is refreshing and fun, too. "
Patty Keiler
Patty Keiler iTunes Review, USA App Store
“Really interesting topics and good range of people featured in these podcasts! The length is also perfect for that awful London commute. Keep them coming “
Anais Kegels
Anais Kegels iTunes Review, UK App Store

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