AAOS Career Podcast

AAOS Career Podcast

The Bone Beat, an orthopaedic podcast channel from AAOS

#31 Working With Industry: Ethical Considerations and Patient Safety

Partnerships between orthopaedic surgeons and industry can have educational value and lead to improvements in patient care. Sometimes, however, the line between supportive funds and funds to promote a particular product can be blurred. This episode dives into considerations for ensuring these relationships provide value, benefit the patient, and comply with applicable laws. Related episode, Episode 16, Ideas and Innovation in Orthopaedics: AAOS Device Recall Dashboard: Guest: Jonathan Dubin, MD, FAAOS, AAOS Healthcare Safety Committee Host: Mikalyn DeFoor, MD, Chair, AAOS Resident Assembly
April 24, 2024

#30 Mastering Your First Impression: The Power of Your Personal Story

In this episode, recorded live at the AAOS 2024 Annual Meeting, public speaking and media performance consultant, Kathryn Janicek, explains how surgeons’ executive presence is critical to inspiring confidence and trust in the field. The three-time Emmy Award-winning TV executive offers practical guidance for leveraging your expertise to promote your personal brand and your practice. Guest: Kathryn Janicek, Public Speaking and Media Performance Consultant Host: Mikalyn DeFoor, MD, Chair, AAOS Resident Assembly
March 28, 2024

#29 Finding Passion Within Your Specialty

New host Mikalyn DeFoor, MD, sits down with outgoing AAOS Membership Council chair and repeat podcast guest Elizabeth Matzkin, MD, FAAOS, for this in-person interview recorded at the AAOS 2024 Annual Meeting. Through sharing her personal story in sports medicine, Dr. Matzkin explains the importance of finding passion within your specialty, whether it's research, a surgical technique or an area outside of clinical practice like advocacy, and how that excitement translates into being a better orthopaedic surgeon.  Episode 16 with Dr. Matzkin, “Building Skills Through Leadership”  Guest: Elizabeth Matzkin, MD, FAAOS, inaugural chair, AAOS Membership Council  Host: Mikalyn DeFoor, MD, Chair, AAOS Resident Assembly 
February 29, 2024

#28 Glimpse Into New Host, Initiatives & Annual Meeting

In his final episode as host of the AAOS Career Podcast, Dr. Daniel Cognetti introduces the new host and Chair of the AAOS Resident Assembly Dr. Mikalyn DeFoor. Together they talk about exciting initiatives coming to the Resident Assembly and events for residents at the upcoming AAOS 2024 Annual Meeting. Resident programs at the meeting: Guest: Mikalyn DeFoor, MD, Incoming Chair, AAOS Resident Assembly Host: Daniel Cognetti, MD, AAOS Resident Assembly 
February 8, 2024

#27 Growing Your Career and Your Family

In this episode, two former co-residents discuss the challenges that come with being pregnant and having young children during training. From performing surgery heavily pregnant and taking maternity leave, to learning to breastfeed and balance motherhood with the demands of the job, Dr. Dawn Rask shares tips for success in parenthood for orthopaedic surgeon listeners. Guest: Dawn M. G. Rask, MD, Capt. USAF  Host: Daniel Cognetti, MD, AAOS Resident Assembly  
December 27, 2023

#26 Managing Your Brand and Online Reputation

This episode covers aspects of marketing and growing a practice, specifically a surgeon’s online reputation. Whether you are a new surgeon, in the middle of your career, or even well established and have neglected your online profile and reputation, fear not. There are many new and easy ways to build a positive online reputation, attract new patients and respond to negative online reviews. Guest: Orrin Franko, MD, FAAOS, East Bay Hand Medical Center Host: Daniel Cognetti, MD, AAOS Resident Assembly
December 1, 2023

#25 Non-Traditional Practice Models: Locums and Beyond

In this episode, we explore non-traditional practice models for orthopaedic surgeons—from locums and health maintenance organizations to ambulatory surgery centers and even the military. With healthcare consolidation on the rise and decreasing physician autonomy, we delve into what makes these practice settings attractive and how to make them successful.   Guest: Tamara Huff, MD, MBA, FAAOS, CEO, Vigeo Orthopedics   Host: Daniel Cognetti, MD, Past Vice Chair, AAOS Resident Assembly   
November 3, 2023

#24 Coding Matters: Understanding the Ever-Evolving Landscape ­– Part Two

The AAOS Coding Community is your go-to resource for everything Practice Management and Coding & Reimbursement at AAOS. Part two of this podcast will continue to cover the general principles of coding, update members on new rules and developments, and review some of the top coding mistakes.  To sign up for an upcoming virtual Practice Management course, featuring a session on Coding Tips with Shannon DeConda, click here. Guest: Shannon DeConda, CPC, CEMC, CEMA, CPMA, CRTT, Partner, DoctorsManagement Host: Daniel Cognetti, MD, AAOS Resident Assembly
September 26, 2023
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The AAOS Career Podcast covers professional development topics of interest to the musculoskeletal community, from financial literacy and research opportunities to surgical skills and networking. Conversations between early-career surgeons and experienced attendings offer practical tools for guided growth in the specialty. Part of “The Bone Beat” orthopaedic podcast channel.

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