Sports Medicine Weekly with Dr. Brian Cole

Sports Medicine Weekly with Dr. Brian Cole

The Sports Enthusiast's Official Resource for Fitness, Nutrition, Injury Prevention and Treatment

The Importance of Maintaining Healthy Joints

Dr. Brian Cole shares tips for maintaining healthy joints, focusing on non-surgical and holistic remedies.
December 15, 2023

Raising Awareness About the Prevention of Cardiac Episodes in Young Athletes

In this episode, Dr. Cole welcomes renowned physical therapist Bob Mangine to the podcast. With more than three decades of experience in sports medicine, Bob has served as Director of Rehabilitative Services at the University of Cincinnati since 2002. He supervises a program at the University that addresses the health and well-being of the Bearcats football team and has also served as the head athletic trainer for the aquatic teams at the 1996 Olympics. Bob currently serves as National Director of Sports Physical Therapy Clinical Residency for NovaCare, and is President of MBM Consultants, which provides educational management services for physical therapy and occupational therapy professionals. Bob is also involved extensively in the Matthew Mangine, Jr. “One Shot” Foundation, which raises awareness about the prevention of cardiac episodes in young athletes. His family started the Foundation following the tragic death of his grandson on the soccer field. Tune in to learn more about Bob, the Foundation, and what is being done to make AEDs and cardiac training more available to help young athletes survive Sudden Cardiac Arrest. One-Shot Foundation website:
June 29, 2023

Does Joint Hypermobility Increase Injury Risk?

Dr. Brian Cole is joined by George Andrews, PT, DPT from RUSH Physical Therapy to discuss hypermobility in athletes, especially in sports like collegiate and professional divers. To schedule an appointment with RUSH Physical Therapy, visit
April 17, 2023

Mental Health & Wellness In Sports with Guest Natalie Graves

Dr. Brian Cole is joined by Natalie Graves, an expert in mental health for athletes. Natalie specializes in athletes’ mental health and wellness at all levels, helping this unique group maximize success both on and off the field. Learn more about Natalie Graves at her website here:
February 7, 2023

Using Light Therapy To Treat Certain Medical Conditions

Dr. Brian Cole explains how light therapy, sometimes called phototherapy, can be used to treat certain medical conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or other health conditions like seasonal affective disorder.
January 3, 2023

The Most Common Pickleball Injuries

In this episode, Dr. Brian Cole is joined by Brandon Abonce, PT, DPT from RUSH Physical Therapy to talk about the most common pickleball injuries.
December 13, 2022

The Physical Demands of Gymnastics

Dr. Brian Cole is joined by Brad Trompeter, a physical therapist from RUSH Physical Therapy , and former gymnast, to discuss the physical demands placed on gymnasts and common injuries that occur.
November 9, 2022

NextName: A Unique Offering to Support College Athletes

On this episode, Dr. Brian Cole is joined by Steve Thayer from NextName, a platform designed to support collegiate athletes and teams through the sale of digital collectibles.
October 28, 2022
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Sports Medicine Weekly With Dr. Brian Cole

Dr. Brian Cole, an internationally renowned orthopedic surgeon, shares his clinical expertise to empower athletes and weekend warriors with knowledge on how to treat and prevent sports injuries and improve fitness. Tune in to his Sports Medicine Weekly podcast to get your weekly dose of health and wellness.


Dr. Brian Cole, MD, MBA

Dr. Brian Cole, MD, MBA

Dr. Cole is a nationally acclaimed orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine for the knee, shoulder and elbow at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush. He received an MD and MBA from the University of Chicago, completed his orthopedic residency at the Hospital for Special Surgery at Cornell Medical Center, and a Sports Medicine fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh. Currently, Dr. Cole serves as team physician for the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Dogs and co-team physician for the Chicago White Sox.

Recognized as one of the best doctors in America, and top doctors in Chicago, Orthopedics This Week has named Dr. Cole as one of the top 20 sports medicine, knee and shoulder specialists repeatedly over the last 5 years as selected by his peers. Over the last 10 years, Dr. Cole has hosted the radio talk-show Sports Medicine Weekly on ESPN and 670TheScore – Chicago Sports Radio and is now the official host of his Sports Medicine Weekly podcast.

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