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113 – Creating healthy and well workplaces; Tom Bosna, Pinnacle Health Group Australia

Is your workplace invested in your health and wellness? Tom Bosna  is the co-founder of Well Workplaces and owner of Pinnacle Health Group Australia. He is a former physiotherapist turned health business owner, and an industry leader of workplace wellbeing with a vision for a world where workplaces lead and create healthier communities. Over the past decade, Tom has established a market-leading onsite wellness centre model of care for innovative companies such as ANZ, EY, Westpac and more. With growing interest and corporate demand, Tom and his team have helped establish a unique approach to wellbeing that helps progressive organisations thrive. He is also the host of the podcast Well Workplaces, a project he’s focused on for the last two years. Well Workplaces’ primary focus is to inspire healthy changes in the workplace. The company focuses predominantly on the small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with around 50 to 1000 people. Tom explained that this is the primary difference between Well Workplaces and Pinnacle Health Group Australia; the latter focuses on convenient corporate wellness centres. Well Workplaces caters specifically to wellness programs for small to medium enterprises that need to make healthy changes. This episode of Talking HealthTech features Tom Bosna from Pinnacle Health Group Australia. We discuss workplace wellness programs, the value of wellbeing in the workplace, the return of investment on mental health programs in a work setting, what workplace wellness looks like nowadays in an increasingly remote workforce setting and the future trends of workplace health. Tune into this episode of Talking HealthTech to understand the value of workplace wellness programs and how exactly investing in your employees can have massive financial returns. Also, get advice from a physiotherapist about setting up a workspace that promotes good body posture. Check out the episode and full show notes here. To see the latest information, news, events and jobs on offer at Pinnacle Health Group Australia, visit their Talking HealthTech Directory here. 
March 4, 2021

112 – Teaching doctors to code; Dr Josh Case

Have you ever wondered if as a doctor, you could do coding, maybe master it and move onto becoming an expert software developer? In this episode, my guest Josh Case teaches us how to get it done.
March 2, 2021

111- Democratising dental with an app; Heath Fraser & Rebecca VanZutphen, Airsmile

Listen to this interview with dental experts Heath Fraser and Rebecca VanZutphen from AirSmile in which they share how Australians can find helpful information about and compare dental providers.
February 28, 2021

109 – Transforming How Consumers Interact With Healthcare- Klaus Bartosch, 1st Group

Learn how online patient engagement can be streamlined in this interview with Klaus Bartosch from 1st Group.
February 23, 2021

108 – The future of medical businesses; Adele Creighton & Rebecca Grover, Macquarie Group

What does the medical business of the future look like in Australia? In this episode, Pete sits down with Adele Creighton and Rebecca Grover from the health division of Macquarie Bank. Adele and Rebecca partner with healthcare professionals and support their personal and business banking needs. In this episode Rebecca and Adele discuss the themes canvassed in the recent report - Macquarie’s Perspective on Health.  They cover themes like opportunities  for transformation in healthcare - pre and post covid-19, the rate of transformation in healthcare compared to other industries, the balance of delivering customised high quality patient experience vs scalability, and many more themes relevant to healthcare providers today. Check out the episode and full show notes here. To see the latest information, news, events and jobs on offer at Macquarie, visit their Talking HealthTech Directory here. 
February 21, 2021

107 – Improving health outcomes using remote monitoring for chronic conditions. Vidya Nallamad, NetHealth

In this episode, you will learn how remote monitoring of chronic conditions, such as hypertension, gestational diabetes, heart conditions and obesity can lead to improved health outcomes.
February 18, 2021

Talking HealthTech

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Peter Birch

Peter Birch

Peter Birch has worked in management roles in healthcare organisations for over 15 years; big ones and small ones, innovative start ups and slow moving beasts, he’s seen all different kinds. Pete has experienced first hand the exciting developments and the frustrating stagnation's of all the ups and downs in health, as well as the impact to businesses, investors, doctors, and patients.

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