DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

Bridging the worlds of digital health and clinical orthopaedics to catalyze the adoption of technology in musculoskeletal care

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S8E12 -DOCSF Politics Desk (in partnership with AAOS)- Featuring Dr. Tom Barber, Dr. Doug Lundy, and Jordan Vivian

This is the DOCSF Politics Desk.  Like previous years, Dr. Tom Barber is our host for this segment. However, on this occasion, he will be joined by Dr. Doug Lundy and Jordan Vivian to discuss the political situation in the US and how it affects orthopedic surgery. Dr. Lundy is the Advocacy Council chair from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery, while Jordan Vivian is the director of Government Relations at AAOS. They go through what’s currently happening, what will come in the future, and what isn’t being done.  Change doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time. So rise and join the revolution! 
July 27, 2021

S8E11 – Patient Experience: Wearables, Featuring Dr. Fabrizio Billi (UCLA), Nick Gillian (Google) and Stefano Bini (UCSF)

Can you imagine wearing a sensor after surgery and then having an accurate data analysis from your doctor? This is one of the topics we chat about with Dr. Fabrizio Billi. We also have Nick Gillian from Google’s Division of Advanced Technology and Products. Wearable sensors can provide data to understand a patient’s recovery better. But, will we get to the point in which the algorithm will predict the outcome? The future is the only one that holds that answer!  In the meanwhile, you can listen to Dr. Billi and Nick Gillian to know more about this new technology.
July 22, 2021

S8E10 – The Voices of DOCSF

The Voices of DocSF is one of the new segments!  5 different health systems join us to discuss how they have implemented digital solutions. This segment is hosted by Dr. Vonda Wright, Co-President of One RED Arrow BioTech Consulting Group. Guests from HSS, Duke, UCSF, and North Center Orthopedics at Hoag are featured. They all share with us the technology they chose, how they ideated and then implemented it. They all talk about the advantages for patients, clinicians, and providers. Listen to five different points of view of new technologies that are applied daily. 
July 20, 2021

S8E09 – COVID-19 Orthopaedic Update

This is the Covid-19 Orthopedic Update episode! We are joined in the virtual DOCSF stage by Dr. George Rutherford, Dr. Brian Schwartz, Luigi Zagra, and Gianfranco Di Maira. Each of them has a specific discussion topic: epidemiology with Dr. Rutherford; virology with Dr. Schwartz; and Covid in Italy with Dr. Zagra. Dr. Rutherford shares with us the country's state (United States of America) compared to the rest of the world concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. He talks about the vaccination process and effectiveness, breakouts, and the CDC guidelines.  Dr. Zagra reflects on how, in Italy, the covid situation is still critical. He says that Italy is still one of the European countries with the highest death rate. Dr. Zagra also reflects on how surgeries and other medical activities had to be postponed and rescheduled after the first wave and during the second wave. He concludes by saying that we’re still not in the clear with the pandemic, and we need to support ourselves in telemedicine.  Dr. Schwartz reflects on the worldwide situation of covid. The pandemic has highlighted structural racism in the health system and advanced understanding of aerial viruses and diseases. He ends his intervention by talking about the variants, vaccine effectiveness, and actions to be taken.  We end the interventions by reviewing how leading with empathy was the right path during 2020 and 2021 with Gianfranco De Maira. He calls out the main characteristics leaders had when the pandemic begin and then talks about five traits that are needed right now.  Join this panel full of wonderful guest speakers worldwide to get a perspective of where we are headed with covid.
July 15, 2021

S8E08 – The Patient Experience: Chatbots + Digital Therapeutics with Erica Lloyd, Shantenu Agarwal & Jessica Shull

In this episode, we have a combined Q&A about virtual humans and digital therapeutics. We are joined on the virtual stage by Erica Lloyd from Soul Machines and Jessica Shull from Digital Therapeutics Alliance.  Erica shares what she does with Soul Machines, a company dedicated to humanizing AI. With her colleague Shantenu Agarwal, they talk about chatbots and their application in healthcare. The future is in the combination of technologies to create a more empathetic digital person. A digital brain is a system created to understand and react accordingly and process information as an output. Soul Machines, led by Shantenu and Erica, are transforming the industry with their AI products.  Jessica guides us through the digital therapeutics ecosystem. The goal of the Alliance is to engage with every character and stakeholder involved in therapeutics. These are not only the companies; these include patients, clinicians, research institutions, and universities. She also defines what a digital therapeutic is and what they require to be in the market. Digital therapeutics don’t necessarily work on their own. They work better in conjunction with other products like telehealth and sensors.  Join this amazing conversation about digital therapeutics, chatbots, and virtual humans. It may be intimidating, but it is the future of technology!
July 13, 2021

S8E07 – Keynote: Privacy, Data Sharing & Access Innovation – Presented by Dr. Robert Wachter

Welcome to the DocSF Keynote with Dr. Robert Wachter! Dr. Wachter is a professor, Chair of Medicine at UCSF, and author of a New York Times bestseller. During our conversation, we discuss technology, trends in medical care, and more! Dr. Wachter has published many books and articles, but the most important for us right now is titled “The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype, and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine’s Computer Age.” Patient experience is one of the big topics we discussed. Data analysis and digital records are two branches in which technology will boom in the next years. We are entering an exciting new era in which technology will help us be more effective, are you prepared? 
July 8, 2021

The Digital Orthopedics Conference San Francisco was created to bridge the worlds of digital health and clinical orthopaedics and thereby catalyze the adoption of technology in musculoskeletal care. It is led by Dr. Stefano Bini from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
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Prof. Stefano Bini

Prof. Stefano Bini

Dr. Bini is a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery specializing in hip and knee replacement and the Founder and Chair of the Digital Orthopaedics Conference, San Francisco (DOCSF). He consults for start ups and multinational organizations and has authored a book on change management. Dr. Bini's appointment is with the department of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), ranked in the top 6 departments in the US. Current research interests include quantifying the impact of digital health on orthopedic care delivery, change management strategies in health care, and improving the results of total joint surgery by helping to challenge long held assumptions in surgical techniques. Stefano also serves on committees for national orthopedic organizations (AAHKS, AAOS), is an Associate Editor for Arthroplasty Today, and has delivered over 100 lectures nationally and internationally on both clinical and digital orthopedics.

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