DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

Bridging the worlds of digital health and clinical orthopaedics to catalyze the adoption of technology in musculoskeletal care

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DOCSF22: DOCSF Science

In this episode, Fabrizio Billi, Director of Orthopedic Research at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, discusses six papers on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics as part of the 2022 DocSF Digital Orthopedics Conference in a two-part panel with experts in health tech and orthopedics. He is first joined by Peter Schilling, assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, and Thomas Peterson, director of UCSF Reach Informatics Core and the Laboratory for Digital and Computational Health Sciences in the Orthopedic Surgery Department. They discuss three papers on artificial intelligence used for prediction and optimization, the definition of the most appropriate machine learning models, and the role of synthetic data. They predict AI tools will make doctors’ and clinicians’ practices more manageable and help them make more accurate predictions in the future. For the second part of the panel, he is joined by Stefan Kreuzer, an orthopedic surgeon from Innovate Orthopedics in Houston, and Jennifer McCaney, a mechanical engineer innovator and Executive Director of UCLA Biodesign. They discuss three papers on surgery robotics, automation, and precision enhancement for recognition and improvement of gestures and movements. They predict that doctors will be able to create better delivery models with robotic solutions, improve implant design with 3D printing, increase precision and automate more surgical procedures.  Join this fantastic conversation about artificial intelligence and robotics at the 2022 DocSF Digital Orthopedics Conference, and learn how these tools can make practices easier and won't replace your jobs!
August 9, 2022

DOCSF22: The Future of Computer Vision with AI

Remember that we mentioned computer vision in the last episode of the Digital Orthopedics Podcast? We are talking a little more in depth about it and its future with Gary Bradski, the Chief Scientific Officer at  OpenCV is one of the world’s most visited open libraries, with 200,000 downloads per day on various topics. Even though OpenCV is used in robotics and the medical field, they are also used for sports, body motion, agriculture, and many more fields of work. Gary explains how they are looking forward to doing predictive, counterfactual, and explanatory models and more accurate screenings in less time with fewer views.  Gary ends this with his thoughts on causal simulation concerning general AI and how humans perceive the world.  Join the revolution and listen to this episode with one of the best in the industry! 
August 2, 2022

DOCSF22: The Future of Medical Imaging with AI

Welcome back to the Digital Orthopedics Podcast! This time we bring you an episode with Niccolo Stefani from Philips, in which we discuss imaging and AI and how they will affect musculoskeletal care and radiology.  Niccolo starts laying the groundwork for what Philips is doing in the space. From insights and trends they have been able to recognize and work with to the current challenges like at-home care and interoperability, Niccolo dives deep into these topics. He also shares how AI can automate, simplify and work more effectively in institutional settings and the care pathway. Cybersecurity has raised several red flags in healthcare recently, and Niccolo walks us through how his team will never access the patient’s data and how they are working to make it even safer.  Tune in for a quick chat about AI and the power it is leveraging for healthcare solutions!
July 26, 2022

DOCSF The Experience 2022 Is Coming Soon!

Welcome back to the Digital Orthopedics Conference in San Francisco!  We are joined by Stefano Bini, our partner in crime Shawna Butler, and Professor Fabrizio Billi, who walk through the DocSF22 experience. This time, the event has been redesigned to have three main themes: the future of Orthopedics, the digital transformation journey, and the scientific evidence for change. These themes will delve into relevant topics showcasing innovative partners and colleagues around the industry.  This reunion and celebration will be held on the 28th and 29th of April, 2022; you cannot miss it!  REGISTER NOW to DOCSF The Experience 2022
April 5, 2022

To the Future and Beyond! Exploring the OR of Tomorrow with Panelists Danny Goel, MD; Kris Siemionow, MD, PhD; Ken Trauner, MD & Richard Angelo, MD, PhD

Join DocSF co-chair Ashley Libby Diaz in this wonderful panel discussion with the best in the industry.  We are joined by Dr. Kris Siemionow, the CMO of Surgalign, Dr. Ken Trauner, founder of, Dr. Rick Angelo, CMO at Kaliber.AI, and Danny Goel, M.D., CEO and co-founder of PrecisionOS, in this great conversation about the OR of the future. These doctors share their thoughts, from what they imagine these rooms will be like in the future to what technology they will be using. Data collection from the OR, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, ambulatory options for patients, and robotics around ortho and the MSK space are topics they go through. In this discussion panel, we uncover the future that it’s just around the corner and will help surgeons be better equipped to help more patients.  Join the revolution, start with these episodes and join us at DocSF22. REGISTER NOW to DOCSF The Experience 2022
March 31, 2022

Investment Trends in Musculoskeletal Digital Technologies: Unpacking the Trends

We are joined by Robin Young, the CEO of PearlDiver, on the DocSF Venture virtual stage for this episode.  Robin has been in the orthopedics ecosystem for the last 35 years, has a background in Wall Street, is a publisher of the Orthopedics This Week Magazine, and is a renowned writer. He is here on DocSF Venture to help us understand how to read and understand capital data from the industry. The Medtech field, specifically in orthopedics, has gotten a lot of investment since 2018, and the numbers show it. Robin talks to us about how the orthopedic companies know their future lies in the digital field, how other industries like sports and gaming are helping orthopedics and what AI brings to the landscape.  If you are interested in the digital space and new Medtech processes, listen to this conversation and enjoy! REGISTER NOW to DOCSF The Experience 2022
March 29, 2022

The Digital Orthopedics Conference San Francisco was created to bridge the worlds of digital health and clinical orthopaedics and thereby catalyze the adoption of technology in musculoskeletal care. It is led by Dr. Stefano Bini from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
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Prof. Stefano Bini

Prof. Stefano Bini

Dr. Bini is a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery specializing in hip and knee replacement and the Founder and Chair of the Digital Orthopaedics Conference, San Francisco (DOCSF). He consults for start ups and multinational organizations and has authored a book on change management. Dr. Bini's appointment is with the department of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), ranked in the top 6 departments in the US. Current research interests include quantifying the impact of digital health on orthopedic care delivery, change management strategies in health care, and improving the results of total joint surgery by helping to challenge long held assumptions in surgical techniques. Stefano also serves on committees for national orthopedic organizations (AAHKS, AAOS), is an Associate Editor for Arthroplasty Today, and has delivered over 100 lectures nationally and internationally on both clinical and digital orthopedics.

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