A Shot in the Arm Podcast with Ben Plumley

A Shot in the Arm Podcast with Ben Plumley

A podcast about exploring innovation and equity in global health

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Festive Bonus Episode: But Our Emails!

In between mince pies and braais, Yvette and Ben answer your emails and messages - contentious and occasionally comic from all over the world of global health innovation and equity. Don’t forget to keep your questions and coming - find us on all your favorite podcast platforms and social media sites! Yvette’s and Ben’s Bucket Hats are handmade in South Africa by Pozie at
December 30, 2022

Down South with MTV Staying Alive

Recorded in MTV Studios in South Africa at the end of November, we look back at an insanely busy year for the MTV Staying Alive Foundation in creating content to help young people to make their own decisions about their health in Africa and South Asia, and reflect on big news for its future in 2023. Ben and Yvette chat with other members of the South African Board as well as podcast regular Georgia Arnold.  Guests Stephanie Ndlovu, Co-Chair, MTV Staying Alive Foundation Monde Twala, General Manager, Paramount Africa Georgia Arnold, Senior Vice President Social Responsibility Paramount Global and Executive Director, MTV Staying Alive Foundation. #mtvstayingalive #mtvshuga #shugadownsouth #pozie #southafrica #HIV #AIDS #sexualhealth #contentcreation #theNdolovusUncut 
December 30, 2022

2022 World AIDS Day from Tembisa, South Africa

Yvette Raphael welcomes co-host Ben Plumley to Tembisa, South Africa, for a World AIDS Day special, to reflect on the sometimes bumpy response from the country with the largest number of people living with HIV. And catch Yvette’s interview with Lolo Saliso, HIV & human rights activist from Advocates for the Prevention of HIV in Africa on how it is young people’s time to lead, building on the legacy of older “dinosaur” activists like Yvette and Ben. #worldaidsday #HIV #southafrica #pozie #apha #hivprevention #gbv #dapvirinering #cabla
December 4, 2022

Sharing the Mic Ep05 – Pandemics Preparation For Whom?

We are sharing the mic with Frontline AIDS again, looking at recent global health diplomacy efforts in pandemics preparation and response - and how communities have been finagling and fighting for a seat at the table, to ask the question - pandemics preparation and responses for whom? Joining Ben Plumley are Lois Chingandu, Director of Evidence and Influence Frontline AIDS Christian Acosta, Coordinator of the HIV-FM Project for Frontline AIDS partner Kimirina (Ecuador) RD Marte, Executive Director of APCASO (Thailand) #pandemics #pppr #worldhealthsummit #G20 #GFATM #globalfund #communityleadership #HIV #AIDS #COVID #pandemicsthreats #vaccinequity #peoplesvaccine #diagnostics #fightforwhatcounts
November 15, 2022

Current & Future Pandemics – How Resilient are we?

Ben is joined by two giants of global health diplomacy, Ambassadors Mark Dybul and Eric Goosby, to take stock of how resilient the world is in sustaining existing infectious disease responses and preparing for future pandemic threats, by building on existing infrastructure - particularly optimized lab-based diagnostic networks. A Shot In the Arm Podcast is a member of the Health Podcast Network, and is a project of the Global Health Reporting Center. This episode is brought to you with the kind support of Roche Diagnostics.  Guests Ambassador Mark Dybul, Co-Director of the Center for Global Health Practice and Impact and Professor in the Department of Medicine at Georgetown University Ambassador Eric Goosby, Professor of Medicine and Director of Global Health Delivery and Diplomacy, Institute for Global Health Sciences, UCSF. #pandemics #HIV #AIDS #TB #Malaria #COVID #climatecrisis #onehealth #COP27 #WHO #UNAIDS #GlobalFund #PEPFAR #Diagnostics #Vaccines #Treatments #Laboratories #PointOfCare #Monitoring #Infectiousdisease #globalhealthdiplomacy #resilience
November 12, 2022

Diagnostics: The Gateway for Managing Pandemics

Ben catches up with infectious disease physicians Tamar Tchelidze and Ben La Brot, on how networks of lab-based and point of care tests can drive better diagnosing and management of infectious disease - and can PrEP and HIV treatment be the poster-child to prove this to skeptical policy makers? Sponsored by Roche Diagnostics. Guests Dr. Tamar Tchelidze, Disease Partner, Medical & Scientific Affairs, Roche Diagnostics Dr. Benjamin LaBrot, Medical Affairs Leader, Infectious Disease, Medical & Scientific Affairs, Roche Diagnostics #infectiousdisease #pandemics #covid #HIV #AIDS #tb #malaria #pandemicsresponse #diagnostics #laboratory #treatment #testing #prevention #screening #PrEP #injectables
November 7, 2022

A Shot in the Arm Podcast with Ben Plumley

Advances in healthcare for the many, not the few? How to rebuild trust between clinical science and the general public? Global Health strategist Ben Plumley meets experts from around the world to explore the pressing issues in global health innovation and equity, from biotechnology, to access to medicines, communications, and the decolonization of public health.
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Ben Plumley

Ben Plumley

Ben is an internationally recognized global health strategist and advocate, with over 25 years’ experience in the UN, private and non-profit sectors. Now based in California, Ben’s unique strength is in mobilizing stakeholders to create impactful public private partnerships in global health.

Ben is Head of Engagement, Partnerships and Impact at Ikana Health Action Lab, and a Senior Fellow at the Global Health Reporting Center.

Ben is an internationally respected podcaster, and host of A Shot In The Arm Podcast, a cutting-edge video podcast about innovation and equity in global health – particularly in the age of pandemics. Guests have included Dr Anthony Fauci, Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Professor Heidi Larson. Ben’s other podcasts include Business Fights AIDS, a behind the scenes look at his collaboration with the late Ambassador Richard Holbrooke to mobilize the business response to AIDS, and Vax Up – a video podcast designed for vaccine implementers on how social technologies can be used to promote vaccine confidence.

Between 2010 and 2018, he was the CEO of the Global Health Technical Assistance and Policy Think Tank, the Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation. As well as non-profits, he has extensive public and private sector experience, having been Vice President of Access at Johnson & Johnson, Chief of Staff to Dr Peter Piot, the founding Executive Director of UNAIDS, and a public consultation policy adviser at the UK Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority.

Ben is Chair of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, producer of the award-winning MTV Shuga terrestrial and digital soap operas, promoting young people’s sexual and reproductive health across Southern Africa and India.

He is also the incoming Chair of the San Francisco Community Health Center, a national center of excellence which provides ground-breaking comprehensive health and wellness services for hard-to-reach homeless, trans and drug-using communities in San Francisco’s tenderloin district. Ben was educated at Churchill College, Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

Ben's other interests include the literature (and particularly the essays) of Aldous Huxley (perhaps the greatest essayist of the 20th century), as well as the genre of speculative fiction - particularly Margaret Atwood (definitely the best English-language writer of our era). And, to the alarm of many of his friends, he is passionate about British, German and Japanese electronic pop music, particularly the Pet Shop Boys, Rosenstolz and Kirinji.

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