Rapid Response RN

Rapid Response RN

A show for Nurses who want the knowledge, skills, and confidence to respond to any emergency.

47: Hyperkalemia Cardiac Arrest Part 2: Treatment

Ever given the life saving hyperkalemia cocktail? What order should it be administered and what is the safest way to get all those drugs in?
March 29, 2023

46: Hyperkalemia Cardiac Arrest Part 1

What causes hyperkalemia, what are the signs and symptoms, and why is it such a big deal?
March 21, 2023

45: Q&A: “How Can I Become a Rapid Response Nurse?”

Thinking about switching specialties and trying something new? In this episode, Sarah breaks down what she has learned about some of the different Nursing specialties and what the best path is towards becoming a Rapid Response Nurse.
March 10, 2023

44: “Heart Attack” or Anxiety?

When your patient says they have chest pain, what is your role as a Nurse?
March 3, 2023

43: Eisenmenger Syndrome With Guest Nick McGowan RN

On this episode, Nick shares about a patient with the highest pulmonary artery pressure he and Sarah have ever seen. Learn about Eisenmenger Syndrome, what assessment findings to anticipate, the pathophysiology behind this diagnosis, and how to treat it.
February 24, 2023

42: Dry As a Bone: Acute Kidney Injury

AKI is a common diagnosis for hospitalized patients. In this episode Sarah shares about a patient who developed and AKI from sepsis and breaks down the differences in pre-renal, intra-renal, and post-renal acute kidney injury and how to treat it.
February 17, 2023
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Rapid Response RN

Do you want to go from dreading emergencies to feeling confident and ready to jump into action to rescue your patient?

Well, this show will let you see emergencies unfold through the eyes of a Rapid Response Nurse. With real life stories from the frontlines of nursing, host Sarah Lorenzini MSN, RN, CCRN, CEN, a Rapid Response Nurse and educator, shares her experiences at rapid response events and breaks down the pathophysiology, pharmacology, and the important role the nurse plays during emergencies.

If you want to sharpen your assessment skills and learn how to think like a Rapid Response Nurse, then Sarah is here to share stories, tips, tricks, and mindsets that will prepare you to approach any emergency.

Every episode is packed full of exactly what you need to know to handle whatever crisis that could arise on your shift. It’s one thing to get the right answer on the test, but knowing how to detect when YOUR patient is declining and what to do when YOUR patient is crashing is what will make or break your day… and might just save your patient’s life.


Sarah Lorenzini, MSN-ED, RN, CCRN, CEN

Sarah Lorenzini, MSN-ED, RN, CCRN, CEN

Sarah Lorenzini, MSN-ED, RN, CCRN, CEN, is a highly accredited Rapid Response Nurse and host of the Rapid Response RN Podcast. She loves being a nurse and empowering other nurses with the knowledge and confidence to respond to any emergency.

Throughout her extensive nursing career, Sarah's learned not only how to manage a crashing patient, but also how to break down difficult concepts and guide nurses with tips and tricks for managing emergencies.

Sarah uses stories from her almost 20-year career as an ER and Critical Care Nurse to teach critical thinking and to inspire nurses to speak up and advocate with confidence for their patients.

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