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Health IT Rockstar & Interoperability Hero, Susan Clark

In this special crossover episode, Kathryn Ayers Wickenhauser from Direct Trust interviews one of this year’s interoperability heroes and official Health IT Rockstar, Susan Clark. Susan has a talent for expert orchestration regarding data governance, social determinants of health, and interoperability, where she helps identify disparate and often disconnected components of healthcare and is constantly trying to bridge the gaps between them.  She also plays the bass guitar, so she qualifies as a legit rock star. She’s fun, innovative, and whip-smart. Enjoy! 
December 6, 2022

Smarter Clinical Trials with Jane Myles

On this episode of HIT Like a Girl, Grace Vinton talks with Jane Myles, Vice President of Clinical Trial Innovation at Curebase, about how the time has come for the research community to take a page out of healthcare providers' playbooks and deliver care with a greater focus on the patient experience. Jane explains how a patient-centered view will help with improved trial compliance, better diversity, and more rapid trial completion. She further explains how patient experience has long been an oversight for the research community, and insights into how some leaders have been advocating for industry improvement in this area for decades.
November 29, 2022

Time to S.O.A.R.

In this special episode, Joy sits down with each of the speakers from the inaugural S.O.A.R. Conference, presented by Bluebird Leaders in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The event was created to support advancing women in health IT, which is a theme near and dear to our HIT Like a Girl pod hearts. A variety of topics were covered, ranging from the importance of personal branding, self-advocacy, measuring DEI, reframing failure into opportunity, making friends with the problem you’re trying to solve, and much more. We learned from industry experts and a very special tech-savvy teen. Enjoy! 00:46 - Victoria Pelletier: The Importance of Personal Branding 06:00 - Rebecca Woods: Mentorship 09:42 - Kristen Duell: Measuring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 14:35 - Stacy DiStefano: Reframing Failure into Opportunity 17:32 - Kat McDavitt: Making Friends with your Problem 20:35 - Kathryn Wetherby: Promoting Better Cultures within Technology 26:00 - Dr. Guinevere Stasio: The Energy You Bring 31:53 - Dr. Simran & Ed Marx: Differences Between Male & Female Leadership 36:56 - Olivia Van Ledtje: Making Technology More Accessible to Kids 42:22 - Lauren Friedrich: The Importance of Self Advocacy 48:46 - Dr. Bobbi Wegner: Creating Cohesion & Strong Teams
November 22, 2022

Amy Moy: a Fierce Advocate for Equitable Access to Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare

On this episode, Joy talks with Amy Moy, Co-CEO and Chief External Affairs Officer, at Essential Access Health. Amy leads the organization's federal and state policy efforts, strategic communications activities, and patient education and consumer awareness initiatives. Amy and Joy have known each other for more than 20 years. Amy helped organize a group of women from the Bay Area to attend the 2004 March for Women's Rights in Washington, D.C. to sound the alarm for the potential for Roe vs Wade to be overturned, which happened earlier this year. Amy shares how her own journey to motherhood was shaped by having a choice in her family planning and expresses how her daughter's generation brings her hope. Take a listen!
October 25, 2022

HIT with Grace: Cindy Gaines Applies Clinical Intelligence to Help Better Orchestrate Care

From nurse to informaticist to Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, in this episode of HITea with Grace, Cindy Gaines discusses the career journey that led her to her current position at Lumeon, a care orchestration platform.  Cindy shares with us her experience on the front lines of nursing and highlights the barriers to technology implementation and the healthcare industry’s many challenges and need for care orchestration now more than ever. With clinician and nurse burnout at an all-time high, can technology and automation realistically help?
October 18, 2022

HIT with Grace: Anna Dover Tackles the Alert Fatigue Epidemic

On this episode of HIT Like a Girl, Grace Vinton talks with Anna Dover, PharmD, director of Product Management at FDB (First Databank), about her prescription for combatting the epidemic of alert fatigue that contributes to the industrywide problem of clinician stress and burnout. Dr. Dover tells us how to flip the script on medication decision support to eliminate the noise, increase patient centricity and improve safety.  The bottom line? Medication alerts need to get more relevant, meaningful, and actionable. Dr. Dover tells us how. Stay tuned!
October 11, 2022

Healthcare belongs to everyone, but women play a critical role as the primary decision-makers, or “Chief Medical Officers” for their families, others they care for, and themselves. It’s the women who are deciding which medicines their family take, which health treatments to follow, which doctors to see, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.
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Joy Rios

Joy Rios

Joy Rios is a subject matter expert and health IT consultant focusing on the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). She has authored four books on how to keep up with CMS regulations, created health IT curricula, trained hundreds of healthcare professionals through online workshops, and written content for various health IT publications. Joy has helped thousands of physicians and clinicians succeed in MIPS and value-based care.
Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts is a Health IT Strategist and policy expert with more than 15 years of experience ranging from RCM to population health. She is passionate about helping physicians and health systems pioneer meaningful pathways in value-based care that demonstrate high-quality care at moderate costs while balancing administrative and operational burden.

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