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HIT Like a Girl

HIT Like a Girl

Amplifying the voices and achievements of women in Health IT

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Andrea Wilson Woods

In Better Off Bald: A Life in 147 Days, Andrea Wilson Woods chronicles her sister's remarkable life from the time she was born to the day she dies at age fifteen. In our conversation, we explore her path to get where she is today and what it was like to care for her young sister under remarkable circumstances.
April 8, 2020

Katie Adamson

When many people think about the YMCA they probably envision fitness equipment, kid's camp programs, and water aerobics. In our sit down with Katie Adamson we realize just how off base that notion is. Katie is the Vice President of Health Partnerships and Policy for the YMCA. She walks us through the rich history of the "Y" and how ingrained the Y is in community outreach, health initiatives that are improving outcomes, and their global policy reach.
April 1, 2020

Grace Cordovano

Grace Cordovano is a rare breed! She is an official Patient Advocate supporting people in navigating the complex and confusing healthcare system after they have received a cancer diagnosis. She shares her lessons learned, her perspective on keeping patients at the center of care and how she found her unique piece of the health IT puzzle.
January 29, 2020

Dr. Uchenna Umeh

Today we are talking with Dr. Uchenne Umeh, AKA Dr. Lulu, the Momatrician. Dr. Lulu shares about her path and passion in pediatrics and how the death of a young patient shaped what would ultimately become a professional decision to provide direct care for pediatric patients to prevent suicide.
January 22, 2020

Dr. Lynn Barr

Lynn shares with us how her maters in public health collided with value-based care programs to help her build a blossoming ACO that is helping rural healthcare survive and thrive across the country.
January 15, 2020

Carla Smith

Today, Carla Smith, Executive strategist and businesswoman joins us to talk about being a “dot connector.” Her insights on stakeholder collaboration and gender inequity and the pay gap offer up immediate take-aways that can be helpful to anyone navigating a career in healthcare or health IT.
January 8, 2020

Healthcare belongs to everyone, but women play a critical role as the primary decision-makers, or “Chief Medical Officers” for their families, others they care for, and themselves. It’s the women who are deciding which medicines their family take, which health treatments to follow, which doctors to see, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.
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Joy Rios

Joy Rios

Joy Rios is a subject matter expert and health IT consultant focusing on the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). She has authored four books on how to keep up with CMS regulations, created health IT curricula, trained hundreds of healthcare professionals through online workshops, and written content for various health IT publications. Joy has helped thousands of physicians and clinicians succeed in MIPS and value-based care.
Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts is a Health IT Strategist and policy expert with more than 15 years of experience ranging from RCM to population health. She is passionate about helping physicians and health systems pioneer meaningful pathways in value-based care that demonstrate high-quality care at moderate costs while balancing administrative and operational burden.

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