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Stephanie Denvir Talks HIMSS21

The first big gathering after the pandemic, Stephanie Denvir, VP of Engagement Strategies for HIMSS, shares what to expect from the Global Conference in Las Vegas next month.
July 14, 2021

HIT the Trails: Season 6 Preview

Joy and Shereese traveled the country to reconnect with the women in health IT as the pandemic begins to subside. When they landed at the Women's Rights National Historic Park in Seneca Falls, New York, they decided to share their experience of the HIT the Trails journey so far, through this historic lens.
July 7, 2021

Ladieboss Interview Series: Kat McDavitt & Jaime Bland

On this bonus episode of HIT Like a Girl pod, we host a conversation between two health IT pros: Kat McDavitt, Principal Advisor & Public Affairs Practice Head at Innsena Communications and Jaime Bland, CEO of CyncHealth. Jaime worked in Qatar for eight years as an operations manager for a troop medical clinic and then was called to serve her country back at home at the Veterans Health Administration in Minnesota. She has a very diverse background and a fascinating professional journey.
June 2, 2021

Ladyboss Interview Series: Kat McDavitt & Angela Ammons

On this special in-between-season episode of HIT Like a Girl pod we're calling the #Ladyboss Interview Series, we host a conversation between to bonafide health IT pros: Kat McDavitt, Principal Advisor & Public Affairs Practice Head at Innsena Communications and Angela Ammons, CEO of Clinch Memorial Hospital. Angela opens up about how not having a traditional educational background has influenced her work as a healthcare and hospital executive in rural Georgia.
May 26, 2021

It's Time to HIT the Trails

We’ll be driving through 25 states, hiking in some beautiful places across the country and meeting up with the women in our communities . We intend to record some podcasts for our next season - and really take the time to get out in nature, reconnect with each other, connect with ourselves and the great outdoors, and eventually end up at HIMSS in Vegas.  Our hope is to get inspired and be the change we want to see in the world - whether at home, at work, or in our communities. We are all about strengthening our networks and supporting each other in these crazy times! 
May 12, 2021

Healthcare belongs to everyone, but women play a critical role as the primary decision-makers, or “Chief Medical Officers” for their families, others they care for, and themselves. It’s the women who are deciding which medicines their family take, which health treatments to follow, which doctors to see, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.
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Joy Rios

Joy Rios

Joy Rios is a subject matter expert and health IT consultant focusing on the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). She has authored four books on how to keep up with CMS regulations, created health IT curricula, trained hundreds of healthcare professionals through online workshops, and written content for various health IT publications. Joy has helped thousands of physicians and clinicians succeed in MIPS and value-based care.
Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts is a Health IT Strategist and policy expert with more than 15 years of experience ranging from RCM to population health. She is passionate about helping physicians and health systems pioneer meaningful pathways in value-based care that demonstrate high-quality care at moderate costs while balancing administrative and operational burden.

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