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Natanya Wachtel Opens Up About Navigating Crisis

When life throws you a curveball, it can be hard to know what to do next. For many of us, our mental and emotional health is closely linked to our sense of purpose. When the things we thought mattered fall to the wayside, it can be a major blow to our mental well-being. In this bonus episode, Kat McDavitt sits down with Natanya Wachtel about how to navigate a personal crisis when you're expected to be at your peak professional performance. Natanya is the Founding Partner of New Solutions Network, which includes The New Solutions Factory, a customer-behavior strategy group, and the Co-Founder of, an AI-powered app+platform for GenZ mental wellness.
September 20, 2022

Rebecca Woods is Inspiring Women in Health IT to Become Agents of Positive Change

To create a more diverse and inclusive tech world, we need to inspire and empower the next generation of female role models to pursue and develop their careers in technology and become innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Rebecca Woods, Founder of Bluebird Tech Solutions and Bluebird Leaders is on a mission to do just that. In this episode, Joy and Rebecca talk about the lack of diversity in IT and computer science fields, and what she's doing to change that. Bluebird Leaders is hosting the inaugural SOAR Conference for women in health IT, where the agenda has been curated to inspire attendees to become agents for positive change. Register to attend before September 30 and save 10% with the promo code: HITLAG
September 15, 2022

Sobha Pisharody Discusses Advocacy through Genetic Sequencing

Sobha Pisharody, Ph.D, is the Chief Science, Strategy, and Product Officer at InformedDNA, a genomics company. The company has built its expertise around understanding complex genomics, understanding the clinical outcomes, matching up which patients should get, which drug or which tests, and helping both patients and payers through that journey of getting to the right medication or the right treatment for the right patients. In this episode, Joy and Sobha talk about how, when, and why patients should broach this subject with their doctors, and how this might change in a post-Roe world.
September 13, 2022

HIT with Grace: Mary Lantin Talks Nerdy to Us

Actionable, real-time, and precise data has the potential to improve countless inefficiencies that we see across the industry, and Mary Lantin, President and Chief Operating Officer at Diameter Health has made a career out of putting healthcare data to work. Mary speaks with us about the value of upcycled, clean, data across the care continuum, her journey that led her to Diameter Health, and how Availity’s recent acquisition of Diameter Health will help reduce provider administrative burnout and improve payer-provider collaboration. Thanks for joining us, Mary! 
September 6, 2022

Erica Olenski Johansen Uses Her Caregiving Experience as a North Star

In this episode, Joy sits down with Erica Olenski Johansen. Erica is a master community builder, healthcare innovation advisor, and perhaps most importantly, she's a caregiver to a son with cancer. She's also the Founding Executive Director of August's Artists, a nonprofit organization that facilitates a simple activity during a family's challenging healthcare experience - coloring on the hospital room door window with crayons. August's Artists helps pediatric healthcare patients and their families commemorate their hospital-door artwork as a way to celebrate some of the most formative and impactful moments in life. Listen in as she shares her journey.
August 30, 2022

Dallas Barnes Helps People with Ovaries Navigate their Birth Control Journey

In this episode, Dallas Barnes, Founder of Reya Health, talks with Joy about the company's user-focused digital contraceptive counseling tool. Her work helps people with ovaries navigate the birth control landscape, so they can feel confident and comfortable with their birth control journey. Based out of Canada, Reya is working hard to secure government funding to support indigenous people in rural areas with access to reproductive health services, among other audacious goals to affect change in the healthcare ecosystem.
August 23, 2022

Healthcare belongs to everyone, but women play a critical role as the primary decision-makers, or “Chief Medical Officers” for their families, others they care for, and themselves. It’s the women who are deciding which medicines their family take, which health treatments to follow, which doctors to see, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.
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Joy Rios

Joy Rios

Joy Rios is a subject matter expert and health IT consultant focusing on the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). She has authored four books on how to keep up with CMS regulations, created health IT curricula, trained hundreds of healthcare professionals through online workshops, and written content for various health IT publications. Joy has helped thousands of physicians and clinicians succeed in MIPS and value-based care.
Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts is a Health IT Strategist and policy expert with more than 15 years of experience ranging from RCM to population health. She is passionate about helping physicians and health systems pioneer meaningful pathways in value-based care that demonstrate high-quality care at moderate costs while balancing administrative and operational burden.

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