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415 – Victorian Healthcare Week 2023 Feature Episode

In this episode, Sophie Turner from Talking HealthTech brings us conversations with a variety of healthcare and technology experts recorded at Victorian Healthcare Week 2023. Key figures include Grahame Grieve discussing the "Sparked" initiative, Rebecca Meynell from the Victorian Department of Health, Cody Johansen from HealtHIE Nevada, Nickola Allan from Maryborough District Health Service, Tim Bowles from Royal Perth Hospital, Jon Herries from Te Wah Tu Ora Health New Zealand, Amy McKimm from Alfred Health, Brett Chambers from Western NSW LHD, and Eleanor Milton from Monash Health. They cover a wide array of topics including digital health standards, challenges in rural and metropolitan healthcare, the impact of AI on the health system, patient engagement in digital health, and the role of digital platforms in healthcare innovation.Key Takeaways:- Importance of digital health standards and the need for involvement in initiatives like "sparked" discussed by Grahame Grieve.- Challenges and rewards of working in rural and remote communities emphasised by Nickola Allan.- The innovative approach of Royal Perth Hospital to continuous patient monitoring using AI and telehealth solutions.- The significance of the patient voice in digital health highlighted by Amy McKimm.- The transformation of pharmacy services in remote locations through digital platforms, as discussed by Brett Chambers.Check out the episode and full show notes on the Talking HealthTech website. Loving the show? Leave us a review, and share it with someone who might get some value from it. Keen to take your healthtech to the next level? Become a THT+ Member for access to our online community forum, quarterly summits and more exclusive content. For more information visit
February 22, 2024 by Talking HealthTech

Episode 140: Leveraging Rural Healthcare Partnerships, Part 1

Access to healthcare is vital to rural communities, but as rural healthcare grows more challenging to sustain, many hospitals have realized they can’t do it on their own. On today’s episode, hosts JJ and Rachel talk with Andrew Daniels and Angie McConnachie, co-CEOs of Aspire Rural Health System. Follow Rural Health Rising on Twitter! Follow Aspire Rural Health System on social media! Follow Hillsdale Hospital on social media!  Audio Engineering & Original Music by Kenji Ulmer 
February 22, 2024 by Rural Health Rising

Conference Campaign: Revolutionizing Healthcare Testing with SureTest’s Automation Solutions

February 22, 2024: Amid ongoing growth and technological advancements, CEO of SureTest, Laura O'Toole, discusses the company's significant progress over the past year, including strategic partnerships and client successes with automation in healthcare testing. SureTest, known for its innovative EHR testing platform, has expanded its library and improved its services to save healthcare systems countless hours and resources. The solution, designed to streamline EHR and third-party application testing, is now aiding organizations like UNC and Novant in achieving new levels of efficiency and quality. Exciting developments include the adoption of testing automation during EHR implementation phases, enhancing the effectiveness of transitions to platforms such as Epic. Visit SureTest at ViVE, booth 1301, for a comprehensive demonstration and to engage with clients who have transformed their testing processes using SureTest's solutions.Key Points:Captain’s Campaign for CuresGrowth of SureTestTesting Automation JourneyMoving to EpicAutomation in productionSubscribe: This Week HealthTwitter: This Week HealthLinkedIn: Week HealthDonate: Alex’s Lemonade Stand: Foundation for Childhood Cancer
February 22, 2024 by This Week Health: Conference

Dr. BCW discusses bias in healthcare. || EP. 149

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Dr. Bayo Curry-Winchell, known to many as just Dr. BCW.  She is the creator of Beyond Clinical Walls, a popular video series where Dr. BCW ...
February 21, 2024 by Inspiring Women with Laurie McGraw

#77, The App Store for Healthcare with Oron Afek from Vim

Vim is building an ecosystem to connect healthcare applications and workflows. Co-founder and CEO Oron Afek shares the story behind Vim's evolution into a healthcare "app store" now reaching over 20 million patients.
February 21, 2024 by AWS Health Innovation Podcast

414 – The State of Analytics & Interoperability – Where to From Here? Andrew Aho, InterSystems and Robi Karp, Fluffy Spider Technologies

In this episode of Talking HealthTech, host Peter Birch leads a live stream discussion on the current state of analytics and interoperability in the Australian and New Zealand healthcare industry. The episode features guests Robbi Karp, CEO of Fluffy Spider Technologies, specialising in interoperability solutions, and Andrew Aho from InterSystems, a data platforms specialist. The conversation delves into the challenges and opportunities surrounding the adoption of new technology, interoperability, and data analytics in healthcare. The guests share insights from the "state of analytics and interoperability study" conducted by InterSystems, shedding light on the perspectives of healthcare executives in the Australia and New Zealand region.Key Takeaways:1. The resistance to change within the healthcare industry, driven by factors such as patient risk, regulation, and fear of poor outcomes, presents challenges for adopting new technology and achieving interoperability.2. The importance of leveraging technology vendors and partner community for solutions and support in addressing the limitations and challenges of achieving interoperability and sharing data in electronic discharge summary delivery.3. The need for government support to drive data openness and standardisation for the benefit of patient outcomes, overcoming resistance to change within healthcare and technology providers.4. The significance of aligning data strategy with organisational objectives and choosing technology partners with a rich ecosystem to drive progress in Australian healthcare.Check out the episode and full show notes on the Talking HealthTech website.Loving the show? Leave us a review, and share it with someone who might get some value from it.Keen to take your healthtech to the next level? Become a THT+ Member for access to our online community forum, quarterly summits and more exclusive content. For more information visit
February 21, 2024 by Talking HealthTech

Important and Innovative Approaches to Leveraging the Health Equity Index

Melissa Newton Smith, Founder of Newton Smith, and Keslie Crichton, Chief Sales Officer of BeneLynk, join Eric to discuss the introduction of the CMS Health Equity Index, which will replace the reward factor within the Medicare Advantage Star Rating program measurement. The Health Equity Index will be a seismic change for Medicare Advantage plans and impact revenue associated with Star Ratings. Melissa and Keslie share success stories from plans preparing for the change.  Links to documents mentioned during the episode: "Associations Between Annual Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy Loss and Prescription Drug Spending and Use": Associations Between Annual Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy Loss and Prescription Drug Spending and Use   About Melissa Melissa is the founder of Newton Smith. She brings over 25 years of experience in Star Ratings, strategy, sales, and marketing for health plans, providers, pharmacy benefit managers, and industry vendors. Most recently, She served as Chief Consulting Officer at Healthmine   Melissa is a well-known healthcare strategist with proven success developing enterprise-wide solutions to improve Star Ratings, quality performance, health outcomes, and the member experience.    About Keslie Keslie has worked in managed care for over 25 years, focusing on SDoH solutions that improve members' lives and provide a return on investment for our clients. Keslie drives enterprise growth and innovative partnerships to improve outreach strategies and health outcomes for our client’s members.  Keslie works closely with BeneLynk’s product team to offer differentiated services and capabilities to maintain its market leader position.  This episode is sponsored by BeneLynk BeneLynk is a national provider of Social Care solutions for Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid health plans. They serve plans and their members by creating a human-to-human connection and providing the assistance a member needs to get the benefits they deserve.
February 21, 2024 by Bright Spots in Healthcare

Episode 79: Glowing Together: How skincare boosts teen confidence

Join Dr. Amy & Dr. Sheilagh as we discuss skincare, teen confidence, and how we can relate and bond with our teens about this important topic! We chat about why this topic is so important, for teen girls AND teen boys. And she provides her top tips on managing teen skin care. Hint, it's super straightforward! Dr. Sheilagh Maguiness is a double board-certified Dermatologist and Pediatric Dermatologist with a busy practice in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She currently serves as the President of the Society for Pediatric Dermatology. She is mom to two tween boys and co-founder of Stryke Club, a personal care brand made just for boys. Dr. Sheilagh is passionate about education and prioritizes teaching with every patient encounter. She strives to educate the next generation of dermatologists and pediatricians in her practice, and teaches families and caregivers through content created for national pediatric and dermatological societies and her social media presence (@dr.sheilagh.m on Instagram and @drsheilagh on TikTok). Dr. Amy’s New Book! On Amazon here From the American Academy of Pediatrics RESOURCES Dr. Amy's Newsletter Learning Collaborative - The ConnectED Collab Invitation Dr. Amy Youtube FREE DOWNLOADS Top 10 Guiding Principles When Working with Children & Families Start Creating Boundaries Handout & Script Finding Calm to Prevent Overwhelm Don’t Forget! Follow Dr. Amy on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram For more information visit 

NEJM This Week — February 22, 2024

Featuring articles on CD19 CAR T-cell therapy in autoimmune disease, tenecteplase for stroke at 4.5 to 24 hours, biomarker changes in years before Alzheimer’s disease, and a hepcidin mimetic in polycythemia vera; a review article on wearable digital health technologies for epilepsy; a case report of a man with fatigue and night sweats; and Perspective articles on direct-to-consumer platforms for antiobesity medications, on childhood obesity prevention, and on what is a mentor. Supplement to the New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 390, No. 8.
February 21, 2024 by NEJM This Week – Audio Summaries

50 Years Later—Michael Byun Reflects on ACRS Approach to Addressing Holistic Health of AAPI Communities (Ep. 40)

Next Step: Visit our website, Healthcare for Humans, and join our community to enjoy exclusive benefits at Earn CME Credits: Clinicians, enhance your learning by earning valuable continuing education credits while listening. Utilize your CME funds to join our community. Support Our Mission: Non-clinicians, explore exclusive content and contribute to our collective journey. Be an Active Participant: Go beyond listening. Shape our narrative by co-creating episodes with us. Be part of our community by visiting Follow us on Instagram @healthcareforhumanspodcast Summary: We dive deep into the nuanced world of healthcare interpretation and cultural competency with Michael Byun, exploring the critical role language and cultural understanding play in delivering care to diverse communities. Michael reflects on his experience at ACRS and their 50 years of service, addressing the challenges faced by Asian American Pacific Islander communities, from misconceptions in traditional healing practices to the stigmatization of mental health. We examine the importance of inclusive services, highlighting programs like Club Bamboo, and share personal stories that underscore the need for empathy, patience, and tailored approaches to healthcare. Our conversation spans the difficulties in mental health care within tight-knit communities, generational differences in treatment acceptance, and the potency of community-based healing strategies, all through the lens of Michael's rich background as an immigrant from Korea and a leader in community-centric healthcare initiatives. Timestamped Overview: 02:34 Emphasizing the importance of cultural nuances and interpreter proficiency in healthcare. 08:15 Discussing interpreter complexities and the mental health needs within the AAPI community. 14:50 Celebrating ACRS's 50th anniversary and its impact on community services for Asian and Pacific Islander communities. 22:07 Addressing the stigma around mental health and implementing community-oriented solutions. 29:15 Examining the necessity of culturally sensitive practices in mental health care. 34:40 Exploring the social aspects of healthcare and combating isolation through Club Bamboo. 41:38 Integrating traditional and culturally informed approaches to mental health treatment. 47:50 Highlighting the role of community in processing feelings and healing from trauma. 53:27 Discussing the importance of community-level strategies for intergenerational support and leadership.
February 21, 2024 by Healthcare for Humans

EP 21: Creating a Positive Shift: Insights into Healthier Work Environments

Empowering healthcare leaders with essential skills and tools is crucial for addressing disruptive behavior and fostering a positive work culture. In this episode, Amy Visser-Lynch shares her proactive strategy for addressing disruptive behavior and cultivating a healthier work culture in healthcare. She underscores the importance of empowering leaders with essential skills, fostering external partnerships, implementing leadership retreats, and transitioning from manager-led to team-led accountability. Tune in to learn more about the impact of disruptive behavior on staff morale and patient care! Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
February 21, 2024 by Coffee Break

Turning Unstructured Data Into Clinical Insights w/ Clinithink CEO, Chris Tackaberry | HealthBiz Brief

Chris Tackaberry (Co-Founder & CEO, Clinithink) discusses how his company's AI technology delivers rapid intelligence from unstructured healthcare data, empowering pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations to focus their time, money, and resources more effectively.🎙️⚕️ABOUT CARETALKCareTalk is a weekly podcast that provides an incisive, no B.S. view of the US healthcare industry. Join co-hosts John Driscoll (President U.S. Healthcare and EVP, Walgreens Boots Alliance) and David Williams (President, Health Business Group) as they debate the latest in US healthcare news, business and policy. 🎙️⚕️ABOUT CHRISChris is a qualified physician and MSc Computer Science graduate who spent nine years in clinical practice in anaesthesiology and intensive care before embarking on a career in healthcare IT. His combined expertise in medicine, computer science and leadership has been the foundation for his stewardship of Clinithink’s strategic direction and growth.GET IN TOUCHBecome a CareTalk sponsorGuest appearance requestsVisit us on the webSubscribe to the CareTalk NewsletterShop official CareTalk merchFOLLOW CARETALKSpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsFollow us on LinkedIn#healthcare #pathology #artificialintelligence #ai #healthcaretechnology #healthcarebusiness #unstructureddata #revcycle #clinicaltrials Support the showCareTalk: Healthcare. Unfiltered. is produced by Grippi Media Digital Marketing
February 21, 2024 by CareTalk Podcast

Ben Lewin on the Imperfections of Science

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of scientific breakthroughs? Is the future of science at risk in the digital age? Like many fields, science is undergoing rapid changes in the digital era that could compromise integrity and innovation. As consumers of scientific knowledge, we all have a vested interest in an effective system. Join us in episode 99 as we explore the evolving world of science in the digital age, with insights from biochemist and former Cell editor, Ben Lewin. In this episode, you'll: Gain insight into flaws in the scientific publishing process involving peer review, preprints, and the "publish or perish" paradigm. Understand concerns over reproducibility, questionable research practices, and the influence of money in shaping projects. Learn how technology and A.I. are transforming science into a data-driven numbers game obsessed with quantity over quality. Don't miss this illuminating discussion on the complex forces that could undermine science in the 21st century. Takeaways 1. Science is not a linear, seamless process. Despite the perception of scientific progress as a smooth and consistent journey, it is often messy and characterized by zigzagging developments. The public needs to understand the principles and limitations of the scientific process to demystify the black box image of science. 2. There are emerging concerns about the influence of artificial intelligence, the shift towards "big science," and the potential lack of revolutionary ideas in scientific research due to the pressure to publish safer and more reliable work. Scientists are also at risk of becoming data-generating technicians rather than pursuing innovative questions and answers. 3. Criticisms have been raised regarding the hierarchy of scientific journals, the peer review system, and the prevalence of predatory journals. Despite its flaws, the current system of scientific publishing is considered the best available option for disseminating scientific knowledge. Resources Lewin B. Inside Science: Revolution in Biology and its Impact. Long Island, NY: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. 2023. Time Stamps (02:47) - Introducing Ben (06:33) - What we should be understanding about science (08:20) - Inside Ben’s book, Inside Science: Revolution in Biology and Its Impact (10:04) - The art of presenting scientific work (12:15) - The pressure to publish in science (14:23) - His thoughts on how science should proceed in the future with publishing (17:51) - Ben’s view on peer review (19:48) - His take on the peer review process (22:30) - His thoughts on the preprint problems during the pandemic (24:16) - The path for young scientists to get published in appropriate journals (26:26) - The key changes in scientific conduct that Ben’s been able to trace (29:37) - Concerns in modern science (35:13) - Ben’s key takeaways from Inside Science (37:09) - Highlights from today’s episode Subscribe to the Write Medicine podcast! Don’t forget to subscribe to the Write Medicine podcast for more valuable insights on continuing medical education content for health professionals. Click the Follow button and subscribe on your favorite platform.
February 21, 2024 by Write Medicine

Ep07: Roche’s Approach to Brain Health: Insights From the World Economic Forum’s Brain Health Impact Session

This episode is hosted by Drew Holzapfel, Chief Operating Officer of the Davos Alzheimer's Collaborative. He’s joined by Dr. Sasha Bozeat and Dr. Mikele Epperly, two leaders from Roche who are focused on neurological disease and brain health.  They share a glimpse into the cutting-edge research, innovative solutions, and collaborative efforts that are shaping the future of brain health on a global scale. This is our final episode of the recordings from the 2024 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, however we plan to update this podcast series with more news about brain health as it unfolds. Be sure to follow this show in your favorite podcast player, and subscribe to our Health UNMUTED newsletter to be notified as new episodes are released. The Brain Health News podcast, part of Health UNMUTED, was created by Mission Based Media in association with the Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative.
February 21, 2024 by Brain Health News
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