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How health care organizations can tackle racism in patient care

"The new American Medical Association policy recognizing racism as a public health threat and providing an anti-racist approach to equitable care will have no effectiveness unless health care organizations get their own houses in order and actively do anti-racism work in their own institutions. Although I’m not a health care provider, as a health care communicator whose role is dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion, I sit in rooms where health disparities in hard-hit communities due to systemic racism are regular topics of conversations. But in the hallways, on Zoom meetings, in texts and email conversations, I also learn about all how disparities due to systemic racism are rampant inside an institution and make organizational health equity seem like a faraway dream. How can you fight to advance health equity and racial justice out in the community when you’re not doing the same within your own organization?" Nikki Hopewell is a communications strategist. She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, "Health care organizations: Clean up your house first, then you can tackle racism in patient care." (
January 23, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

F116 Medication Management Goes Beyond Pill Reminders. Patients Want Transparency. (Jennifer Butler)

Medication management is a complicated, expensive, and complex healthcare problem. Because taking medications is only a small part of patient’s lives, taking them correctly can be complicated and burdensome. Patients might not take medications because that gives them the sense of having their lives under control and not dictated by medicine. They will get fatigued by pill reminders because getting constantly told that you have a condition, can get emotionally draining. This causes non-adherence and can lead to complications. But some companies are proving that the mission to help patients is not an impossible task.  Jennifer Butler - Chief Marketing Officer at Medisafe,  the world’s leading consumer medication management platform, approaching 7 million users in almost 200 countries, says patients want transparency about their treatments. It’s been clear for years that for medication management solutions to work, they need to go beyond pill reminders. Visit the website:  Medisafe: Leave a rating or a review: 
January 22, 2021 by Faces of Digital Health

Zafar Chaudry, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Seattle Children’s

This episode features Zafar Chaudry, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Seattle Children’s. Here, he discusses his experience serving in the CIO role internationally, how he balances enterprise and application systems, and more.
January 22, 2021 by Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

Brennan Spiegel, Director of Health Services Research at Cedars-Sinai

This episode features Brennan Spiegel, Director of Health Services Research at Cedars-Sinai. Here, he discusses his specialization in virtual reality, how VR can be used to treat a variety of health issues, and more.
January 22, 2021 by Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

Improving Better Outcomes by Creating Seamless Patient Journeys Across Virtual and In-Person Care with Leslie Basham, President and CEO at Surgical Directions

In this episode, we have the privilege to feature the outstanding Leslie Basham, President and CEO at Surgical Directions. Leslie discussed improving patient access and improving the efficiency of patient care while reducing the overall cost particularly in the surgical space. She emphasizes the importance of surgical services running more efficiently, shares success stories of how her team at Surgical Directions helped improve culture and lower turnover, and talked about the impact of peer to peer model. Leslie shares insights on setbacks, the impact of COVID on healthcare businesses and surgery, transformations of care delivery, and more. If you are looking for more surgical insights for your company, this is the interview you need, so please tune in! Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
January 22, 2021 by Outcomes Rocket

Exploring Legacy Data with Duane Campbell, Director of Product Management & Jason Theunissen, Clinical Strategic Consultant at MediQuant

In this podcast we are joined by two MediQuant leaders, Duane Campbell and Jason Theunissen. Duane and Jason offer key thoughts on legacy data. This episode is sponsored by MedQuant (
January 22, 2021 by Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

More seats at the federal table for health equity

Listen to Leslie Erdelack and Vabren Watts talk about the Biden inauguration, his picks for an incoming health team, and what is means for health equity.
January 22, 2021 by Health Affairs This Week

How to (almost) never have a bad shift

"To understand how to create good shifts irrespective of external factors, I turned to the ancient philosophy of Stoicism. One of its core tenets is that we must focus on what is within our control. Epictetus said: 'Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle: Some things are within our control, and some things are not. It is only after you have faced up to this fundamental rule and learned to distinguish between what you can and can’t control that inner tranquility and outer effectiveness become possible.' Too often, we ignore his admonitions, and we focus our efforts on things that are outside our control while paradoxically relinquishing control of things that are within our control. Things within our control, per the Stoics, are our own thoughts, emotions, and actions. We relinquish control of them by allowing our emotions to be unduly affected by external things. 'That person said something that made me upset,' or 'I’m angry because I couldn’t get something I needed.' On the other hand, we try to control things that are outside our circle of control, such as other people’s actions or opinions, politics, coronavirus, or even the weather. We try to control them in our minds by resisting their presence, continuously wishing them away, or perseverating that they should be different. In order to have the inner tranquility and outer effectiveness Epictetus encouraged, we must give up the fiction that we can control things outside ourselves and maintain better control of ourselves." Christina Shenvi is an emergency physician and can be reached on Twitter @clshenvi. She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, "How to (almost) never have a bad shift." (
January 22, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

210 – Clubhouse, Niche topics for podcasts, Dr. Fauci on The Joe Budden Podcast

“You ain’t relevant unless you say something on social media!!!”   Gary Vaynerchuk, my bad if I got your quote wrong. Ya’ll get the idea though. Social media is where it’s at nowadays, and in order to be considered relevant you need some “skin” in the game of social media. On today’s episode, Drs. Steven Bradley and Tyree Winters jump on to talk about social media, podcasts and Clubhouse, and Dr. Fauci on The Joe Budden Podcast.   The Guests   Dr. Steven Bradley – Host of The Black Doctors Podcast; IG Dr. Tyree Winters – IG; Twitter; LinkedIn   These are the 5 main things we discussed in this episode: What its like to go viral on Twitter (8:49) How niche topics in podcasting leads to success (16:36) Can Clubhouse replaced podcasts (33:36) Thoughts on Dr. Fauci on Joe Budden Podcast (40:30) 2020 Awards: Album of the Year, Medical Influencer of the Year (48:28)     Transcription: (coming soon)   Love the show? Leave a review so I can continue to improve the podcast!   “Having the Darkos describe their journey provided a solace that no sort of debt counseling would ever bring about. Anyways, this show is consistent in the fact that it always delivers gems and enlightens listeners. I’ve shared the podcast with my classmates. Please keep up the great work!”   If this sounds like you, rate with five stars, and leave a review!!! >>>     This episode is sponsored by OnSite Waste Technologies. Check out their new TE-5000 that allows you to put your medical waste into the trash!! Check them out at  
January 22, 2021 by Docs Outside The Box

Let's Talk About Race, Racial Healing, and Equitable Healthcare | The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 305

On episode 305 of The Nurse Keith Show nursing and healthcare career podcast, Keith interviews Milagros Phillips, a racial equity coach, keynote speaker, and thought leader also known as "The Race Healer". The conversation includes thoughts on racial disparities, intergenerational trauma, Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS), implicit bias, how to heal the racial divides that separate us, and so much more. 
January 22, 2021 by The Nurse Keith Show

Healthcare's Financial Health, JP Morgan Conference, and Price Transparency with Retired CFO Rob DeMichiei

January 22, 2021: Rob DeMichiei, Board Director, Strategic Advisor and Former CFO lends Bill his wisdom and expertise in dissecting the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. What did they hear and what are the implications moving forward? Social determinants...
January 22, 2021 by This Week In Health IT

Deferred Care and Lower Risk Scores Could Reduce Medicare Advantage Payments in 2021 w/ Dr. Matt Lambert

Medicare Advantage plans may be looking at both a sicker population and reduced payments in 2021. Dr. Matt Lambert shares strategies for weathering the storm.
January 22, 2021 by The #HCBiz Show!

Amy Perry, CEO of the Hospital Division & SVP of Integrated Care Delivery at Atlantic Health

This episode features Amy Perry, CEO of the Hospital Division & SVP of Integrated Care Delivery at Atlantic Health. Here, she discusses what she’s seeing with COVID-19 in her area, her best advice for emerging leaders, and more.
January 21, 2021 by Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

The Handoff Season 3: Coming Soon

The Handoff will be back with season 3 next Wednesday, January 27 featuring interviews on topics like clinical ethics and moral resilience, mental health and burnout, the intersection of nursing and the gig economy, and diversity in nursing at the leadership level.
January 21, 2021 by The Handoff

Trey Klawiter, President at Methodist Hospital for Surgery

This episode features Trey Klawiter, President at Methodist Hospital for Surgery. Here, he discusses his best advice for emerging leaders, his key points of pride in Methodist, and more.
January 21, 2021 by Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

Allowing People to Bring their Authentic Selves to Work: Marcia Windross, Head of DE&I, W2O

Creating a workplace where people can bring their authentic selves to work leads to creativity and innovation. Our Head of DE&I, Marcia Windross discusses the importance of DE&I for companies and highlights National Mentoring Month and the impact of mentorship.
January 21, 2021 by What 2 Know

Transforming Patient Access Through Technology with Emily Tyson, Chief Operating Officer at Radix Health

 In this episode, we have the outstanding Emily Tyson joining us. Emily is the Chief Operating Officer at Radix Health. Emily discusses how her company improves patient access by making it easier for patients to see their doctors. She talks about the intricacies happening at the practice level, automating certain processes of the clinic flow, leveraging technology in planning the calendar to optimize operations, enabling clients to better leverage best practices, and ultimately being more self-sufficient, and more. Emily also shares her insights on the future of the health industry, overcoming challenges, and the benefits of working with practices. Tune in for a very interesting conversation with Emily Tyson.
January 21, 2021 by Outcomes Rocket

Darin Libby, Principal with ECG Management Consultants

This episode features Darin Libby, Principal with ECG Management Consultants. Here he shares his perspective on key market drivers that are influencing ambulatory initiatives and other unique industry insights. This episode is sponsored by ECG Management Consultants (
January 21, 2021 by Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

COVID-19 Miniseries Episode 59: Mayo Clinic Q&A – Expert Updates on COVID-19 Vaccines

This episode is shared from Mayo Clinic Q&A and was recorded on January 11, 2021. To claim credit visit: Guest:  Gregory A. Poland, M.D. (@drgregpoland) Host: Halena M. Gazelka, M.D. (@hmgazelkamd) The U.S. rollout of COVID-19 vaccines is reportedly ramping up with news that nearly all available doses will soon be released to the American public. "The new COVID-19 variants are traveling quickly, and this is a warning that we need to take precautions," says Dr. Gregory Poland, an infectious diseases expert and head of Mayo Clinic's Vaccine Research Group. Dr. Poland says these new variants are a consequence of an RNA virus being transmitted from human to human. "Even after we get our vaccines, we still need to wear masks out in public. We still need to maintain physical distancing. And we still need to wash our hands until about 80% of people get their COVID-19 vaccines," Dr. Poland emphasizes.In this Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast, Dr. Poland goes into detail about the COVID-19 vaccines, including "sterilizing immunity," testing for antibodies after receiving the vaccine, the possibility of booster doses in the future and much more. AskMayoExpert COVID-19 Resources: Connect with the Mayo Clinic’s School of Continuous Professional Development online at or on Twitter @MayoMedEd. 
January 21, 2021 by Mayo Clinic Talks

Moving Through Grief with Wendy Black Stern

Moving Through Grief with Wendy Black Stern

Hot and Cold solutions for the pain no woman talks about with Suzanne Sinatra, CEO of Private Packs

In Episode 3, Dr Wright is joined by Suzanne Sinatra, CEO and founder of Private Packs, a warm and cold, ergonomically designed products series created to address the private pain women seldom speak about. This episode introduces listeners to SexTech and what the public needs to know. Private Packs was born out of a traumatic Brazilian waxing incident that prompted Suzanne to design a product that is currently an unmet need in the marketplace. “I’m just a woman that hurt her vagina. From that experience and those of the women around me inspired me to start Private Packs.” Launched in 2019, Private Packs was initially scheduled to launch in 2017.  However, two weeks before her crowdfunding campaign Suzanne was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer that quickly progressed to Stage 3. While in treatment Suzanne continued to work on Private Packs.  Happy and healthy today, Suzanne is an advocate for female health. She is a member of the Women in SexTech, a community of entrepreneurs united by a desire to meet the needs of others and remove the stigma from innovations within the sexual technology industry. The future of FEMTECH, SEX TECH and what does the public need to know.
January 21, 2021 by HOT for your Health

Unmasking inequality: the power of community organization during COVID-19

"Touted by some as a 'great equalizer,' the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront long-standing disparities in access to health for Black, Latinx, immigrant, and low-income communities. While we are all in this fight together, some are bearing the burden more than others. Studies have shown that Blacks in the United States are especially affected, with them being represented twice as often among COVID-19 deaths as they are in the population (13 percent of the population vs. 27 percent of COVID-19 deaths). In New York City (NYC), primarily Black and Latinx neighborhoods are being ravaged, while whiter and wealthier areas are seeing fewer cases and deaths. Furthermore, there has been a mass exodus from whiter and wealthier neighborhoods, while New York’s Blacks, Latinxs, immigrants, and those from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds have been unable to escape financial, mental, and literal suffocation by the virus." Aishwarya Raja is a medical student. Inginia Genao is an internal medicine physician. They share their stories and discuss their KevinMD article, "Unmasking inequality: the power of community organization during COVID-19." (
January 21, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

Stupid Endometriosis With Melissa Boudreau, Host of “the Cycle”

Across the years running Stupid Cancer, I can’t tell you how many times I was approached by other young adult chronic disease patients and communities asking if we’d ever think of franchising the brand. You know – Stupid Lupis. Stupid Fibro. Stupid MS. Stupid Type 1. You get the point. We all need a community of our peers who — as we say — “get it” because they’ve already “got it” — a community where there are no judgments and no stigma. Well, while there may not be a “Stupid Endometriosis,” Melissa Boudreau is as close as it gets with her podcast, “The Cycle” — and she joins me today for a 101 breakdown on the disease. Melissa was a C-Suite marketing professional whose young life was interrupted, to say the least, with misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis and an ever-increasing sense of fear and isolation that forever changed her formidable years. No one ever asks to become an expert on a disease they didn’t ask for, but Melissa is a genuine voice for the 1 in 10 women worldwide who have Endometriosis. Enjoy the show

5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Business Right Now

 Right now is the perfect time to start your business. Whether you’re already an entrepreneur, you want to become a coach, launch a product, or even leverage your position working for someone else as an intrapreneur, I’m sharing five reasons why you shouldn’t wait one moment longer to start and scale your business. Get full show notes and more information here:
January 21, 2021 by The EntreMD Podcast
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