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Innovation and Value in Pharmacy with Chronis Manolis, Chief Pharmacy Officer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health Plan

In the Outcomes Rocket Pharma Podcast, we dive into the nuances of the pharmaceutical value chain. We'll be speaking with leaders across entities that comprise the pharma value chain, to hear from individuals that are shaping the pharma space of the healthcare industry. Today, we are excited and privileged to host the exceptional Chronis Manolis, Chief Pharmacy Officer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health Plan. Chronis talks about UPMC and how they are driving value, access, and engagement. He emphasizes the importance of pharmacists looking at the whole personal and taking factors like SDOH as barriers in the way of med adherence. We also cover Chronis' thoughts on innovation, the future of drugs and pharma value chain, digital therapeutics, ensuring access for high-cost prescriptions, doing what's best for all stakeholders, and how pharma can transform from pay for the widget to pay for value? Chronis also touched on UPMC's high-touch pharmacy services and micro-management pharmacy perspectives. Get your notes ready for this great interview with Chronis Manolis! Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
July 29, 2021 by Outcomes Rocket

Swell: Patients Want to be Engaged with Zeke Kuch

Our last episode’s guest, Zeke Kuch, is back to give us a quick overview of Swell. Swell is a startup that was born in Utah, and they have been rapidly growing. Zeke talks about the company’s mission and its work in patient engagement. They offer review generation, tracking services, and a messaging platform that unifies Facebook, Google messages, text messages, and others in one single place. Swell also offers text messaging and email solutions, even though they lead with texts. Tune into this episode to learn about Swell’s experience as a startup! For the full transcript, show notes, and resources to help you level up your practice, visit us at 

Episode 093 -Leading the World Gene Therapy Program for CTNNB1 With Fellow Rare Mama – Špela Miroševič

ONCE UPON A GENE - EPISODE 093 Leading the World Gene Therapy Program for CTNNB1 With Fellow Rare Mama - Špela Miroševič Špela Miroševič is a fellow CTNNB1 mama to a two year old named Urban. She's done a lot of work to start a foundation for our CTNNB1 gene and get in front of scientists and researchers to find a treatment for our kids. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Can you tell me about Urban? Urban just turned 2 years old. He was born a perfectly healthy boy. My labor was perfect, Urban was given a perfect Apgar score and for the first three months everything was fine. It was then that I realized he should be holding his head more than he was and that his movements weren't connected. When I took him to the doctor for a routine check-up, she identified that something was wrong and ordered a brain scan, which began the journey of getting a diagnosis. What motivates you to accomplish all that you have for the CTNNB1 community? The moments I feel angry and hopeless. In those moments, I research to get closer to the hope that we won't always live like this and we can overcome the difficulties and struggles. Even though nothing I've tried has helped Urban, it has brought me a sense of control. I can't control Urban's condition, but it gives me strength to do something to help him even when it's not really helping at the end of the day. Can you tell me about the foundation you started? I'm research focused in psycho-social interventions to improve the quality of cancer patient's lives through mindfulness and psychotherapy. I knew how to read articles and was studying biopsychology, so I had knowledge of hormones, transmitters and about biology. I wrote to Amber Freed, the Founder of SLC6A1 Connect, to learn more about developing gene therapy. She connected me with other parents who led me down the path of developing a gene therapy. I called the head neurologist at the pediatric hospital in Slovenia and told him I wanted to create a gene therapy and he agreed to help me. He connected me to a Slovenian researcher known for his gene therapy studies and only one month later we met to discuss how we were going to make gene therapy for Urban and other kids affected by CTNNB1. I researched all articles on gene therapy, documented the researchers, I did a systematic review of the published research on CTNNB1 cases, noted common mutations, clinical features and suggested gene therapy approaches. With this data, I sent emails to all of the researchers and received great responses that gave me the strength to keep fighting. One email was from an Australian researcher with the Children Medical Research Institute where they have a laboratory for making gene replacement therapy for rare genetic diseases. They said CTNNB1 was a good gene for gene replacement therapy which meant I needed to develop a foundation and collect money to move forward. How will clinical trials work? We don't know yet, but we have secured an organization who will help fund the clinical trial of the gene therapy and give us a free spot at the laboratory. Once the clinical trial is approved in Australia, doctors can apply for use of the gene therapy which can be sent to any country so kids won't have to travel to Australia to get it. RESOURCES MENTIONED CTNNB1 Foundation TUNE INTO THE ONCE UPON A GENE PODCAST Spotify Apple Podcasts Stitcher Overcast CONNECT WITH EFFIE PARKS Website Twitter Instagram Built Ford Tough Facebook Group 
July 29, 2021 by Once Upon A Gene

Unlocking Siloed Health Data: Ardy Arianpour, CEO & Co-Founder, Seqster & Larry Mickelberg, Group President, Real Chemistry

Health data is medicine, according to Ardy Arianpour, CEO & Co-Founder of Seqster. Ardy is joined by Real Chemistry’s Larry Mickelberg to discuss how we can break down health data silos and what that would mean for the future of healthcare.
July 29, 2021 by The Real Chemistry Podcast

Continued, Authenticity is your SUPERPOWER! Lynn Banazak, MBA

Welcome to episode 2 of season 6 of the HOT for your Health podcast where we offer you bleeding edge conversations on health, science and culture with leading medical experts and fascinating people from all walks of life.  In season 6, we revisit themes from the “Best of Life” Summit where the membership community was launched for 40-60+yo women living Ageless. Authentic. Indefinable in passionate pursuit of the BEST of LIFE.   Sound like a place for you?  Check it out at  In true “Women Health Conversations” form, in this episode of HOT for your Health, Dr Vonda Wright rejoins Lynn Banazak to continue the conversation on living Ageless. Authentic. Indefinable and how women can live in passionate pursuit of the best in live by elevating our voices together.  Do not miss this inspiring conversation.
July 29, 2021 by HOT for your Health

To Be or Not to Be The Leader That Everyone Loves With Kris Mailepros!

Are you a leader everyone loves? Should you be a leader that everyone loves? Is that even possible. In this weeks episode we sit down with Kris Mailepors, founder of Bushido Leadership and author of The Easy to Follow Leader, to discuss what it takes to be a great leader, myths about leadership, and some pearls of wisdom about what truly motivates people. This is an episode you don't want to miss!If you enjoyed this episode, visit us at http://www.nurseleadernetwork.comIf you want even more info and to grab your FREE copy of the Find the Right Mentor Workbook,  go to
July 29, 2021 by Nurse Leader Network

Remote patient monitoring: a health IT perspective

"The primary benefits for mobile care units are the fact that they decrease patient travel times by arriving at their residences and ensuring that appointments are never missed. It also relieves the stress of finding transportation for dialysis patients, outright eliminating the need for the CMS to find alternative transport methods for patients. By utilizing mobile care units alongside health IT solutions for preventive care services, the CMS can finally do the impossible and establish a basic health care standard for rural citizens." Thanh Tran is a health IT executive. He shares his story and discusses the KevinMD article, "Will U.S. health care match Native Americans’ treatment of chronic kidney disease?" (
July 29, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

234 – Should a resident get a $1 million-dollar personal brand deal?

What’s good everyone!! Dr. Renee is back and we got a lot to talk about!   In this episode you’ll learn: When do you fully recover from being “post-call”? Space Jam: A New Legacy review & owning your brand NCAA Name Image & Likeness ruling Should residents get big endorsement deals while in training? Facebook group talk about gifting a friend money to buy a home they clearly can’t afford   Resources: Duquesne hires personal brand coach for college athletes Lebron James’ Business Model: Owning the Value Chain   Transcription:   (coming soon)   Love the show? Leave a review so I can continue to improve the podcast!   “Having the Darkos describe their journey provided a solace that no sort of debt counseling would ever bring about. Anyways, this show is consistent in the fact that it always delivers gems and enlightens listeners. I’ve shared the podcast with my classmates. Please keep up the great work!”   If this sounds like you, rate with five stars, and leave a review!!!   >>>   This episode is sponsored by:  Provider Solutions & Development. Experts in holistic career coaching. Check them out at   Set For Life Insurance. Helping clients prepare for the worst so they can be SET to live their best lives. Check them out at
July 29, 2021 by Docs Outside The Box

Health Care's Ransomware Wake-Up Call

Health care has long lagged behind other industries when it comes to cybersecurity. But with ransomware attacks against the industry on the rise, providers are quickly trying to close the gap and protect their systems and patients.Guests:Karen Sprenger, CISSP, GCFE, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Ransomware Negotiator, LMG SecurityM. Eric Johnson, PhD, Ralph Owen Dean and Bruce D. Henderson Professor of Strategy, Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of ManagementAnahi Santiago, Chief Information Security Officer, ChristianaCareSaad Chaudhry, MPP, Chief Information Officer, Luminis HealthRead a full transcript, dig into the numbers, and learn more about ransomware negotiator Karen Sprenger on our website: up for our weekly newsletter to see what research health policy experts are reading right now, plus recommendations from our staff: this type of journalism today, with a gift: us on Twitter:  See for privacy and opt-out information.
July 29, 2021 by Tradeoffs

Business Lessons From My Dad, Dr. Chineme Part 4

 Today is the finale of the Business Lessons from My Dad, Dr. Chineme.Thank you for sharing this legacy series in honor of him.If you missed any of the other episodes, please go back and listen before going into this one.This series is possible because my dad decided to act on an opportunity that was presented to him.In this episode, I share the biggest secret of all. It is so simple but if you adopt it, it will change your life and business just like it did for my dad and me.  The EntreMD Business School enrollment is now closed and won't open again until 2022, but do not panic! You can sign up to be on the waitlist for the next cohort.  Featured on the Show:Email meYouTube ChannelEntreMD Business School Testimonials
July 29, 2021 by The EntreMD Podcast

Stupid Cancer: You Know What It Is

On the show today, I'm so thrilled to welcome here live in-studio Alison Silberman, CEO at Stupid Cancer (my old job, as you may know), and Shannon Wyant, a fellow AYA cancer survivor and sitting member of the Stupid Cancer Board of Directors (also my old job as you may know.) The best conversations are those without an agenda that manifest from their own chemistry and organic magic. And what you're about to hear is no exception. So prepare your Wayback machine and your magic eight ball for a "wikipedic" throwback to how the sausage was — and continues to be made — for the largest young adult support community in the world. This one's for Annie Goodman, Jason Mlot, Chad Whitman, Ali Powers, Emily Morrison, Erica Paul, and Lauren Scott.For more information, visit and follow @MZOutofPatients, @MatthewZachary, @VaxOnPod, and @OffScripMedia on Twitter.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Master Pitch to Investors in a Day with Beth Susanne, Global Pitch Coach

If you're struggling or frustrated with your funding, want to improve your fund-raising technique, and hit off the park, this is an opportunity you shouldn't miss! In this episode, we are excited to host the amazing Beth Susanne, an international pitch coach based in Silicon Valley. Beth explains how she helps clients fine-tune their pitch so it becomes compelling and it has all the signals investors are looking for.  She shares tips on what should be included in the pitch, verbal and visual cues needed for online presentations to catch the investor's attention, how to make and maintain a great impression, and more. If you're wanting to pitch for those difficult to get appointments, like trying to get in to see a payer or a pharma company and you have only one shot and you can't mess it up, this podcast episode with Beth Susanne can help you have ideas on what to say, how to say, and when to say it. Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
July 28, 2021 by Outcomes Rocket

Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy – Nina Sossamon-Pogue

I really needed a lesson in resilience and a motivation boost this week and looking at Jim Joyce's hair - he did as well! On today's #TheShot of #digitalhealth therapy, we got through the week with Nina Sossamon-Pogue whose career took her from being a gymnast, news anchor, health tech exec and now an amazing book writer and speaker. 📰 scalability of #mentalhealth solutions 📰 finding your space in the employer and carrier landscape 📰 resilience vs. grit vs. determination 📰 millennials in the workforce 📰 oh and.. Nina's full COOL "Resilience" keynote just in a few minutes - a MUST SEE / HEAR

160 – Smart clothing; increasing care beyond hospital walls; Shem Richards, Goldilocks

Smart clothing is the next generation of remote monitoring tech, are you subscribed yet? Shem Richards is a biomedical engineer and the founder of Goldilocks.  Goldilocks is a smart clothing company aiming to reduce the cost of healthcare and increase the value of care beyond the hospital walls.  In this episode, Pete and Shem discuss how smart wearables can reduce parental stress and help with ageing-in-place. They take a sneak peek at what the next generation of care looks like and talk about Shem’s journey of bringing a medical device to market in Australia, among other things. Tune into this episode to learn how a baby singlet can help clinicians coach parents through the stresses of bringing a newborn home. This episode also covers how innovative technologies can facilitate remote monitoring and aged care and implementing the human aspect of remote care. Check out the episode and full show notes here. To see the latest information, news, events and jobs on offer at Goldilocks, visit their Talking HealthTech Directory here.  Loving the show?  Leave us a review, and share it with some friends, become a THT+ Member for early release, ad-free and bonus episodes of the podcast, access to our online community forum, and free tickets to our quarterly summits.  For more information visit here.
July 28, 2021 by Talking HealthTech

NEJM This Week — July 29, 2021

Featuring articles on the duration of adjuvant therapy in breast cancer, tofacitinib for Covid-19 pneumonia, complications in youth-onset type 2 diabetes, a small-molecule SMN2 modifier in type 1 spinal muscular atrophy, a hyperimmune globulin to prevent congenital cytomegalovirus, and scarless wound healing; a review article on depression in adolescents; a case report of a woman with bloody stools and thrombocytopenia; and Perspective articles on from crime to care, on health care budgets for rural providers, on identifying and tracking SARS-CoV-2 variants, and on a child’s loss. Supplement to the New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 385, No. 5.

Making telehealth usable for everyone — with Amy Sheon

Despite the widespread adoption telehealth saw during the COVID-19 pandemic, many telehealth deployments still fall short of real user-friendliness, providing less-than-ideal patient experiences, especially for certain populations that might have less access to reliable internet or less experience with telecommunications.On this episode, guest host and Healthcare IT News Senior Editor Kat Jercich welcomes Amy Sheon, research director at the Telehealth Equity Coalition, to discuss this  important topic.This episode is brought to you by BlueJeans.Talking points:For whom is telehealth not working?Why it took health systems some time to tumble to their equity challengesTesting devices on the right groupsCommunity health workers might be the key to reaching difficult populationsThe Telehealth Equity CoalitionOther resources available for people making telehealth offerings more equitableEquity issues around internet access and digital redliningWhat can telehealth vendors do?Policy solutions for health equityTelehealth accessibility for people with disabilitiesAsynchronous communication as an accommodationMore about this episode:To achieve healthcare equity, telehealth must be expanded to rural and underserved communities Telehealth used less in disadvantaged areas, Health Affairs study findsEliminating audio-only telehealth coverage could put safety net clinics at riskWomen are less likely to use video for telehealth careTelehealth may worsen digital divide for people with disabilitiesTelehealth has enabled wider access during COVID-19 – but not for everyoneCould telehealth worsen inequity? 'Not under my watch,' says HHS Sec. BecerraHims & Hers, ATA, and 10 others launch Telehealth Equity Coalition
July 28, 2021 by HIMSSCast

President Biden's tax proposal and its effects on estate and income tax planning for physicians

"While physicians provide a vital service to the U.S., they often have blind spots when it comes to maintaining their own financial health. Many in the medical field believe that financial planning is as simple as having an IRA account and that estate planning will be taken care of by a will. Unfortunately, particularly for those in this profession, financial planning is more important than ever, and President Biden’s proposed tax changes could have a profound effect on physicians’ financial planning in particular. Working with a fiduciary financial advisor to understand how the new laws affect physicians and implementing strategies that can lessen the impact is key to navigating these changes." Syed Nishat and Aadil Zaman are partners, Wall Street Alliance Group. They are regularly quoted and interviewed in media outlets like Medical Economics, Forbes, US News, Bloomberg, and Yahoo Finance. This special episode is the audio version of the webinar, "President Biden's tax proposal and its effects on estate and income tax planning for physicians," sponsored by Wall Street Alliance Group. ( Watch the full webinar. (
July 28, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

Ep 59 – “Optimizing Gut health: Food choices! With Dr. Brian Dooreck”

In today’s episode, you will meet Dr. Brian S. Dooreck. Dr. Brian S Dooreck [/dôr/-/ek/] completed his undergraduate degree at Stony Brook University. He completed a post-Baccalaureate while at the Harvard School of Public Health before earning his medical degree from the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. He returned to New York City where he completed his Internal Medicine Residency and year as Chief Resident at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, a Columbia University teaching hospital. Dr. Dooreck received clinical training in Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital and distinguished Center for Liver Diseases; named by US News as one of America’s Best Hospitals for Digestive Disorders.Dr. Dooreck joined Gastrointestinal Diagnostic Centers (found at browardgi [dot] com) and the Memorial Healthcare System of South Florida in 2005 and has held past leadership positions in the System and is a member of the Credentialing Committee.Dr. Dooreck is the Medical Director of Executive Health Coaching—“One company” with “Three areas of focus.” Health Coaching ➕ Health Navigation ➕ Practice Growth.Dr. Dooreck is the Founder and Executive Director of gethiredmiami—a 100% FREE resume building resource offered to organizations in Miami. The goal “improving lives through employment.™ Nothing more.”Dr. Dooreck's social media presence is focused on nutrition, Gut Health ➕ Life Balance, colorectal screening, and patient advocacy. Dr. Dooreck has been increasingly active on the LinkedIn platform. To connect with Dr. Dooreck, find his links below:Instagram: @dr.dooreckFacebook: you again for joining us today! If you know anybody that would benefit from this episode please share it with them and help spread the knowledge and motivation. Don’t forget to show your support for the Powerful and Passionate Healthcare Professionals Podcast by writing a review on iTunes. Your feedback helps the success of our show and pushes us to continuously be better!ADDITIONAL RESOURCESWant to save 10 hours of work per week while increasing your team's productivity? Book a complimentary consultation here: to instantly restore your energy and brighten your fatigued eyes in 2 minutes? Download your FREE audio exercises and discover them for yourself: is just the tip of the iceberg, and I know you have a lot more questions that you want to get answered. Join us inside our private text support community for our weekly Ask Me Anything sessions and monthly networking with like-minded healthcare practitioners.

Nuance Ambient Listening (DAX): A Case Study with Metro Health

July 28, 2021: Physicians have enough stressors let alone having to worry about the conversations they’re having with patients. How do they document it? How do they make sure they’re connecting? And afterwards, how can they have the confidence that the data is all there? That’s where DAX comes in. Dragon Ambient eXperience is a comprehensive AI-powered voice-enabled solution which uses ambient sensing technology to securely listen to clinician-patient encounter conversations. Nuance, a leader in conversational AI, is fine tuning this technology with Metro Health. Their number one priority is to help solve physician burnout. Our guests are Diana Nole, EVP General Manager at Nuance and Josh Wilda, CIO and Dr. Lance Owens, CMIO for Metro Health.Key Points:I had a doctor tell me you fixed healthcare in one button because the DAX product is so easy to use [00:08:45] How do we make sure providers are progressive with the technology they're using so they can continue to focus on the patients [00:11:05] DAX unlocks the physician from being at the computer [00:13:10] Sometimes it's hard to flip bricks and mortar for new technologies [00:18:25] Don't price out smaller organizations in early technology adoption [00:25:50] Dragon Ambient eXperience - NuanceDragon Medical One - Nuance Metro Health
July 28, 2021 by This Week In Health IT

#107: Well-Being and Dynamic Balance with Dr. Vicky Tiase

Improving the well-being of clinicians and leaders is on the minds and agenda in many organizations. It is also a focal point for professional and national organizations. One of the key elements of wellness includes the dynamic balance of activity and rest. Doesn’t matter what profession you represent or what role you’re in, all clinicians and leaders need balance in these areas to thrive. So today, we are going to look at creating this dynamic balance with Dr. Vicky Tiase. Vicky is going to share her unique insights based on her experience and perspective as a professional athlete, coach, and a nurse leader. As a bonus, Vicky will share some insights on the inclusion of well-being as an outcome in the Future of Nursing 2020-2030 Report.  For full show notes and links, visit: you found value in this episode, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts! Other Resources You May Enjoy:Self-Study Opportunity:  Enrollment is open to our Self-Study Program, Caring for Others Without Neglecting YOU!  Click Here NOW to learn more and enroll!Click the title to download our free perspective paper: The 3 Biggest Mistakes Healthcare Leaders Make When Trying To Achieve Work Life BalanceIf you have questions for us email your questions to [email protected] Upcoming Events: Ultimate Dynamic Balance Bootcamp, September 13-17, 2021The Ultimate Dynamic Balance Bootcamp is a virtual bootcamp designed to enable healthcare leaders like you to learn about and apply a proven strategy that will allow you to balance your professional and personal life, make a difference at work, and experience more joy, without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed!Click here to join the waitlist and be the first to know when the doors are open!SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS:

Nurse Entrepreneurship: Innovative Strategies for Developing Nursing Business Opportunities | The Nurse Keith Show

On this special bonus episode of the Nurse Keith Show nursing and healthcare career podcast, Keith interviews Michelle Podlesni, the president and CEO of the National Nurses in Business Association, regarding entrepreneurship opportunities for nurses, as well as the upcoming 36th Nurse Entrepreneurship and Career Alternatives Conference, which will be held virtually in late September, 2021. 
July 28, 2021 by The Nurse Keith Show

These Three Founders Are Advancing Mental Health Research and Delivering Happiness to Those in Need

This episode is part of our monthly Health Moonshot series. Last month it was all about brain health, today, we’re talking about founders and companies rethinking mental health and happiness. Areva Martin, CEO & Co-founder of Butterflly Health, has built a behavioral health platform that provides users with peer-to-peer support, therapist matching, access to coaching, and more. Kavi Misri, CEO & Founder of Rose Health, provides evidence-based mental health care for patients and providers on a platform built with tools and technology designed with the patient in mind. Lastly, Richard Hanbury, CEO & Founder of Sana Health, has developed a non-addictive simple mask and headphones that uses audiovisual stimulation to increase the balance between the left and right sides of the brain leading to greater relaxation. In this episode, co-hosted by Logan Plaster and India Edwards, the three entrepreneurs break down their innovative solutions and how they’re advancing mental healthcare. Entrepreneurs: How to get investment from StartUp Health Investors: How to invest in StartUp Health Moonshots Want more content like this? You can subscribe to the podcast as well as other health innovation updates at Sign up for StartUp Health Insider™ to get funding insights, news, and special updates delivered to your inbox.
July 27, 2021 by StartUp Health NOW Podcast

Increasing Clinical and Operational Efficiency with Stephen Archer, Strategic Partner Liaison at Impresiv Health

In this episode, let's listen to Stephen Archer, the Strategic Partner Liaison at Impresiv Health. Stephen shares how Impresive is dedicated to improving operations management standards by offering a suite of solutions that have been proven efficient. He talks of providing consulting services at a fair market value through niche-focused expertise, designing services around things that other companies don't do as well, and insights on project support. If you're looking to improve the quality of care for your patients or want to work with payor companies and providers, this is a podcast interview for you! Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
July 27, 2021 by Outcomes Rocket

Heart Failure Quality Improvement RCT, 7 vs 14 Days of Antibiotics for Male UTI, Does This Patient Have Hypertension?, and more

Editor's Summary by Howard Bauchner, MD, Editor in Chief of JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, for the July 27, 2021 issue.
July 27, 2021 by JAMA Editor’s Summary
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