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Living Fully: Roxane’s Inspirational Goodbye

Roxane has been on a nine month journey with pancreatic cancer and now has only days or weeks to live. She explains why she chose to get aggressive treatment early on and later decided to stop treatment and transition to hospice. Roxane's story and optimistic outlook are uplifting because she is living every moment...while she's dying. Key Takeaways Use every living moment wisely. Even if you're getting aggressive treatment and have hope that cancer treatment will be successful, take advantage of all the time you have. Address the details that give you comfort and control; this will eventually decrease the burden on your family. Hospice is not something to be afraid of. Studies have shown that patients in hospice actually live longer than those with a similar diagnosis who don't receive hospice care. Unfortunately, over 1/2 of all patients are only in hospice for 17 days or less because patients are referred so late in their illness. Get in touch with Archelle Email: [email protected] Instagram: Facebook:
April 16, 2024 by Speak Up For Your Health

RISE FOR EQUITY Podcast: Pride in Health: Navigating the Path to LGBTQ+ Health Equity

Brought to you by: Mayo Clinic Talks Podcast Host: Nicole Nfonoyim-Hara Guest: Victor G. Chedid, M.D., M.S. On this episode of the RISE for Equity podcast, Victor G. Chedid, M.D., M.S., joins host Nicole Nfonoyim-Hara to explore the critical topic of Health Equity within the LGBTQ+ communities. Delving into the multifaceted dimensions of this issue, the discussion sheds light on the significant impact of healthcare and access for LGBTQ+ individuals, from confronting prevalent challenges to presenting actionable resources for patients and healthcare providers alike. Join us for an engaging dialogue poised to resonate with both professionals and patients alike, as we navigate the landscape of healthcare equity. Victor G. Chedid, M.D., M.S., is a physician specializing in gastroenterology and hepatology, with subspecialty certification in Gastroenterology and Hepatology and Internal Medicine. Dr. Chedid has a subspecialty interest in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. Learn more at Connect with the Mayo Clinic’s School of Continuous Professional Development online at or on Twitter @MayoMedEd.  “The point of the IBD Pride Clinic is to declare to the world that we have that safe space for you, and that we’re ready and welcoming and wanting you to come seek your care with us in a safe affirming space and we strive to keep your needs at the center of all our endeavors, just like the Mayo Clinic always says—the clinic’s value is the patient’s needs come first.” – Victor G. Chedid, M.D., M.S. “Creating affirming spaces for physicians is very important. Creating affirming spaces for medical students is very important. As a medical student, when you see somebody who's more senior than you, who belongs to the community, who's advocating, who is out and proud and is doing research in these fields or in LGBT health equity, you’d probably think “I can be that person.” – Victor G. Chedid, M.D., M.S.
April 16, 2024 by Mayo Clinic Talks

MicroSkills: Navigating the Modern Workplace

In this episode, Joy welcomes back Dr. Adaira Landry and introduces Dr. Resa E. Lewiss for a conversation about navigating the ever-changing landscape of the workplace. With their new book, "MicroSkills: Small Actions, Big Impact," Landry and Lewiss provide essential guidance for individuals entering the workforce, focusing on practical strategies for success. Drawing from their experiences as emergency medicine physicians, educators, and authors, they explore the necessity of honing micro skills for self-care, task management, communication, reputation building, and more. From offloading routine tasks to maintaining a positive attitude in challenging situations, they offer practical advice for individuals navigating today's professional world.
April 16, 2024 by HIT Like a Girl

Can I Protect Myself From Breast Cancer? (with Liz O’Riordan, MD)

What happens when you turn 40 (and you also have boobs)? Well, since May 2023, the USPSTF has recommended that women at average risk for breast cancer start screening with mammograms beginning at age 40, and undergo mammography every other year.  These updated recommendations are still “in progress” and the USPSTF cites the urgent need for more research on:  breast cancer screening for people with dense breasts (nearly half of all women),  how to particularly protect women of color In the US, there exists a long history of health disparities across screening and treatment for breast cancer.  The Task Force discusses, for example, that Black women are 40% more likely to die than White women, and too often get aggressive cancers at young ages.  So, Your Doctor Friends are taking a page from America’s Sweetheart (and breast cancer survivor herself) Katie Couric. You may remember Katie both underwent a colonoscopy AND a mammogram on the Today Show, and YDF Julie wants to do the next best thing- consult with a breast cancer expert before she gets her FIRST EVER MAMMOGRAM! Your Doctor Friends have the absolute honor to present our guest today, a consummate badass, breast cancer survivor and breast surgeon, to walk Julie through her own personal risk assessment and screening process for breast cancer.  Finally, we want to take some time at the end of this episode to share the story of a dear friend and colleague, a fellow sports medicine doctor, and absolute amazing human being, who very recently lost her life to breast cancer. She is the inspiration for this episode and Your Doctor Friends think it’s important to talk about her, and are so grateful to her family for their consent to share her story.  Learn more about Dr. Kristin Abbott here. Alright, let’s get on with it, can we answer the question: Can I protect myself from breast cancer? ENTER Dr. Liz O’Riordan to help us find out! Dr O'Riordan is an expert breast surgeon who has had breast cancer three times. She's a best-selling author, speaker, broadcaster and podcaster and is a trusted source of reliable information.  She shares helpful, approachable, valid breast cancer information online, we found her via her IG account @oriordanliz, she also has a podcast called “So Now I’ve Got Breast Cancer”, and she’s published tons of helpful work, including her book “The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer” and her memoir “Under the Knife”. She also has her own wikipedia page, which is pretty rad :) Resources for today's episode include: Dr. O'Riordan's website. Link to the Tyrer-Cuzick Risk Assessment Calculator for breast cancer. The USPSTF's "In Progress" updated guidelines for breast cancer screening. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation's info page on updated USPSTF Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines. Thanks for tuning in, folks! Please sign up for our "PULSE CHECK" monthly newsletter! Signup is easy, right on our website page, and we PROMISE we will not spam you! We just want to send you cool articles, videos and thoughts :) For more episodes, limited edition merch, or to become a Friend of Your Doctor Friends (and more), follow this link!   Find us at: Website:  Email: [email protected]  Connect with us: @your_doctor_friends (IG) Send/DM us a voice memo/question and we might play it on the show! @yourdoctorfriendspodcast1013 (YouTube) @JeremyAllandMD (IG, FB, Twitter) @JuliaBrueneMD (IG) @HealthPodNet (IG)
April 16, 2024 by Your Doctor Friends

Black Maternal Health Week: Stories of Survival

When Marian Dancy speaks, her story resonates with an urgency that commands attention. It's a tale that is all too familiar, yet still desperately needs to be heard: a stark illustration of why self-advocacy is not just important, but potentially life-saving in Black maternal health. On Beyond Clinical Walls, we open our hearts to the powerful narratives of Marian, and Leslie Jordan who, with harrowing clarity, recounts her own experience with pain mismanagement. Together, these women's voices form a symphony of strength, drawing a spotlight on the pressing need to address the healthcare disparities that leave Black mothers at risk.As we navigate through these deeply personal and eye-opening accounts, we uncover the nuanced relationship between a patient's composure and the perception of pain in the healthcare setting. The humbling journey Leslie shares, marked by a near-loss of life, reveals the stark consequences of cultural insensitivity and the importance of recognizing and validating pain in all its forms. Their stories are not isolated incidents; rather, they are part of a broader conversation that extends well beyond Black Maternal Health Week. This episode is a testament to the power of vulnerability, patient education, and relentless advocacy in the fight for equitable healthcare.Wrapping up this episode, we reflect on resilience, gratitude, and the profound realization that our struggles do not define our worth. I, Dr. BCW, invite you to carry the empowering messages from Marian and Leslie with you—let them be a beacon of hope in challenging times. Thank you for joining us on this journey, where the shared experiences of our guests remind us of our shared humanity and the critical need for change in the narrative of Black maternal health.Thank you for Listening to Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast.To find more from Dr. BCW YouTube: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter:
April 16, 2024 by Beyond Clinical Walls Podcast

TownHall: AI, Cloud Integration, and Cautionary Evaluation with Hamed Abbaszadegan, MD

April 16: Today on TownHall, Brett Oliver, Family Physician and Chief Medical Information Officer at Baptist Health talks with Hamed Abbaszadegan, MD, Physician Executive at Stanson Health. We reconnect with our most popular guest from last year as he navigates us through the complexities of AI and machine learning, natural language processing, and the advancement of large language models. What does AI actually look like in the healthcare industry currently? How are health systems integrating it into their processes and where are they being hesitant? Is the cloud an essential part of this technological evolution and what does it mean for AI in healthcare this year? Could we be stepping into an era of 'cautionary evaluation'? Listen in to get answers to these thought-provoking questions and much moreSubscribe: This Week HealthTwitter: This Week HealthLinkedIn: Week HealthDonate: Alex’s Lemonade Stand: Foundation for Childhood Cancer
April 16, 2024 by This Week Health: Conference

Triage Fundamentals: Emergency Severity Index (ESI)

The emergency severity index, or ESI, is meant to swiftly triage patients based on urgency and resource needs. In this episode emergency nurse, Kevin MacFarlane, shares his techniques for determining ESI scores, from identifying true level one resuscitation cases to non-urgent level five medication refills. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of how ESI goes beyond just categorizing medical emergencies to account for quality of life impacts. Kevin also offers a glimpse into the future role of AI in revolutionizing triage protocols - a must-listen for any nurse committed to providing the right care at the right time. Mentioned in this episode: The Art of Emergency Nursing Podcast How Not to Kill Your Patient Podcast Check out Nicole Kupchik's exam reviews and practice questions at Use the promo code UPMYGAME20 to get 20% off all products. Do you need help with your resume, interviewing, or need career coaching? Check out Sarah at New Thing Nurse: Get 15% off of her resume and cover letter templates using the promo code UPMYGAME Nursing students and new grad career services  Experienced RN career services NP career services See the show notes at
April 16, 2024 by Up My Nursing Game

Interview in Action @ HIMSS and VIVE ’24: Innovation With Didi Davis and Erica Williams

April 17: These interviews in action feature Drex DeFord, President, 229 Risk & Security at This Week Health with Didi Davis, VP, Informatics, Conformance & Interoperability of The Sequoia Project from HIMSS 2024 and Sarah Richardson, SVP, Chief Digital & Information Officer of Tivity Health is joined by Erica Williams, Regional Technology Officer of Ascension at ViVE 2024. Didi diving deep into the intricacies of healthcare IT, interoperability, and the transformative work being done at The Sequoia Project. With a rich background spanning 34 years in healthcare IT and a passion for improving data usability. But what does it truly take to make data more usable in the healthcare sector, and how can the Sequoia Project's initiatives, like the Interoperability Matters and the newly launched Data Usability Taking Root, pave the way for a more interconnected healthcare ecosystem? Moreover, how do these efforts contribute to the broader goals of provider-to-provider exchange, public health communication, and empowering consumers in their healthcare journey? Also, Erica Williams navigates through the complexities and aspirations of modern healthcare systems, Erica shares her professional development journey, emphasizing the unpredictable yet invaluable learnings from ViVE. The conversation takes a deep dive into the critical challenge of interoperability within healthcare systems. But how does this quest for interoperability intersect with the enhancement of clinician experiences, from physicians to nurses? And in what ways can ambient solutions and AI components revolutionize the provider landscape?
April 16, 2024 by This Week Health: Conference

Replay: Finding Motivation and Inspiration During Difficult Times as a Healthcare Provider

Replay- Originally aired Sept 14th 2021; What is the difference between external motivation and internal motivation? What role do they play in our work and is one better than the other? In this week’s solo episode, I will be discussing how motivation and inspiration affect our work as healthcare providers, and our everyday lives. It can be hard to find motivation during these difficult times, but by learning how to transfer external motivation into internal motivation and inspiration, it allows us to avoid burnout and let positive energy in.  Listen in to learn: The difference between inspiration and motivation  How to let in positive energy, and let go of any negative energy What to do when you’re feeling unmotivated in your work   How to transfer external motivations into internal motivations  Grab your drink of choice and join the conversation! Disclaimer The Healthcare Provider Happy Hour Podcast makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation as to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information featured in this Podcast. The information, opinions, and recommendations presented in this podcast are for general information only and any reliance on the information provided in this podcast is done at your own risk. This podcast should not be considered professional advice. Please speak with your own healthcare practitioner when seeking medical advice. Connect with Jennifer George: @bestobsessed_with_jenn | Instagram Jennifer George | Website @jenngeorge08) | Twitter Jennifer George | Facebook Click here to check out my book about connecting and communicating with patients to empower their experiences! Stay up to date on everything happening with the Healthcare Provider Happy Hour by subscribing to my weekly newsletter at 

Does Your Pelvic Floor Need an Exercise Program?

In this engaging episode, we're joined by Stephanie Schull, PhD, the innovator behind Kegelbell, as we delve into the often overlooked subject of women's pelvic health. Dr. Schull sheds light incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and organ prolapse, which can result from pelvic floor disorders.  She advocates for the importance of candid discussions, early education, and a deeper understanding of our bodies to prevent and manage these conditions effectively.  Dr. Schull also introduces Kegelbell, her pioneering invention designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve symptoms. Tune in to discover how education and innovation are key to transforming the narrative surrounding women's pelvic health. Please visit Beyond the Paper Gown to join our community and to learn more about achieving your optimal health.
April 15, 2024 by Beyond the Paper Gown

Ask Liam Anything – Live Q and A – Applications, Interviews and Career Growth

I went live on IG to answer our amazing HPN communities answers about Applications, Interviews and Confidence. I share my top tips for Application and Interview success. Not following us on IG? Follow @highperformancenursing for your chance to get free live coaching support next time! 5 Ways we can support you in your nursing career ✅Join our Free Nurse Career Growth Hub and access our free nursing application, interview and career growth guides here!Join our Nurse Career Academy and work with us to help guarantee your next nursing role!Book a free Career Clarity Call with Liam to discuss your career situation!Join our private FB community to surround yourself with like minded nurses!Check out our Youtube Channel for more nurse career support!
April 15, 2024 by High Performance Nursing

Key health care advocacy issues this year, Part I

Compelling research, discussions, opinions and more—enjoy these original podcasts from the AMA for the latest in medicine and patient care. AMA Update AMA Update The AMA Update podcast covers a range of health care topics affecting the lives of physicians and patients. Hear from physicians and experts on COVID-19, monkeypox, advocacy issues, scope of practice and more. Because who’s doing the talking matters. Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Simplecast | AMA Update videos | Audio transcripts AMA Moving Medicine AMA Moving Medicine From emerging issues to new innovations, the AMA Moving Medicine podcast brings you the physicians, scientists and all the leading voices making a difference in health care today. Subscribe now on your favorite podcast platform. Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Simplecast | Stitcher | Moving Medicine videos | Audio transcripts |  Making the Rounds Making the Rounds This podcast features advice, interviews and discussions on the most important topics affecting medical students’ lives and careers. Subscribe now on your favorite podcast platform. Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Simplecast | Stitcher | Audio transcripts AMA Thriving in Private Practice AMA Thriving in Private Practice Private practices have been under intense pressure for years; the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the financial strain and highlighted the burdens faced by physician practice owners each day. As a private practice physician, you know you need skills they didn’t teach you in med school to make your practice thrive. The AMA’s Thriving in Private Practice podcast, launching this summer, highlights the experience of private practice physicians who know your pain points—like workflow snags and payor audits—and can help you navigate these issues and more. Don't miss an episode—subscribe on your favorite podcast platform today. Apple Podcasts | Simplecast | Audio transcripts AMA Prioritizing Equity AMA Prioritizing Equity AMA Prioritizing Equity podcast illuminates how determinants of health uniquely impact marginalized communities, public health and health equity, with an eye on both short-term and long-term implications. Subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. Apple Podcasts | Amazon Music | Spotify AMA STEPS Forward® podcast series AMA STEPS Forward® podcast series Hear health care leaders share how they overcame practice challenges by implementing real-world solutions that helped put the joy back into the practice of medicine. Apple Podcasts | Spotify | AMA Ed Hub™ | Audio transcripts JAMA Network™ podcasts JAMA Network™ podcasts Catch up on the research, opinion and educational content from across the JAMA Network™, including the JAMA Editors' Summary, Author Interviews and the popular JAMA Clinical Reviews series. JAMA Podcasts Ethics Talk podcasts Ethics Talk podcasts Ethics Talk podcasts explore the ethical and professional challenges that medical students and physicians regularly confront during their education and practice careers. Journal of Ethics | PodBean | AMA Ed Hub™ Stories of Care: A CDC Project Firstline podcast from the AMA Stories of Care: A CDC Project Firstline podcast from the AMA Through the voices of health care experts and front-line personnel, this podcast explores the intersection of infection control and equity and examines how access plays a key role. AMA Ed Hub | Apple Podcasts | Spotify Opioid Overdose Epidemic podcast series Opioid Overdose Epidemic podcast series Expert discussions and insights to help physicians and other health professionals address the epidemic of opioid overdoses. Learn about treatment options for pain management, best practices in opioid prescribing, standards of care and medications for opioid use disorder, harm reduction and overdose prevention strategies. AMA Ed Hub
April 15, 2024 by AMA Moving Medicine

430 – Navigating Healthcare Challenges: Insights from CCIM 2024

The demanding environment of healthcare work has long been recognised for contributing to high levels of stress and burnout among practitioners. In this episode of Talking HealthTech, Peter Birch attends the Creative Careers in Medicine (CCIM) Conference - Meet Me In The Mediverse 2024.  He speaks with experts who explore the depth of these challenges in the industry, advocate for transformative changes, and point towards the integration of innovation and flexibility as key solutions. This episode features:Cheryl Martin - Chair ACEM Workforce Wellbeing Executive, Australasian College for Emergency MedicineCarlo Bellini - Director and Founder, Health Innovation Performance (HIP) ConsultingRobin Mann - Consulting Director, Health, FujitsuKey Takeaways:Cheryl Martin highlights the need for systemic changes in emergency medicineCarlo Bellini speaks to the struggle many face in seeking a fulfilling career within healthcare and technology, and the importance of understanding one’s personality and beliefs in overcoming limitations.Robin Mann draws upon his considerable experience in digital health to provide insights into the role of consulting and technology in evolving healthcare practices.Check out the episode and full show notes on the Talking HealthTech website.Loving the show? Leave us a review, and share it with someone who might get some value from it.Keen to take your healthtech to the next level? Become a THT+ Member for access to our online community forum, monthly meet ups and more exclusive content.  For more information visit in this episode:Talking HealthTech 2024 Audience SurveyIt’s that time again - we are conducting our 2024 Talking HealthTech Audience Survey. 🎉 This helps us prioritise content, hone in key messages and refine the show to make it even better. We also want to understand who are biggest cohorts of audience are, so take 5-10 minutes to complete this and we will be super grateful. 🙏🏻 Everyone who completes the audience survey goes in the draw to win a share of $1000 worth of THT+ Membership Credits, to put towards a membership for yourself as an individual or help get the word out there about your company. First prize is $550, second prize $250, third prize $150 then forth prize of $50 🤑 Click the link to complete the survey now: Talking HealthTech Audience Survey
April 15, 2024 by Talking HealthTech

Self-Reflection Strategies for Physicians Transitioning to Leadership Roles

Dr. Lisa Herbert shares how she navigated the challenging waters from clinical medicine to a leadership role. She realized the profound impact this transition had on her personal and professional life. In this blog post, she shares with you the insights and lessons learned along the way, and how you too can make this transformative journey. One of the most important aspects of transitioning to a leadership role is self-discovery and self-reflection. It's a major life transition that can shake the very foundations of your identity, lifestyle, and well-being. Self-Discovery and Reflection (00:00:01) Importance of self-reflection and personal growth in transitioning from clinical medicine to leadership. Reasons for Transition (00:01:23) Various reasons why women physicians seek to transition to leadership roles, including making a broader impact and seeking more structure and flexibility. Challenges of Transition (00:02:34) The difficulties and challenges faced during the transition from clinical medicine to a leadership role, and the need for guidance and support. Pillars of Successful Transition (00:03:54) Introduction to the pillars of a successful transition, focusing on the importance of self-reflection and personal development. Aligning Career with Values (00:05:17) The significance of aligning career choices with personal values and the impact on fulfillment, authenticity, and decision-making. Clarifying Values and Vision (00:06:48) Exercises to clarify personal values and vision, including reflective questions, creating a vision board, and writing a letter to the future self. Assessing Skills and Gaps (00:13:28) Reflecting on skills and identifying gaps, utilizing tools like personality tests and assessments to gain insight and grow as a leader. If you are thinking about transitioning from clinical medicine into a leadership role or are unclear about the path forward, I invite you to take our leadership assessment. This scorecard will provide a snapshot of your readiness along the leadership journey. Grab your scorecard here.
April 15, 2024 by Women Physicians Lead
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