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Scott Breece, Vice President of Security and Chief Information Security Officer at Community Health Systems

This episode features Scott Breece, Vice President of Security and Chief Information Security Officer at Community Health Systems. Here, he discusses the evolution of his role over the last couple years and more.
April 11, 2021 by Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

Your Daye's CBD-infused tampons are soothing your menstrual pain – Episode 105

Valentina Milanova is the CEO and Founder of Your Daye, a female health research and development company on a mission to bridge the gender gap in product innovation. She founded and scaled the company through its clinical validation, regulatory approvals, proprietary in-house manufacturing, the creation of our unique brand, and the launch of our tampons in D2C and retail. She also developed the company’s product portfolio across period care, vaginal health screening and improved contraception. Prior to Your Daye, Valentina worked in Techstars UK and Founders Factory. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Economics, Business & Law from University of Buckingham and also her Master of Laws in International and Commercial Law from the University of Buckingham too. We discussed Valentina's personal story with painful periods, what Daye is doing to fight menstrual pain, the process of using CBD for feminine care products and convincing physicians about other solutions for menstrual pain. Check out Your Daye at Rate, Review & Subscribe!
April 11, 2021 by FemTech Focus

Michael Antoniades, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at Maimonides Medical Center

This episode features Michael Antoniades, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at Maimonides Medical Center. Here, he discusses his top priorities in leadership right now, the vaccination efforts at his medical center, and more.
April 11, 2021 by Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

Fitz Koehler – Fitness Expert & Breast Cancer Survivor | Creating Opportunities in Life & Getting What You Want

Fitz Koehler, M.S.E.S.S. of is one of the most prominent and compelling fitness experts and race announcers in America. As the voice of the Los Angeles Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon, Big Sur Marathon, DC Wonder Woman Run Series, and more, she brings big structure, energy, and joy to sports.    She’s passionate about guiding others to live better and longer through her company, Fitzness®. She’s appeared on national media outlets and has worked as a spokesperson and speaker for corporations like Disney, Tropicana, Oakley, and Office Depot.    Fitz has also inspired millions of kids to get active through her successful school running/walking program, The Morning Mile®.    Her memoir, My Noisy Cancer Comeback, was released in October 2020 and has become the go-to source of inspiration for thriving for surviving cancer.    Fitz enjoys water sports, strength training, animals, hugs, sarcasm, and travel. She lives in Gainesville, Florida with her husband and two kids.    Find Fitz at and follow @Fitzness on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. ______________________________________________ Hello Fearless Freedom tribe!  This was the episode that almost didn’t happen because I SLEPT IN!!   Yes, that’s right.  I’m so thankful Fitz was able to record with me later than planned.  She received a public verbal apology on the podcast but I just need to write it out all over again.  Even though I’m 3 months in with our move to Guam, I’m still randomly struck by the drastic transition of the time zones.  Oh boy! So, to you, my tribe, thank you for being here with me.  Thank you for listening, subscribing, and sharing the podcast with your friends.  You really are helping make this podcast a success!  ______________________________________________ I could shout this from the rooftops and you may feel like I have said this too many times, but I truly love podcasting and I truly love uplifting others.  If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to check out the podcasts from the amazing women who launched podcasts after taking the Podcasting Launch Course for Professionals.  It was such a privilege to witness this process as they brought their podcast visions to life.  I’m so proud of each of them. Show them some love by subscribing, leaving a 5-star rating, sharing, and leaving a positive comment.  (If you work with me in my course or done-for-you service to get your podcast launched, I’d be honored to share your podcast with the world just as I am for the podcasts highlighted below.)   Pivot & Bloom Podcast   The Drama-Free Workplace with Patti Perez   Living at Your Finest   Ignite Your PowHer _____________________________________________ RESOURCES: Looking to start a podcast? Now is a great time to do just that!  Check out the free podcast launch masterclass I created to see if starting a podcast is a match for you.   Are you too busy to participate in a facilitated course but still want to get your show started? The Podcast in a Box is for you! You provide the audio for your first 5 five shows to launch with a bang, we do the REST.   Are you a podcast host or have the desire to be a podcast guest?  You will want to check out PodMatch, a free service that automatically matches podcast guests and hosts together for interviews.  Here’s my invite link:   Get off the fear fence today. Your tribe is waiting to hear your voice!
April 11, 2021 by Fearless Freedom with Dr. G

Self-Care Versus Soul-Care: What’s the Difference and Why You Need Them Both

So much buzz has been going around about self-care. While it is a very important part of your wellness journey, soul-care is also needed to maximize and sustain the peace, calm and joy you are working to develop and maintain in your life. While the two can share the same activities, they also have activities that are totally different. Some of these activities are purely for relaxation and rest and others are for the nourishment of your mind.  Emotional growth often lies in the soul-care practices you have for yourself. Emotional self-care and soul-care often involves a lot of mental work and doesn’t always feel relaxing, lol. It feels exhausting, frustrating and impossible at times. You will likely need to follow your soul-care with self-care to replenish your cup. For the show notes visit --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
April 11, 2021 by The Kidney Connection

In gratitude to our nation’s residents

"Most residents are young, often in their mid to late 20s, having spent years ensconced in libraries, research labs, and classrooms learning pathophysiology and pharmacology. Upon graduation from medical school, they are now drafted to the front lines of a generational pandemic, working long hours, often in cities where they are strangers (the process of “matching” into a residency program is one where residents are not in full control of their destiny or geography). They do so while putting their own health in jeopardy. The resident’s experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has been unlike any other, because on average, residents spend almost twice as much time at work as other providers. Residents are allowed to work 80 hours a week on balance, which means it’s fine to log 90 hours in the ICU if the following week is a mere 70." John P. Murray is an internal medicine physician. He shares his story and discusses his KevinMD article, "In gratitude to our nation’s residents." (
April 11, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

Felicia Miller, Executive Vice President and Chief Talent Officer at Parkland Health & Hospital System

This episode features Felicia Miller, Executive Vice President and Chief Talent Officer at Parkland Health & Hospital System. Here, she discusses her top priorities as Chief Talent Officer, her best advice for other people wanting a great career, and more.
April 10, 2021 by Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

How to find sparks of joy

"Keep it Simple is a bumper sticker slogan. Life during a pandemic has been anything but simple, and the holiday season presents (not the gift kind) its own special challenges. So does living alone and trying to stay humanized. In his book Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World, Surgeon General-elect Vivek Murphy describes loneliness as associated with increased risk of mental and health difficulties in the BC era (before COVID-19). All the more so within such a challenging year of physical separation and trying to maintain a connection with others, with ourselves. So much angst, uncertainty, loss … And yet … here we are poised at the brink of a new year with vaccines being distributed and a true sense of hope and healing.  We’re medical educators who teach health professions students and professionals about resilience and adapting to adversity, but here we are, needing to walk the talk. Big-time. We met via Zoom for a Virtual Tea to share about our lives and not just our work. There was some laughter, the best medicine.  And we reflected on negotiating living alone and the stuff of life that sustains, even enriches. Daily “little sparks of joy” can help. We offer you our “21 for ‘21” and hope the simple can be profound." Hedy S. Wald is a clinical professor of family medicine, Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown University, Providence, RI.  She can be reached on Twitter @hedy_wald. Monica van de Ridder is an assistant professor, College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University/Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids MI. She can be reached on Twitter @MvdRidder. They share their stories and discuss their KevinMD article, "21 for ’21: little sparks of joy." (
April 10, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

Saria Saccocio, Ambulatory Chief Medical Officer at Prisma Health

This episode features Dr. Saria Saccocio, Ambulatory Chief Medical Officer at Prisma Health. Here, she discusses her best advice for emerging healthcare leaders, her role’s evolution, and more.
April 10, 2021 by Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

With $8.5B Raised Globally in Q1 of 2021, Health Innovation Funding Hits New Milestone

What began as a rapid reaction to COVID-19 has become an enduring wave of interest, adoption, and investment in health innovation companies. According to this quarter’s record-breaking investment numbers, the After-Covid world has arrived, and health startups are leading the way. StartUp Health’s Editor-in-Chief Logan Plaster breaks down the full report in the latest podcast episode. Read the full report. Entrepreneurs: How to get investment from StartUp Health Investors: How to invest in StartUp Health Moonshots Want more content like this? You can subscribe to the podcast as well as other health innovation updates at Sign up for StartUp Health Insider™ to get funding insights, news, and special updates delivered to your inbox.
April 9, 2021 by StartUp Health NOW Podcast

273: Solocast – How to Quit Your Job (Almost) Guilt-Free

Are you considering making a big shift in your life? If not you, then perhaps someone you know? Then this is the episode for you! I’m digging into how you can go about quitting your job, almost, guilt free!The first step you need to take is to address the guilt that you’re feeling. Who is it serving? What is it telling you? What good is coming to you by holding onto your guilt? What is the guilt keeping you from?    It’s important to address this huge block because most of us go into medicine feeling as if we’ve been called to it. Suddenly abandoning this calling brings up a lot of turmoil so this is the first thing to address.   Step 2? Get clear on your intentions and how you want to show up in the world. Were you truly called to medicine or can you help heal others in a different way?    Listen in to hear all of the steps to this framework and hopefully decide if it’s better for you and your family to stay… or to take the leap and go! Because it’s okay to quit your job. Even as a doctor. You have a right to fulfillment and happiness!   “As I have gone through different transitions, guilt has been a big monster emotion that has shown up in my life.” Dr. Errin Weisman In this episode: [00:28] Hey OH! Welcome to another episode of Doctor Me First! [03:00] You can transition whatever your journey is in the best way possible. [04:49] Step #1, address the guilt. [06:38] Hey guilt, what are you trying to teach me right now? [06:54] Who is this guilt serving? [07:15] What good is coming from holding on to this guilt? [07:27] What is the guilt protecting you from? [08:11] Now I’m going to ask you some questions to see if you can move past the guilt or see if there is another emotion under the guilt that you would rather have. [09:20] Step #2, get clear on your intentions and how you want to show up. [10:14] Step #3, come up with a short-term plan, transitional plan, and then a long-term goal. [11:44] Step #4, understand the details so you can do the thing and the technical HR stuff. [12:54] Step #5, have support all along the way. [15:09] If you need more support, join the Burned Out to Badass Group or my self paced course the Burned Out to Badass CME. [15:58] The only thing stopping you, is you. Working on yourself is Uber important.     Links and Resources Contract Diagnostics 888 - 574 - 5526   3 WAYS TO GET INCREDIBLE HELP AT LOW-COST!!! Buy my Kindle Book, Doctor Me First, on Amazon Join us for our Monthly Burnout Masterclass Series. Sit with me in my Slack Channel. Schedule a call with Errin HERE Wanna be on this podcast: Schedule HERE Email Errin HERE
April 9, 2021 by Doctor Me First Podcast

Vi-Anne Antrum, Senior Vice President and Associate Chief Nurse Executive at Cone Health

This episode features Vi-Anne Antrum, Senior Vice President and Associate Chief Nurse Executive at Cone Health. Here, she discusses how to improve the healthcare system in the United States, advice for emerging leaders, and her big priorities for this year.

45: Season 4: It’s a Wrap

This January marked one year since the launch of SEE YOU NOW. To kick off our second year, we explored everything from disaster preparedness and vaccines, to data and working with faith leaders as key collaborators in health innovation. In each episode, we asked how the pandemic has revealed new needs, amplified existing unmet needs, and exacerbated health disparities. And, more importantly, we discuss what solutions are being developed to address the most significant health challenges of today with distinguished experts with decades of experience, expertise and insights.    We’ll be sharing more enlightening, thoughtful and uplifting conversations in a few weeks. In the meantime, we encourage you to go back through our library of episodes, rate and review the shows you love, and share them with your friends. And please share your stories with us. We want to hear what problems you are seeing and solving. Email us at For addition resources, visit our website at  
April 9, 2021 by See You Now

Carlos Bohorquez, Chief Financial Officer of El Camino Health

This episode features Carlos Bohorquez, Chief Financial Officer of El Camino Health. Here, he discusses his career, his points of pride in El Camino Health, and top priorities as CFO.

Getting More For Our Healthcare Dollar with Jill Yegian, Founder at Yegian Health Insights, LLC

There’s so much opportunity to make the healthcare system work better for patients, practitioners, payers, and taxpayers in terms of cost and affordability.
April 9, 2021 by Outcomes Rocket

Top Stories for 4/9

U.S. Anesthesia Partners files lawsuit against UnitedHealth alleging market shenanigans; Insurtech company Bright Health looks to strengthen telehealth foothold with Zipnosis acquisition. Also: AstraZeneca is teaming with Massachusetts General Hospital to create and clinically validate patient-centric digital health solutions.Links to the stories:U.S. Anesthesia Partners files lawsuits against UnitedHealthcareInsuretech company Bright Health buys telemedicine startup ZipnosisAstraZeneca working with Mass General on tech for heart failure, asthma
April 9, 2021 by HIMSSCast

Livongo founder's new venture seeks to eliminate waste, advocate for patients — with Glen Tullman

With his new company Transcarent, Glen Tullman and his team are looking to go through insurers to create a healthcare experience in line with 21st Century consumer expectations and free of the waste and misaligned incentives endemic in the larger healthcare system. It's a lofty aspiration and one that's been tried before with varying degrees of success —  notably with the failed Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway-JP Morgan Chase venture Haven.On today's episode, Tullman sits down with host Jonah Comstock, MobiHealthNews Managing Editor Laura Lovett, and Healthcare Finance News Managing Editor Susan Morse to discuss his new company's mission and game plan.Talking Points:The problems Transcarent is trying to solveMaking healthcare convenient like other industriesWhat healthcare consumers want: Unbiased information, trusted guidance, ease of accessBringing together the worlds of consumer tech and healthcare… againThe misnomer of patient engagementLessons learned from LivongoMoving toward consumer-directed, always-on healthcarePatients lack a real advocate in healthcareHow Transcarent fits into the move to value-based careHow to counteract misaligned incentives in healthcareFinding and eliminating waste in the healthcare systemLooking ahead to the future of telehealthMore about this episode:TranscarentTranscarent looks to overhaul self-insured marketAmazon Care's nationwide telehealth expansion 'may be bigger than the sum of the parts,' says firmLivongo's lead investor on what the next model of care could look likeHaven disbands, ending speculation on what innovation at such a scale could doWith price transparency an inevitability, hospitals need to start working toward compliance
April 9, 2021 by HIMSSCast

15 Issues Healthcare System Leaders are Watching with Scott Becker

In this episode Scott Becker discusses 15 issues that healthcare system leaders are watching. Here, he offers his thoughts and insights from discussions with the nation’s top healthcare leaders.

Innovative Approaches to Whole Person Care: A Conversation with Fmr. U.S. Sec. of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin, MD

Secretary Shulkin, the 9th Secretary of Veterans Affairs, shares bright spots within the Veterans Administration that may be applicable at private hospitals, health systems and health insurers. The discussion touches on topics including consumer centricity, whole-person care, digital health, mental health and innovation. This episode is sponsored by Insignia Health Insignia Health empowers healthcare organizations and health professionals around the world to assess patient activation and develop strategies for the efficient application of healthcare resources. As activation increases and individuals become better managers of their health, utilization costs decline and patient satisfaction improves. The Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) and over 15 years of health activation research form the cornerstone of a complementary suite of solutions that help clinicians, coaches and population health providers improve health outcomes and lower costs. Today, Insignia Health supports the health activation efforts of more than 250 organizations touching the lives of millions of patients in dozens of countries.
April 9, 2021 by Bright Spots in Healthcare

What physicians should know before they’re interviewed by the media

"Lights, camera, action! You get a call from your hospital’s public relations office asking you to speak to the local news. Even though this isn’t your first time, your heart is pounding, with a mix of nerves and excitement. You start doubting whether you have anything valuable to say about the topic, even though, yes – you went through many years of medical school and residency before this moment. You are also worried about how to avoid looking foolish or unprofessional on-air. Or worse, how to avoid having your words taken out of context. No? OK, then maybe that’s just me. There are still some key tips and tricks you should know to optimize your performance." Tyeese L. Gaines is an emergency physician and branding and media coach. She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, "8 things physicians should know before they’re interviewed by the media." (
April 9, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

Cultivating Resilience During Times of Crisis and Existential Threat | The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 317

On episode 317 of The Nurse Keith Show nursing and healthcare career podcast, Keith interviews Dr. Chris Recinos, the CEO and founder of Nurse Leader Network, regarding adaptive and maladaptive mechanisms of resilience and conscious self-development. Keith and Chris also touch on important concepts related to nursing leadership, the leap into executive leadership, and nurse entrepreneurship.
April 9, 2021 by The Nurse Keith Show

A renewed effort to address the opioid epidemic

It’s National Public Health Week, and HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra just renewed the agency’s emergency declaration for the opioid crisis. Listen to Senior Editor Leslie Erdelack and Health Equity Director Vabren Watts discuss why.
April 9, 2021 by Health Affairs This Week

Putting the Patient and Clinician at the Center of the Dental Experience

April 9, 2021: How does technology work in the dental world? Join David Baker, CIO for Pacific Dental on their Epic Wisdom journey.  IT is no longer in the background or in the ivory tower putting stuff together and pumping it out. It's the opposite....
April 9, 2021 by This Week In Health IT

F127 Why do people go bankrupt due to medical costs in the US? (Ric Sinclair)

Two-thirds of people who file for bankruptcy in the US cite medical issues as a key contributor to their financial downfall. It’s understandable since if you get sick, you might lose a job and your health insurance. Even if you have health insurance, you might have high deductibles and face the treat of high costs. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation  The number of uninsured nonelderly Americans is increasing. It went from 26.7 million in 2016 to 28.9 million in 2019. Billing claims can get denied by health insurance companies and patients are faces with surprise billing costs. This leads to stressful disputested. Sometimes patients get creative. When Stacey Richter husband landed in a New Jersey emergency room,  she took an unusual step. Instead of simply signing the hospital’s financial and treatment consent form, she first crossed out sections calling for her to pay whatever amount the hospital charged. Instead she wrote that she would only pay a rate of a “maximum of two times” what the federal government would pay under Medicare. Stacey is the author of Relentless health value podcast and she explained this situation thoroughly in one of the shows. New York Times also reported the story.  The guest of this show is Ric Sinclair, the Chief Strategy and Product Officer of Waystar. Waystar is a health tech platform helping streamline payments for over half a million healthcare providers across the US. Ric discussed  how does billing look like and what problems are present and addressed in the US healthcare.  
April 8, 2021 by Faces of Digital Health
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