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177 – Unlocking the human early warning system – Phil Hayes-St Clair, Drop Bio

How you feel is such a subjective thing.  Often though, how you feel on the outside is very much determined by what’s going on inside your body.  Phil Hayes St Clair is the CEO and Co-Founder of Drop Bio; a digital health and biotechnology company focused on chronic inflammation. Drop Bio is on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to personalised health. In this discussion with Phil Hayes St Clair from Drop Bio, we explore the world of chronic inflammation, personalised health, and evidence based prevention.  We also learn about Phil’s journey of bringing WellBeing by drop to market in Australia, and some lessons for others in the industry travelling on a similar path. To see the latest information, news, events and jobs on offer at Drop Bio, visit their Talking HealthTech Directory here.  Loving the show?  Leave us a review, and share it with some friends, become a THT+ Member for early release, ad free and bonus episodes of the podcast, access to our online community forum, and free tickets to our quarterly summits.  For more information visit here.
September 27, 2021 by Talking HealthTech

Preventing Disability in High-Risk Stroke Patients with Sandra Saldana, CEO and Co-Founder at Alva Health

Dr. Sandra Saldana, CEO and Co-Founder at Alva Health, has always been passionate about building things that don't exist, doing things that are unprecedented, and building something from scratch. This passion drove her to entrepreneurship in the medtech space and she has dedicated her whole life and career to the healthcare space. In this episode of the Outcomes Rocket MedTech, Dr. Saldana discusses how her company automated the process of stroke symptom recognition and emergency response without relying on the user to have input. She explains the value prop of the  Alva wristband for both patients and insurance, setbacks and insights, and more. It's estimated that about one in four U.S. adults over the age of twenty-five actually have a high risk of stroke. Alva’s wristband enables around-the-clock continuous long-term monitoring of stroke symptoms in a remote way, using a lightweight, user-friendly, unobtrusive form factor. Find out more about this innovative product in this interview. Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
September 27, 2021 by Outcomes Rocket

Step It Up

Clinical trials are the workhorse of research that move all types of care forward. But it’s a Herculean task to get people enrolled. Hear what needs to change as research learns from the COVID-19 sprint — and why we should be rolling up the proverbial sleeve. 

Amplifying Voice in Oncology & Rare Disease with Matthew Zachary

Amplifying Voice in Oncology & Rare Disease with Matthew Zachary

Sally Buta's Fall Back Plan Was to Get a PhD

In addition to building high caliber teams, Sally Buta, VP of Strategy and Innovation at PatientKeeper is also on a personal mission to hike to the highest point of each state. She's already conquered 46 out of 50 and had the goal of finishing them all by her 50th birthday, but the pandemic threw a wrench into her plans. In this episode, we nerd out about our relationship to expectations and how following your curiosity can change your life path. 
September 27, 2021 by HIT Like a Girl

Dr. Lorna Breen's lasting legacy

"We have a chance to take a meaningful step in fighting burnout and mental health issues in the health care profession. We have lost too many valued and vibrant health care professionals due to an illness that is treatable but stigmatized – including the devastating loss of Dr. Lorna Breen. The Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act will leave a lasting legacy for bettering our health care community, taking the first step in addressing this horrible crisis. Endorsement of the Lorna Breen Act is not limited to medical students, other health care workers, students, and hospitals have a stake." Corey Feist is co-founder, Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes Foundation. He shares his story and discusses the KevinMD article, "A step forward: a way to advance the mental health of health care professionals." (
September 27, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

242 – This doc paid off 120k of debt, invests, and is still a resident!

Dr. Charles Boadu, Internal Medicine Resident, joins us on this episode Talks about using Uber to pay of $120k in debt How to mentally get over taking over a spouse’s debts Shares his quick blue to start putting money in stock market Dr. Nii shares his 2 cents on people struggling to budget The risks of taking the SAFE path on everything in life
September 27, 2021 by Docs Outside The Box

Episode 79: Dr Michael Williams – Pathology, Engineering, and the Diversify In Path Podcast

Today my guest is Pathology Fellow Dr Michael Williams What we discuss with Dr Williams: His early interest in comic books, and the famous blue hat His experience studying chemical engineering, and how he carried those skills into pathology Medical school and how he first chose surgery as a specialty His switch to pathology and his subspecialty interests of neuropathology and forensic pathology Why he started the Diversify in Path Podcast How having conversations about diversity can help to promote it throughout the field The use of social media to promote pathology Links for this episode: Health Podcast Network  LabVine Learning The ConfLab from LabVine Dress A Med scrubs Lab OPEX Live - Making and Cultivating Professional Relationships   Dr Michael Williams on Twitter Diversify in Path Podcast Dr Williams on Battle Cry Podcast Challenging Stereotypes, Changing Medicine - An Interview with Dr Michael Williams from ASCP   People of Pathology Podcast: Website Twitter
September 27, 2021 by People of Pathology Podcast

321: Solocast – A Job That Fits My Ass (Work is My Drug Series)

I have finally found that perfect fitting job… at least it fits perfectly for now. Which honestly, when you find that perfect pair of jeans that fits your ass just right, it’s an amazing feeling right? Listen in to hear why I’m so happy that I’ve found this job and what it took for me to get to this place.    So earlier this summer I started feeling the urge to look at actual doctor jobs. I’ve had this doctor shaped hole in my heart and I reached a point that I needed to fill it.    That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t plagued with all the anxiety and all the questions. Am I going to burnout again? Am I going to become the bitch that I was before? Am I crazy for considering this? Am I even a good doctor anymore?    Seriously… ALL the questions.    But it has been amazing. Almost from the moment I walked in the doors I felt like I was at home. Setting up my office each night brings me such joy. I look forward to seeing the staff and my patients each day.   This was exactly what I needed… for now!   “Maybe this square peg has finally found her square hole.” Dr. Errin Weisman In this episode: [02:01] I share what inspired the title of this episode. [03:57] I have used my own coaching advice to put myself out there to find a new place to practice medicine. [06:27] I talk about showing up as myself at the first interview for the company that hired me. [07:54] Listen as I discuss the thoughts that came to my mind while I was waiting to start my new job on August 30th. [09:24] I am a different person than I was five years ago. [12:02] I told them what I wanted when I would be in and the fact that I will never work full time again. [13:10] If you have been out of the game for a while and you are not sure if you want to get back in this part is for you. [14:47] It doesn’t have to be the same as what you left. It has to be different because you are different.     Links and Resources Deputy Lifespring Health System   3 WAYS TO GET INCREDIBLE HELP AT LOW-COST!!! Buy my Kindle Book, Doctor Me First, on Amazon Join us for our Monthly Burnout Masterclass Series. Sit with me in my Slack Channel. Schedule a call with Errin HERE Find out more about sponsoring an episode HERE Email Errin HERE
September 27, 2021 by Doctor Me First Podcast

320: Resilient with Dr. Corinne Devin

Resilience is necessary in life. For Dr. Corinne Devin as an orthodontist, member of the U.S. Navy, and an international beauty pageant contestant it is a way of life. Listen as she shares her story and why she relies on her resilient nature each and every day.    Dr. Corinne grew up in a military family and as such moved every few years to different cities. She developed her initial sense of resilience early on while dealing with the emotional and physical stress all of that moving caused.    Later on when she decided to join the Navy, she called on her resilient nature to overcome the naysayers who didn’t think she’d make it in the Navy. She even had to overcome her own anxieties as she prepared to become an orthodontist.    She has now lived overseas for over 8yrs and during that time started competing in international pageants. Becoming pageant ready requires a whole new level of resilience which she finds out before each and every one.    Her story is truly amazing and the work that she is doing is so inspirational. Listen in and stay tuned to hear more about the book she’s writing. You won’t want to miss this conversation.     “Being raised in a military family, I had to learn to be resilient at a very young age.” Dr. Corinne Devin   In this episode: [01:54] Welcome to the show, Dr. Corinne Devin! [02:11] She shares where she is and what she does. [03:08] Listen as Dr. Corinne discusses why she chose the word resilient. [06:12] She talks about how resilience was a part of her childhood in a military family. [08:03] One thing she learned very early in her career is the need for instruction and guidance. [09:01] She speaks about what she has learned doing beauty pageants. [11:10] Dr. Corinne discusses her career as a speaker and where she gets the ideas for her speeches. [13:29] She shares the book she is writing. [15:46] Thank you for being on the show!   Links and Resources Deputy Find Dr. Devin: LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube   3 WAYS TO GET INCREDIBLE HELP AT A LOW COST!!! Buy my Kindle Book, Doctor Me First, on Amazon Join us for our Monthly Burnout Masterclass Series. Sit with me in my Slack Channel.  Schedule a call with Errin HERE Wanna be on this podcast: Schedule HERE Email Errin HERE
September 27, 2021 by Doctor Me First Podcast

Newsday – Growing Health Tech, Metrics on Patient Tech-ness, and Big Tech Plans

September 27, 2021: Anne Weiler, health tech entrepreneur joins Bill for the news. When growing a startup, what comes first? The clients or the right investors? Johns Hopkins Medicine has developed an Epic-embedded tool aimed at automatically identifying patients likely to need telehealth technical assistance. Xealth raised $24 million in new funding. Halo Health is being acquired by Symplr. Four out of six traveling intensive care unit nurses quit just one day after arriving at Providence St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka, California, due to a lack of familiarity with the EHR. And will Big Tech firms save the day in healthcare? Or is it just too complicated?Key Points:Revenue will get you investment. Investment will not necessarily get you revenue. [00:21:00] The issue isn't that healthcare technology is that hard, it's that the business models are screwed up [00:31:30] There's no incentive to share data. Data sharing is not hard if you actually want to do it. [00:31:30] Getting information out of the EHR is one level of complexity. Getting it back in is that complexity times five. [00:32:30] Should one of the big tech firms buy a hospital system? The answer is no. [00:35:06] Stories:Johns Hopkins Develops Epic-embedded Tool to better Support Telehealth patients - Healthcare IT NewsProvidence spinout Xealth raises $24M to expand digital health services - GeekWireFast-growing Cincinnati startup celebrates exit following acquisition by Texas-based firm - bizjournals.comIs Healthcare Too Hard for Big Tech Firms? - Healthcare IT NewsAfter Traveling Nurses Quit, Hospital Blames lack of EHR Familiarity - Healthcare IT News
September 27, 2021 by This Week In Health IT

Are High-Ticket Coaching Programs a Scam?

Tune in this week to discover why coaching is not a scam, even the big-ticket high-cost courses and packages. I’m sharing why these big-ticket programs are the perfect environment for some people to achieve their goals, some of the clients who have thrived in the EntreMD Business School, and my own experience of showing up for an expensive program, only to find out it’s not really what I needed, and how I dealt with that situation. Get full show notes and more information here:
September 27, 2021 by The EntreMD Podcast

Happiness Solved – Finding Peace and Joy Again: Sandee Sgarlata

Sandee Sgarlata is the author of “Happiness Solved: Climbing One Hundred Steps”, a certified life coach, and retired U.S. national and international figure skating coach.  She has spent the past 20 years helping people create lasting changes in their lives.    Due to tragically losing her brother at the age of 12 which deeply affected her, along with hitting rock bottom with drug abuse in 1990, she has spent the last 30 years in her own quest to find and maintain a sense of peace and happiness.    Sandee is also the host of the Happiness Solved Podcast which can be found on 15 networks including Google, Apple, Spotify, and the Happiness Solved YouTube channel.    Sandee has two group coaching programs, Happiness Solved: Entrepreneurs and Happiness Solved: Everyone.   Learn more about Sandee here: ___________________ Hey Tribe! Welcome to another week and another amazing guest.  I’m honored to spend this time with you and thank you for helping make this podcast a great success. ___________________ After starting my own podcast I took on helping others get started too.  The Podcasting Launch Course for Professionals was created to bring other podcast visions to life.  Take a listen to these gems…   The Single Well Podcast (Formerly Pivot & Bloom)   The Drama-Free Workplace with Patti Perez   Living at Your Finest   Ignite Your PowHer ___________________ RESOURCES: Looking to start a podcast? Now is a great time to do just that!  Check out the free podcast launch masterclass I created to see if starting a podcast is a match for you.  Are you too busy to participate in a facilitated course but still want to get your show started? The Podcast in a Box is for you! You provide the audio for your first 5 five shows to launch with a bang, we do the REST. Are you a podcast host or have the desire to be a podcast guest?  You will want to check out PodMatch, a free service that automatically matches podcast guests and hosts together for interviews.  Here’s my invite link:   Get off the fear fence today. Your tribe is waiting to hear your voice!
September 26, 2021 by Fearless Freedom with Dr. G

Don't be a Boulder with Rodney Thomas

When I think of a boulder, relating it to myself or anyone else for that matter never comes to mind, lol. Rodney Thomas has definitely given me an entirely different perspective on them. I never thought I could relate to the characteristics of a boulder until I heard Rodney’s interpretation of them. Honestly, I must say I have had more in common with a boulder than I care to admit and I’m sure you will too. For the full show notes visit --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
September 26, 2021 by The Kidney Connection

Burnout and bias? Or medical gaslighting?

"Five years into my practice as an academic allergist/immunologist, my perceptions continue to evolve. Though once primarily informed by my mentors’ wisdom, I continue incorporating my experiences as both physician and autoimmune patient to guide my practice. Though we all know medicine isn’t like it used to be, nostalgia is bittersweet. In its wake, the real question remains: how are we going to respond to ongoing changes and fight for the health of our patients and our colleagues? From the loss of autonomy with the advent of managed care and corporate takeovers, we find ourselves practicing under increased pressure from all sides. Less time and resources to help sicker patients. Answering not only to our patients’ needs but those of insurance companies and other interested parties whose motives are less than altruistic." Kara Wada is an allergist-immunologist. She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, "Burnout and bias? Or medical gaslighting?" (
September 26, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

What do physicians really want in life?

"It is no wonder that in 2020, a Doximity physician compensation report revealed there were no specialties in medicine in which women earned the same or more than men. We can all agree that many things could account for this, including structural barriers and lack of diversity or mentorship. It may also include factors such as women not maximizing billing knowledge, not knowing how to negotiate, not asking for the same or more of what is offered and just not thinking about what they really want. Instead as women, we think of others first, or what others expect of us. Yes, we know we want the job or the position. But is that position truly, truly, taking you towards your true purpose? Becoming chief of department, manager or CEO, are remarkable goals and should be pursued. But are the pursuits authentic to what you consciously found your purpose is? It is not about what your family thought you should achieve, but about doing something that truly takes you and continues to propel you on your true-life purpose. If you have not thought about it, then I challenge you to find introspection. Find consciousness and think about your true purpose. Continue to follow its path to experience joy so it will not leave you with regret when you look back. Find your purpose. Ask yourself, 'What do I really want in life?' And do it today." Diana Londoño is a urologist and can be reached at her self-titled site, Dr. Diana Londono, and on Twitter @DianaLondonoMD. She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, "What do you really want in life?" (
September 25, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Wearable Continuous Molecular Monitoring with Peter Vranes, Co-CEO & Co- Founder at Nutromics

In this Outcomes Rocket MedTech podcast, we are excited to feature Peter Vranes, CEO & Co-Founder of Nutromics, an Australian medtech company revolutionizing healthcare through continuous real-time molecular monitoring. Peter discusses how Nutromic's smart patch biosensor solves some of the healthcare challenges in chronic disease prevention and management, acute diseases, and therapeutic drug monitoring. He shares the lightbulb moment which led to the creation of Nutromic, dives into vancomycin, what happens when patients have overdosed, and how the smart patch can help clinicians have accurate, real-time data, continuous monitoring of vancomycin.  He also talks about therapeutic drug monitoring for a whole range of drugs, the benefits for both physicians and patients, and the different pivots the company did that led to the smart patch. Peter also shares his insights on being transparent and building relationships of trust with VCs. The company is preparing for a clinical trial in a few months and has closed a 7.5 multimillion-dollar grant. Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
September 24, 2021 by Outcomes Rocket

Top Stories for 9/24

Hospitals poised to lose $54B in net income this year; Apple looks to create new mental health detection feature . Plus: Ransomware attacks during COVID-19 have impacted patient safety and care availability.Links to the stories:Hospitals projected to lose $54 billion in net income this yearApple looks to digital biomarkers for features detecting depression, cognitive declinePonemon study finds link between ransomware, increased mortality rate
September 24, 2021 by HIMSSCast

5G and the future of AI in healthcare — with Dr. Anthony Chang

Increasing adoption of 5G in healthcare organizations and new developments in AI and machine learning are two major trends of the moment in health IT. On today's show,  HITN Senior Editor Kat Jercich and CHOC Chief Intelligence and Information Officer Dr. Anthony Chang join host Jonah Comstock for a conversation about how these trends intersect and why 5G (and beyond?) will help support the future of healthcare AI.This episode is brought to you by Verizon.Talking points:5G’s impact on health technology in the next 10 yearsStandout AI use cases in the COVID-19 eraHow AI can help manage patient-generated health dataAI, information overload, and information insufficiencyFederated and swarm learning — sharing insights without sharing dataHow 5G will enable new kinds of AIAI for clinical decision supportPlaying the long game and avoiding another AI winterPreventing AI bias (with AI’s help)The future of AI and 5GMore about this episode:5G is here: How health systems can capitalize on the new cellular standard5G is primed to enable continuous, data-heavy health innovations, but hospitals need to prepare5G: Are we ready for the next generation?5 use cases for private 5G networks in hospitalsAI is fast-evolving for an array of use casesAI in healthcare: Separating myth from realityAI could help make physician work 'more interesting,' cardiologist saysTo develop effective AI, developers and clinicians must work togetherMisconceptions of AI and ML in healthcare debunked
September 24, 2021 by HIMSSCast

Why Patient Engagement Doesn’t Work: Lessons Learned to Drive Consumer Empowerment

Experts from Mass General Hospital, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, AvMed and Appnovation discuss bright spots in consumer engagement and how to reinvent your patient engagement strategies. Panelists:  Ana Eberhard, Vice President, Member Experience, AvMed Susie Hume, Director of Digital Strategy, Experience and Delivery at Excellus BCBS Susan Edgman-Levitan, PA, Executive Director of the John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation, Massachusetts General Hospital Steve Peretz, Director, Health Experience & Product Strategy, Appnovation   This episode is sponsored by Appnovation Appnovation is a global digital consultancy that combines strategy, user experience and design, technology and managed services to deliver human-centered digital experiences.   Their award-winning team creates standout digital experiences by collaborating with brands to understand the individual challenges and goals for every initiative.    With extensive experience throughout the Life Sciences industry, they work alongside providers and payers to provide the framework to define, execute, and validate digital concepts with their intended patient and caregiver audiences.   To find out more, visit them at 
September 24, 2021 by Bright Spots in Healthcare

The APO E Gene and Transforming Our Health | The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 340

On episode 340 of The Nurse Keith Show nursing and healthcare career podcast, Keith interviews Pamela McDonald, FNP, an integrative medicine nurse practitioner, author, and international speaker. Keith and Pam discuss the APO E gene, what it is, and what it can teach us about living a healthier, happier, and more nutritionally sound life. 
September 24, 2021 by The Nurse Keith Show

Our health care system may be failing, but it isn’t broken

"The problem with health care isn’t 'fixing' the system. The problem is continuing to ensure that profits can be made and millions can be employed while better health care outcomes and experiences are achieved. We won’t find the solution to that problem by embracing the solutions offered by either the right or the left. We need to leave the past behind and start again, building a new health care system that better meets our needs. We have to build from the ground up, starting with a new foundation. I can’t wish away the political realities that stand in the way of such fundamental reform. But given all that’s at stake, I’m unwilling to accept anything less than this goal. Hopefully, you agree." Jeb Dunkelberger is a health care executive and author of Rich & Dying: An Insider Calls Bullsh*t on America’s Healthcare Economy. He shares his story and discusses his KevinMD article, "Our health care system may be failing, but it isn’t broken." (
September 24, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

The Fight to Expand Postpartum Medicaid — And Why It Matters

Child birth in the US is expensive. One of the largest payers for childbirth in the US is Medicaid, covering 43% of US births in 2018.New mothers with pregnancy-related insurance coverage via Medicaid can lose their insurance coverage 60 days after the birth of their child. But policy makers are looking to change that and expand postpartum Medicaid coverage.Join Health Affairs Senior Editor Jessica Bylander and Deputy Editor of Special Content Rob Lott on Health Affairs This Week as they talk about recent policy movements on maternal health and postpartum insurance coverage.Pre-order the October Perinatal Mental Health Theme Issue.Related Links: Opportunities For States To Minimize Postpartum Coverage Loss When The Public Health Emergency Ends (Health Affairs Blog)  Post-ACA, More Than One-Third Of Women With Prenatal Medicaid Remained Uninsured Before Or After Pregnancy (Health Affairs) Expanding Postpartum Medicaid Coverage (Kaiser Family Foundation) Racial Disparities in Maternal Health (US Commission On Civil Rights) Podcast: Breaking Down the 2021 Momnibus Bill (Health Affairs This Week) Subscribe: RSS | Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Castro | Stitcher | Deezer | Overcast
September 24, 2021 by Health Affairs This Week

Building Effective Clinical Data Models with Angelique Russell

September 24, 2021: Examine. Diagnose. Prescribe. Is predictive analytics the magic pill for healthcare? Angelique Russell, Senior Clinical Data Scientist / Informaticist joins us today to share her advanced data science and deep healthcare expertise. How can we use visualization and modeling techniques to solve healthcare’s most challenging problems? What kind of insights are we looking to derive from the data? Have the tools changed much over the last five years? Are we still focused on provider data or are we starting to pull in some other data? And what is the future of machine learning, AI and NLP? Key Points:In 2011 the focus in healthcare was that we needed to modernize [00:04:20]Treatment guidelines and order sets, which are how hospitals standardize treatment, change all the time [00:12:40]Analytics answers questions and data science explores what questions we should be asking [00:18:15]Prediction is before the diagnostic criteria is met and detection is after that point [00:33:30]The Undoing Project book by Michael LewisCogitativo
September 24, 2021 by This Week In Health IT
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