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Tight Glycemic Control and Use of Verapamil in Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes, US Trends in Pediatric Mental Health Hospitalizations, Evaluation for Secondary Hypertension in Children, and more

Editor’s Summary by Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, PhD, MD, MAS, Editor in Chief of JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, for the March 28, 2023, issue. Related Content: March 28, 2023 Issue
March 28, 2023 by JAMA Editor’s Summary

RC: New Possibilities in Oncology Research with Chris Learn, Vice President of Cell and Gene Therapy at Parexel

Cancer is not one disease, which means it cannot be addressed by one type of treatment or research. In this episode, Chris Learn, Vice President of Cell and Gene Therapy at Parexel, talks about oncology research, cell and gene therapies, and the patients’ journey navigating this space. Chris discusses next-generation therapies and the challenges common sites may face in adopting them. Tune in to learn more about cancer research and treatment developments from Chris! Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
March 28, 2023 by Outcomes Rocket

Monetizing Diabetes Devices and Demonstrating Your Value with Jennifer Okemah

Jennifer Okemah, MS, RDN, BCADM, CDCES, CSSD, shares her experience running diabetes programs and flipping them from cost centers into revenue generators. The episode is full of practical tips diabetes care and education specialists can use to leverage their role as diabetes technology experts for new streams of revenue. She also shares tips on how you can track performance to demonstrate the value you bring to your health system. Resources:Learn more about the ADCES Annual Conference: ADCESmeeting.orgMore resources to help you demonstrate your value:’s website: www.salutenutritionPLLC.comJennifer’ LinkedIn: (10) SALUTE NUTRITION, PLLC: Overview | LinkedInJennifer’s Instagram: Salute Nutrition, PLLC (@salutenutrition.pllc) • Instagram photos and videosJennifer’s Facebook: Salute Nutrition, PLLC | FacebookADCE Accreditation and Reimbursement Boot Camps:

Hubble IQ presents: Poor Telehealth Experience Has Consequences!

Telehealth services are not a luxury for millions who cannot access in-person healthcare. A poor digital experience can result in an incorrect diagnosis, misinterpretation, risks, poor patient care, and low adoption. Are healthcare organizations willing to take the risk by turning a blind eye to poor Telehealth visits? In this podcast, Hubble IQ co-founder & CRO will discuss how healthcare organizations can proactively anticipate and avoid technical challenges that impact the digital experience of Telehealth.
March 28, 2023 by HIMSSCast

A Silicon Alley Success Story

Meet Sina Chehrazi:Sina Chehrazi is an entrepreneur and business executive with experience across the various stages of the entrepreneurial process. Sina serves as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nayya, a platform that uses AI and data science to personalize the way people choose and use their benefits.Key Insights:Sina Chehrazi advocates for a leadership that is genuine with the team and with customers. ● How to Improve Healthcare? Sina explains that if you want to change healthcare, you have to start by following how the money flows. ● Confidence. Customers who know what they’re investing in are more likely to jump in with an innovator. ● Integration. Nayya aims to be the hub that connects and personalizes a consumer’s health life. This episode is hosted by Gary Bisbee, Ph.D. Read more about NayyaFollow Sina on Twitter
March 28, 2023 by Day Zero

Safe sex for seniors: Dispelling myths and embracing safe practices

We welcome Shannon Dowler, a family physician and author of the book Never Too Late: Your Guide to Safer Sex after 60. In this episode, we delve into the sexual revolution that began in the 1960s and how it challenged social norms, liberated individuals from sexual repression, and transformed society's perception of sex. We also discuss the misconception that only the younger generation is susceptible to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and the alarming rise of STIs among seniors over 55, making them one of the fastest-growing demographics contracting STIs. We explore why seniors are engaging in unprotected sex at an alarming rate and how they have the lowest condom use of any population. We also emphasize the importance of barrier methods in preventing unwanted infections by blocking the exchange of body fluids. As STIs and infections are at an all-time high, with increases year after year for the past decade, we must confront this rapid increase in people contracting STDs. It's crucial to educate ourselves about all these common infections and make informed choices about our sexual health, regardless of our age. So tune in to this informative episode, where we dispel the myths and misconceptions around senior sex, and learn from Shannon's expertise about the importance of safe sex for seniors. Shannon Dowler is a family physician and author of Never Too Late: Your Guide to Safer Sex after 60. She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, "Golden years, golden risk: the startling increase of STDs in seniors." The Podcast by KevinMD is brought to you by the Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience. With a growing physician shortage, increasing burnout, and declining patient satisfaction, a dramatic change is needed to make health care more efficient and effective and bring back the joy of practicing medicine. AI-driven ambient clinical intelligence promises to help by revolutionizing patient and provider experiences with clinical documentation that writes itself. The Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience, or DAX for short, is a voice-enabled, ambient clinical intelligence solution that automatically captures patient encounters securely and accurately at the point of care. Physicians who use DAX have reported a 50 percent decrease in documentation time and a 70 percent reduction in feelings of burnout, and 83 percent of patients say their physician is more personable and conversational. Rediscover the joy of medicine with clinical documentation that writes itself, all within the EHR. VISIT SPONSOR → SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST → RATE AND REVIEW → FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM → FOLLOW ON TIKTOK → GET CME FOR THIS EPISODE → Powered by CMEfy.
March 28, 2023 by The Podcast by KevinMD

The Growing Importance of Virtual Care in Healthcare

In this episode of the HIT Like A Girl podcast, Joy Rios welcomes Kelly Bliss, the President of US Group Health at Teladoc Health, to discuss virtual care and its growing importance in the healthcare industry. With over 80 million eligible members, Teladoc Health provides virtual care services across the globe for a variety of clinical use cases. They offer virtual primary care and touch on a range of opportunities to intervene in someone's health, including chronic disease management, patient monitoring, mental health, nutrition, and dermatology. Bliss also explains the role of third party administrators (TPAs) in healthcare and how Teladoc Health works with payers, employers, and providers to strategize around virtual care.
March 28, 2023 by HIT Like a Girl

Is Obesity Really A Disease? (with Ragen Chastain)

So may headlines reference obesity as an "epidemic". For generations, it has been dogma that larger bodies are bad for your health. It has also widely been assumed that if you have a higher weight, it is because you have made bad health decisions and therefore you are to blame. For many folks, (doctors included) we were taught these ideas as simple, undeniable facts: Obesity will kill you. You only become obese by eating too much and not exercising. So, if someone is obese, it is because they aren’t doing the "right things". We just need to counsel them to do the right things and they will “choose” to be healthy. And make sure to bring it up at every appointment so they don’t forget!But what if all of this was wrong?Is it possible that having a higher weight does not actually mean you are unhealthy? Thankfully we have Ragen Chastain to educate us. She has over 20 years of experience researching weight and healthcare. Ragen Chastain is a speaker, writer, researcher, Board Certified Patient Advocate, multi-certified health and fitness professional, and thought leader in weight science, weight stigma, and healthcare. Utilizing her background in research methods and statistics, Ragen has brought her signature mix of humor and hard facts to healthcare, corporate, conference, and college audiences.WE ARE SO FORTUNATE TO HAVE HER WITH US!Topics in this episode include:Is "obesity" really a disease?Where did the BMI calculation come from?Where do the terms "obesity" and "overweight" come from?What is the "success rate" (according to research) for attempting intentional weight loss?What is "weight cycling"? How is it harmful?What is meant by "enjoyable movement"?How can we foster a weight-neutral health culture???Ragen has a Substack titled "Weight and Healthcare". Check it out!Ragen recommends the HAES (Health At Every Size) Health Sheets for a great comprehensive, evidence-based resource. Her Instagram handle is @ragenchastain, and her Twitter handle is @danceswithfatRagen also recommends the following resources:Da'Shaun Harrison's "Belly of the Beast"Sabrina Strings' "Fearing the Black Body"Shelby Gordon on Instagram at @fit.flexible.fluidFor more episodes, limited edition merch, or to become a Friend of Your Doctor Friends (and more), follow this link!Also, CHECK OUT AMAZING HEALTH PODCASTS on The Health Podcast Network(For real, this network is AMAZING and has fantastic, evidence-based, honest health information, and we are so happy to partner with them!) Find us at:Website: Email:...
March 28, 2023 by Your Doctor Friends

Ep57: The App Treating IBS

In this episode we hear from Simon Levy, CEO and Co-founder, and Ann Montgomery, Chief Product Officer and President at Mahana. In their own words, Mahana develops digital treatments for people living with chronic health conditions, and their first treatment, Mahana for IBS, is now available as an FDA-cleared app. In this episode, we cover: The founding story and funding journey of Mahana Complexities of the end to end patient experience The freemium model and how that translates into a PDT Evidence generation and FDA clearance process Scaling plans for PDTs Guest Links and Resources: Connect with Simon Levy on LinkedIn Connect with Ann Montgomery on LinkedIn Visit Host Links: Connect with Eugene Borukhovich: Twitter | LinkedIn Connect with Chandana Fitzgerald, MD: Twitter | LinkedIn Connect with Website | Twitter Check out Shot of Digital Health with Eugene and Jim Joyce: Website | Podcast App HealthXL: Website | Twitter | Join an Event Digital Therapeutics Podcast would not be possible without the support of leading DTx organizations. Thank you to: > Presenting Partner: Amalgam Rx > Contributing Partners and Sponsors: Akili | Big Health | Click Therapeutics | Lindus Health | Orion Pharma Follow Digital Health Today: Browse Episodes | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram Follow Health Podcast Network: Browse Shows | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Why We Need to Respect Women Without Kids | Ruby Warrington

In this honest and moving episode, author Ruby Warrington joins Fempower Health to discuss her new book, Women Without Kids. We cover all topics from childless couples who don’t want children to women who can’t have children even though it’s their deepest desire. Ruby shares her experiences writing such an important book, societal pressures for women to have kids, patriarchal assumptions, childlessness vs child-free, and fertility and sterility issues influencing adults today.  Listen for an insightful, relatable conversation and be sure to check out Ruby’s newest book, Women Without Kids, available in Spring 2023. Discussed in this episode: Thoughts on Ruby’s new book and why she wrote it What does motherhood mean today? The impact our relationships with our mothers have on views on motherhood Why do women decide to not have kids? Rethinking the assumption that women should automatically want children External pressures women face about marriage, motherhood, and childrearing  Infertility and its impact on women with no kids Pronatalism and society’s historical conditioning “There’s no such thing as normal. There’s no perfect, untainted path. Whatever path we choose in life is going to come with some regrets, challenges, and suffering.” - Ruby Warrington Related to this episode: Ruby’s website:  Get the Book: Women Without Kids Follow Ruby on Instagram: @rubywarrington  Recommended Book: Birth Strike Recommended Book: Countdown Related Episodes on Fertility If you want to support this women’s health podcast, leave a review for Fempower Health on iTunes or Spotify. Spread the awareness and share this episode with someone you know! Support and connect with our women’s health community: Subscribe to the Fempower Health Podcast for new episodes every Tuesday Visit us online at  Sign up for our weekly newsletter for the latest announcements, news, and research Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Join Fempower Health on Patreon Email us for inquiries & outreach: [email protected]   **The information shared by Fempower Health is not medical advice but for informational purposes to enable you to have more effective conversations with your doctor. Always talk to your doctor before making health-related decisions. Additionally, the views expressed by the Fempower Health podcast guests are their own and their appearance on the program does not imply an endorsement of them or any entity they represent.** **Contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links**
March 28, 2023 by Fempower Health

Interview in Action @ ViVE ’23 – David Levy, VP & Angela Shippy, Senior Physician Executive at AWS

March 28: Today on the Conference channel, it’s an Interview in Action live from ViVe 2023 with David Levy, Vice President, & Angela Shippy, Senior Physician Executive at Amazon Web Services. What are the key problems AWS is trying to solve in healthcare? What do David and Angela see being a focus for the healthcare industry in the next 5-10 years? As we move outside the four walls of the hospital setting how can we bring technology in, and get data out of, other venues of care?We understand that staying ahead of the curve regarding Security Priorities can be challenging. Join us, April 6, 1:00pm, for this webinar to learn how CISOs in healthcare address Security Priorities for 2023 – insights that can help keep your healthcare organization safe and secure. This Week HealthTwitter: This Week HealthLinkedIn: Week HealthDonate: Alex’s Lemonade Stand: Foundation for Childhood Cancer
March 28, 2023 by This Week Health: Conference

Building Global Stroke Support Networks: Insights from Sarah Belson of the World Stroke Organization

About this Episode: For episode 49 of the podcast we sat down with Sarah Belson, International Development Manager at the World Stroke Organization; leading, developing and implementing a program of capacity building activities for new and emerging patient stroke support organizations (SSOs) around the world. Some of the highlights from our interview: Global mapping of SSOs: One of the key challenges that stroke patients and their families face is a lack of awareness and support for their condition. To address this, the World Stroke Organization has been working to map SSOs around the world and develop a comprehensive database of resources and contacts for patients and their families. Framework for long-term sustainability: Another challenge that SSOs face is maintaining their operations over the long term. To address this, the World Stroke Organization has developed a framework for building capacity and ensuring the sustainability of SSOs. This includes training and support for organizational development, fundraising, and advocacy. Stroke Connector: Stroke Connector is an online platform developed by the World Stroke Organization to connect stroke survivors, caregivers, and advocates around the world. The platform includes a directory of SSOs, resources for patients and their families, and a forum for sharing experiences and best practices. Collaboration with SAFE: The World Stroke Organization has also been working closely with the Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) to support Life After Stroke programs across Europe. This includes training and capacity building for SSOs, advocacy for better stroke care and support, and raising awareness about the impact of stroke on patients and their families. Overall, the World Stroke Organization's efforts to support SSOs around the world are crucial for improving the lives of stroke patients and their families, and for raising awareness and advocacy for better stroke care and support. Links that were mentioned in todays episode: Show Credits: Music intro credit to Jake Dansereau, connect at JAKEEZo on Soundcloud @user-257386777. Our intro welcome is the voice of Caroline Goggin, a stroke survivor and our first podcast guest! Please listen to her inspiring story on Episode 2 of the podcast. Until next time, be sure to give the show a like and share, +follow and connect with us on social or contact us to support us as a show sponsor or become a guest on the Know Stroke Podcast. Visit our new website to apply here: Connect with Us and Share our Show on Social: Website | Linkedin | Twitter | YouTube | Facebook
March 28, 2023 by Know Stroke Podcast

10 ways to stay stuck in your nursing career

10 ways to stay stuck in your nursing career In this episode, I explored the 10 ways in which nurses stay stuck in their careers. Drawing from my own experiences, I highlighted some common patterns that may hinder professional growth and satisfaction. By being mindful of these 10 ways in which nurses may get stuck in their careers,I encourage you to take proactive steps toward professional fulfillment and growth. Make today the day you choose to get unstuck. Key takeaways: 01:12 - Believe you have absolutely no options 02:01 - Tolerate bad management 02:59 - Overwork yourself 05:57 - Always allow yourself to be overlooked 09:27 - Blame everyone else for why you're there 11:45 - Assume that your manager knows exactly what you want 12:58 - Wait for your turn 14:35 - What should be vs. what actually is 15:42 - Remove all aspects of play in your life 17:32 - Prioritizing the needs of others more than your own Use code HPN100 to receive a 10% discount.  Please note that this code is only valid until Friday 31st March 2023. Join the GCLP Here and claim your 10% off Join the ASP Here and claim your 10% off Book a call with Liam CONNECT WITH LIAM CASWELL COACHING Follow @highperformancenursing on Instagram for the latest career and leadership coaching from Liam. Click here to Join my private Facebook Community "High-Performance Nursing - How to build your healthcare career" where I share all the career tips and strategies to thrive within your career.(You must answer all questions to be admitted). Subscribe and listen to the High Performance Nursing Podcast available on all major podcast platforms! I would love if you could leave a review!
March 27, 2023 by High Performance Nursing

#37, New Year’s Special – HLTH Conference (re-release)

Episode Re-Release. Alex Merwin hosts a group of health innovation leaders from startups, investors, media and startup enabling organizations for a special HLTH compilation episode. We asked each innovator two questions: what is special about convening in-person at events in this post-covid world, and if they could wave a magic wand to eliminate any hurdle to health innovation what would they change and why. Thanks to our guests from Redesign Health, Maven Clinic, Luma Health, Health Gorilla, Matter, Mission Based Media, Keep Labs, Memora Health, Unseen Capital, BioFourmis, and Brightside Health. Learn more about how AWS enables healthcare & life sciences startups to grow and thrive at and
March 27, 2023 by AWS Health Innovation Podcast
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