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Launching “Poetry for the Dementia Journey”: An AlzAuthors Anthology

In this podcast, host Marianne Sciucco is joined by an ensemble of talented poets to officially launch our anthology, Poetry for the Dementia Journey. This collection brings together caregivers who have personally navigated the complexities of caregiving, diagnosis, and emotional upheavals tied to Alzheimer's and dementia. They write about many of the situations common to caregivers: the impact of the initial diagnosis, moving into assisted living or memory care, saying goodbye. From touching moments with loved ones to the nuanced challenges of caregiving, these poems offer solace, understanding, and a break from the isolating silence often surrounding dementia. Whether you’re a caregiver, a family member, or someone seeking to understand the impact of Alzheimer's, this anthology and today’s episode provide a profound sense of connection and empathy. You'll experience a myriad of emotions, from sadness to joy, despair and hope. In the end, you will be comforted in knowing that you are not alone. Takeaways: ·      Gain insight into the profound impact of personal storytelling on Alzheimer's. ·      Understand the unique challenges and emotional impact of early onset Alzheimer's on families. ·      Explore the benefits of creative expression in providing holistic care for individuals with dementia. Purchase Poetry for the Dementia Journey Timestamps and page numbers: 2:30 Mariana Mcdonald, Diagnosis, p.30 5:06 Austin Alexis, Dementia Intrigue (not in book) 7:12 Sue Fagalde Lick, You Dance, p.80 8:42 Gail Thomas, A Daughter's Garland, p.114 10:28 Judith H. Montgomery, Mother's Day at Aspen Ridge Assisted Living, p.101 12:10 Ann Campanella, Child Mother, p.62 13:43 Margaret Stawowy, Mother Country, p.162 15:33 Eileen Kennedy, Ritual, p.59 16:41 Joy Johnston, At the Crossroads, p.167 17:47 Sherri Levine, Stealing Flowers from the Neighbors, p.147 20:37 Patricia McKernon Runkle, Given the Mother Word PURE, p.119 21:52 Alan Bern, Boxae, p.17 24:59 Kelly Dumar, Mrs. Bean's Snow, p.158 29:00 Renee Terry Mucci, Life, p.127 30:55 Eileen Kennedy, End of Day, p.60 31:59 Mariana Mcdonald, All the Books, p.31 34:10 Austin Alexis, The Patient, p.95 36:58 Gail Thomas, Alchemy, p.116 39:47 Alan Bern, Dream of Tangles, p.15 40:40 Judith Montgomery, Sometimes, p.103 43:56 Kelly Dumar, How He Asks, p.157 45:15 Ann Campanella, Beyond Words, p.63 47:01 Margaret Stawowy, Signs of Her Decline, p.163 About the Moderator Marianne Sciucco About the Podcast AlzAuthors is the global community of authors writing about Alzheimer’s and dementia from personal experience to light the way for others. Our podcast introduces you to our authors who share their stories and insights to provide knowledge, comfort, and support. Please subscribe so you don’t miss a word. If our authors’ stories move you, please leave a review. And don’t forget to share our podcast with family and friends on their own dementia journeys. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization totally reliant on donations to do what we do. Your generosity will help cover our many operating costs, which include website hosting and maintenance fees, service charges to keep things running smoothly, and marketing expenses to promote our authors, expand our content, improve our reach, and more. Our ongoing work supports our mission to lift the silence and stigma of Alzheimer’s and other dementias. To sustain our efforts please donate here. Ideas and opinions expressed in this podcast belong to the speakers and not AlzAuthors. Always consult your healthcare provider and legal and financial consultants for advice on any of the topics covered here. Thanks for listening. We are a Whole Care Network Featured Podcast Proud to be on The Health Podcast Network Find us on The World Podcast Network and Want to be on the podcast? Here’s what you need to know We've got merch! Shop our Store  

TownHall: Navigating Tough Vendors and Finding Real Partners with Sue Schade and Pam McNutt

July 23, 2024: Sue Schade, Principal of StarBridge Advisors, interviews Pam McNutt, SVP and CIO at Methodist Health System, to delve into her 31-year tenure and the evolution of the organization. They explore what has driven Methodist's growth in the competitive Dallas-Fort Worth market and the impact of AI on both clinical and administrative operations. How do AI advancements in biomedical engineering and physician productivity tools shape the future of healthcare? Pam also addresses the pressing issue of vendor partnerships amidst widespread acquisitions—how do CIOs balance financial prudence with technological innovation? The conversation highlights Methodist's strong family culture and Pam's advocacy for healthcare IT policy involvement. What role should CIOs play in shaping industry regulations?Key Points:00:00 Guest Introduction: Pam McNutt01:25 Pam McNutt's Journey at Methodist Health05:18 Current Priorities and Innovations at Methodist12:13 Vendor Relationships and Challenges16:48 Workforce Challenges and Future OutlookSubscribe: This Week HealthTwitter: This Week HealthLinkedIn: Week HealthDonate: Alex’s Lemonade Stand: Foundation for Childhood Cancer
July 23, 2024 by This Week Health: Conference

Interview In Action: Empowering Clinicians and Seamless Integration with Michael Robinson

July 23, 2024: In this Executive Interview Bill Russell is joined by Michael Robinson, VP of Healthcare Solutions for the Americas at Omnissa, to explore the evolution of Omnissa. How does Omnissa's independence from Broadcom enable greater agility and innovation in healthcare IT solutions? What impact will their emphasis on a seamless, secure, and efficient digital foundation have on both patient and employee experiences? The discussion delves into the integration of generative AI in healthcare, the benefits of a holistic platform over point solutions, and the critical alignment with EHR vendors like Epic. As healthcare systems strive for pre-pandemic financial stability, can these advanced technologies truly streamline operations and enhance user experiences without increasing complexity? Listen in to discover how Omnissa is positioning itself as a pivotal player in transforming healthcare IT.Key Points:00:00 Michael Robinson and Omnissa's Mission03:46 Transition and Contracts05:45 Efficiency and AI09:16 Clinician Experience and Closing RemarksSubscribe: This Week HealthTwitter: This Week HealthLinkedIn: Week HealthDonate: Alex’s Lemonade Stand: Foundation for Childhood Cancer
July 23, 2024 by This Week Health: Conference

291: Empowering Holistic Well-Being: Karina McKenzie on the Eudemonia Summit

In this episode of Solving Healthcare, we're joined by Karina McKenzie, who discusses the upcoming Eudemonia summit focused on holistic well-being. The summit empowers individuals through five pillars: movement, nourishment, mental optimization, restoration, and connection. Featuring experts like Dr. Andrew Huberman, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, Eudemonia integrates knowledge-sharing, fitness classes, and experiential activities. The event also advocates for healthcare policy changes to prioritize well-being and preventive care, aiming to leave attendees feeling integrated, restored, and connected.Listen now on Apple & SpotifySPONSORBetterHelp is the largest online counseling platform worldwide. They change the way people get help with facing life's challenges by providing convenient, discreet and affordable access to a licensed therapist. BetterHelp makes professional counselling available anytime, anywhere, through a computer, tablet or smartphone.Sign up HERE for 10% off | Use discount code “solvinghealthcare”OFFERSEXAMINE.COMBest source for evidence based nutrition and supplement information.Exclusive Offer for Kwadcast FollowersWe are thrilled to roll out a special offer exclusively for the subscribers of, made possible by our new partnership:* 7-Day Free Trial: Start your journey with with no strings attached. Explore their exhaustive resources and see how they can aid in meeting your health and wellness objectives.* Discounted Subscription Plans: Enjoy a special discount on’s membership, tailored just for you:* Monthly Subscription: Originally $29, now just $25 — a saving of 14%.* Yearly Subscription: Typically $198, now only $171 — saving you 14% as well.Get Your Discounted AccessReady to dive in? Simply use this special link to access these exclusive discounts. The link will direct you to a sign-up page where your discounts will be automatically applied at checkout.Discount LINK for Examine.comLMNTWe're excited to announce our partnership with LMNT, a pioneer in superior hydration solutions. The key to proper hydration isn't just water—it's water plus electrolytes. This balance is vital to avoid issues like muscle cramps and energy dips, often caused by the dilution of electrolyte levels from excessive water intake, a condition known as hyponatremia.Enter LMNT, an electrolyte drink mix that's tasty, convenient, and free from sugar or artificial additives. Co-created by Robb Wolf and Luis Villasenor, LMNT provides optimal ratios of sodium, potassium, and magnesium, ensuring not only health and performance benefits but also a delightful taste experience with flavours like Orange Salt, Citrus Salt, and the new Watermelon Salt.To celebrate our partnership, we're offering you a free sample pack.Simply visit and start your journey to better hydration. LMNT stands behind their product with a no-questions-asked refund policy.Together with LMNT, we're redefining hydration. Remember, it's not just about water—it's about water PLUS electrolytes. Stay hydrated, and stay healthy!LMNTMyPROTEINAs a Kwadcast member, you get special discounts at MyProtein, a top sports nutrition brand.I'm a big fan of their Clear Whey protein. It's light, refreshing, and perfect for post-workout recovery. My family and I love it, and it's become a staple in our fitness routine.To enjoy your discount, just use this link:MYPROTEINEnjoy the benefits of quality nutrition at great prices!EFFYDESKWe’re massive fans of standup desk.Effydesk provides amazing electric standing desks that we are monster fans of.Use this for 10% off.SHM DiscountHigher Healths CanadaWe allow you to optimize and restore peak health by filling the nutritional gaps we have in our diets. We enable you to become your very best self without compromise. Our products are 100% pure, unaltered and nutritionally in demand. It's time to put back in what's been missing in our diets.  Feel the difference real nutrition makes. Welcome to Higher Health's.Go to code 'solvinghealthcare' at checkout.Solving Healthcare Media with Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.Thank you for reading Solving Healthcare Media with Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng. This post is public so feel free to share it. This is a public episode. If you’d like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit

Medical Gaslighting in the ER: Sarah’s Story

At 29, Sarah Carthen Watson was only days away from her wedding when she experienced chest pain. Her visit to the ER became a stark example of medical gaslighting, where health care professionals appeared to dismiss or overlook her concerns. Medical gaslighting not only erodes trust but also risks missing diagnoses and delaying treatment. Key Takeaways Lean on family and friends for advocacy support. Be specific about the diagnosis you're most concerned about. Ask: "Has every (reasonable) test been done to make sure I don't have ________?" If a healthcare professional refuses to do any tests, labs, or x-rays, demand that they document your request and their denial in the electronic health record. Get in touch with Archelle Email: [email protected] Instagram: Facebook:
July 23, 2024 by Speak Up For Your Health

From Head to Toe: How to Perform a Skin Exam

Host: Darryl S. Chutka, M.D., [@chutkaMD] Guest: Emma F. Johnson, M.D. For both men and women, skin cancer is the most common malignancy and unlike colon, breast and lung cancer, skin cancers should be visible as they exist on the exterior of our bodies. Primary care providers need to be proficient in examining the skin of our patients and recognizing suspicious skin lesions. It’s just not possible to send all patients to a dermatologist for a skin exam. In this podcast, we’ll explore what questions we should ask our patients before we perform an exam of their skin, how we fit a skin exam into our busy schedules, and when a photograph of a skin lesion might be of benefit. Our guest for this podcast is Emma F. Johnson, M.D., a dermatologist from the Mayo Clinic.  Connect with the Mayo Clinic’s School of Continuous Professional Development online at or on Twitter @MayoMedEd. 
July 23, 2024 by Mayo Clinic Talks

HFYH: Dr. Betsy Grunch

Be sure to check out the “Hot for Your Health” Playlist for other great episodes. 🎯Watch our Last Episode: ⭐️Level Up - Women’s Midlife Performance | Dr. Stacy Sims  👉 Episode Overview: In this episode of "Hot for Your Health," Dr. Vonda Wright sits down with Dr. Betsy Grunch, a highly esteemed neurosurgeon specializing in minimally invasive spine techniques and neurotrauma. Dr. Grunch shares her journey from her hometown in Gainesville, Georgia, through her extensive medical training at Duke University, and her current work in advancing spine surgery techniques. Listeners will gain valuable insights into the world of neurological surgery, as well as tips for maintaining spinal health and optimizing overall well-being in midlife. Key Topics Discussed: Dr. Grunch's educational background and career trajectory The significance of minimally invasive spine techniques Advances in the field of neurotrauma Practical advice for maintaining spinal health Balancing a demanding career with family life Dr. Grunch's experiences and insights as a female neurosurgeon Know More about Dr. Betsy Grunch: Born and raised in Gainesville, Georgia, Dr. Betsy Grunch is a board-certified neurosurgeon with a passion for minimally invasive spine surgery and neurotrauma. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Dr. Grunch attended medical school at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta and matched in neurological surgery at Duke University, where she completed her internship in 2008 and residency in 2013. She earned the prestigious Synthes Spine Fellowship from 2010-2011 during her time at Duke. Dr. Grunch lives in Gainesville, Georgia, with her husband Ray, their two children, Riley and Beatrice, and their two dogs, Pancake and Butters. Resources mentioned in this episode: Connect with Dr. Betsy Grunch: Youtube: Instagram: Subscribe to “HOT For Your Health” for more inspiring episodes.
July 23, 2024 by HOT for your Health

Navigating Perimenopause: Empowering Women Through Community and Support

In this episode, Joy Rios talks with Laura Okafor Crain, the founder and CEO of Perry, a leading platform dedicated to supporting women through the often-overlooked phase of perimenopause. They discuss the critical role of community in navigating this transition, emphasizing the importance of peer support and access to vetted information. Laura shares insights about the resources available through Perry, including a physical journal designed to help women track their symptoms and emotions, as well as the most frequently asked questions from the community. The conversation highlights the emotional and physical challenges of perimenopause, the transition to menopause, and the need for increased awareness and education to empower women during this significant life stage. Episode Highlights [00:00:41] Meet Laura Okafor Crain: Advocate for Perimenopause Education [00:01:22] The Role of Community Support in Navigating Perimenopause [00:04:00] Resources and Tools for Managing Perimenopause Symptoms [00:08:20] Common Questions and Concerns in the Perimenopause Journey [00:16:21] Understanding the Transition from Perimenopause to Menopause [00:18:15] Promoting Awareness and Connection Among Women Stay connected to Laura Okafor Crain: LinkedIn | Twitter Perry | LinkedIn

YDF Greatest Hits: Is “Multitasking” Possible? – Summer Refresh Edition (with Gloria Mark, PhD)

Feeling tethered to your screens? Doomscrolling much? Have you gotten that little message from your phone, ratting you out, informing you that "you spent an average of XX hours and xx minutes daily of screen time"?? Do you wish you could set some better boundaries with tech/social media/screens in general? Let's face it, our devices are here to stay. How can we make them work FOR US, instead of distracting us from the personal connections we need? How are we supposed to "multitask"?? Is the human brain even capable of such a feat?? Cue our expert in human-computer interaction (HCI), Gloria Mark, PhD! WE ARE SO FORTUNATE to be able to pick her brain about how to make OUR BRAINS better at prioritizing our precious mental currency: OUR ATTENTION. Dr. Mark is the author of Attention Span and Multitasking in the Digital Age, the Chancellor's Professor of Informatics at UC Irvine, and has published over 200 papers in top academic journals, and appeared in scores of platforms, including the New York Times, BBC, NPR, the Atlantic, and recently on Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard (check it out, the episode is GREAT!) We are aware that we likely outkicked our coverage, and are SO HAPPY to share Dr. Mark's expertise with y'all. Strap in, pay attention, this is a can't-miss episode, friends! :) Topics in this episode include: The MYTH of multitasking. What is "distraction cost'? How attempting to "multitask" affects our brains and bodies (hint: stress!) Is it really the "notifications" on our phones that are distracting us, or is it something else? Are we really "victims of the algorithm" when it comes to social media? How can being "information rich" make us "attention poor"? How can we be aware of our "urges" to check our phones/email/computer and become more intentional in our use of devices? Learn more about Dr. Mark's work at her website. Her latest book, Attention Span, is available nationwide wherever books are sold! Learn more about her book here. Your Doctor Friends have some BIG THINGS in the works for "refreshing" the pod, and how we deliver meaningful, usable, valid health education to YOU, our dear friends! You'll be hearing some "upcycled" episodes this summer while we work on implementing these changes, and we will be back in full force in the next month or so with a brand new haircut ;) Thanks for tuning in, friends! Please sign up for our “PULSE CHECK” monthly newsletter! Signup is easy, right on our website, and we PROMISE not to spam you. We just want to send you monthly cool articles, videos, and thoughts :)  For more episodes, limited edition merch, to send us direct messages, and more, follow this link!  Connect with us: Website: Email us at [email protected] @your_doctor_friends on  Instagram - Send/DM us a voice memo or question and we might play it/answer it on the show! @yourdoctorfriendspodcast1013 on YouTube @JeremyAllandMD on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter/X @JuliaBrueneMD on Instagram
July 23, 2024 by Your Doctor Friends

Replay How to Know if Telehealth is the Right Option for You with Dr. Laura Purdy

Originally aired Nov 9 2021; In this week’s episode, I am joined by Laura Purdy, the Co-founder and COO of MD Integrations, a telemedicine technology company connecting virtual healthcare providers with patients using a best-in-class telemedicine portal integrated with a physician-only clinical network.  Laura just wrapped up 14 years as an officer in the US Army serving as a family physician. Previously, she became one of the Regional Medical Directors of hims & hers, and entered the telehealth industry gig-economy style. Laura lobbies at the federal level to influence change that increases access to care and reduces disparities in telehealth. She shares her story of how she got into Telehealth, her experience serving as an officer in the US Army, her passion for women's health, and much more! Tune in to this week’s episode to learn: How she takes care of her own wellbeing with a busy schedule and many initiatives on the go How telehealth has evolved and what it will look like in the future What the benefits to telehealth are, and any barriers it has  The evolution of healthcare and how telehealth fit into this  How to know if telehealth is right for you vs an in person visit Grab your drink of choice and join the conversation! Disclaimer The Healthcare Provider Happy Hour Podcast makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation as to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information featured in this Podcast. The information, opinions, and recommendations presented in this podcast are for general information only and any reliance on the information provided in this podcast is done at your own risk. This podcast should not be considered professional advice. Please speak with your own healthcare practitioner when seeking medical advice. Connect with Jennifer George: @bestobsessed_with_jenn | Instagram Jennifer George | Website @jenngeorge08) | Twitter Jennifer George | Facebook Click here to check out my book about connecting and communicating with patients to empower their experiences! Stay up to date on everything happening with the Healthcare Provider Happy Hour by subscribing to my weekly newsletter at

AIDS 2024: Pre-conferences, Satellite Symposia & Press Conferences, Oh My!

In the first episode from #aids2024, Yvette Raphael and Jeff Sturchio join Ben to highlight the scientific data they are excited about that will be presented this week, and take stock of the panoply of pre-conferences, satellite symposia and press conferences they’ve already been to - and the conference hasn’t even started! #aids2024 #HIV #diagnostics #treatment #Prevention #PrEP #ARVs #longacting #cabotegravir #lenacapavir #doxy-prep #doxy-pep #choicemanifesto

From ICU to Community Nursing – Caitlyn Moore’s Story

In this insightful episode of the High-Performance Nursing Podcast, Liam is joined by Caitlyn Moore, an early-career registered nurse passionate about community health nursing. Caitlyn shares her journey from working in the intensive care unit (ICU) to transitioning into community health nursing. Together, they explore the rewards and challenges of community nursing and discuss their shared passion for empowering early-career nurses.Key Discussion Points:Transition from ICU to Community Health Nursing:Caitlyn shares her personal journey and the motivations behind her move from the ICU to community health nursing.The differences in work environment and patient interaction between ICU and community health.How Caitlyn adapted to the new role and the skills she brought from her ICU experience.Rewards and Challenges of Community Nursing:The unique rewards of working in community health, including building long-term relationships with patients and providing holistic care.Challenges faced in community nursing, such as resource limitations and the need for creative problem-solving.Caitlyn's tips for overcoming these challenges and thriving in a community health setting.Empowering Early Career Nurses:The importance of mentorship in nursing careers and how it can shape the professional journey of early-career nurses.Caitlyn's involvement in the ACN Emerging Nurse Leader program and the benefits it offers for leadership development.Strategies for early-career nurses to seek out and engage with mentors.The Importance of Self-Care and Growth:Discussion on the critical need for self-care to prevent burnout and maintain passion in nursing.Practical self-care tips and strategies that Caitlyn and Liam use in their professional lives.The role of continuous learning and growth in achieving a fulfilling nursing career.Being Open to New Opportunities:Encouraging nurses to be open to new opportunities and not to be fixated on a linear career path.Caitlyn's experience with exploring different nursing roles and finding her passion in community health.The value of flexibility and adaptability in building a successful and satisfying nursing career.Guest Bio: Caitlyn Moore is an early-career registered nurse with a deep passion for community health nursing. Currently, in her third year of practice, she is in Stage 4 of the ACN Emerging Nurse Leader program. Caitlyn is dedicated to empowering early-career nurses and advocating for patient-centred care. Follow her journey on Instagram and TikTok @Nursinginaus, and on LinkedIn as Caitlyn Moore.Connect with Caitlyn Moore:Instagram: @NursinginausTikTok: @NursinginausLinkedIn: Caitlyn MooreRegister for NNF Next Gen Conference here5 Ways we can support you in your nursing career ✅Join our Free Nurse Career Growth Hub and access our free nursing application, interview and career growth guides here!Join our Nurse Career Academy and work with us to help guarantee your next nursing role!Book a free Career Clarity Call with...
July 22, 2024 by High Performance Nursing

455 – Practical Steps to Healthcare Interoperability: Conversations with Sparked FHIR Experts

In this episode of Talking HealthTech, host Peter Birch is joined by Kate Ebrill, Interoperability Lead at AEHRC CSIRO and National Lead at Sparked FHIR Accelerator, alongside Danielle Bancroft, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Best Practice Software. The conversation dives deep into the world of healthcare interoperability.They explore the vital need for seamless data exchange within healthcare systems, the community-driven approach of Sparked, Australia’s national FHIR accelerator, and the exciting prospects for healthcare data exchange. They discuss the critical role of FHIR standards and how they're being adapted and implemented in Australia to improve clinical workflows, enhance patient care, and fuel innovation in healthcare.Key TakeawaysImportance of Interoperability: Seamless data exchange in healthcare systems is crucial for efficient and effective patient care. Interoperability ensures that information is shared without manipulation or additional effort.Incremental Improvements: Instead of aiming for a perfect system from scratch, the focus should be practical, incremental enhancements in healthcare data exchange.Community-Driven Approach: Sparked operates with a bottom-up community-driven process involving over 600 people and is backed by government and health agencies, aiming to localise international FHIR standards for use within Australia.Design Groups: The process of developing FHIR standards involves design groups, including a clinical design group with over 400 participants focused on identifying core information for exchange and a technical design group to implement these using the FHIR standard.Focus on Key Use Cases: The emphasis is on essential use cases like bulk uploads and patient summaries to demonstrate the practical benefits of FHIR standards.Check out the episode and full show notes on the Talking HealthTech website. Loving the show? Leave us a review, and share it with someone who might get some value from it.Keen to take your healthtech to the next level? Become a THT+ Member for access to our online community forum, meet-ups, special offers, and more exclusive content. For more information visit
July 22, 2024 by Talking HealthTech

Patient Centricity by Design

2024-07-19 Hosts Jane Myles and Angela Radcliffe were joined by Alicia C. Staley from Medidata Solutions for a fabulous conversation about her whitepaper on Medidata's Patient Centricity by Design (PCbD) process and the work they are doing to accommodate the perspectives and preferences of patients and caregivers.You can join TGIF-DTRA Sessions live on LinkedIn Live Audio on Friday's at 12:00 PM ET by checking out our LinkedIn. Follow the Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance (DTRA) on LinkedIn and X. Learn more about Membership options and our work at
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