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Lilly Stairs Spills the Tea on Building the “Chronic Boss Collective”

Today on HITea, Grace had the absolute pleasure of learning from Lilly Stairs, the brilliant mind behind Chronic Boss Collective & Patient Authentic. Lilly started by talking about the journey that led her to found Chronic Boss Collective, a space where professionals with chronic conditions come together to network and reshape the narrative surrounding their experiences. With heartfelt experiences and a keen eye for much-needed societal challenge, Lilly talks about how a simple shift in perspective can have a monumental impact, inspiring people to turn their pain into purpose.  Wrapping up our conversation, Lilly shared invaluable insights on navigating challenges as a leader with a chronic condition, maximizing productivity, and empowering the people around you to dream big and execute bigger. Her words, filled with grace and wisdom, left us feeling inspired and ready to make a difference. Don't miss out on this episode, where Lilly shares her unique perspectives on resilience, leadership, and building supportive community centered around unexpected, deeply-personal, commonalities.
April 2, 2024

Kim Perry Spills the Tea on Healthcare AI Beyond the Buzzword

Welcome to HITea with Grace! Get ready for a lively chat with Kim Perry, a trailblazer in AI and healthcare. We look past the AI buzzword to talk about how large language models are reshaping medicine and the hurdles leaders face in this dynamic space. Plus, we'll dish out tips on mentorship, sponsorship, and building a supportive community. As we peer into the horizon of medical AI, our guest paints a compelling picture of emerging trends that demand attention from Health Information Technology (HIT) professionals. From personalized medicine to predictive analytics, she anticipates a future brimming with opportunities for innovation and transformation. Join us for an enlightening conversation as we explore the intersection of AI and healthcare leadership, guided by the wisdom and vision of our esteemed guest.
March 26, 2024

Dr. Parmjot Baines Spills the Tea on Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema & Innovation

Get ready to steep in knowledge as we recognize Lymphedema Awareness Month on this episode of HITea! Dr. Parmjot Bains, our guest and CEO of ImpediMed, talks about managing breast cancer-related lymphedema (BCRL) with early intervention and groundbreaking technology.   Dr. Bains doesn't just spill the tea; she brews it to perfection! We dive into the impact of legislation like the Lymphedema Treatment Act on BCRL management and explore the role of compression garments in the big picture. Plus, we'll chat about how chronic lymphedema can be caught before symptoms occur, so clinicians can intervene before the condition becomes chronic, as well as the daily challenges faced by individuals dealing with chronic BCRL.   Grab your favorite mug and join us to uncover how awareness, education, and cutting-edge innovations are stirring up a better quality of life for those affected by BCRL.
March 19, 2024

Susannah Fox Spills the Tea on the “Patient Rebel”

On this glorious HITea Tuesday, we sit down with Susannah Fox, author of "Rebel Health," to explore the transformative world of patient-led research and innovation. Susannah explores the inspiration behind her book and delves into the concept of the "health rebel alliance." She shares how healthcare consumers can become part of this alliance and discusses the four archetypes driving the patient-led revolution: seekers, networkers, solvers, and champions. Join us as we envision the future of healthcare shaped by patient empowerment and collaboration, and discover practical advice for advocating for oneself in navigating illness outside traditional healthcare systems. Gain valuable insights on how businesses, governments, and organizations can better support and leverage the power of patient-led initiatives to drive positive change in healthcare outcomes on a larger scale.
March 12, 2024

Cat Middleton Spills the Tea on Digital Health Investor Impact on Diversity and Health Equity

Join us for a thought-provoking conversation in this HITea episode of "Fund Like a Girl" with Cat Middleton, a seasoned investor committed to shaping the future of digital health. Cat talks with us about her investment thesis, emphasizing the empowerment of individuals to become active stewards of their health.  Beyond the realm of traditional investment talk, Cat explores the crucial role investors play in reshaping diversity at the leadership level. This episode goes on to unravel how intentional investments can work to improve health equity and access to healthcare, help dismantle biases in healthcare, and foster an environment of inclusivity while driving transformative change.
March 5, 2024

Rare Disease Day Special: Christine Von Raesfeld Spills the Tea on Patient-Led Care, Research, and Pharmacogenomics

On this episode of HITea, we dive into an insightful conversation with Christine Von Raesfeld, Founder and CEO of People with Empathy. Christine, a rare disease warrior, shares her deeply personal journey about how she's championing her own care and research. Discover the transformative power of pharmacogenomics testing in Christine's own diagnosis and treatment journey and learn how she's spearheading groundbreaking collaborations with institutions like Stanford University's “Research To the People” initiative and trailblazing industry organizations like The Light Collective.  Join us as Christine sheds light on the vital role of patients as the CEOs of their own care, offering invaluable advice for navigating complex healthcare systems and connecting with the broader healthcare and pharma community in the process.
February 29, 2024

Alyssa Jaffe Spills the Tea on Investing in B2B2C Solutions that Empower Healthcare Consumers

HITea With Grace's "Fund Like a Girl" is honored to host Alyssa Jaffe, Partner at 7wire Ventures on the pod. Alyssa takes us on her journey leading to her investor role at 7wire Ventures, sharing insights on why she focuses on building businesses empowering healthcare consumers to take control of their health. Discover success stories of individuals positively impacted by digital health solutions supported by Alyssa's investments and explore the value of B2B2C models in the digital health space. Alyssa sheds light on navigating relationships between invested companies, businesses, and end-users in the healthcare sector, addressing challenges and opportunities. She explores collaboration between digital health startups and health plans, and generously shares strategies and best practices for effective partnerships.
February 20, 2024

La Keisha Landrum Pierre & Naseem Sayani Spill the Tea on Women’s Health Research and Investment Trends

Welcome to HITea Pod's "Fund Like a Girl" series! In this episode, we are pleased to host La Keisha Landrum Pierre and Naseem Sayani, partners at Emmeline Ventures. La Keisha and Naseem share their insights as investors in women's health technology, addressing specific research gaps and the identification of areas in need of innovation. Explore their perspectives on gender diversity in clinical trials and the investment community's role in fostering inclusivity. As the conversation concludes, La Keisha and Naseem share their approaches to working at their best, overcoming challenges, and offer empowering advice for women in healthcare/health IT. If you want women investors on your cap table, it's worth the time and effort. Once women choose to invest, they will dive in wholeheartedly to help you build and succeed.
February 13, 2024
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HITea With Grace

HIT Like a Girl Pod’s "HITea With Grace", hosted by digital health expert Grace Vinton, spotlights women leaders in the healthcare IT and pharma innovation sector. What sets Grace's podcast apart is the intentional inclusion of women patient and caregiver leaders in the dialogue – often overlooked perspectives in conversations about healthcare and research innovation.

As a patient advocate, digital health influencer, and award-winning healthcare communications professional, Grace is deeply committed to promoting technologies that save lives and amplifying patient and caregiver voices in the process. She is well-known for telling powerful innovation stories and educating the industry on emerging trends, helping shape industry categories.

Grace has interviewed over 40 women leaders on her podcast to date, magnifying their industry know-how, as well as their personal and professional stories. Her commitment extends beyond the microphone, actively contributing to the evolution of patient-driven healthcare and technology. Grace's standout quality lies in her audacious goal: to engage with every woman leader in the healthcare industry – spanning care, research, and even funding – and challenge them to incorporate real patient and caregiver voices and experiences into their work.


Grace Vinton

Grace Vinton

Grace Vinton is a dynamic award-winning healthcare PR professional, patient advocate, and podcast host of HIT Like a Girl Pod’s “HITea With Grace”: amplifying the voices of women leaders in healthcare and pharma innovation. She has worked with 50+ healthcare innovation organizations, translating complex advancements into compelling narratives, shaping industry categories.

Grace is Patient Representative on Sequoia Project’s Carequality Advisory Board, championing patients’ data access and prioritizing evolving patient needs within the national interoperability framework. Grace’s mission: “Empathy is not enough. Real change demands advocacy and action.”

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