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On Android, the first step is to download a podcast app. Open the Google Play Store and search for a Podcast player app. In 2018, Google launched its own Google Podcast app, however it is only designed to work in the United States. Users in other countries will need to find another app to use. Health Podcast Network listeners seem to enjoy these apps on Android:



If you know the name of the podcast you want to hear, simply use the search button and type the title of the podcast in the box. Most apps will automatically show you the best result. Give it a try by searching for one of the Health Podcast Network shows.



If you’re looking for other shows, all podcasting apps provide a place to browse for podcasts. Most of them also show recommendations, display what’s trending, and let you search for topics that interest you.



Once you find a show you like, pick a few episodes to listen to. All podcast apps have either a “subscribe” or “follow” feature so you can automatically receive new episodes of the show to your device.



Health Podcast Network has a growing library of great podcasts! Try searching for the ones you’re interested in, and be sure to subscribe to get new episodes delivered straight to your phone.

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