Inspiring Women with Laurie McGraw

Inspiring Women with Laurie McGraw

Professional. Polished. Accomplished. Thoughtful. Made It. Ready to Make It.

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EP. 81 Today’s Leadership Requirements: Empathy, Kindness, Resilience.

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Erica Jain, CEO and CoFounder of Healthie.  Erica created Healthie back when she was in business school.  She is someone who cares about leaving the world ...
May 18, 2022

EP. 80 Mentoring Series: Ning Mosberger-Tang and Chui-Ki Chen

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Women NING MOSBERGER-TANG and CHIU-KI CHAN in this Mentoring Series episode.  Ning and Chiu-Ki have a number of things in common.  Both began their careers as developers ...
May 9, 2022

EP. 78 The importance of being cheeky.

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Michaela Griggs, CEO of Southern California Reproductive Center.  Over Michaela’s career, she found herself on the leadership track in a global company – this meant international ...
April 28, 2022

EP. 79 Mentoring Series: Monique Terrell and Brande Martin

In this Mentorship Series episode, Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Women Monique Terrell, a Senior Director at the College of American Pathologists and Brande Martin, a Director at Covetrus.  Monique and Brande ...
April 25, 2022

EP. 77 Mentoring Series: Helen Figge and Alexis Balingcongan

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Women Helen Figge and Alexis Balingcongan in this Mentoring Series episode.  Helen and Alexis are both clinicians working in the healthcare tech industry and are involved in ...
April 18, 2022

EP. 76 Mentoring Series: Kicking Off with Pam Pure

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Pam Pure, experienced digital health executive and CEO/CoFounder of Posterity Health.  And importantly, for many years she has also been a personal friend and mentor to ...
April 6, 2022

Inspiring Women with Laurie McGraw

Professional. Polished. Accomplished. Thoughtful. Made It. Ready to Make It.

“Inspiring Women” is an interview show hosted by Laurie McGraw.

30 years of leadership in both commercial companies and non-profits has taught Laurie one thing: Women need women. Women need Inspiring Women.

Hear short-form interviews every week from Inspiring Women who are at the pinnacle of their careers and Inspired Women who are just starting out.
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Laurie McGraw

Laurie McGraw

Welcome to Inspiring Women.

I am your host, Laurie McGraw. Professionally, I have established my career in leadership positions at both high growth commercial companies and non-profits. For the past five years, I have been serving as a Senior Vice President at the American Medical Association. This follows twenty plus years leading health information companies where I was able to bring innovative technology to healthcare.  I am very proud of the work I do where I have the opportunity to enact change in healthcare and make an impact.

I have always been driven at work – dreaming big, working hard, making a difference.

One of my passions over the years has been working with many women, as a mentor, coach or friend, to support, challenge or even inspire. I firmly believe that women need to hear the stories, the advice, the guidance from other women as we all navigate our career paths and try to make a positive impact in the world. And so now, this podcast.

Who is this podcast for?

It is for you. You, if you are just getting started in your career adventures; you, if you are at the pinnacle of your career; you, if you are somewhere in between. Oh, and this podcast is also for me. It is a wonderful opportunity to speak with many remarkable and inspiring women!

You can find more about my professional background here. When not working, hopefully, I am outdoors or otherwise relaxing in Boulder, Colorado or Big Sky, Montana with my husband, friends, or our two grown children.

I hope you enjoy this podcast.

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