Get Real with the Chairman

Get Real with the Chairman

Hosted by Jim Weiss, founder and chairman of Real Chemistry.

Get Real with the Chairman

Get Real With The Chairman was first cultivated by Jim Weiss, host of this podcast and founder of Real Chemistry, an internationally acclaimed global health innovation company, where he now serves as chairman.

Jim knows that the key to success and leveraging one's mission is connection, so he's reached out to innovators in and outside of healthcare to discuss what's now and what's next. He's interviewing world-renowned scientists, CEOs, public health experts, and the list goes on!


Jim Weiss

Jim Weiss

Jim Weiss, Chairman and Founder of Real Chemistry, is a healthcare, biopharma, and medical tech visionary, entrepreneur, business leader, investor, citizen advocate, and digital health pioneer. Over the past 20 years, he evolved Real Chemistry from a one-person consultancy to a global health innovation company that uses real-world data, proprietary technologies and analytical insights to solve the healthcare industry’s most significant challenges.

As Chairman, Jim actively serves as a mentor and strategic advisor to Real Chemistry’s people and clients, including opening up new pathways for growth through M&A, partnership and expanded capabilities. In addition, he serves as an Executive Advisor to New Mountain Capital, Real Chemistry’s investment partner. In this role, he focuses on identifying and integrating opportunities at the intersection of technology and life sciences.

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