Rural Health Rising

Rural Health Rising

Rural Health Rising is a weekly podcast exploring the healthcare triumphs, challenges and opportunities facing rural America.

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Episode 60: Patient Experience

The patient experience is not a new topic for healthcare, for rural hospitals or even for this podcast. But it’s so central to what we do and it’s a little unique in the rural environment. To dive deeper into this topic, we're talking this week to Lori Strahm, Director of Patient Experience and Strategic Partnerships for Parkview Health.
May 12, 2022

Minisode: Labor Market Competition & Hospital Consolidation

This week, JJ and Rachel sit down to talk about mergers, acquisitions and the consolidation of healthcare services in America. In addition, they examine recent data released by the Treasury Department's State of Labor Market Competition Report, and how it relates to rural health and healthcare. State of Labor Market Competition Report: https://home.treasury.
May 5, 2022

Episode 59: Health Policy at the State Level

We talk about healthcare policy often, and when we talk about long-term financial stability for rural hospitals, we’re usually talking about federal policy as it relates to reimbursements, payment structures, etc. But state-level healthcare policy also has a significant impact on rural hospitals. Our guest today is state Rep. Bronna Kahle serving Michigan’s 57th district.  
April 28, 2022

Episode 58: Chronic Disease & Nutrition

We know chronic disease is a major concern in rural America, often coming on Community Health Needs Assessments as a key priority area with diabetes in particular. Is diabetes more prevalent in rural communities? What contributes to that? To help us answer these questions, we welcome Denise Lovinger, Director of Outpatient Dietician Programs here at Hillsdale Hospital.
April 21, 2022

Episode 57: The Education Ladder: From Patient Care Tech to Nurse Practitioner

Recruiting has never been a hotter topic in healthcare than it is today. Hospitals across the country are plagued with staffing shortages. In addition to recruiting new staff, advancing the staff we already have is a key strategy, particularly in rural healthcare. Our guest this week is Sarah Butler, Director of Behavioral Heath Services & Nurse Practitioner here at Hillsdale Hospital.
April 14, 2022

Minisode: What Now? Navigating the Post-Pandemic Era

This week, JJ and Rachel sit down to talk about how the rural healthcare industry will look as we start to move past the pandemic.
April 7, 2022

Rural Health Rising

Listen as Hillsdale Hospital President and CEO J.J Hodshire teams up with Director of Marketing & Development Rachel Lott to interview experts in rural health and rural issues that impact healthcare.

Rural Health Rising aims to bring attention to the unique circumstances rural healthcare providers operate within and create awareness regarding the major issues facing rural hospitals today. From rural hospital leaders to academic researchers to educators and economic development professionals, we hope to shed light on the important role rural hospitals play in their communities.
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JJ Hodshire

JJ Hodshire

Jeremiah J. (JJ) Hodshire is President & CEO of Hillsdale Hospital. He co-hosts Rural Health Rising, a weekly podcast about healthcare triumphs, challenges and opportunities facing rural America. He joined Hillsdale in 2010 as Director of Organizational Development, becoming Chief Operating Officer in 2019 and taking the helm as President & CEO in June 2020. Before that, he served as Hillsdale County Undersheriff for 10 years. JJ holds a Master’s in Organizational Leadership & Administration from Concordia University and a BA in Political Economics from Hillsdale College.
Rachel Lott

Rachel Lott

Rachel J. Lott is Director of Marketing & Development at Hillsdale Hospital, leading marketing, development and community outreach. She produces and co-hosts Rural Health Rising, a weekly podcast about healthcare triumphs, challenges and opportunities facing rural America. She joined Hillsdale in June 2019 from PR agency Group Stellar, where she was VP & Creative Director. She has also worked in economic development and education. She has a Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications from the Reed College of Media at West Virginia University and a BA in Journalism-PR from Baylor University.

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