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DTx Podcast with Eugene Borukhovich

Season 2, by Digital Health Today

Nurse Podcast Channel – Curated by Health Podcast Network

Features leaders, topics, and conversations from the expansive library of podcasts on Health Podcast Network.

Impulse – Meeting Healthcare Pioneers

The podcast that democratizes medical technology and meets the people who are transforming this field.

Hello Healthcare

Let's create a better future within healthcare.

Business Fights AIDS

A behind the scenes look at building the business response to AIDS.

A Shot in the Arm Podcast with Ben Plumley

A podcast about exploring innovation and equity in global health

High Performance Nursing

A safe space for clinicians to achieve their highest potential.

Her Story

Envisioning the Leadership Possibilities in Healthcare

Day Zero

Exploring the Entrepreneurial Journey of Healthcare Founders.


Incisive debate on healthcare policy and politics - a no B.S. insider’s view of what works and what doesn’t in American healthcare.

Digital Health 101

This podcast dives into the organizational and structural requirements for successful transformation to a new health paradigm.

AAOS Career Podcast

The Bone Beat, an orthopaedic podcast channel from AAOS

The Gary Bisbee Show

The Gary Bisbee Show is a weekly podcast discussing how leading health system CEOs and healthcare leaders are navigating the evolving healthcare landscape while leading high-performing teams and driving innovation across the industry.

The Untold Stories of American Healthcare

Revisiting healthcare's past will inform a better future.

The Healthcare QualityCast

An audio podcast spotlighting today's most exciting and inspiring professionals within the healthcare industry.


The anatomy of digital health.

AAOS Advocacy Podcast

Conversations on health policy issues affecting musculoskeletal care.

Once Upon A Gene

True stories of raising rare kiddos

The Medical Management Podcast

The Medical Management Podcast is focused on helping medical practice managers level up their practice.

Nurse Leader Network

with Chris Recinos

What happens when you provide nurse leaders with tools to learn, share and connect?

Bright Spots in Healthcare

Find a bright spot ... and clone it!

The Healthtech VC

Featuring founders, investors and leaders in healthtech.

The Healthcare Solutions Project

The Healthcare Solutions Project features interviews with healthcare innovators.

HOT for your Health

HOT for Your Health is a fast paced, high energy, luxury lifestyle brand focusing on relentless health innovations.

HealthXL – The Digital Health Podcast

A podcast dedicated to meeting the global movers and shakers of the Digital Health Community.

Confessions of Health Geeks

A health industry podcast focused on technological innovations.

StartUp Health NOW Podcast

StartUp Health NOW celebrates the innovators, industry leaders and entrepreneurs who are reimagining health and wellness.

FemTech Focus

Femtech experts talk about the innovative technology, services, and products that are improving women's health and wellness.

The EntreMD Podcast

The EntreMD Podcast helps physicians embrace entrepreneurship so they can have the financial freedom to live life and practice medicine on their own terms.

The Think Tank

On a mission to make healthcare easier, more collaborative and more rewarding.

The Handoff

Dive into the most pressing topics in nursing, from burnout and mental health to diversity in nursing to the latest clinical innovations.

Docs Outside The Box

Ordinary Doctors Doing Extraordinary Things

Impossible Healthcare

Two physicians who speak with thought leaders driving healthcare forward.

Outcomes Rocket

Solutions to Healthcare’s Problems

Health Unchained

Health Unchained hosts conversations with blockchain/healthcare professionals who are disrupting the health industry.

Talking HealthTech

Discussions with doctors, developers and decision-makers in Australian HealthTech

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

The Innovation Engine at Atrium Health

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

Bridging the worlds of digital health and clinical orthopaedics to catalyze the adoption of technology in musculoskeletal care

Frontiers Health Podcast

Discover and enjoy some of the key sessions from the Frontiers Health Conference.

Creating a New Healthcare

A podcast series for Primary Care Physician leaders who are looking for fresh perspectives, new solutions and inspiration in their journey to advance value-based care.

This Week In Health IT

For the Next Generation of Health IT Leaders

Faces of Digital Health

A podcast about digital health and how healthcare systems adopt technologies.

Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

Conversations with the innovators, game changers, and PIONEERS who are deeply passionate and relentless in solving the problems that our world is facing!

The Redox Podcast

Explore some of the biggest problems in healthcare, and hear from industry leaders about how technology is being deployed to solve them.

Digital Health Today – Asia Pacific Edition with Tony Estrella

Join host Tony Estrella in Singapore as he speaks to leaders and organizations driving health innovation and transformation in Asia Pacific.

Shot of Digital Health Therapy

Meticulously Unproduced - by Eugene Borukhovich and Jim Joyce

Digital Health Today 360° with Dan Kendall

Digital Health Today features the innovators, leaders and pioneers transforming health and wellness.

Latest Episodes

How do Mid-size Health Systems get Funding for Investments That Will Spark Innovation?

May 20, 2022: How do mid-size health systems get funding for investments that will spark innovation? (Joel Vengco), SVP and Chief Information and Digital Officer at Hartford HealthCare and (Jeffrey Sturman), Senior VP and CIO at Memorial Healthcare System join us today to discuss. How do you narrow down your investment focus? What are the primary benefits of an innovator working with a health system? How does this funding stand up from a governance standpoint? What role do other health systems play in the investing process? How do you de-risk investments? Key Points: What defines success for your innovation program? What if we created a channel, an environment, a platform where our internal and external collaborators could work with us to solve problems? What are some of the innovation opportunities that come out of venture capital relationships? Health systems are working together to de-risk some of the things that they're doing
May 20, 2022
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16 weeks of working out, 4 books in 4 months. My quarterly update using Atomic Habits #284

Things to expect in this episode:Our podcast has a new descriptionUpdates on my first four months with Atomic HabitsI’ve been working out for 16 weeks straight (T25)Waking up at 5 am4 Books in 4 monthsWill by Will SmithThe Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark MansonAtomic HabitsYou Are A Badass by Jen SinceroEating healthy on locums assignments with FactorWE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!! TELL US WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR ON FUTURE EPISODES!!!!FILL OUT THE DOCS OUTSIDE THE BOX PODCAST SURVEY (in partnership w INCROWD)INCROWDMAKE EXTRA MONEY AS A RESIDENT OR ATTENDING - COMPLETE MEDICAL SURVEYS WITH INCROWDI’m cooking up flavorful food with Factor while on locums. Click HERE to get $40 off the 1st Box you order!!!WATCH THIS EPISODE ON YOUTUBE!  Join our communityText word PODCAST to 833-230-2860 Twitter: @drniidarkoInstagram: @drniidarkoEmail: [email protected] Podcasting Course: www.docswhopodcast.comMerch: https://docs-outside-the-box.creator-spring.comThis episode is sponsored by  Provider Solutions & Development. Experts in holistic career coaching – check them out HERETwitter: @PSDConnectsFacebook: @PSDConnectsLinkedIN: Provider Solutions & DevelopmentSet For Life Insurance. What the Darkos use for great disability insurance at a low cost!! Check them out at
May 20, 2022
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Spelled out: How is Pharma Taking Advantage of Digital Health?

Is it time to stop talking about digital health and just focus on health? Where, in which department, do digital health innovations fit within Pharma? Do we expect too much in terms of the speed of digital health innovation in Pharma? These were just some of the questions discussed at SPELLED OUT: Digital Health and Pharma event. SPELLED OUT is a group name of a series of events organised by Curated Health and Faces of digital health, with which we wish to bring clarity to specific digital health-related topics. The debate was moderated by Tjaša Zajc, host of Faces of digital health and Hicham Naim, the founder of Curated Health, also working at Takeda as Head of Strategy, Transformation & Innovation, Data Digitam & Technology. Speakers: Paul Simms, CEO of Impatient Health, Jennifer Butler, Chief Marketing Officer at Medisafe  Jessica Shull, Director of Digital Therapeutics at Vicore Pharma AB Christophe Jauquet, International keynote Speaker on making customers healthy & happy. Leave a rating or a review:
May 19, 2022
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Empowering Patients with their Medical Data with Carm Huntress, Founder and CEO at Credo

Let's empower patients to live their healthiest lives with Credo. In this episode, we hear from Carm Huntress, the Founder, and CEO of Credo, about the development of digital healthcare systems that enables patients access to their medical record data. Many organizations and providers doing value-based care still operate through phone and fax when it comes to healthcare information exchanges that overlook patients. Credo seeks to provide a digital service that relieves the burden of carrying out those processes manually and enables patients access to their information. Carm discusses the benefits and obstacles of several factors that play a role in Credo’s goal like interoperability networks, healthcare data comprehensibility, and digital technology infrastructure. He explains how the platform will increase care quality and accessibility to empower patients with their data to improve their health. Tune in to this episode to listen about how Credo will impact healthcare systems with their medical record data platform! Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
May 19, 2022
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A Rare Collection – Up At Night

ONCE UPON A GENE - EPISODE 135 A Rare Collection - Up at Night There's power in storytelling- for the listener and the storyteller. A Rare Collection is a monthly series featuring people from the rare disease community, sharing a story with a common theme.  EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Mike Gralia, Dad to Tony and Founder of the Syngap Research Fund Mike recalls the nights insomnia kept him awake, looking at Tony as he rested, and wondering what his life would hold. In the darkness of night, his fears had the freedom to emerge. Tony wouldn't sleep without hours of walking the hall, singing and rocking. Then he'd wake up in the middle of the night crying. Mike and his wife had demanding jobs and the lack of sleep took its toll. When he was three years old, Tony began having seizures and he was diagnosed within a year with SynGAP1, which causes major sleep disturbances. Each day as the sun sets, Mike knows he's going to watch the rerun of a series he knows all too well.  Jennifer Sills, Mom to Jules and Founder of CSNK2A1 Foundation Jules, who has Okur-Chung Neurodevelopmental Syndrome (OCNDS), suffers from a severely disrupted sleep pattern. Jennifer shares of her loneliest nights, staring at the computer, searching for answers for Jules and an explanation for her symptoms. After Jules was diagnosed, the late night internet searches continued and revealed there were no OCNDS resources. Now, the nights aren't as lonely, as Jennifer has discovered over 190 families affected by OCNDS worldwide. She finds comfort in her community and knows she's not the only parent suffering from crushing fatigue. She finds comfort in reflecting on all that Jules has taught her about having purpose and perspective. Charlene Son Rigby, Mom to Juno and Founder of SDXBP1 Foundation As a night owl in college, Charlene spent countless hours hanging out with friends. After college, being a night owl leant itself well to life in the startup world. She prided herself on only sleeping 5 to 6 hours a night with so much to do. After having kids, nights became quiet and peaceful, a time to focus on projects and creative work. When her daughter Juno was diagnosed with SDXBP1 disorder, her nights turned into hours of worry and researching medical papers. Nights were driven by urgency to help Juno and driven by fear for her future. But nights were also driven by optimism and a belief that science could and would help.  Sunita Malepati, CACNA1A Foundation Sunita was told when she had her first child, sleep when the baby sleeps, but she was never good at taking that advice. Sunita pulls a second shift, staying up late, trying to figure out how to cure her daughter's rare disease, a CACNA1A-related disorder. After receiving a diagnosis, Sunita turned her grief and despair into hope and action. The CACNA1A Foundation became her second shift. As a rare disease patient advocacy organization, the foundation is focused on finding treatments and cures for the CACNA1A community by building a collaborative network of patients, families, clinicians and scientists.  CONNECT WITH EFFIE PARKS Website Twitter Instagram Built Ford Tough Facebook Group
May 19, 2022
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64: What Will Variant Sigma Look Like?, with Michael T. Osterholm, Ph.D., Regents Professor, Division of Environmental Health Science; Director, Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) University of Minnesota

Meet Michael Osterholm, Ph.D.:Michael Osterholm, Ph.D. is a Regents Professor, the Director of the Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Policy (CIDRAP), and McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair in Public Health at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Osterholm was appointed to President Biden’s Transition COVID-19 Advisory Board. He is author of “Deadliest Enemy” and hosts “The Osterholm Update: COVID-19” podcast. Dr. Osterholm received a Ph.D. and MS in Environmental Health and an MPH in Epidemiology from the University of Minnesota. Key Insights:Dr. Osterholm is a distinguished leader in a variety of areas including as a scientist, public health official, author, professor, and advisor. The State of the Pandemic. Pre-existing immunity from vaccines and prior infections clearly reduce severe illness and deaths. However, Dr. Osterholm questions, what’s after Omicron? What will variant Pi and Sigma look like? Viral evolution indicates that upcoming variants will be more infectious and have more immune system evasion. We must be prepared. (13:16)Lessons from Pandemics. There are sociological lessons to learn from previous disease outbreaks. The duration of the 1918 pandemic was around three years. However, after about a year, the public gave up on public health recommendations, and stopped acting on or accepting protections. (28:41)Vaccine Technology. Dr. Osterholm predicts we will see new vaccine technologies that are more immune enhancing. COVID-19 mRNA vaccines provide a rapid antibody response, which wanes in a matter of months. Adenovirus vaccines initially seemed less effective, but result in a stronger T-cell response, which is a more durable immunity. New vaccine technology will need to produce a complex immune response, rather than focusing on just the antibody response. (30:49) Relevant Links: Check out his podcast “The Osterholm Update: COVID-19”Check out Dr. Osterholm’d book “Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs”Watch “American public 'done' with pandemic, even if it's not done with us: Osterholm | ABC News”
May 19, 2022
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Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA): The Next Chapter in Scaling the DTx Industry

In this episode, we hear from Andy Molnar, CEO at the Digital Therapeutics Alliance. Andy dives into what they are working on to propel the DTx industry forward, and the international scope of his work in Europe, Asia Pacific and beyond. We also discuss the recent trends with commercial payers and reimbursements - or lack thereof - and much more. Key Takeaway: Be sure to check out the link to the DTx Value Assessment and Integration Guide put together by the DTx Alliance. It is designed to support healthcare decision makers as they assess and integrate DTx products into clinical use settings.  Guest Links and Resources: Learn more about Digital Therapeutics Alliance | Twitter | LinkedIn Connect with Andy Molnar Download the DTx Value Assessment & Integration Guide Host Links: Connect with Eugene Borukhovich: Twitter | LinkedIn Connect with Chandana Fitzgerald, MD: Twitter | LinkedIn Connect with Website | Twitter Check out Shot of Digital Health with Eugene and Jim Joyce: Website | Podcast App HealthXL: Website | Twitter | Join an Event Season 2 of Digital Therapeutics Podcast would not be possible without the support of leading DTx organizations. Thank you to: > Presenting Partner: Amalgam Rx > Contributing Sponsors: Akili | Big Health | Click Therapeutics | Lindus Health Follow Digital Health Today: Browse Episodes | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram Follow Health Podcast Network: Browse Shows | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
May 19, 2022
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The Happy Nurse: Sustaining the Health of Nurses with Kay Reynoldson

As someone who recruits healthcare professionals, Kay Reynoldson knows nurses give a lot of themselves to their profession. Sometimes, nurses give so much that they burn out. In this episode I talk with Kay about her self care practice, award winning business, self care issues her clients have discussed with her and her thoughts on how to make nursing a better and more sustainable profession. -| The Nurse Podcast Channel is made possible with support from IHI. Learn more about how IHI is transforming health care education at -| This episode originally aired on March 23, 2021 on The Happy Nurse. Listen, follow and subscribe here.
May 19, 2022
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How To Choose Between Becoming An Entrepreneur vs. Intrapreneur (and my entrepreneur story)!

Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur? If not, did you know that you need intrapreneurs in your organization right now? Tune in and learn the difference between the two as Chris Recinos shares her journey to becoming an entrepreneur after being an intrapreneur and what you can do to get started on yours today.
May 19, 2022
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Catherine Toomer

May 19, 2022
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The Impacts Of Bullying Within The Healthcare Profession With Tammy Copley

We see bullying in various forms and in different parts of our society. We may think that bullying can only be seen in schools, but it’s rampant even in workplaces. Today, we’ll be speaking about the impacts of bullying within the healthcare profession with Tammy Copley. She’s been a long-time advocate of stopping bullying in the health industry hence the creation of  Nurses and Midwives Against Bullying Australia.  In this week’s episode of the High Performance Nursing, I welcome back the amazing Tammy Copley. The last time we had her on the show, Tammy explained the bullying and harassment nursing pandemic.  Now, she gives an in-depth discussion of what bullying is all about, it’s impacts, how is it reinforced and how can nurses get out of it.  Although bullying can be deeply embedded in one’s work culture, it’s still possible to eradicate it. Tammy leads this possibility by showcasing her own bullying experience and what she did to put an end to it.  WHAT YOU’LL DISCOVER IN THIS EPISODE: The similarities between Domestic Violence, Bullying and Coercive Control (02:45) How can nurses get out of the bullying? (11:17) Why bullying is all about projection (19:10) How does competition reinforce bullying (22:20) The value of being open to self-coaching and self-leadership (27:25) Why it's important to learn the Code of Conduct (29:30) Tammy's experience of being bullied as a manager (32:27) Liam's bullying experience in his career (35:49) Self-care and self-compassion (38:12) What are you running that no longer serves you? (39:42) Tammy's tips for nurses experiencing domestic violence or bullying (43:35) RESOURCES: The bullying and harassment nursing pandemic with Tammy Copley  DoctorRamani Brené Brown CONNECT WITH TAMMY COPLEY Connect with Tammy on LinkedIn Learn more about Nurses and Midwives Against Bullying Australia here and Nursing and Midwifery Advocacy Solutions here. Check out the YouTube Channel of Nurses and Midwives Against Bullying Australia here. CONNECT WITH LIAM CASWELL Connect with me on Instagram PS. I have launched my signature "8 week Clinical Career Accelerator Program" to help clinicians (just like you) achieve their career goals, with confidence, clarity and mentorship from me! If this sounds like something you are interested in - reply with the word "Accelerate" for more info! P.P.S Whenever you are ready... here are 3 ways I can help you build your healthcare career. 1) Click here to Join my private Facebook Community "High-Performance Nursing - How to build your healthcare career" where I share all the career tips, strategies, and planing you need to thrive. PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS TO GET ACCESS 2) Subscribe and listen to the High Performance Nursing Podcast available on all major podcast platforms! I would love if you could leave a review! 3) Check out my [email protected] and join your HPN peers!
May 18, 2022
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Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy – Morgan Cheatham

#TheShot of #DigitalHealth Therapy turns 100 today! Thats 100 episodes of meticulously un-produced content. So for this special occasion, Jim Joyce and I had one of our longest episodes ever with the brilliant Morgan Cheatham, VP at Bessemer Venture Partners : 💰 Company culture in a virtual world (& due diligence) 💰 Investing in emerging fund managers 💰 Valuations......... 💰 How its easy to start a medical practice today.. 💰 Bessemer Venture Partners Investment Thesis 💰 Overstating outcomes in #DigitalHealth 💰 oh... and how to sell to payers... Fun mentions as always: William Taranto Martin Kelly Julie Yoo Graham Gardner, MD, MBA (he/him/his) Kyruus Steve Kraus FOLX Health Tia NOCD
May 18, 2022
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240 – Bridging the gap between innovation and adoption; Wendy Chapman, University of Melbourne

If you have ever, or know of someone, who has developed a solution and taken it to market, only for you or them to struggle or fail at getting it adopted, then you understand how frustrating moving from innovation to adoption is. In this episode, you can learn more about getting it done the right way and how the University of Melbourne is helping innovators get their products or services adopted.
May 18, 2022
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How this nurse leader forged her own path

Our guest for this episode realized early on in her career as a nurse executive that a traditional health system career path was not for her. Since then she’s done everything from work as a clinical professor in a college of nursing, serve as the president of a state nursing board, write a number of nursing textbooks, and consult with hospitals and health systems on innovation and leadership.     Given the depth and breadth of Kathy Malloch’s career, it makes sense that her conversation with Dan would be similarly wide-ranging. Today they talk about where education for nurse leaders can improve, the tool sets that are needed in complex systems, how Kathy handled cases involving medical errors when she was the president of the Arizona State Board of Nursing and what she sees as the obligation of nurses to continually advance their skills and the profession.    Links to recommended reading:  Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing and Healthcare  Quantum Leadership: Creating Sustainable Value in Health Care: Creating Sustainable Value in Health Care  Leadership in Nursing Practice: Changing the Landscape of Health Care: Changing the Landscape of Health Care  Appreciative Leadership: Building Sustainable Partnerships for Health: Building Sustainable Partnerships for Health  Arizona Board of Nursing  The full transcript for this episode can be found here:
May 18, 2022
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E107: Kyushik Nam – Learning & Doing Design

Ben & Jay are joined by Kyushik Nam, an MFA candidate in Design Management at the Savannah College of Art & Design.  Kyushik was mentored by our teammate Isabelle Magnin for his master's thesis.  This episode is a great opportunity to hear about the design process from the perspective of a student on a live project, making a difference from individuals struggling to manage Type 2 diabetes.  Kyushik not only brings insights and perspective from his graduate work, but from his professional experiences with Michelin, Gulfstream Aerospace, and Google.All Things Twitter:A Sherpa's Guide to InnovationBen TingeyJay GerhartSupport the show
May 18, 2022
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75: Building Trust Before Crisis, with Denise Cardo, M.D., Director, Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion (DHQP), National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID)

Meet Denise Cardo, M.D.:Denise Cardo, M.D. is the director of the Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She first joined the CDC as a medical epidemiologist. Prior to the CDC, she worked in the division of infectious diseases at Escola Paulista de Medicina in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she also received her medical degree. Key Insights:Denise Cardo, M.D. brings partners together to achieve goals in patient safety. Developing Partnerships. For creating effective partnerships, Dr. Cardo recommenders setting common goals and clear expectations. Develop trust and understanding before a crisis occurs, so that uncertainty can be faced with teamwork. (5:26)Embracing Identity. Dr. Cardo was nervous about having an accent, but a mentor told her to take advantage of it instead. She jokes that she never has to introduce herself on a conference call. Dr. Cardo decided that her accent, and affinity for brightly colored clothing, made her unique and she should embrace her full identity. (19:53)Empowering Ourselves. Dr. Cardo shares that sometimes people will talk to a male colleague over her, even though she is the division’s director. She was worried about how to stand up for herself in those types of situations, because she knows she represents her program. Dr. Cardo chose to enlist the help of her male colleagues to combat these instances of sexism. (24:03)This episode is hosted by Julie Gerberding, M.D. She is a member of the Advisory Council for Her Story and the Chief Executive Officer at the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health.Relevant Links:Learn more about Dr. CardoLearn more about the Division of Healthcare Quality PromotionRead “Public Health Hero: Denise Cardo” 
May 18, 2022
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Semperis Purple Knight: A Free Tool to Help you Find Your Most Dangerous Vulnerabilities

May 18, 2022: What do hackers want from healthcare? Join us for a special episode. Reverse Engineering, a Hackers Approach. (Guido Grillenmeier), Chief Technologist at Semperis and (Matt Sickles), Solutions Architect at Sirius Healthcare walk us through Semperis Purple Knight. A free tool to help you find your most dangerous vulnerabilities. AD is typically a weak point for HC organizations. 90% of attacks exploit AD. It is very difficult to gain an understanding of where your AD is at risk. Purple Knight maps those indicators to the MITRE ATTandCK Framework and provides guidance on how to fix the issues. As hackers, what defenses do we have to be concerned about? What will cause us to choose a different target? If we are detected will that just move our timeline up or will we move on? How long do we need access to the compromised AD to know if we can get to our target hack? How much time do we need in the target system? And flipping back to the other side, what can a CIO do today to ensure their health system is ready for an attack on their Active Directory? Key Points: AD is typically a weak point for HC organizations, 90% of attacks exploit AD It is very difficult to gain an understanding of where your AD is at risk You cannot secure older operating systems the same way as newer ones What is the state of active directory right now? (Semperis Purple Knight)
May 18, 2022
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Reverse Engineering a Hackers Approach to Breaking into Healthcare

May 18, 2022: What do hackers want from healthcare? Join us for a special episode. Reverse Engineering, a Hackers Approach. (Guido Grillenmeier), Chief Technologist at Semperis and (Matt Sickles), Solutions Architect at Sirius Healthcare walk us through Semperis Purple Knight. A free tool to help you find your most dangerous vulnerabilities. AD is typically a weak point for HC organizations. 90% of attacks exploit AD. It is very difficult to gain an understanding of where your AD is at risk. Purple Knight maps those indicators to the MITRE ATTandCK Framework and provides guidance on how to fix the issues. As hackers, what defenses do we have to be concerned about? What will cause us to choose a different target? If we are detected will that just move our timeline up or will we move on? How long do we need access to the compromised AD to know if we can get to our target hack? How much time do we need in the target system? And flipping back to the other side, what can a CIO do today to ensure their health system is ready for an attack on their Active Directory? Key Points: AD is typically a weak point for HC organizations, 90% of attacks exploit AD It is very difficult to gain an understanding of where your AD is at risk You cannot secure older operating systems the same way as newer ones What is the state of active directory right now? (Semperis Purple Knight)
May 18, 2022
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Luis Santiago on How a Recent Team Tragedy Brought PEGASI’s Health Moonshot Into Focus

Every company in the StartUp Health portfolio can draw a line between their business objectives and a very real human impact. Even companies working on highly technical, administrative solutions are doing so, at the end of the day, in order to help people get the care they need faster or better. Our stance is that no database integration, supply chain management tool, or insurance platform should exist apart from its ability to improve lives. In other words, health innovation is personal. For some founders, like our guest today, the human face of healthcare technology is startlingly clear. Our guest is Luis Santiago, the CEO and Co-founder of PEGASI, which StartUp Health backed in 2020. PEGASI is in the business of digitizing health information systems in Latin America, and they’re currently focused on upgrading those systems within oncology so that cancer patients can get diagnosed and treated sooner. That mission gained a tragic level of clarity this year as PEGASI’s CTO Janper Garbi went through a devastating battle with cancer. Luis Santiago shares that personal story, and how it could have ended differently had the hospital been using a digital platform to speed up diagnosis and treatment. This isn’t just a story about what could have been, but how a tragedy becomes fuel for a health moonshot that could improve the lives of millions. — Learn more and connect with the team a PEGASI. — Entrepreneurs: How to get investment from StartUp Health Investors: How to invest in StartUp Health Moonshots Want more content like this? You can subscribe to the podcast as well as other health innovation updates at Sign up for StartUp Health Insider™ to get funding insights, news, and special updates delivered to your inbox.
May 17, 2022
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Effisode – RARE Entrepreneur Bootcamp Warriors

Intro music by Scott Holmes
May 17, 2022
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34: Bringing Clinical Trials to the Patient, with Jodi Akin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hawthorne Effect, Inc.

Meet Jodi Akin: Jodi Akin is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Hawthorne Effect, a software service that  streamlines and decentralizes clinical trials. She is an Angle Investor and Advisor for Astia, Board  member for 510 Kardiac Devices, Inc., and the Chief Scientific Advisor for PiCardia, Inc. Previously,  she was the Vice President of Global Clinical Affairs at Edwards Lifesciences LLC. Jodi received a  Bachelor’s in Diplomacy, Economics and International Affairs from Georgetown University, and a  Master of Science in Nursing from Pace University. Key Insights: The Hawthorne Effect is changing the ecosystem of clinical trials. Defining Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is an attitude, not a stage of a company, according to Jodi. She didn’t set out to simply found a company, rather she felt a gravitational pull, a compulsion, to fix an aspect of healthcare. (10:39) Improved Patient Adherence. Hawthorne Effect brings clinical trials to the patient’s own home, rather than requiring the patient to go to a physical research institution. This removes transportation challenges for the patient, which increases adherence. Jodi cites that 97-98% of their patients adhere to clinical trials. (15:48) Hawthorne Heroes. Decentralized clinical trials are made possible by a gig network of medical professionals. This allows for geographically diverse trials, and these Heroes have additional opportunities for certification and training for different types of trials, with roles that range from patient visits to trial investigators. (18:03)This episode is hosted by Gary Bisbee, Ph.D. He is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Think  Medium. Relevant Links:Learn more about Hawthorne Effect Read “Startup Improves Clinical Trial Process To Ensure Better Healthcare For All” by  Forbes Listen to “Hawthorne Effect Founder and CEO Jodi Akin” on VatorNews podcasts
May 17, 2022
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Outcomes Rocket: Spirit of Service: From the Experience of a Healthcare Army Veteran with Louis Stout, Chief Nursing Officer & Healthcare Executive

Some people are born with a spirit of service and care for those around them. In today’s conversation, we hear from a healthcare army veteran that toured the world, Louis Stout, how he started his career in healthcare and where it has taken him.  Louis shares the differences in the field during his touring years, how COVID impacted his work, and his overall thoughts on the healthcare industry right now. He also reflects on the recent changes, the power of innovation in today’s healthcare, and the opportunities that lie within the near future. Tune in and enjoy a wonderful conversation full of knowledge from someone with hands-on experience.  Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources: -| The Nurse Podcast Channel is made possible with support from IHI. Learn more about how IHI is transforming health care education at -| This episode originally aired on February 15, 2022 on Outcomes Rocket. Listen, follow and subscribe here.
May 17, 2022
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#30 Running for Congress as an Orthopaedic Surgeon

In this episode, AAOS Advocacy Council Chair and podcast host Douglas Lundy, MD, MBA, FAAOS sits down with Al Olszewski, MD, FAAOS (R-MT) to discuss his 2022 campaign for Congress. They discuss Dr. Al’s path to politics, why it’s important for orthopaedic surgeons to be involved politically, and how politicians can work together in the best interest of patients. Dr. Al's primary is on June 7. Additional links and resources:  AAOS Now Article about Dr. Olszewski’s Campaign: AAOS Press Release Endorsement of Dr. Olszewski: AAOS OrthoPAC: Guest: Al Olszewski, MD, FAAOS, Candidate for U.S. Congress Host: Douglas Lundy, MD, MBA, FAAOS, AAOS Advocacy Council Chair
May 17, 2022
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