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The Healthtech VC

Featuring founders, investors and leaders in healthtech.

Digital Therapeutics Edition with Eugene Borukhovich

A Limited Series produced by Digital Health Today

The Medical Management Podcast

The Medical Management Podcast is focused on helping medical practice managers level up their practice.

The Healthcare Solutions Project

The Healthcare Solutions Project features interviews with healthcare innovators.

Until It’s Fixed

Until it's Fixed tackles the current problems, tough questions and highlights how health care technology is reshaping the health care system.

The Healthcare QualityCast

An audio podcast spotlighting today's most exciting and inspiring professionals within the healthcare industry.

AAOS Career Podcast

The Bone Beat, an orthopaedic podcast channel from AAOS

Nurse Leader Network

with Chris Recinos

What happens when you provide nurse leaders with tools to learn, share and connect?

AAOS Advocacy Podcast

Conversations on health policy issues affecting musculoskeletal care.

Once Upon A Gene

True stories of raising rare kiddos

Bright Spots in Healthcare

Find a bright spot ... and clone it!

The Untold Stories of American Healthcare

Revisiting healthcare's past will inform a better future.

HOT for your Health

HOT for Your Health is a fast paced, high energy, luxury lifestyle brand focusing on relentless health innovations.

The Gary Bisbee Show

The Gary Bisbee Show is a weekly podcast discussing how leading health system CEOs and healthcare leaders are navigating the evolving healthcare landscape while leading high-performing teams and driving innovation across the industry.


The anatomy of digital health.

HealthXL – The Digital Health Podcast

A podcast dedicated to meeting the global movers and shakers of the Digital Health Community.

Confessions of Health Geeks

A health industry podcast focused on technological innovations.

Med Tech Monday

A podcast series covering Trends, Technologies, Entrepreneurship, and Innovations coming out of the Medical Technologies Space

Medvale Radio

...inspiring ideas to make the world healthier

StartUp Health NOW Podcast

StartUp Health NOW celebrates the innovators, industry leaders and entrepreneurs who are reimagining health and wellness.

FemTech Focus

Femtech experts talk about the innovative technology, services, and products that are improving women's health and wellness.

The EntreMD Podcast

The EntreMD Podcast helps physicians embrace entrepreneurship so they can have the financial freedom to live life and practice medicine on their own terms.

Femtech Insider

The makers and shakers who push the boundaries for advancements in women’s health every day

The Think Tank

On a mission to make healthcare easier, more collaborative and more rewarding.

The Handoff

Dive into the most pressing topics in nursing, from burnout and mental health to diversity in nursing to the latest clinical innovations.

Docs Outside The Box

Ordinary Doctors Doing Extraordinary Things

Impossible Healthcare

Two physicians who speak with thought leaders driving healthcare forward.

Funding the Future of Healthcare

Unpacking the relationships of a strategic VC in healthcare.

Outcomes Rocket

Solutions to Healthcare’s Problems

Health Unchained

Health Unchained hosts conversations with blockchain/healthcare professionals who are disrupting the health industry.

Talking HealthTech

Discussions with doctors, developers and decision-makers in Australian HealthTech

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

The Innovation Engine at Atrium Health

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

Bridging the worlds of digital health and clinical orthopaedics to catalyze the adoption of technology in musculoskeletal care

Frontiers Health Podcast

Discover and enjoy some of the key sessions from the Frontiers Health Conference.

Creating a New Healthcare

A podcast series for Primary Care Physician leaders who are looking for fresh perspectives, new solutions and inspiration in their journey to advance value-based care.

The #HCBiz Show!

The podcast dedicated to unraveling the business of healthcare.

This Week In Health IT

For the Next Generation of Health IT Leaders

Faces of Digital Health

A podcast about digital health and how healthcare systems adopt technologies.

Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

Conversations with the innovators, game changers, and PIONEERS who are deeply passionate and relentless in solving the problems that our world is facing!

The Redox Podcast

Explore some of the biggest problems in healthcare, and hear from industry leaders about how technology is being deployed to solve them.

Digital Health Today with Jen Lannon

Join host Jen Lannon to get the best insights into femtech and what everyone in health innovation should know about it.

Digital Health Today – Asia Pacific Edition with Tony Estrella

Join host Tony Estrella in Singapore as he speaks to leaders and organizations driving health innovation and transformation in Asia Pacific.

Shot of Digital Health Therapy

Meticulously Unproduced - by Eugene Borukhovich and Jim Joyce

Digital Health Today 360° with Dan Kendall

Digital Health Today features the innovators, leaders and pioneers transforming health and wellness.

Latest Episodes

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Wearable Continuous Molecular Monitoring with Peter Vranes, Co-CEO & Co- Founder at Nutromics

In this Outcomes Rocket MedTech podcast, we are excited to feature Peter Vranes, CEO & Co-Founder of Nutromics, an Australian medtech company revolutionizing healthcare through continuous real-time molecular monitoring. Peter discusses how Nutromic's smart patch biosensor solves some of the healthcare challenges in chronic disease prevention and management, acute diseases, and therapeutic drug monitoring. He shares the lightbulb moment which led to the creation of Nutromic, dives into vancomycin, what happens when patients have overdosed, and how the smart patch can help clinicians have accurate, real-time data, continuous monitoring of vancomycin.  He also talks about therapeutic drug monitoring for a whole range of drugs, the benefits for both physicians and patients, and the different pivots the company did that led to the smart patch. Peter also shares his insights on being transparent and building relationships of trust with VCs. The company is preparing for a clinical trial in a few months and has closed a 7.5 multimillion-dollar grant. Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
September 24, 2021
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Why Patient Engagement Doesn’t Work: Lessons Learned to Drive Consumer Empowerment

Experts from Mass General Hospital, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, AvMed and Appnovation discuss bright spots in consumer engagement and how to reinvent your patient engagement strategies. Panelists:  Ana Eberhard, Vice President, Member Experience, AvMed Susie Hume, Director of Digital Strategy, Experience and Delivery at Excellus BCBS Susan Edgman-Levitan, PA, Executive Director of the John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation, Massachusetts General Hospital Steve Peretz, Director, Health Experience & Product Strategy, Appnovation   This episode is sponsored by Appnovation Appnovation is a global digital consultancy that combines strategy, user experience and design, technology and managed services to deliver human-centered digital experiences.   Their award-winning team creates standout digital experiences by collaborating with brands to understand the individual challenges and goals for every initiative.    With extensive experience throughout the Life Sciences industry, they work alongside providers and payers to provide the framework to define, execute, and validate digital concepts with their intended patient and caregiver audiences.   To find out more, visit them at 
September 24, 2021
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Building Effective Clinical Data Models with Angelique Russell

September 24, 2021: Examine. Diagnose. Prescribe. Is predictive analytics the magic pill for healthcare? Angelique Russell, Senior Clinical Data Scientist / Informaticist joins us today to share her advanced data science and deep healthcare expertise. How can we use visualization and modeling techniques to solve healthcare’s most challenging problems? What kind of insights are we looking to derive from the data? Have the tools changed much over the last five years? Are we still focused on provider data or are we starting to pull in some other data? And what is the future of machine learning, AI and NLP? Key Points:In 2011 the focus in healthcare was that we needed to modernize [00:04:20]Treatment guidelines and order sets, which are how hospitals standardize treatment, change all the time [00:12:40]Analytics answers questions and data science explores what questions we should be asking [00:18:15]Prediction is before the diagnostic criteria is met and detection is after that point [00:33:30]The Undoing Project book by Michael LewisCogitativo
September 24, 2021
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Redefining Non-Invasive Wireless Patient Monitoring with Jeff Pompeo, President and CEO at Caretaker Medical

In this episode of Outcomes Rocket MedTech, we are privileged to feature Jeff Pompeo, a serial entrepreneur and investor, and President and CEO at Caretaker Medical. Jeff discusses how Caretaker adds value to the care continuum. He also shares the genesis of the company and a setback they've experienced in the process of developing the product. He also shares a scoop, so you'll be the first one to hear this before it is announced publicly! Make sure to tune in. Continuous blood pressure monitoring is essential in managing critically ill patients. Caretaker is setting a new standard of monitoring patients beat by beat blood pressure continuously and in real-time. It is one of the very few FDA-cleared, beat-by-beat blood pressure monitors. Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
September 23, 2021
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How Can We Increase Gender Diversity in the PE/VC space? (Yahel Halamish)

Nina Capital, is a specialized venture capital firm investing in early stage startups at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Level 20 is a not for profit organisation founded in 2015 by 12 women working in senior roles in private equity, aligned around a common vision of improving gender diversity in the industry. Nina Capital and Level 20 recently published a report that showed y. In aggregate, women represent 30% of the workforce. Only 17% of senior roles positions are held by women. I spoke with Yahel Halamish, Nina’s Head of Investor Relations and Diversity & Inclusion Officer and she shared her views of the results, why diversity matters and how can we encourage and improve it.  Gender Diversity in the Priate Equity and Venture Capital in Spain Report:  Read an opinion piece about the report:  Join the European Patient Forum Congress: 
September 23, 2021
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Finding Beauty and Connection When Raising a Medically Complex Kiddo with Melanie Dimmitt – Author of Special – Antidotes to the Obsessions that Come with a Child's Disability

ONCE UPON A GENE - EPISODE 101 Finding Beauty and Connection When Raising a Medically Complex Kiddo with Melanie Dimmitt - Author of Special: Antidotes to the Obsessions that Come with a Child's Disability Author Melanie Dimmit received her son's cerebral palsy (CP) diagnosis and she scoured the world for hope, stories, insight and companionship- desperate to know what she was up against and that everything was going to be okay. The result is her book, Special: Antidotes to the Obsessions that Come with a Child's Disability. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS When you say not to feel ashamed of your feelings, what does that mean? At the beginning, it's hard because you have thoughts and feelings that make you feel like a terrible person because most of us come to disability with no experience or knowledge. I thought my son having a cerebral palsy diagnosis was the worst thing that could ever happen to me or him and it felt like the end of the world. You think terrible things, you feel like you can't talk to anyone about how you're feeling, and you have layers and layers of guilt. Getting a diagnosis and learning that your child's life won't be how you imagined is a form of grief. All of this is normal. Give yourself time and don't beat yourself up as you process through the thoughts and feelings you initially have.  Were you good at processing your feelings and moving on? I was good at being in denial and I didn't accept Arlo's disability for about six months. I began to see a psychologist who helped me to feel anger and sadness, to acknowledge how hard it is and that it's okay to feel how I feel. Professional help and connecting with other parents while writing my book helped me feel less alone. What moments with Odie do you savor because of Arlo? Everything. As she was growing up, it blew our minds how easily things came to her as we were working so hard with Arlo. Arlo is nonverbal, he doesn't roll, he doesn't sit and left to his own devices lies on the floor with a big smile on his face. He needs a lot of support, nothing comes easy and he's worked incredibly hard for head control, core strength and fine motor skills. There's a bitter-sweetness to Odie growing and hitting milestones, but having Arlo has made us more relaxed and better parents to Odie. If you were asked to submit a story to your book today, what would it be? Special is a gaping wound for me, though I'm glad it's there for parents just starting their journey. I feel entirely different now. The old me wouldn't want to hear the new me saying it's fine. I'd say to old me that I know I think people are pretending it's okay when it's not, and they're making the best of the scenario, but I promise that's not true. I promise you that you'll never wish this away. It's hard, unfair at times, times that Arlo is unwell and it's awful, but I wouldn't change any of it. Arlo is a phenomenal person, he's so much cooler than you can imagine. You are happier and more fulfilled than you ever would have been without Arlo. RESOURCES MENTIONED Special: Antidotes to the obsessions that come with a child's disability TUNE INTO THE ONCE UPON A GENE PODCAST Spotify Apple Podcasts Stitcher Overcast CONNECT WITH EFFIE PARKS Website Twitter Instagram Built Ford Tough Facebook Group  Once Upon a Gene on Clubhouse
September 23, 2021
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28: The Mind of an Entrepreneur with Todd Cozzens, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Transformation Capital

In this episode, we sit down with Todd Cozzens, a Co-founder & Managing Partner of Transformation Capital. The conversation explores leadership lessons, management, transformational investing, and more.
September 23, 2021
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Three Ways To Get The Most of Attending A Conference

In this episode of the EntreMD Podcast, I’ll share how I found ways to make the most out of attending conferences and how to use them and approach conferences as an investment that will help you create massive success in your business. Get full show notes and more information here:
September 23, 2021
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Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy – Parisa “Risa” Vatanka

We skipped a week but great to be back with Jim Joyce on the weekly #TheShot of #DigitalHealth Therapy. Today, we got our energy boost from Parisa "Risa" Vatanka, PharmD, CTTS, who is a self-described "Adventure Pharmacist" and a huge #digitalhealth advocate in the pharmacist community and we discussed: 💊 Why are pharmacists still counting pills? 💊 Pharmacists as the most accessible healthcare provider 💊 Role of community pharmacists 💊 What are drug-related errors costing our healthcare system? 💊 DTx and pharmacists on the front lines.. 💊 oh and Risa's adventures ofcourse ... Fun mentions as always: Timothy Aungst, PharmD. Daniel Kraft, MD Lisa Suennen Jennifer Schneider, M.D., M. S. Jennifer Goldsack Jen Horonjeff - “Ask Patients” Megan Coder Ritesh Patel TJ Parker Martin Kelly HealthXL
September 22, 2021
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176 – Is healthcare broken and can technology fix it? Klaus Bartosch, 1st Group

In this episode, you will learn about consumer expectations of healthcare, how technology can aid in the repair of healthcare and make it more patient-centric. You will also learn how to approach innovation in health and get an answer to the long-standing question, is healthcare broken?
September 22, 2021
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Revolutionizing the Way People Experience Cancer Treatment with Kate Dilligan, Founder and CEO at Cooler Heads

 In this episode of the Outcomes Rocket MedTech, we are excited to feature Kate Dilligan, the founder and CEO at Cooler Heads and one of the five finalists in the MedTech Innovator 2021 competition. Kate shares the story behind Cooler Heads and how her experience as a cancer patient pushed her to find ways to eliminate chemotherapy-induced hair loss more affordably. She discusses the value prop of her product and the difference over the existing standard of care. Kate also talks about setbacks and insights, and she strongly emphasized the importance of working with the FDA. There are so many things to learn from this insight-packed interview with Kate so please tune in! Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
September 22, 2021
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Becoming an “ends of the earth leader”

Dr. Lucy Leclerc and Dr. Kay Kennedy share their vision for human-centered nurse leadership.
September 22, 2021
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E97: Abrea Armstrong – How an Innovation District Creates Space for a Community’s Potential

Ben & Jay return from a short break to talk with a rising star - Abrea Armstrong, Senior Marketing & Communications Coordinator for the Innovation Quarter.  The iQ is an innovation district in downtown Winston-Salem, NC, bringing together forward-thinking companies in the areas of research, business and education in biomedical science, information technology, clinical services and advanced materials.  Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist has led the development of the Innovation Quarter in partnership with city, county and state government, local businesses, developers and community members,Hear Abrea talk about the origins of iQ, what brought her there, and how iQ has an impact on the community.  In addition, hear about her own business, 91-2-Infinity, which provides a full suite of marketing services and digital strategy from an inclusion-perspective.  A storyteller, a poet, an entrepreneur, a connector, a journalist - you will quickly appreciate Abrea's passion and creativity.LinkedIn:Abrea ArmstrongInnovation QuarterAbrea on InstagramThe Sherpas on Twitter:A Sherpa's Guide to InnovationBen TingeyJay GerhartSupport the show (
September 22, 2021
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Episode #121: A ‘Master Class’ in building a healthcare consumer experience company – with Glen Tullman, Executive Chairman & CEO of Transcarent

Friends,This interview is about an organization that is creating a new healthcare category, and whose purpose is to solve the employer healthcare dilemma. But even more fundamental than that, they’re attempting to solve the core struggles that all healthcare consumers are facing. Glen Tullman is the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Transcarent.  Tullman is the former Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder of Livongo Health  He previously led two other public companies that changed the way health care is delivered - Allscripts and Enterprise Systems. Tullman is also a Founding Partner at 7WireVentures, a socially-minded venture capital fund. He is the author of ‘On Our Terms: Empowering the New Health Consumer’.  Glen was honored in 2019 with a Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award for his career focused on improving the safety, empathy, and efficiency of our healthcare system. He also serves as a Chancellor to the International Board of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and as a Board Member and incoming Chairperson of the American Diabetes Association.In this episode, we’ll learn about:The lack of alignment between payers, PBM’s, healthcare systems and employers.  As Glen points out, if employers spend more, payers, PBM’s and healthcare systems make more. How the plethora of digital healthcare companies and apps are contributing to further complexity in healthcare delivery.Why it makes sense for employers to get rid of copays for preventive care and chronic disease management costs.The three things that people want from healthcare and how Transcarent is delivering on those consumer needs.The 5 most common issues/questions that healthcare consumers call Transcarent about.One of the qualities I most admire about Glen is his blunt but eloquent truthfulness. As he puts it - “After 30 years of promises, we have a healthcare system today that is more confusing, more complex and more costly than it’s ever been”. Supporting this statement, he cites the stat that the average self-insured employer must hire 14 different companies to assist in providing healthcare to their employees.  His solution to curtailing the complexity and confusion is to shift from fragmented point solutions to adopting the approach of other industries - which places the consumer in the driver’s seat, provide ease of use, 24/7 access and low cost.Transcarent isn’t just focused on building a ‘digital front door’ or ‘digital consumer experience’.  It is a wholecloth transformation of the healthcare experience. It is a leader in a new category - part navigator, part health coach, part telehealth provider, part center-of-excellence referral source. Glen is so obsessed with providing a best-in-class consumer experience/journey that his brand promise is personalized, convenient, unbiased, virtual access to coaches, navigators, and doctors - within a few minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!What I respect most about Transcarent is not the technical wizardry or their impressive feat of creating a new market category. What I respect most is the unyielding primacy they place on the care of the consumer. For example - despite their ability to deploy chatbots, Glen insists that there be a live person on the other end of the line. He believes that people who seek healthcare want and deserve a live person speaking with them. Transcarent’s approach is “care over costs”, and while this may seem unsustainable, he points out that providing this type of care ends up greatly lowering the overall costs of care. The key to Transcarent’s approach is the alignment of payment with value based care. Unlike most other healthcare stakeholders, Transcarent does not make its money when healthcare costs and prices increase. Transcarent has completely attached its revenue and business model to cost savings. If your business model is to provide an outstanding consumer experience, deliver markedly improved health outcomes and lower overall total costs - then it makes sense to invest upfront in the way that Transcarent is doing. I truly wish more healthcare organizations would manifest the vision, integrity and courage to implement the business model that Transcarent has. It would save a lot of money for our country, corporate America, our states and towns, our families and our citizens.  But even more importantly, it would save a lot of lives. Until Next Time, Be Well.Zeev Neuwirth, MD 
September 22, 2021
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S2.Ep2: Adapting to the needs of 800 million people who are facing mental health challenges with Nawal Roy from Holmusk

In this episode, we speak about the global challenge of mental health. With COVID, the WHO is predicting that “the mental health impacts of the pandemic will be long term and far-reaching.” Everyone can be affected, including caregivers and clinicians. Nawal Roy is CEO of Holmusk, a leading startup helping address the global challenge of mental health through their real world evidence platform. In our conversation, we cover the following topics: • Understanding the main categories for mental health • Similarities of mental health challenges in APAC and around the world • Areas of opportunities for digital health • The current status and future needs of evidence to unlock clinical innovations Nawal Roy (Founder & CEO, Holmusk) Nawal Roy is Founder and CEO of Holmusk, bringing more than fifteen years of finance and strategy consulting experience to the helm of the company. After seeing first-hand the transformation of the finance sector driven by data and technology, Nawal decided to focus on helping transform healthcare in the same way. There is an urgent need for more behavioral health evidence and this need is what spurred Nawal to start Holmusk. Nawal carves out the strategic direction of Holmusk, leading from the front with round-the-clock hustle and infectious energy. Prior to this, Nawal was Co-Founder and CEO of HelloPay (Rocket Internet venture), and a Junior Partner at McKinsey & Company. He has served as a World Economic Value-Based Healthcare Steering Committee and co-founded Galen Growth Asia - The Asia Health Tech Connector. Having enjoyed a global career spanning from New York to Tokyo, his close involvement with markets across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, India, and China yields uniquely diverse experience in building next generation global companies. Guest's Links and Resources Connect with Nawal Roy: LinkedIn Holmusk: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter Host's Links and Resources: Connect with Tony Estrella: Twitter | LinkedIn | Personal Website Connect with Taliossa Read Tony’s Book: Comatose FutureProofing Healthcare | FutureProofing Healthcare APAC index Full White Paper, Summary and Video: A Vision for Asia Pacific in 2050 Follow Digital Health Today: Browse Episodes | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram Follow Health Podcast Network: Browse Shows | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram Digital Health Today is made possible by the support of our sponsors. Special thanks to: Bayer G4A Takeda Roche
September 22, 2021
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Rethinking the Paradigm of Pharma Cost with Jay Weaver, Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

All patients should have access to affordable and highly effective therapies. In this episode of Outcomes Rocket Pharma, we are excited to feature Dr.Jay Weaver, Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City. Dr. Jay discusses how his company increases access to healthcare and ensures patients have access to highly effective therapies. We cover the cost of having a positive medical impact without going bankrupt, working with the different stakeholders to deliver the best outcomes while lowering costs, innovation, finding curative therapies that truly change the disease burden and not just make patients feel better, and more! This is a great conversation you shouldn’t miss, so please tune in! Click the link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
September 21, 2021
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Jay Weaver, Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

All patients should have access to affordable and highly effective therapies. In this episode of Outcomes Rocket Pharma, we are excited to feature Dr.Jay Weaver, Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City. Dr. Jay discusses how his company increases access to healthcare and ensures patients have access to highly effective therapies. We cover the cost of having a positive medical impact without going bankrupt, working with the different stakeholders to deliver the best outcomes while lowering costs, innovation, finding curative therapies that truly change the disease burden and not just make patients feel better, and more! This is a great conversation you shouldn’t miss, so please tune in!
September 21, 2021
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Strengthening the Skills of Nurses and Nurse Leader with Kathy Driscoll, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer of Humana

In this episode of Outcomes Rocket Nursing, we are excited to host an innovative nursing leader who is changing the future of nursing and healthcare. Kathy Driscoll is the Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer of Humana. Kathy discusses Humana’s focus on delivering collaborative and holistic care and shares several examples of how her company gives nurses a platform to learn and expand their skillset. She talks about evolving from the traditional healthcare model and moving towards patient-directed and patient-centered care. She encourages nurses to step up and lead the transformation of healthcare. Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:
September 21, 2021
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Gray Oncology Solutions Is Building a New Operating System for Healthcare Workflows

Most people have experienced the frustration of having to wait for a healthcare appointment because the clinic is overbooked or the lab is backed up. Inefficiencies in healthcare cost time and money and frustration, but in oncology, dealing with cancer patients, the workflows are much more complex, and the stakes even higher. That is why our guest today, André Diamant, PhD, co-founded Gray Oncology Solutions, which joined StartUp Health in 2021. Andre and his co-founder are building what they call an operating system for health, one that uses machine learning to line up and map out healthcare resources, so patients know what to expect and get the care they need on time. Entrepreneurs: How to get investment from StartUp Health Investors: How to invest in StartUp Health Moonshots Want more content like this? You can subscribe to the podcast as well as other health innovation updates at Sign up for StartUp Health Insider™ to get funding insights, news, and special updates delivered to your inbox.
September 21, 2021
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Effisode – Road Trip to NAPA Center

Intro music by Scott Holmes
September 21, 2021
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241 – Don't buy the iPhone 13, Do this instead!

Renee is now manager of Darko Media Group Nii discusses new Apple iPhone 13 releases Ryan Leslie turns 100k investment of Apple to $16 million Purchase stock in Apple or buying Index Fund/ETF Video of Nii & Renee test driving a Tesla IRS car allowance 2021
September 21, 2021
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Building a Sustainable Direct-to-Consumer Pharma Brand with Russell Gong

Russell (Russ) Gong, co-founder of sustainability healthcare brand Cabinet. Russ is a former social entrepreneur and US National Guard, Infantry who also worked in community empowerment. The Cabinet Health brand was born as a result of his vision for a more transparent and sustainable healthcare. Building a sustainable direct-to-consumer pharma brand the right way is not an easy task, but it's today's only option. At the same time, healthcare is impersonal and it shouldn't be. OTC and pharmacies are very confusing - people wander down the aisles unsure of what to purchase - it shouldn't be this way and there are new generation entrepreneurs already tackling the challenge. Here in Episode #136, Russ starts our show with a leadership mindset to persevere through your growth mindset. Russ gives us a great overview of how he brings quality, sustainability, and personal care into every aspect of his startup organization, Cabinet. He shares insights into the personal and professional goals that drive his mission-centered career. Russ highlights how his entrepreneurial journey has deepened his personal resolve for succeeding.  Russ gives us critical areas of focus that healthcare leadership have on their radar for achieving more sustainable solutions in healthcare; and adds insights on our responsibilities for protecting the environment. Russ breaks down the highest highs and lowest lows while leading his organization. He gives a huge shout-out to the healthcare leaders that have impacted his journey. Russ breaks down the number one challenge and opportunities for emerging healthcare leaders and highlights a business opportunity for professionals looking into the world of sustainable operations. And Russ gives us a straight shot leadership mindset with no hidden contracts. • Connect with Russel on LinkedIn • Learn More About Cabinet Health • Access the Healthcare QualityCast LinkedIn Group • Leaves Us a Rating --- Send in a voice message:
September 21, 2021
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Special Episode: Resident Involvement in Advocacy

At the AAOS 2021 Annual Meeting, new host and Advocacy Council Chair Douglas Lundy, MD, MBA, FAAOS, recorded a live, on-site interview with Austin Beason, MD, who is Chair of the Resident Assembly and host of the AAOS Career Podcast. They discussed the value of increasing resident involvement in political advocacy as the future leaders of musculoskeletal health, whether it is by participating in grassroots via the Advocacy Action Center, joining the PAC, or becoming engaged with state orthopaedic societies.  Host: Douglas Lundy, MD, MBA, FAAOS, Chair Advocacy Council  Guest: Austin Beason, MD, Chair Resident Assembly  Additional Notes:  Learn more about how residents can get involved: Learn more about the Orthopaedic PAC:
September 21, 2021
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Health Care on Wheels

HighlightsIntroduction | Callie and Stacey open up the topic of physical access to medical care and provide background information on the state of health care access challenges in the U.S.01:28 Roundtable: Overview of local access | Dr. Cooper, Megan Callahan and Callie dig into transportation as a social determinant of our health and the role Lyft Healthcare is playing to improve health care access.17:17 Roundtable: Follow-up conversation | The discussion continues with  an overview of the relation between transportation challenges and other health equity concerns. 29:55 Optum Mobile Clinic, Utah | Shelly Martin joins Stacey to talk about the Optum mobile clinic in Utah, and the difference it’s making in the community.42:46 Conclusion | Stacey and Callie reflect on the interviews, summarize key learnings, and conclude the episode.ResourcesU.S. National Library of Medicine report: Scope and impact of mobile health clinics in the U.S.Mobile health mapHealth equity guidebook Guests: Megan Callahan, President, Lyft HealthcareDr. Nicole Cooper, Sr. Vice President of Corporate Affairs, UnitedHealth GroupShelly Martin, Optum Medical Network Market President, Utah The views, opinions, and content expressed in this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or policies of Optum.Visit for more information about how Optum is helping to create a healthier world. 
September 21, 2021
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