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The Healthtech VC

Featuring founders, investors and leaders in healthtech.

Digital Therapeutics Edition with Eugene Borukhovich

A Limited Series produced by Digital Health Today

The Medical Management Podcast

The Medical Management Podcast is focused on helping medical practice managers level up their practice.

The Healthcare Solutions Project

The Healthcare Solutions Project features interviews with healthcare innovators.

Until It’s Fixed

A health care innovation podcast, presented by Optum.

Nurse Leader Network

with Chris Recinos

What happens when you provide nurse leaders with tools to learn, share and connect?

The Bone Beat

Conversations on health policy issues affecting musculoskeletal care.

Once Upon A Gene

True stories of raising rare kiddos

Bright Spots in Healthcare

Find a bright spot ... and clone it!

HOT for your Health

HOT for Your Health is a fast paced, high energy, luxury lifestyle brand focusing on relentless health innovations.

HealthXL – The Digital Health Podcast

A podcast dedicated to meeting the global movers and shakers of the Digital Health Community.

Confessions of Health Geeks

A health industry podcast focused on technological innovations.

Med Tech Monday

A podcast series covering Trends, Technologies, Entrepreneurship, and Innovations coming out of the Medical Technologies Space

Medvale Radio

...inspiring ideas to make the world healthier

StartUp Health NOW Podcast

StartUp Health NOW celebrates the innovators, industry leaders and entrepreneurs who are reimagining health and wellness.

FemTech Focus

Femtech experts talk about the innovative technology, services, and products that are improving women's health and wellness.

The EntreMD Podcast

The EntreMD Podcast helps physicians embrace entrepreneurship so they can have the financial freedom to live life and practice medicine on their own terms.

Femtech Insider

The makers and shakers who push the boundaries for advancements in women’s health every day

The Think Tank

On a mission to make healthcare easier, more collaborative and more rewarding.

The Handoff

Dive into the most pressing topics in nursing, from burnout and mental health to diversity in nursing to the latest clinical innovations.

Docs Outside The Box

Ordinary Doctors Doing Extraordinary Things

Impossible Healthcare

Two physicians who speak with thought leaders driving healthcare forward.

Funding the Future of Healthcare

Unpacking the relationships of a strategic VC in healthcare.

Outcomes Rocket

Solutions to Healthcare’s Problems

Health Unchained

Health Unchained hosts conversations with blockchain/healthcare professionals who are disrupting the health industry.

Talking HealthTech

Discussions with doctors, developers and decision-makers in Australian HealthTech

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

The Innovation Engine at Atrium Health

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

Bridging the worlds of digital health and clinical orthopaedics to catalyze the adoption of technology in musculoskeletal care

Frontiers Health Podcast

Discover and enjoy some of the key sessions from the Frontiers Health Conference.

Creating a New Healthcare

A podcast series for Primary Care Physician leaders who are looking for fresh perspectives, new solutions and inspiration in their journey to advance value-based care.

The #HCBiz Show!

The podcast dedicated to unraveling the business of healthcare.

This Week In Health IT

For the Next Generation of Health IT Leaders

Faces of Digital Health

A podcast about digital health and how healthcare systems adopt technologies.

Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

Conversations with the innovators, game changers, and PIONEERS who are deeply passionate and relentless in solving the problems that our world is facing!

The Redox Podcast

Explore some of the biggest problems in healthcare, and hear from industry leaders about how technology is being deployed to solve them.

Digital Health Today with Jen Lannon

Join host Jen Lannon to get the best insights into femtech and what everyone in health innovation should know about it.

Digital Health Today – Asia Pacific Edition with Tony Estrella

Join host Tony Estrella in Singapore as he speaks to leaders and organizations driving health innovation and transformation in Asia Pacific.

Shot of Digital Health Therapy

Meticulously Unproduced - by Eugene Borukhovich and Jim Joyce

Digital Health Today 360° with Dan Kendall

Digital Health Today features the innovators, leaders and pioneers transforming health and wellness.

Latest Episodes

E94: Coonoor Behal – Reframing Quitting to a Process for Progress

Ben & Jay are joined by Episode 27 guest Coonoor Behal, author of the newly published "I Quit!  Life-Affirming Joy of Giving Up".  Coonoor is the Founder & CEO of Mindhatch, a consultancy that helps organizations create the conditions for innovation and creativity to thrive. Through Mindhatch, Coonoor delivers her unique mix of expertise in Design Thinking, Organizational ImprovTM, Innovation Facilitation, and Diversity & Inclusion. Her new book, published by New Degree Press in April 2021, seeks to help readers rethink and reframe quitting by sharing stories from everyday people who summoned the courage to quit things in their lives.Hear what caused Coonoor to write this important book, how it connects to her design thinking work, and the connection of quitting and privilege.  And of course, Ben & Jay find a connection to Jobs To Be Done theory, because they just can't help themselves.  Stick around after the outro music for an improv bonus from Coonoor & Jay!Find Coonoor on Instagram:  @coonoorbehal, @iquitbook, @mindhatchllcFacebook:  @mindhatchllcTwitter:  @mindhatchllcThe podcast and its hosts on Twitter:@[email protected]@JayGerhartSupport the show (
June 16, 2021
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Addressing Supply Chain Cybersecurity Risk and Patient Safety with Proofpoint

June 16, 2021: Email is the number one cyber attack vector within healthcare. And these days it’s also a patient safety issue. Does your healthcare system have a sound email cybersecurity plan in place? Here to discuss the problem and of course the solution is Julie Hubbard, VP, Enterprise IT & Information Security at AMN Healthcare and Ryan Witt, Managing Director and Resident CISO at Proofpoint. The threat actors are getting more sophisticated. What is the evolution of the threat landscape? Why is the supply chain such a ripe target for these hackers? How far can health systems get on training alone? How has the Proofpoint solution evolved to meet the current threats? How do they use AI and analytics to deter these multi-staged attacks?Key Points:Successful imposter style phishing attacks are very reliant on sending emails that don't appear suspicious [00:15:55] There is now a linkage between cybersecurity and an institution's ability to protect patients [00:03:40] 53.7% of malicious URLs originate from legitimate file shares from Microsoft, meaning that people have already gotten into your network [00:10:00] WannaCry was a tremendously significant ransomware attack. It should have been an inflection point. [00:07:05] Proofpoint AMN Healthcare
June 16, 2021
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#42 Crashing Primary Care & Dialysis with Dr. Andrew Schutzbank

Dr. Andrew Schutzbank is a Clinical Instructor of Medicine at Harvard, Chief Product Officer at Cricket Health, and was formerly the SVP of Product at Iora Health. We discuss technology adoption and creation in primary care, payment models, business models, and what can be learned in the specialty space, with particular focus in the diabetes world in his work at Cricket. 
June 15, 2021
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Payor Collaboration with Terry Booker of Independence Blue Cross

Today we’re talking with Terry Booker, the VP of corporate development and innovation at Independence Blue Cross. Booker combines years of experience in investment banking and business development with an insider's knowledge of Independence Blue Cross, an insurer that serves more than 7 million people. In our conversation, which was held in front of a live virtual audience of founders from the StartUp Health portfolio, we get tactical about how startups can best partner with the largest insurers in the world. Entrepreneurs: How to get investment from StartUp Health Investors: How to invest in StartUp Health Moonshots Want more content like this? You can subscribe to the podcast as well as other health innovation updates at Sign up for StartUp Health Insider™ to get funding insights, news, and special updates delivered to your inbox.
June 15, 2021
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The Clinic of the Future with Donna Bergman

Healthcare should be easy for everyone to understand, but more often than not, it is complicated for patients and families to navigate. Today's guest, Donna Bergman, is a great example of someone 'who has a chip on her shoulder' on how things are done and has come up with ways to make changes. Director of Population Health for St. Luke's Health System; Donna shares some of her challenges and frustrations in the health care system and what she is doing to improve patient outcomes. She paints a picture of the change she hopes to see and talks about a team-based patient-focused model that can deliver care while also caring for doctors and other providers. Change is never easy, but with the new model Donna is talking about, it might be just what we need to elevate patient outcomes and reduce physician burnout. For the full transcript, show notes, and resources to help you level up your practice, visit us at 
June 15, 2021
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Effisode – Making Cents of it All

Intro music by Scott Holmes
June 15, 2021
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147 – CoDesign For A Clinically Led DMR – Jeff Smoot, InfoMedix

In this episode you will get an in depth understanding of codesigning to create the ideal DMR and EMR systems. Also, learn a bit about the transition process from paper to cloud. Additionally, Jeff shares with us tips for success in digital health.
June 14, 2021
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Using virtual communities to improve health – Kate Burke, MD, Senior Medical Advisor, PatientsLikeMe – Episode 52

Social media has helped consumers educate themselves about their health and connect with other patients who suffer from the same chronic conditions. But the explosion of health information has also caused collateral damage. On today's episode, we welcome Kate Burke, MD, senior medical advisor for PatientsLikeMe. We discuss how virtual communities can overcome the pitfalls of social media and help patients better manage their condition, slow disease progression and give them control of their health.
June 14, 2021
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The Intersection of Business, Innovation, & Design

We're back and ready to talk about Med Tech innovation, commercialization, and startup development! In this episode, NEMIC’s Co-founder and Healthcare Innovator Aidan Petrie joins Ayan Bhandari, Senior Human-Centered Industrial Designer at Ximedica and CEO of his own startup Nuway to recap how we implemented NEMIC's Innovation Design Sprint Process at the COVID-19 Response Innovation Hackathons. Both guests teach the Business of Design course at RISD, where they focus on the intersection of Design and Business. Listen in as two incredibly talented designers speak to the importance of implementing a tried and true design process to invent ideas that move healthcare forward. This amazing interview is packed with tons of insights on the innovation and design process, so please make sure to tune in! Today's Guest Aidan Petrie Aidan is a healthcare innovator, strategist, and mentor. He is a founding Partner of NEMIC (New England Medical Innovation Center), a partner in Magpie Medtech Venture Fund, and a founding partner of Ximedica. He is also a Fellow of the Provost at RISD and a mentor and adviser to multiple startups.  His passion for innovation and design has helped bring hundreds of products to market that range from simple drug compliance aids to wearable therapeutics, home monitoring products, and complex surgical systems. Ayan Bhandari Ayan is a Senior Human-Centered Industrial Designer at Ximedica. He is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Nuway and an Assistant Professor at Rhode Island School of Design. Since graduating from Virginia Tech in 2013, Ayan has honed his skills at various start-ups and corporations, culminating at Ximedica.  Key Take-Aways The capability of working simultaneously with a good process is what makes innovation sprints successful.  Ideas come from more than just one place or one person. It comes from energizing the domain expertise that comes from the whole company.  Fear is the misuse of your imagination.  Create opportunities to use your talent.  Medical innovation is difficult. It's not just about a good idea. It's not even just about good design. It's not even just about good ergonomics. There is a business and an infrastructure. There are material restrictions. The medical health care industry is the largest industry in the country. If you want to create something amazing, you have to put in so much work.  Resources NEMIC | Ximedica | Ayan's Email | Ayan's LinkedIn
June 14, 2021
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Newsday – Apple WWDC, Meeting Culture, Staff Appreciation

June 14, 2021: It’s Newsday with Eli Tarlow, Director of Healthcare for Sirius Healthcare Solutions. His experience before his current role was as a CIO for multiple health systems. With many leaders eager to get teams back in the office, will those opting to stay at home be perceived as less engaged? We need to over communicate in healthcare for the sake of the patient, but is there a way to cut down on time tied-up in meetings? Care is becoming more refined and the demand for acute hospital care is decreasing. What does this mean for future building projects? Remote care is increases the amount of off-site devices connecting back to the health system servers. Can we keep our organization safe from nefarious actors? How will wearable tech play a role in this shift? With a higher demand for team members and more remote opportunities, how can your organization focus on retention?Key Points:Will a return to the office alienate those who would rather work remote? [00:06:40]Healthcare professionals spend a lot of time in meetings. Can we find a way to increase meaningful time on-the-ground? [00:10:40]The shift to remote care and what this means for the fate of in-patient hospital facilities [00:18:20] Keeping health system secure while linked to out-patient and remote care tools [00:30:45] How Apple is integrating wearable technology into the care journey by partnering with EHRs [00:36:00]The future of healthcare with patient-driven interoperability [00:39:00]Stories:Will people opting not to return to the office be perceived as less engaged or not?Forecast: Care is moving out of hospitals over next decadeNew Apple Feature Will Enable Health Data SharingHybrid Work, How to prepare for the turnover TsunamiTexas Hospital giving 2% raises, extra weeks vacation.
June 14, 2021
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Curating Communities with Dr. Amir Kalali

Curating Communities with Dr. Amir Kalali
June 14, 2021
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228 – This OB/GYN left America and now practices in Australia / New Zealand

What’s good everyone! Let’s go back to Episode 1! You’re going to hear from Dr. Carmen Brown, an OB/GYN who now practices in Australia. She is a southwest Atlanta native who started her medical career in Athens, Georgia. After being fed up with all the typical frustrations doctors have, she and her husband literally closed up shop, packed their bags, and took a world tour. If you've ever been to New Zealand, you'll know why they decided to call it their new home. In this episode you’ll learn: The differences in practicing medicine between the United States and New Zealand What’s it like as an African American woman living there What financial preparations were necessary to leave her practice and take off on a world tour What’s her advice for other physicians considering moving and practicing abroad Why she’s not just a doc!   Transcription:   (coming soon)   Love the show? Leave a review so I can continue to improve the podcast!   “Having the Darkos describe their journey provided a solace that no sort of debt counseling would ever bring about. Anyways, this show is consistent in the fact that it always delivers gems and enlightens listeners. I’ve shared the podcast with my classmates. Please keep up the great work!”   If this sounds like you, rate with five stars, and leave a review!!!   >>>   This episode is sponsored by:  Provider Solutions & Development. Experts in holistic career coaching. Check them out at   Set For Life Insurance. Helping clients prepare for the worst so they can be SET to live their best lives. Check them out at
June 14, 2021
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The Doctor, The Business, The Empire

Discover why, as a doctor, you have the biggest opportunity to save the world. I’m sharing how we’ve been sold a story as physicians about what the rest of our professional life should look like, going to med school, then working for someone else until we retire. And instead, I’m showing you how to focus on the full package: the doctor, the business, the empire. Get full show notes and more information here:
June 14, 2021
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Value-Based Insurance Design: Enhancing Access and Affordability to Essential Clinical Services

In this episode, I have the privilege of hosting the outstanding Dr. Mark Fendrick, a founding Partner of VBID Health and Director of the University of Michigan Center for Value-Based Insurance Design. Dr. Fendrick educates us on VBID (Value-Based Insurance Design), what his center is doing to improve value-based care and the dilemma of how procedures are being paid vs engaging with health care consumers. He shares his insights on the impact of high-value services and low-value services, having a system that incentivizes routine care, and more. Dr. Fendrick also talks of policies he and his team helped create, and one of them resulted in getting free COVID shots for everyone in the U.S!  There are many things to learn about VBID so please tune in!
June 11, 2021
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Discover the Secret to Building a Successful Medicaid Rewards Program

When intrinsic motivation isn't enough, a different approach to close gaps and increase satisfaction is needed. We know that rewards are effective, particularly with Medicaid members, but what's the magic number, reward, or incentive that sparks action? Our panel of experts - MaryAnn Faralli, Highmark Health Options - Deleware, Marty Janssen, Colorado Access, Daniel Weaver, Gateway Health and Cory Busse, Icario - offer real-life examples of leveraging rewards and incentives to drive Medicaid beneficiaries to take action to improve their health. Learn everything you need to start an effective rewards program for your Medicaid beneficiaries   This Bright Spots in Healthcare episode is sponsored by Icario Icario is a health action platform that unites pioneering technology, data science, and behavioral insights to connect everyone to better health. Icario develops personalized healthcare experiences that move people to better health with every action while reducing member abrasion through the use of extrinsic and intrinsic motivations. Learn more at  
June 11, 2021
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Coffee Talk: Why is Digital Health Important to Biopharmaceutical Companies?

The pandemic has illustrated how Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) can impact the spread of disease, access to vaccines and the levels of trust in and utilization of basic health services. Beyond the focus on SDOH by politicians, advocacy, groups, and charitable organizations, there are private and public commercial organizations that make it a priority to find and fund solutions that address the social and cultural barriers that reduce or limit access to care. One of those organizations is Bayer. In this conversation with Dominick Kennerson, Global Head of Bayer G4A, we discuss how equity, access and sustainability help set the course for their investment strategy. This Coffee Talk is created in partnership with our Sponsor, Bayer G4A. This year Bayer G4A is looking for companies creating solutions to 5 key challenges including oncology, radiology, mental health, women's health and cardio metabolic and renal diseases.   The Bayer G4A program is open to companies from pre-seed stage to Series A, and even more advanced companies with traction in the market. Apply to be a part of Bayer G4A here, and tell them you heard about it on Digital Health Today. The deadline to apply is June 20, 2021. Guest Links and Resources: Connect with Dom Kennerson: Twitter | LinkedIn Connect with Bayer G4A: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube World Health Organization - Website | Constitution Host Links Connect with Dan: Twitter | Linkedin Connect on Digital Health Today: Browse Episodes | Twitter | Linkedin | Facebook | Instagram Connect on Health Podcast Network: Browse Shows | Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
June 11, 2021
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Geisinger Shares Pragmatic Solutions to Reduce Phishing with David Stellfox and Joshua Murray

June 11, 2021: Healthcare executives have to worry about so many aspects of running a business. Caring for patients and caring for the community, not to mention cybersecurity. Phishing is one of the number one ways health systems get exposed. Today Geisinger shares their program of success in lowering the click rate on phishing emails. Joining us is David Stellfox, Cybersecurity Communication Specialist and Joshua Murray, Cyber Threat Response Team Lead. What kinds of tools are utilized in the program? Can the tools be ratcheted up to simulate the growing sophistication of these attacks? How do you get the backing of senior leaders? Can we ever get to 0%? Is that an attainable goal? And what is Geisinger’s guidance for other health systems looking to kick off a similar program?Key Points:Geisnger were able to reduce the occurrences of successful phishing amongst  their staff by upwards of 50%. [00:09:40] Much like the pandemic was for hand-washing, social distancing and good hygiene is now to the growing seriousness of cybersecurity with people waiting in gas lines [00:11:25] In the last two years people have become more aware of the potential for cyber attacks and their implications [00:12:05] Geisinger
June 11, 2021
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F135 Why is Medication Price Transparency in the US Complicated and Problematic? (Carm Huntress)

Because US healthcare is private and operates by the rules of the free market, prices for services and medications can differ substantially. Solutions such as GoodRx and Amazon Pharmacy are addressing price transparency for consumers. On the other side are the Real Time Prescription Benefit Providers which help physicians see drug prices for a specific patient even before that patient leaves their office. The challenge with knowing how much a drug will cost a patient lies in the fact that different insurance companies have different policies regarding how much they will pay for medication. Patients might have a plan with high deductibles. But it’s not just the provider and the insurance company: prices depend on the Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PMS) - intermediaries that manage prescription drug benefits on behalf of health insurers. PBMs negotiate prices with drug manufacturers and pharmacies.  In this episode, Carm Huntress, the CEO of RxRevu Real Time Prescription Benefit Provider company, talks about the upcoming challenges of prices related to precision medicine, how drug pricing affects prescribing and treatment, and how price transparency can change the medication prescribing process. Leave a rating or a review: Episode summary: Watch on Youtube:
June 10, 2021
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Living Your Values Series- Intellectual Curiosity – Part 2 with Jesse and Jay

How do we know when someone lives to our company values? This is one of the main questions that Jesse and Jay answer in this second episode of the Living Your Values mini-series. Jesse shares the three main things he looks at in an individual when it comes to Intellectual Curiosity. Jesse also reflects on what traits he likes people to have when he is hiring. Together, they finish the conversation by discussing the opposite of values. Like they say: always keep being a student. Intellectual Curiosity is a value that your superiors will truly cherish! For the full transcript, show notes, and resources to help you level up your practice, visit us at 
June 10, 2021
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Why a Diagnosis Matters with HNRNPH2 Rare Mom Angela Lindig

ONCE UPON A GENE - EPISODE 086 Why a Diagnosis Matters with HNRNPH2 Rare Mom Angela Lindig Angela Lindig's daughter had a diagnosis of Atypical Rett for years, but was recently diagnosed with HNRNPH2. Angela runs Idaho Parents Unlimited, which supports, empowers, educates and advocates to enhance the quality of life for Idahoans with disabilities and their families. Amber is also working on a campaign about why diagnosis matters and is working to help families access whole exome sequencing (WES) tests. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Can you tell me about yourself and your family? I am the Director of a parent center and my work is in working with children who have disabilities and my own child is what brought me to this work. My daughter Amber is 25 years old and is dealing with an ultra rare genetic condition that was diagnosed when she was 23. I knew something wasn't right when Amber was 4 months old. It was at a class reunion we attended where everyone had babies that I was able to observe. Amber was floppy and had low muscle tone and she wasn't doing things I noticed the other babies doing. We talked to the pediatrician about the delays we saw and at 5 months old, she had an MRI done that didn't reveal anything and we started early intervention services. The testing continued for many years looking for what Amber's condition could be. If Amber didn't get her diagnosis, what would be different in her health journey? Her diagnosis is HNRNPH2 disorder, a mutation on that gene on the x chromosome and there are only about 100 identified families affected. We're all learning together and we've identified a lot of characteristics in Amber, like a conical vision impairment and self-injurious behaviors. The collective knowledge will lead to treatments of symptoms and the whole condition.  Was there grief in getting a new diagnosis? I had no grief with the new diagnosis. I burst into tears when we got the diagnosis because it was such incredible relief to finally know and have the opportunity to connect with other people. Can you share about Amber's adult independent living arrangement? I have a friend who has a daughter that's two years younger than Amber and has angelman syndrome. We talked and then brought our daughters into the conversation and they wanted to live together. We rented a town home to ensure they would be compatible roommates and we arranged a supportive living agency to provide staff. After 9 months when we realized the arrangement was working well, we bought a home the girls live in and we stay very connected every day. Amber is thriving and the support staff keeps her as involved in the community as possible. There may even be opportunities for supportive employment in the future, dependent on her continued developmental growth. LINKS & RESOURCES MENTIONED Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man Idaho Parents Unlimited The Yellow Brick Road Project Writing Wizard CONNECT WITH EFFIE PARKS Website Twitter Instagram Built Ford Tough Facebook Group
June 10, 2021
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Navigating Substance Abuse and Addiction in the Workplace with Matt Serel

It's no secret that nearly 10-20% of healthcare professionals are currently struggling with substance abuse or drug addiction. In this episode, we sit down with Matt Serel, President and Co-founder of You Are Accountable, an online peer support,  accountability, drug, and alcohol monitoring service. Join us as we discuss the topic of addiction in the workplace and how to help yourself or others around you who may be struggling by opening up the conversation and destigmatizing addiction.
June 10, 2021
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4 Reasons Why You Should Become A Pro At Networking (especially if you're an introvert)

When I started hearing about networking I decided this is something that I wasn’t good at because I was an introvert.Of course, that wasn’t a good reason not to do it. Being an introvert does not mean you cannot speak.It does not mean you cannot network or collaborate.Networking is a skill, and like every other business skill, it is learnable.If you can figure out the why behind networking, you will be willing to go through the discomfort of how to do it well.Join me today to learn Four Reasons Why You Should Become a Pro at Networking. This is an episode that will change your outlook on networking forever. I have the best gift for you- I am hosting EntreMD Live, the ultimate event for physician entrepreneurs. If you have an amazing business and you are tired of it being the best-kept secret, this event is for you. Learn more and get your FREE tickets here! What you will learn:How to become a pro at networkingHow networking can take you to the next level.The benefits of networking. Featured on the Show:   If you are ready to build a business that lets you live life and practice medicine on your own terms, check out the EntreMD Business School!Email meYouTube ChannelEntreMD Business School TestimonialsEpisode 84 How to Network Like a Pro
June 10, 2021
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Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy – Lina Wenner

On today's #TheShot of #DigitalHealth Therapy, Jim Joyce and I are are on the same timezone and even the same coast in US - woo hoo! ..but our guest zooms in from my old stomping grounds in Berlin - Jim and I had the pleasure of hosting Lina Wenner, an investor with firstminute capital and chatted about: 💸 Their new $160M fund with 100 unicorn founders as LP's 💸 Is there a "Tiger Global Squeeze" at seed stage? 💸 firstminute capital health investments & things to watch 💸 Coined here first - 4Ts of investment - Team, TAM, Tech, Traction 💸 ooh and the pros/cons of health consumerism Fun mentions as always: Brent Hoberman Spencer Crawley Founders Forum
June 9, 2021
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146 – The future of patient centric healthcare. Dr Tal Rapke, ScalaMed

Is the patient truly at the centre of healthcare? Dr Tal Rapke is a trained physician, and he holds over twenty years of health experience. Also, he is the CEO and founder of ScalaMed. He’s a physician turned entrepreneur. ScalaMed provides a way for any doctor to send a prescription electronically to a patient’s phone. It is helping patients find easier ways to take control over their prescriptions from any app.  In this episode, Pete and Tal talk about patient-centricity, innovation and regulation in Australia. They also look at healthcare in the USA, blockchain and a lot more.   Check out the episode and full show notes here. To see the latest information, news, events and jobs on offer at ScalaMed, visit their Talking HealthTech Directory here.  Loving the show?  Leave us a review, and share it with some friends, become a THT+ Member for early release, ad-free and bonus episodes of the podcast, access to our online community forum, and free tickets to our quarterly summits.  For more information visit here.
June 9, 2021
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