We're Not Worthy: The One and Only Dr. Julia Rowland

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We're Not Worthy: The One and Only Dr. Julia Rowland

January 19, 2021

We're Not Worthy: The One and Only Dr. Julia Rowland

Just when I thought I was the only 20-something with cancer adrift in the 1990s with nary a support group or a cancer buddy, along came an intro to my friend and mentor, Dr. Julia Rowland. Widely recognized as an international scholar and foremost leader in the psychosocial aspects of cancer care broadly—and survivorship specifically—it cannot be understated how seminal she has been working on the front lines of early survivorship research since the passage of the National Cancer Act of 1971. Without her seminal work and influential leadership across the past 40+ years, today’s narrative on quality of life, fertility rights, navigation, decision making, access to care, mental health, and more might not exist. As the first director of the “newly christened in 1996” Office of Cancer Survivorship for the Divison of Cancer Control and Population Science at the National Cancer Institute, she has been working on behalf of millions of patients, survivors, and caregivers to improve lives. And her role as a Board Member of The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship has only amplified her voice and her influence.

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