Introducing Claire O'Bryan and the DabbleCo Podcast!

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Introducing Claire O'Bryan and the DabbleCo Podcast!

July 26, 2022

Introducing Claire O'Bryan and the DabbleCo Podcast!

On the show today, I welcome Claire O’Bryan, certified nurse practitioner, rabble-rouser, wellness warrior, host of the DabbleCo Podcast, and Co-Founder of The Skin Clique. The DabbleCo Podcast is the latest addition to the OffScrip Health Podcast Network, and, I promise you, it’s well worth your time to subscribe to this show wherever you already listen to your podcasts. Claire joined me in studio for a fabulous discussion about the trials, tribulations, and modern-day challenges facing nurses and NPs against the backdrop of burnout and mental health. We also dive into the ridiculous jargon and artificial language woven into consumer consciousness that tricks us into thinking everyday foods and health/beauty products are good for us—words like “All natural,” “Organic,” “Homemade,” and so on. Twas a great chat with an incredibly talented and inspiring human. Enjoy the show.

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