[BONUS] Lifehacking COVID-19: Back-to-School Insanity Edition

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

[BONUS] Lifehacking COVID-19: Back-to-School Insanity Edition

September 18, 2020

[BONUS] Lifehacking COVID-19: Back-to-School Insanity Edition

Today, a frenetic BONUS episode with my dear friend of 30+ years, the always eclectic, impossibly talented Half-Greek/Half-Italian spitfire no BS unicorn that is Elura Nanos. As two exasperated Gen-X parents of young kids, we needed a COVID-19 venting session to outgas our egregious misgivings with the endless ignominious malfeasance on the part of the school systems to figure out what the hell is actually happening. Prepare to nod your head, fellow parents with school-age children, for what you are about to hear is as unfiltered and unscripted as it gets. Just wait for the part where we talk about Zoom Band and Zoom Gym and how if Unicycles were banned in Minnesota, people would find a way to sneak them in from Wisconsin anyway.Plus, there’s a healthy serving of mask mandates, cultural biases, tribalism, and “What’s the use of science anyway?” Oh – And a nod to the fact that most Americans lack even the most basic understanding of what “freedom” actually means? AND that the government is allowed to infringe on your liberty all it wants. Enjoy the show.

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