Biomarkers: Where Are All the Patents At?

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

Biomarkers: Where Are All the Patents At?

February 11, 2021

Biomarkers: Where Are All the Patents At?

On the show today, Bio Entrepreneur Marty Keiser, Founder of IV BioHoldings, LiquidLung, HepGene, and Mammogen. What is a biomarker? Hint – it’s not inside a box of Crayola. Biomarkers are aspects of our genes that do so much more than determine our height, eye color, and predisposition to cancer. Diagnostics today can be used to detect earlier, diagnose easier, and treat better. That’s what Marty and his entrepreneurial ventures are all about. It’s not just making cancer suck less; it’s using pioneering diagnostics to make radiation and chemo not just suck less, but perhaps not even be needed at all. Enjoy the show.

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