Am I proud to run a business? [5-Minute Friday]

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Am I proud to run a business? [5-Minute Friday]

June 22, 2018

Am I proud to run a business? [5-Minute Friday]


Okay it’s not exactly 5 minutes, but it’s pretty close. I recently went to visit The Physician CEO program at the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University) to get a deeper understanding. Got a chance to meet highly motivated students and world-renown faculty.

The program gave me an opportunity to speak to the students about my podcast and what the power of podcasting can do for their respective practices. They asked great questions, but one question on business and DOTB is something I stumbled on.

What I wasn’t expecting, but very appreciative of, was a mindset critique session with Dr. Guy Kezirian (Chairperson of Physician CEO). As you all know, I like to keep it 100% – so I recorded this session and decided to share with you. Hope you all learn about the power of embracing your passion and not being afraid to monetize it.


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