73 – ER Doc by Day, Punk Rocker at Night

Docs Outside The Box

73 – ER Doc by Day, Punk Rocker at Night

November 5, 2018

73 – ER Doc by Day, Punk Rocker at Night


What’s good everyone! On this episode we’re going to get a glimpse into the life of ER physician by day, and punk rocker by night – Dr. Daryl Wilson. That’s right one minute he’s saving lives in the ER, the next he’s spending time with his family, and by the evening he’s kicking his Vans sneakers in air with his rock group.

This might be the most “Outside the Box” story featured on this show so far – and I’m so amped up to be apart of this.

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How he balanced medical school with going on tour
  • How he handled getting kicked out of the band
  • His family’s support of him even though the music was foreign to them
  • The difference interacting with patients versus interacting with fans
  • How he answers #imnotjustadoc


Learn More About Dr. Wilson:

The Bollweevils:
Twitter: @bollwevils
IG: @th_Bollwevils_chicago
FB: The Bollweevils

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