59 – From side gig to full-time hustle

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59 – From side gig to full-time hustle

June 18, 2018

59 – From side gig to full-time hustle


DOTB Nation!

On this episode you’ll hear from Dr. Carrie Reynolds – host of the Hippocratic Hustle podcast. It’s a podcast that features women physicians finding freedom in life, work, and finances. I’m a fan of her show and think you should give it a listen. You can find her show on your favorite podcast directory.

Dr. Carrie recently decided to leave the employed physician game and enter the world of locum tenems. More importantly, she takes us through the ups and downs of that decision. By the end of this episode you’ll feel like a fly on the wall when she was making these crucial decisions.

Definitely a must listen!

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why she decided to work locums
  • What her “number” was to justify leaving her employed position
  • 5 tips I shared with Dr. Carrie that will help her minimize taxes

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