White Coats of the Round Table

White Coats of the Round Table

Career Development for Healthcare Professionals. Discussing burnout, career transitions, and nontraditional career paths.

Off-Script: Thanksgiving

In today's episode Mike and John review what they are thankful for this year. Our Website
November 24, 2023

Accounting for the Entrepreneur with Nick Krop

Nick Krop (@nickthecpa) walks John through the different business structures available and the which may be most appropriate for the entrepreneur. Should I use a C-Corp or S-Corp? How much can I write off on my taxes? Find Nick Our Website
November 17, 2023

Retirement Investing with Caleb Pepperday

Joined buy financial guest Caleb Pepperday, Mike explores investment options and money management. Is it better to pour into your company 401k or keep liquid in the market? And what is active investing?  Our Website Find Caleb Advanced Practice Planning
November 10, 2023

From MSL to Recruiter with Sarah Snyder

Sarah joins Mike and John to talk about moving through different medical roles and the time and dedication that those transitions take. Moving from large pharma to industry to MSL, she's experienced a wide array of non-clinical careers and shares her knowledge on possible barriers to entry or missed opportunities to becoming an MSL. Our Website Find Sarah
November 3, 2023

Off-Script: Practicing Entrepreneurial Brainstorming

Mike and John have a brainstorming session for entrepreneurial ideas, both reasonable and ridiculous. Test your creativity and ingenuity by challenging yourself to come up with business ideas. Where do you see a need, or what specialized knowledge can you leverage? Our Website
October 27, 2023

The Importance of the Third Place

The Third Place: socialization outside of work and home. Mike and John discuss the role of a third place both in mental health and burnout prevention and within the workplace as a career asset. This space establishes and strengthens relationships in and outside of the workplace, provides networking outside of hierarchical settings, and enables relaxation in a non-monetized environment. Our Website
October 20, 2023

When Hustle Leads to Overextension

Mike and John reflect on times where they have overscheduled, overcommitted, and overworked. Sometimes, life happens. When you schedule yourself with a thin margin, you have less room to adapt to the unexpected. It's important to take these moments of overextension to reflect on how to improve going forward and double check that the things we bring into our lives are adding value both personally and professionally. Our Website
October 13, 2023

Intro to Financial Advisors with Caleb Pepperday

Caleb Pepperday takes Mike through the different types of financial advisors and the ways in which each makes money. Some work on commission, are fee only, or even charge by consultation. Finding the right financial advisor for you often involves finding one who understands your profession. Financial advice changes as the economic climate changes and advise from five years ago may not be relevant today. Our Website Find Caleb Advanced Practice Planning
October 6, 2023
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White Coats of the Round Table

A podcast for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals. Our mission through this project is to create a community for clinicians to learn and discuss all aspects of their career in healthcare.
We welcome all clinicians and medical professionals to use our content to build professional knowledge, and support and grow their careers.


Michael Asbach

Michael Asbach

Michael Asbach, DMSc, PA-C, Psych-CAQ, is the associate director of interventional psychiatry at DENT Neurologic Institute. He holds clinical faculty appointments at several colleges. Dr. Asbach received his masters in Physician Assistant studies from Daemen College and his Doctorate of Medical Science (DMSc) with a concentration in healthcare leadership.

Michael is a nationally recognized educator who has participated in several national meetings and congresses. He has provided over 300 lectures on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry and medical education companies. His areas of interest include treatment resistant depression, bipolar disorder, and emerging treatments of mental illness.
John McDonald

John McDonald

A graduate from St. John Fisher College Wegmans School of Pharmacy. John currently works at Wegmans Food Market Inc. as a pharmacist. His experience has included Staff Pharmacist, Supervising Pharmacist, Division Wellness Coordinator, Business Partner Program Coordinator.

He has helped pharmacies expand their business outside of the retail setting through partnerships with local businesses to provide additional health benefits. John’s passion has always been to assist individuals and employers in meeting their goals in healthcare.

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