White Coats of the Round Table

White Coats of the Round Table

Career Development for Healthcare Professionals. Discussing burnout, career transitions, and nontraditional career paths.

Our Role in Precepting

As the internet and AI continue to progress and change the role of healthcare professionals, it's important to evaluate how we precept, checking the skills you teach are ones that will stay relevant. Soft skills are becoming ever more valuable as the accessibility to knowledge grows. This means setting goals and expectations for your students, and having those tough conversations when students fall short. Our Website
September 22, 2023

Taking a Sabbatical From Healthcare with Shayne Foley

Sometimes it's good to take a step back. Structuring breaks into your career allows for time with family, friends, pursuing other interests, and can help avoid burnout over in the long run. These times of extended leave also bring the opportunity for a job change and prompt a reevaluation of your current career. But besides all that, they're a lot of fun. Our Website Find Shayne The PA Blueprint
September 15, 2023

Off-Script: Does Money Buy Happiness?

Would you take your dream job if it meant making half of your current salary? While money may not buy happiness, a lack of money can cause great stress and inconvenience. Mike and John talk about how they navigate compensation and its relationship to contentment. Our Website
September 8, 2023

Mental Health in Healthcare with Moira Antalek

Mike and John are joined by Moira Antalek as she precepts with Mike. Moira provides an overview of her recent research into the differences between burnout and depression/anxiety in healthcare workers specifically, and the added difficulties they may experience in seeking support. Our Website Sponsored by: ThriveAP
September 1, 2023

Off-Script: What Would you Change About Healthcare?

If you could change one thing about the healthcare system in the United States, what would that be? Mike and John disagree about what parts off the healthcare system are broken and debate their perspective from different fields of practice.  Our Website Sponsored by: ThriveAP
August 25, 2023

Pivoting to your Dream Job with Jamie Wilkey

Jamie tells us about her journey of leaving retail pharmacy and searching for something she likes doing instead of just what's available. Through trial and error, she found fulfilment in pharmacogenomics and medical writing. Be scrappy and be brave! Find Jamie Our Website Sponsored By: ThriveAP
August 18, 2023
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White Coats of the Round Table

A podcast for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals. Our mission through this project is to create a community for clinicians to learn and discuss all aspects of their career in healthcare.
We welcome all clinicians and medical professionals to use our content to build professional knowledge, and support and grow their careers.


Michael Asbach

Michael Asbach

Michael Asbach, DMSc, PA-C, Psych-CAQ, is the associate director of interventional psychiatry at DENT Neurologic Institute. He holds clinical faculty appointments at several colleges. Dr. Asbach received his masters in Physician Assistant studies from Daemen College and his Doctorate of Medical Science (DMSc) with a concentration in healthcare leadership.

Michael is a nationally recognized educator who has participated in several national meetings and congresses. He has provided over 300 lectures on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry and medical education companies. His areas of interest include treatment resistant depression, bipolar disorder, and emerging treatments of mental illness.
John McDonald

John McDonald

A graduate from St. John Fisher College Wegmans School of Pharmacy. John currently works at Wegmans Food Market Inc. as a pharmacist. His experience has included Staff Pharmacist, Supervising Pharmacist, Division Wellness Coordinator, Business Partner Program Coordinator.

He has helped pharmacies expand their business outside of the retail setting through partnerships with local businesses to provide additional health benefits. John’s passion has always been to assist individuals and employers in meeting their goals in healthcare.

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