58 – Overcoming the Odds

Docs Outside The Box

58 – Overcoming the Odds

May 28, 2018

58 – Overcoming the Odds


What’s good DOTB Nation!

On today’s episode, we are going to be speaking with Dr. Antonio Webb about overcoming the odds. He is an Orthopedic Surgery resident, Iraq combat veteran, author, and motivational speaker.

I’m a fan of the concept “reach one, teach one.”  When you learn something or accomplish big things in your life, it’s just as important to teach others who are coming up behind you! We’re going to hear Dr Webb’s miraculous journey from a difficult upbringing, to combat in the Iraq war, and now an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Dr. Webb is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana and he writes about growing up surrounded by drugs and gangs, then deciding that the military was for him, and eventually developing a strong interest in medicine in his book Overcoming the Odds.

I got a chance to read his book and found it to be an easy to read and compelling. He’s also become very successful on YouTube, with over 1 million views on all of his videos!

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • The importance of having positive friends in your life
  • Why being a role model to kids is important to him
  • Compare & contrast living in Shreveport, LA with Iraq
  • Why he’s choosing to live outside the box so early in his career
  • His surprising view on Failure
  • How YouTube has helped him become visible all over the world
  • How he answers #imnotjustadoc

Find out more about Dr. Antonio Webb:

Twitter: @drwebb82

IG: @overcomingtheoddsbook

FB: awebbmd

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