150 – An honest convo about weight loss and stress for Docs

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150 – An honest convo about weight loss and stress for Docs

February 24, 2020

150 – An honest convo about weight loss and stress for Docs

So back in the days of medical school, I used to be able to brag about eating a BigMac and then be able to run a 5 minute mile on the treadmill. Well those days are long gone. I can’t run anywhere near that fast and I still got the fast food habit. To make matters worse, how easy is it to get something healthy while on night shift and its 3AM?!!

I invited Dr. Siobahn Key to help us understand that weight is a common struggle for physicians and we often feel that we should have it figured it. Let’s get real – there are plenty of aspects of our job that make it easy to gain and hard to lose weight.

Dr. Siobhan Key is both a Family Physician, and Obesity Medicine and  Weight Loss Coach for Physicians. She is the host of a weekly podcast Weight Solutions for Physicians. Her passion is helping people learn to stop emotional eating and feel confident in their ability to manage their weight for the rest of their life.


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