027 – Drs Jamil & Idries Abdur-Rahman from Twin Doctors TV

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027 – Drs Jamil & Idries Abdur-Rahman from Twin Doctors TV

June 28, 2017

027 – Drs Jamil & Idries Abdur-Rahman from Twin Doctors TV

Drs. Jamil & Idries Abdur-Rahman

To educate, inspire, entertain. That’s the motto of our next guests – Drs Jamil & Idries Abdur-Rahman. They are the talent behind the popular TwinDoctorsTV website and YouTube channel. Both are board certified Ob/Gyn docs, both practice in Chicago, and if you haven’t noticed – they are identical twin brothers.

On their YouTube channel you’ll find a host of topics ranging from Beyonce’s recent delivery of twins to marijuana and its effect on breast feeding. Take a look for yourself and you’ll find a bunch of short medical tips that will both educate and entertain at the same time.

Prior to this they were both on Season 22 of “The Amazing Race” on CBS and we get to hear how this experience inspired them to form Twin Doctors TV. Since then, they haven’t slowed down and can be found in various media outlets including:

They both graduated from medical school from Rush Medical College in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Idries completed his Ob/Gyn training at Cook County/John Strozier Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Jamil completed his Ob/Gyn training at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.

Thing to pick up in this episode:

  • Their thoughts on private practice vs being employed by hospital systems
  • What’s it like being the first business owners in their family
  • How they ended up on “The Amazing Race”
  • How they manage being brothers and being in business at the same time
  • How they answer #imnotjustadoc

Music: Shallou – Last Day/

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