Share Your Story: Rebecca Durance Hine

Cancer U Thrivers Podcast

Share Your Story: Rebecca Durance Hine

April 12, 2022

Share Your Story: Rebecca Durance Hine

Rebecca is a breast cancer thriver, having been diagnosed when she was just 28. She is an actor, writer, teacher, and integrative cancer care advocate. In 2019, she founded Solis Cancer Community, where she shares weekly posts and blog articles that cover topics on integrative and whole-body healing pre- and post-cancer.

  • 02:26: It was a big shock to everyone because my mammogram had been negative.  
  • 04:46: People don’t like going to the doctor, especially when they’re nervous about something.  
  • 07:25: I did Herceptin for a year.  
  • 09:14: I did a lot of research on statistics and recurrence rates.  
  • 11:35: How involved were your family and friends? 
  • 14:06: Those were two of the scariest things for sure.  
  • 15:30: Aren’t you afraid that if you have a recurrence, you’re going to regret not doing those treatments? 
  • 17:28: I started meditating to deal with the stress of the situation. 
  • 19:12: Cancer has changed my life in so many ways.  
  • 21:22: I didn’t believe in myself for a long time. 
  • 24:01: I had a cold every three weeks. 
  • 25:37: I was waking up every hour and a half.  
  • 26:50: What is one thing you wish you had known at the beginning of your cancer journey Rebecca? 
  • 28:49: If you could only do one thing to improve health care in Canada, what would it be and why?  
  • 30:43: We see the best outcomes from a combined treatment path.  
  • 31:23: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions.  
  • 33:14: Aside from Cancer U, what is one resource you would recommend for cancer patients and caregivers? 


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