Share Your Story: Barbara Vercruysse

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Share Your Story: Barbara Vercruysse

October 5, 2021

Share Your Story: Barbara Vercruysse

Barbara Vercruysse is a life coach. After surviving stage 4 skin cancer at 32, she decided to live her second life to the fullest. After running a construction business for 18 years, Barbara now dedicates herself to her true passion now: guiding people through deep transformations.

  • 02:52: My husband who is a lawyer was also combining that with being the salesperson in my business.
  • 05:05: We got the results; it’s melanoma and it is very deep.
  • 07:16: The first night in the hospital was the first time since the birth of my children that I was without kids.
  • 09:14: When I had my second surgery, I was practically told I had six more months.
  • 11:05: I didn’t realize how far the cancer was.
  • 14:33: Where did that knowledge or that idea that you needed to have a positive mindset, where did that come from?
  • 16:23: I have the best of relationships and it made me who I am.
  • 18:13: No, I will not die.
  • 20:14: I started reading books on spirituality, psychology, human behavior self-development.
  • 22:38: I survived the stage four cancer to end up here.
  • 24:36: What was your worst moment during that time?
  • 26:53: What was your best moment?
  • 28:04: What is one thing that you wish you had known at the very beginning of your cancer journey?
  • 30:40: Instead of getting out of the thunderstorm, learn how to dance in the rain.
  • 32:44: If you could only change one thing in the health care system in Belgium, what would it be and why?
  • 34:23: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions
  • 35:15: Aside from Cancer U, what is one resource that you would recommend for cancer patients and caregivers?


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