Share Your Story: AnnMarie Giannino

Cancer U Thrivers Podcast

Share Your Story: AnnMarie Giannino

December 21, 2021

Share Your Story: AnnMarie Giannino

AnnMarie Giannino is parlaying her cancer diagnosis into advocacy and she is a powerhouse. She works tirelessly to engage the community through awareness programs and fundraising initiatives. And she ensures that everyone who suffers is heard.

  • 01:20: Can you take us back to the very beginning?  
  • 03:23: Why were you doing all this volunteer work for breast cancer if you hadn’t even been diagnosed yet?  
  • 05:14: Black discharge is normal.  
  • 07:16: She encouraged me to get a second opinion, which I love about her because you know, not many doctors will encourage that.  
  • 10:37: I wish more doctors would encourage women to go flat until their body could heal a little bit more and process the grieving of it.  
  • 12:54: I felt like cancer stole so much and I was taking this back. 
  • 16:09: I think I just burned my boob. 
  • 18:17: Right in the beginning of my cancer process, my whole right side went numb.  
  • 20:30: She took 17 vials of blood.  
  • 22:19: What was your worst moment in all of this?  
  • 24:15: I showed him these very graphic images of my then mutilated chest, black and blue drains coming out. 
  • 27:45: What was your best moment in all of this? 
  • 30:54: What is the one thing you wish you had known at the very beginning of your cancer journey? 
  • 32:39: We never know whose story is going to matter to somebody else. 
  • 34:47: If you could only do one thing to improve health care in the US, what would it be and why?  
  • 36:30: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions 
  • 39:20: What is one resource you would recommend for cancer patients and caregivers? 


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