Meet The Expert: Dr. Christine Sauer

Cancer U Thrivers Podcast

Meet The Expert: Dr. Christine Sauer

May 10, 2022

Meet The Expert: Dr. Christine Sauer

Dr. Christine Sauer is a retired MD and ND. She has not only treated cancer patients but she has also been a caregiver for her mother-in-law and Christine has volunteered in palliative care.

  • 01:51: Why did you decide to become a doctor?  
  • 04:31: One of my patients with end-stage melanoma died in my arms.  
  • 06:59: Can you tell us what led you to get into palliative care? 
  • 10:04: I feel like we are very much aligned because we’re all going to die.  
  • 12:52: He didn’t want to be resuscitated and he had that in his directive.  
  • 15:03: Many patients touched my heart. 
  • 17:04: I’ve seen lung cancer patients in Germany that never smoked. 
  • 20:55: Her life was filled with love and care for others.  
  • 21:11: Tell me what was your worst moment during your entire career as a physician? 
  • 22:16: What about your best moment as a physician?  
  • 23:59: He has a brain bleed.  
  • 25:46: What is one thing that you wish you had known at the beginning of your journey as a physician? 
  • 27:40: If you can only do one thing to improve health care in Canada and Germany, what would they be and why? 
  • 30:57: We do have a shortage of primary care physicians here. 
  • 32:49: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions.  
  • 34:25: Aside from Cancer U, what is one resource you recommend for cancer patients and caregivers? 


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