Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

A podcast that calls out all sorts of stupid BS in healthcare through raw conversations about advocacy, heroism, and the audacity of health. It is the voice of patient advocacy.

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A Brief History of Young Adult Cancer Psychotherapy

On the show today, the legendary Julie Larson, speaker, educator, psychotherapist, and luminary, legacy young adult cancer advocate. As one of the few people who have been consistently working in the same career profession they went to school for, Julie may consider herself a midwestern gal transplant to the big city but, after more than 15 years in the space, she has more than earned her credibility as one of the early progenitors of the young adult cancer movement. Her first “not so shabby” big stint was to essentially create from scratch the first adolescent and young adult cancer program for CancerCare to give you some perspective. Now, if you don’t know what CancerCare is, we get into it during the show but just know this was a huge deal in the annals of patient advocacy and AYA survivorship programming. I was privileged enough to work with her as that effort was getting built out, and I have watched her rise to literal superstardom in our community. As someone who was “there” before social media became the best thing, then the worst thing, and now a “somewhat tolerable in small doses thing,” “she has a vantage and perspective on how far we’ve come and yet how far we still need to go. From the days of MySpace to today’s shitstorm of COVID, telehealth, and mental health calamity, Julie Larson is the voice you want on the other end of the phone call to help make some sense of the madness. Enjoy the show.
January 26, 2021

Stupid Endometriosis With Melissa Boudreau, Host of “the Cycle”

Across the years running Stupid Cancer, I can’t tell you how many times I was approached by other young adult chronic disease patients and communities asking if we’d ever think of franchising the brand. You know – Stupid Lupis. Stupid Fibro. Stupid MS. Stupid Type 1. You get the point. We all need a community of our peers who — as we say — “get it” because they’ve already “got it” — a community where there are no judgments and no stigma. Well, while there may not be a “Stupid Endometriosis,” Melissa Boudreau is as close as it gets with her podcast, “The Cycle” — and she joins me today for a 101 breakdown on the disease. Melissa was a C-Suite marketing professional whose young life was interrupted, to say the least, with misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis and an ever-increasing sense of fear and isolation that forever changed her formidable years. No one ever asks to become an expert on a disease they didn’t ask for, but Melissa is a genuine voice for the 1 in 10 women worldwide who have Endometriosis. Enjoy the show
January 21, 2021

We're Not Worthy: The One and Only Dr. Julia Rowland

Just when I thought I was the only 20-something with cancer adrift in the 1990s with nary a support group or a cancer buddy, along came an intro to my friend and mentor, Dr. Julia Rowland. Widely recognized as an international scholar and foremost leader in the psychosocial aspects of cancer care broadly—and survivorship specifically—it cannot be understated how seminal she has been working on the front lines of early survivorship research since the passage of the National Cancer Act of 1971. Without her seminal work and influential leadership across the past 40+ years, today’s narrative on quality of life, fertility rights, navigation, decision making, access to care, mental health, and more might not exist. As the first director of the “newly christened in 1996” Office of Cancer Survivorship for the Divison of Cancer Control and Population Science at the National Cancer Institute, she has been working on behalf of millions of patients, survivors, and caregivers to improve lives. And her role as a Board Member of The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship has only amplified her voice and her influence.
January 19, 2021

Healthcare Optimism and the Marvelous Mrs. Halle Tecco

On the show today, another epic DeLorean throwback to the past episode with Halle Tecco, an origin story convened during the heyday of LIVESTRONG and born of a shared desire to make cancer suck less. Aside from being one of the most ambitious, talented, relentless, and startup junkie-ist(?) actual innovators, I know — and besides the FOMO I have from whatever it still means to have a blue checkmark on Twitter — Halle has consistently been at the forefront of “what’s next” at the intersections of patient advocacy, health tech, and startup culture. And while her BS, MPH, and MBA may be great acronyms attached to her credentials, her real superhero power is being an inner social justice warrior while assembling incredible teams, and roosting on the observation deck manifesting actual progress you can see. Among many other things, we focus on her latest venture, Natalist – borne of pure passion and her own condition. Beyond swapping war stories between two IVF parents and the perhaps ill-conceived notion of the cost/benefit around parenting, there’s talk of copper landlines, Friendster, and while none of us knew what was in store for when we met in the mid-2000s, we all knew we would do it together as advocates.
January 14, 2021

Stupid Brain Cancer With Cancer Nerd and Google Scholar Liz Salmi

I’ve never said the words “Cancer Nerd and Google Scholar” in succession before, but that only partially describes the epicness of my guest today, one Liz Salmi — self-proclaimed “Citizen Scientist” and “Professional Medical Nerd.” — and I attest that both of these are appropriate, accurate and deserved. Diagnosed with brain cancer at 29 and forced down a rabbit hole of a whole bunch of other horrible shit, Liz became the accidental advocate we needed when the Interweb was just becoming the Internet, and when the online support communities we often take for granted barely existed. Her self-made background in digital communications came in very handy when she realized her higher purpose in becoming a human Babelfish capable of helping clinicians and academics speak “patient” in understandable layperson language. She is also a co-founder of the #BTSM community on Twitter, inspired by the patients and researchers who had come together for the #BCSM tweet chats in 2011. She’s a force, the hero nerd we deserve, and, man, does she love her patient portals (said no one ever but her). Join me in also celebrating her 12th brain cancerversay and enjoy the show.
January 12, 2021

Cycle of Lives: Grief, Loss, Redemption, Opportunity, and Advocacy

“What do you do with the mad that you feel?” — One of the more definitive quotes from the definitive Mr. Rogers. For my guest today, David Richman, the choice he made after losing his sister to cancer was to turn pain into passion, lace-up, and in true Forrest Gump fashion, JUST START RUNNING. 85 miles between Cancun and Tulum in Mexico. 104 miles up the Pacific Coast Highway. 50 Iron Man Triathlons. And then an introspective search for similar and familiar voices to learn and heal from that turned into a 5,000-mile bicycle tour from California to Florida to New York City. I feel even more out of shape just saying those words into the microphone. David’s self-discovery journey brought him comfort, closure, and common threads, and his new book, “Cycle of Lives,” is proof that grief, loss, and bereavement can be opportunities you never expected to have. Prepare to be inspired and enjoy the show.
January 7, 2021

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Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

Today's healthcare conversations are too polite. We're here to fix all that. Hosted by Matthew Zachary, a 25-year brain cancer survivor, and the Founder of Stupid Cancer, Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary is a podcast that calls out all sorts of stupid BS in healthcare through raw conversations about advocacy, heroism, and the audacity of health.
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Matthew Zachary

Matthew Zachary

My name is Matthew Zachary. I am your advocate.

Why? Because when you enter the "Shit Happens" store, there's no one to greet you. I spent most of my 20s in that store. For those like me, who are lucky enough to have completed their shopping, I believe it to be incumbent upon us to become the greeters we wished we had.

In 2007, I founded Stupid Cancer and gave birth to the young adult cancer movement. The Stupid Cancer Show broke all the rules and gave a voice to millions.

And now it's time to go OffScrip. Join me on this new adventure as I continue to galvanize the patient voice, blow up the status quo, and make big dents in the universe.

After all, we are all very fortunate to not have ordinary lives.

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