Med Tech Monday

Med Tech Monday

A podcast series covering Trends, Technologies, Entrepreneurship, and Innovations coming out of the Medical Technologies Space

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The Front End of Medical Product Development: The Importance of Early Stage Design Considerations for Early Stage Entrepreneurs

On this episode of Med Tech Monday, guest David Copeland, Director of Human Centered Industrial Design at Ximedica, joins us for a conversation around how entrepreneurs can successfully commercialize beginning at the early stages of designing a medical product. David also talks about the integration of research and user design inputs, and the importance of failing early. In the digital age of COVID-19, Ximedica and their partners have also pivoted to accomplish user and product testing remotely, listen to find out how.
October 19, 2020

NEMIC Fall 2020 Events

On this episode, Danielle Sturm, is joined by her colleague, Maey Petrie, Program Manager at NEMIC to update us on all the programs and events available to support Southern New England's Med Tech ecosystem. Listen to learn about out upcoming programming and events. NEMIC Fellow, ResusciTech also joins us for an update on their startup and launch of their app.
September 29, 2020

Big Data Analytics in Healthcare:

Ximedica's Director of Technical Innovation and Advanced Analytics, Jennet Toyjanova joins us for an extremely enlightening and forward thinking discussion around how big data and analytics currently influences the development of medical technologies. Then shares how the utilization of these tools will influence moving towards a more connected healthcare system to better patient's lives and the steps she imagines we need to take to build the infrastructure to support it.
September 14, 2020

Brown – Lifespan Center for Digital Health

Dr. Megan Ranney joins us this week to announce her newest endeavor, the launch of the Brown University and Lifespan Health System partnered Center for Digital Health (CDH). As the newest addition to the medial innovation ecosystem in Rhode Island, the CDH is hub where creative minds from Brown and its affiliated hospital partners collaboratively design, test, and deploy digital solutions to society’s most pressing health challenges.
August 31, 2020

Medtech Monday – Seed Stage Funding

This week we have two very special guests, Paul LaViolette, Managing Partner of SV Health, and Lisa Carmel, VP of Strategy joining us to give you an inside "listen" about the current state of the Med Tech investment landscape and their thoughts on opportunities within the space. This is a can't miss episode for anyone in the industry, especially entrepreneurs planning to fundraise in this mid-COVID climate. Listen carefully for a Trends and Insights segment with Brian Wong.
August 17, 2020

Health Care Marketing – 21st Century

Peter Lucas, President and Founder of RI based Practice Marketing & Communications joins us to talk about how COIVD has impacted the marketing landscape of the US healthcare system. How are providers reaching new patients how are they maintaining current patients, what messages make patients feel safe? Listen, as we cover telehealth, best marketing practices for healthcare entrepreneurs, and tips for social media marketing.
August 5, 2020

About Med Tech Monday

Med Tech Monday is a bi-weekly podcast series covering new trends, tech, innovation, and the US Med Tech startup industry. With a hyper-focus on SouthernNew England's Med Tech ecosystem, cohosts Danielle Sturm and Maey Petrie of NEMIC, are joined by an array of guests starting their own company, working on lifechanging technologies, or supporting the commercialization of regulated innovations. This podcast is made possible by the New England Medical Innovation Center, a Med Tech Venture Studio otherwise, know as NEMIC.
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Danielle Sturm

Danielle Sturm

Danielle Sturm has been involved with startups and entrepreneurs, in some fashion, for her entire career and likes to focus on facilitating connections and business development opportunities for startups and small businesses in her community.

She got her start in the medical technology industry, while she was simultaneously working on her BA and MBA at Johnson & Wales University when she was hired as the first employee at the New England Medical Innovation Center (NEMIC) in 2018. Through her work at NEMIC and on the Med Tech Monday podcast series she supports and leads initiatives in that build, foster, and support Med Tech companies in Southern New England, USA.
Maey Petrie

Maey Petrie

Maey Petrie runs both domestic and global programs at the New England Medical Innovation Center. She works in the development, program/project management, bookkeeping, operations, and execution of all programs.

Her experience in the medical industry began as a marketing and business development intern at Ximedica, where she became fascinated by the field. In the last 2 years, Maey has managed over a dozen startups, has designed 9 educational programs, and has overseen the development of 56 hours of training. Maey holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Miami where she triple majored in Finance, Marketing, and Psychology.

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